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Author's Intro

Well, for April 24th, I am presenting the first chapter of Tradition, the ninth full story of the Cale Storyline. This story opens up on a bit of a sad note, with a tragedy that brings on a serious change in the original character, Richard Cale. This story will also feature a few guest appearances. This story will have a total of eight chapters. With all that said, here is the first chapter.

Generation X Cale Storyline Disclaimer

Attention: Generation X and their villains, as well as any other mutant mentioned in this story, is property of Marvel Comics. The character Richard Cale is named after family relations. Any other reference to anything copyrighted is a chance happening.

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He had snuck into the secure mansion of his latest targets. Orphan Maker wondered why Nanny had wanted these people taken care of, but he then thought why he was in her care. He was a mutant, and Nanny took care of mutant children. Now he had to make sure she could take care of this Richard Cale boy. The only thing that bothered him was that it didn’t seem like Nanny who spoke to him. He put it aside as he moved through the mansion. Eventually, he came across a room with a woman sitting in it. She had a cat setting on her lap. Nanny had told him to act quick, and not give them time to react. As he readied his aim, he heard the cat hiss. It prompted the woman to look up, as she said, “Grimore, what’s wrong?” He fired right then, and watched as the figure slumped over. One down, one to go. He watched as the cat ran off.

He followed the cat, hoping that in some way, he’d find the father, and then the boy. As he continued after the cat, he heard movement behind him. He turn to see the father, with a sword in his hand. The odd thing about the sword was that it was on fire. Was the father a mutant? Nanny had said he wasn’t. The man looked at him and said, “Why did you kill her?”

He leveled his gun and fired. As the bullets hit there mark, he watched as the man collapsed and said, “You’re not fit to raise a mutant. Nanny can take care of any mutant.”

He turned to find the boy as he heard the man’s last words. “My son is all grown up. He is a mutant, from a town full of mutants. You think we didn’t know what we were doing.” He turned to see the man take his last breath. He then saw the flame on the sword die out, as the sword then disappeared. Orphan Maker had a bad feeling in his stomach. Had he killed a mutant parent? He was getting confused. He had to find the boy.

He went to turn when he heard more people enter the building. As he started to run, he felt something hit him in the back. He fell to the floor, as he heard the person that knocked him over say, “You have the right to remain silent.” It was the police, and it was obvious to him that this person was a mutant. When they finished speaking, the person stood him up and said to one of the other officers, “Damn, why did it have to be them?”

He watched as one of the other officers just said, “I know. The town’s going to be in mourning for about a week. Anyone know where Richard is?”

One of the other officers just said, “Remember when he was on Millionaire?, and after that the FBI phoned about that Juggernaut character. Maybe they might have an idea what school he’s at.” Orphan Maker felt his eyes go wide. The boy had been away and on his own.

Now what was going to happen to him. He just looked over at the head officer as the man said, “Book him, this was obviously intentional. Two counts of murder.” Nanny was not going to like this.

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Grimore sat quietly in the shadows. He watched as the police carted off the maniac that killed the Paladin. When the police had left, he walked over to the now lifeless form of Richard Cale Sr. As he looked at the form, he spoke one last time to the figure. “I wish you didn’t have to die now, sir. I don’t think your son is ready for his task.” It was the truth. Of all the times that young Richard was exposed to his family history, he closed it off. Slowly it had been resurfacing, but the boy still tried to repress it. Now it was the boy’s turn. He didn’t want to do this, especially today. This day was especially important, since it was the boy’s birthday. He walked over to a small box and climbed in. Being a familiar, he used magic to close it and then transport it. As he flew off to Snow Valley, where young Richard attended school, he hoped that somehow, and someway, Rich had met up with the little girl from Yugoslavia. He had never felt so content with a stranger. It was as if she were destined to be with the family.


Richard Cale returned back to the school from his weekly trip into town. He was a little disappointed that Yvette didn’t join him this time. Usually she did join him, but he put it up to the recent shake up with ‘Hunter’. He had to admit that something of that escapade shook him up. He still couldn’t piece it together in his mind. It was a memory with him holding Monet as a baby. It didn’t make sense. How could he have have been there, and if he was there, why didn’t he remember meeting Cartier St. Croix before the museum. When he got back to the school, he stopped thinking about it. He looked straight at the main building and deep down, he felt something was wrong. He knew that Franklin Richards was visiting since he had seen the Fantastic Four dropped the boy off. He had been just heading out at the time, but now there appeared to be no sign of life at the school. He was worried, not only due to the fact that there didn’t appear to be a soul around, but that he was defenseless. During his trip into town, Yvette’s ability had left him. As he approached the door, he quietly said to himself, “I won’t be scared. If they are in trouble, I’m the only one who can help.”

He turned the doorknob and slowly entered the building. He looked around to find some sign that nothing was wrong. He listen for a sound that would let him know everything was alright. Not a sound. He was worried, not just for himself, but for Yvette. She meant more to him than his own life. He quietly said, “I hope you’re alright, Yvette.” He couldn’t forgive himself for going to town along, only to arrive back to find every one captured or dead.

He heard a sound in the one room. He slowly moved his way toward the door to the room. When he reached the door handle, he didn’t know if he should kick the door open, or just to open the door slowly. As he thought about it, kicking the door open was sure to lead to an attack. He slowly openned the door, to find there was no light in the room. As he slid into the darkend room, he reached for a light switch, but one wasn’t in reach. He stayed near the wall, hoping that he wouldn’t run into a foe. He almost contined like that when his hand brushed against someone. He turned his head in that direction and was started when he was embraced and kissed. It was Yvette. When she stopped the kiss, she smiled and said, “Guess what?”

He didn’t have time to guess as the lights went up and everyone jumped up and shouted, “Surprise.” He was surprised, and pleasently surprised. They had planned this out without him finding out.

He looked at everyone and said, “Thank you. First time anyone pulled this on me. I don’t think it could have gotten any better.”

He heard Jubilee speak up, “It will, when you get your gifts.” Yvette just led him to the couch in the room and sat down next to him. Deep down, he felt that the day could not be ruined. He just sat there, with Yvette, receiving his presents.

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Sean had been in his office when Emma walked in. He looked up at her as she said, “You know, the kids have already started the party.” He looked at her. He had something on his mind, a big something. When he received the call, he didn’t know if it was a hoax, but then he heard it on the radio. He knew Emma could sense his uneasiness when she said, “Sean, what’s wrong?”

He didn’t know what to say, mainly because of the day. He then said, “There was a report on the news. Orphan Maker just killed another mutant’s parents.”

He saw Emma’s face change to that of shock. “Oh dear. Did they catch him?” Sean nodded and then Emma said, “You think the kid would benefit by coming here?” She didn’t know the whole story.

He didn’t answer the question she asked but just said, “They owned a major, and I do mean major company, Paladin Technologies.”

He noticed as Emma nodded her head, and then said, “I’ve heard of them. My sister has been going through touchy negotiations with them.”

Sean looked at her oddly and asked “Cordella?”

She looked back at him and said, “No, Adrienne, but that’s not important. You think the child will be alright here. Besides, we have to attend the party.”

Sean couldn’t hold it in much longer. “Emma, let me ask you this. Would you be happy if you were told that your parents were murdered on your birthday.” He noticed Emma’s mouth went wide open. He then said, “The first call was from was from Godiva. When she told me, I thought for a moment that it wasn’t her, but I just heard it on the news.”

Emma just sat down, a bit in shock. “You don’t want to tell him during the party?”

She had hit the nail on the head. “Yur right on that one. I don’t want to tell him until tomorrow. I just hope it can be avoided.” He wondered if there would be anyway that the boy would find out. Sean knew that Rich always hoped that his parents would be around for a while yet, but this was the one thing that they hadn’t planned on. His only question now was why Orphan Maker targeted Rich’s parents.

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Franklin Richards ran with his two friends from the room the kids now shared. He was a bit excited, mainly because of his visit to the school at the time of a birthday party. He turned to Leech as they headed down and said, “Did you get him anything?”

His friends stopped dead in their tracks with a worried look on their faces. Leech then said, “Artie and Leech didn’t think of that.” Artie however turned his head. It was as if the boy heard something.

Franklin looked at his friend and said, “Do you hear something Artie?” He watched as the image of the door appeared over Artie’s head. Apparently he heard something at the door. Franklin ran over to the door and openned it just a bit. He saw a box just laying there. He wondered what it could be. He quickly brought the box inside and openned it. It wasn’t marked who it was for, but he heard a sound in it. When it was open, he saw a cat inside of it. Franklin looked at the others and said, “I think we found a gift for Rich.” He heard the cat purr.

He watched as Leech looked at the cat. “Rich has cat. Maybe like this one as well.” He watched as Artie nodded. With that, they headed off to the party. As they entered the room, he saw all the laughter and fun of a typical birthday party, except for two people. Franklin noticed that both Sean and Emma had most likely just arrived, but something was bothering them.

He noticed as Rich looked over at them. “Hey boys. You’re a little late, but I think they haven’t cut the cake yet.” Franklin noticed the image that appeared above Artie’s head, and Rich respond, “A gift. You guys have a gift for me. Well, let’s see it.”

Franklin opened the box up and the cat stuck his head out. He saw that everyone was stunned, but Rich was in awe. “He was outside the door. We bought him in and thought you might like him.”

Franklin just watched as Rich took the cat out of the box and held it. There were tears in Rich’s eyes, but they were of joy. Rich just held the cat and said, “Grimore, how did you get here?” Franklin wondered what Rich meant and he then said, “Franklin, this is my cat. My folks must be here. Grimore would never be here alone.” Franklin smiled, but wondered if that was the case. No one was at the door, but things seemed to be fine. Then he noticed the look on Rich’s face. Something wasn’t right. He looked over at Sean and Emma, who looked like they had just seen a dream shatter. He then noticed one other thing. The cat was purring when Rich held it, but now was earily calm. Something was definately wrong.

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Yvette looked on at the scene. It was as if everyone just clammed up. Everyone had been mystified by the cat. She had seen it before, during Rich’s bout with his ailment a short while ago. Now, she was seeing the cat for real. It was beautiful, but it wasn’t purring like it had been. She could even tell that Rich sensed something was wrong. As she went to his side, she tried to find out what was wrong as she asked in their mental link, "What’s wrong, my love?"

She didn’t expect his answer to be verbal as he said, “They aren’t here. They won’t be here.” She was scared by the tone he was speaking in. He sounded like that they were dead.

She then heard her ‘father’ say, “Rich, I didn’t think we should tell ye this today, but yur parents were killed.” She looked at her boyfriend, and saw the tears start to form again. These were tears of sadness. She put her arms around him and just held him. She heard the cat purr again, as if her presence made things better.

She heard Jubilee say, “That’s not a good gift, Sean.” Her ‘sister’s’ sarcasm was there, but who could blame her.

She was still holding Rich when he asked, “How?” She could tell that he wanted to know, but he didn’t want to believe it.

She listened as Emma answered the question. “Orphan Maker attacked your parents, killing them both. However, the local police managed to capture him. I’m sorry, Rich. You will be able to head home to attend the funeral.”

She felt Rich start to stand up and she stood up with him. He was still holding Grimore as he said, “I have to go to England. It’s been a tradition. When the eldest dies, the eldest child heads to the home in England.”

She listened as her ‘father’ said, “Lad, ye can’t go alone. What if Emplate found out? Ye would be a sitting duck.”

She noticed that the cat was looking at her. There was something about the cat. She then remembered what she had learned during Rich’s ordeal with the delirium. She held Rich’s arm and said, “I’m going with him.” She noticed he didn’t object, not even mentally.

Everyone seemed in shock, but then Monet said to her. “Yvette, you can’t go, at least not without some of us. We’ll all go.”

She watched as Rich turned and looked at her and said, “Go pack. This ordeal normally take about a week.” She started to leave the room as Rich just said, “No. Only Yvette and I can go. It’s difficult to explain but it has to be this way.” She watched as he left the room, still holding Grimore. She watched as some of the others followed Rich, while some of the other were following her. This was not going to be easy for anybody.

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Emma followed with some of the others as they followed Rich. When he reached his room, Emma noticed that the boy hadn’t cried one tear, as if he were holding it in. Emma just said, “Rich, we are all concerned about you? Are you sure you’re going to be alright.”

She noticed that Rich just glanced at her and said, “I’m not sure. I don’t know how my father went through this, and now I have to go through it.” She watched as he pulled a suitcase out.

When he stopped talking, she saw Everett enter the room and say, “Aren’t you worried about Emplate? If he finds out that you two are alone, he’s gonna try something?”

Rich looked at Everett, she could almost tell he was aware of that fact. He just said, “How will he know where I am? It’s not like I’ve told you guys. This is something I have to do.” He then proceed to pack his suitcase.

She went to say something when Jubilee spoke. “You and Yvette, alone. I don’t think that Sean and Emma are gonna approve.” She knew what Jubilee was talking about.

Rich just kept packing as he said, “If they don’t trust me by now, then I might just stay in England. How long have Yvette and I been dating?”

Emma thought about it for a moment. The two had had dozens of opportunities to be that intimate, but never were. Rich was a gentleman and true to his word. She finally spoke. “Rich, that was a worry at one time, but you are talking about a week. You remember what that means?”

Rich stopped and said, “Yes, but I need to do this. I’ve known for a while, and if I get stuck with Yvette’s ability, then Emplate can’t force his on me.” She had to admit to Rich’s logic on that one.

Emma then said, “I would like to have a word with you, alone.” She noticed as all the others who had followed Rich got the hint and left the room. She then said, “Do you think you can handle all this?” She had taken a peak at Rich’s mind, and knew what he was most worked up about.

Rich just continued to pack as he said, “I don’t know. I don’t know how much you know about my past, but Yvette told me that you and her were trying to help me during my Cale Delerium.”

She didn’t want to tell all, but she felt she had to ask about some of it. “Richard, you have some oddites in your life that we don’t want to admit to, like the fellow that visited your parents after your grandfather died.” She didn’t mention that Monet had seen that.

Rich just looked at her, and she then noticed that the cat hissed. “I think he said his name was Marsh. I would not be surprised if he gives a call to me after I return.” She watched as he placed his journal into his suitcase and finally closed it.

She then asked another question, “And what about this Edward Carnby fellow? I did some reading up on the games Yvette said you mentioned in your journal.”

He picked up the suitcase and his cat and said, “I don’t know what to say. I never thought Edward Carnby was real, and never understood my attraction to the games. I might learn about that in England.”

She walked with him as he left his room. “Richard, I do hope that you and Yvette will be alright.” She was worried. She had seen potential in the boy. He could turn out to be a great leader.

He sighed and said, “As long as Emplate doesn’t know that we’ve been gone until we get back, we’ll be fine.” She watch as he continued on to the main hall. He would wait for Yvette there. She had a feeling that he was about to be flooded by memories that he had long repressed.

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