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It's a new mini series i'm starting about Spartan 177

entering a new path. He will drift from the light and into the dark. If he escapes or is consumed by it, that will tell itself as the story goes by. I'll try to post the first chapter when I can.

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There was silence in the night.There were no clouds covering the red moon. But anyone outside could feel the presence of something happening. Even the Spartan could feel it. Passing streets, he could feel a presence. In all his life, he dreamt of darkness. How it could one day catch up to him. Of course he always talked about lighting up the darkness, gave wisdom to friends, but he knew he could not lose the past. The past would only catch up to him and his dreams would become reality. It's just the moment when it happens. Would he be ready or not?

The lights on the lamposts flickered on and off, everytime Andrewpassed them. His green Spartan armor in the dark was perfect for coverage from enemies. Though, down his spine, he felt as he got closer to the red moon he was losing an essence. An essence in which he's always lived by. Turning his head right and left, he could see graffiti on the walls of buildings and houses. That annoying jazz music kept distracting him. Where was it coming from? Why is the music so different? why is there desire for something new? Do you ever get what you want? Should I follow it?

The mission was to hunt this mysterious figure.It was said to kill the innocent at night and devour their light. This black thing would kill the lives of innocents? Well, hell, I should stick a bullet through its dark heart. Andrew, why would you say this? Maybe you should stop walking. No, I must keep on moving. I must follow this red trail in the asphalt. I am needed here now. We Are Legend is safe, so i'm set to kill this thing. As soon as I kill it, I will return. Damn, why does my head hurt? I can't think straight. Wait, it's here.

In an alley, a great temptation could be felt.The air called upon those who wanted it and were willing to accept it. Andrew decided to follow it, willingly. He stood just infront of the alley. There was only darkness in there. Suddenly, Andrew was grabbed by a force, a force that he could remember. He looked down his body, where he could see black vines holding him. Andrew struggled, but was pushed down. He was pulled slowly into the dark. Andrew threw his fingers down into the concrete. His fingers broked through the concrete, holding for dear life. he layed on the floor, but had his head up. Two white eyes appeared before him, deep in the alley. It smiled at Andrew.

"Do not fear me, Andrew.But instead embrace me into your life. I know what pain you hold from your past. Let me heal it for you. Do not dread anymore."

Those words remind Andrew of his past.The fear filled his body once more, and this time, he could not destroy it.

"How do you know me?"

"I've always known you.I've been around you all along, hidden in your mind. I've been struggling to get out. Without me, you are weak. Look at you tremble before me. Do not fear me, but respect me."

"F#ck you!"

"Do you see what I speak of, Andrew?Everything you ever wanted was never in your grasp, because you would avoid me. If you want to end wars, you end it. But still, you only push it away. Deep down when you are alone, I've been there to guide you. You've been living a lie. All the pain will go away if you embrace me. Embrace me now!"

Andrew was still clinging on, both in the ground andby heart. It was true, this pain has always follwed him. He would sacrifise, but never recieve what he wanted. What other choice did he have? Andrew pulled his hands from the ground, the only place where the lampost could light up. Andrew was pulled into the dark. He had his eyes closed. The only thing he felt was his past. Blood, death, hatred, envy, everything he hated was present now. It was coming all back, back for good. The vines pierced through his armor. The black was tainted in his armor, skin, and soul. He could only hear the voice of the darkness in his head. He could not even hear his friends or himself. Andrew opened his eyes.

Out of the alley, the past survived.The present and future was left behind. They were now dead. Any light that used to surround Andrew, died out. The black armor was left, baring the red blood on his visor. Andrew was left alone in the city. Where the music would play, he would go. And it was now playing. Andrew began his stroll elsewhere. Everywhere he passed, the light would scurry away. The light would be lost. The darkness would only darken.