The dead among us. #2

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(Alright. Disregard a fan fic called 'the'. It's actually supposed to be this. It just made the topic before I could put the whole title.)


Tyler Drake forced the javlen through the carnivore's head. A dark red liquid fired out of the wound and splattered against his black shirt. He withdrew and cringed, watching the body fall to the ground.

"WHAT THE F***!?" He screamed at the top of his lungs. Falling to the ground. "WHAT, THE F***!?" He continued to holler, laying there. On the waxed gym floor. This was all happening so fast. What was happening? It wasn't the dead.That's for sure. It was the living, somehow, someway...Living, human beings were transforming into flesh eating cannibalistic carnivores! Right before his eyes. Tyler closed his eyes, tight. And tried to forget, but he couldn't the memories comntinued to flood his brain...Those terrible memories.


Fire engulfed building. Objects were thrown through glass as looting was rampant. People sprinted through the streets. Some with masks. Some with weapons, though most covered in fear. running. Not knowing where they were heading....In the middle of the running crowd. Stood a large, muscular African-American man. He wore a white muscle shirt, covered in blood and a pair of faded, ripped jeans. He had no hair and was covered in black tattoos. Tribal tattoos. In his right hand he held a baseball bat tightly. He snarled as from around the corner, three pale white men sprinted around. Blood dripping from their mouth. One of them leaped onto a woman's back and bit into her neck before withdrawing. The creature looked up before half of it's skull was flying through the air and sliding along the pavement. Waylon Johnson. Once a family man, stood above the woman. holding the baseball bat tightly. The woman screamed in pain before a bullet spiraled into her head. Killing her instantly. Waylon looked up, baffled. To see a young man, about 17 years old. Holding a rifle.

"The f*** you doin' up there, boy? Come down here an' help me!" Waylon said, turning to the remaining two creature. Blood dripping from their mouths. Flesh, stuck to their teeth. And blood, filling their eyelids. One of them growled before running with the other. Waylon swung the wooden bat, making direct contact with the creature head. Smashing off pieces of skull. The other hopped onto Waylon, attempting to bite him, though Waylon twisted and turned in a frenzy. Dropping the now cracked bat onto the pavement.

"SHOOT BOY!" He screamed. Stopping for a moment. The creature seemed to grin before extending it's neck and opening it's mouth. It's jaws calmping around Waylon's neck, the teeth touched his skin as it's head exploded. A bullet being planted within. Waylon turned, watching the creature fall to the ground. He picked up the cracked bat and smacked it against the dead body. All the people on the street had dispersed. Only him, and the young boy remained.

"What's your name, kid?" He asked.

"Charlie." He replied.

"Got any family left?" Waylon asked once again.

Charlie looked away, the subject obviously bothered him. "....No...."

"Well then...I guess I'm your new partner." He said, putting his hand on Charlie back. they walked down the street. Blood staining the cement. This was the end of the world. WAylon could feel it....

TO BE CONTINUED....(Sorry for the short chapter.)

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#2  Edited By batkevin74

@DamianWayne: This is great. Good work. I have one minor issuse, not really even an issue more of a query...this quote

@DamianWayne said:

Tyler Drake forced the javlen through the carnivore's head.

At first I thought it was a kid just being mean to an animal by stabbing it with sports equipment, but then it turned out to be a person. Just wondering on your choice of wording is all. It's actually fine but initially I thought he was fighting an animal. Great stuff, keep it up