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For April 15th, I present the first chapter of the eighth story of The Cale Storyline, Hunted. This is the only story that I can honestly say started in a hotel room in California. I also started the story before the time of Y2K, and is the first Gen X story of my posted in 2000. I also had the idea that there should be a thrall of Emplate's that has been hunting down other thralls. In some ways, it makes one wonder if Emplate is the full villain. I do hope you all enjoy this first chapter.

Generation X Cale Storyline Disclaimer

Attention: Generation X and their villains, as well as any other mutant mentioned in this story, is property of Marvel Comics. The character Richard Cale is named after family relations. Any other reference to anything copyrighted is a chance happening.

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Previous Stories and Chapters

Previous ChapterIf I Had A Delirium Chapter 4: Visions of the Past, Tales of the Future Part III(updated)

Chapter 1: Marked For Death (updated)

Gayle Edgerton sat in her wheelchair in her England home. Not too long ago, she had traveled to America, all for the purpose of killing the man that put her in the wheelchair. No, not a man, a mutant whose abilities crippled her long ago. She still bore the scars of the pack she had made so she could obtain revenge. The mutant that gave her that change had doublecrossed her, but the whole experience had given her a chance to make peace. She looked at the photo on her mantle and asked the same question she asked every time she looked at it. "Jono, how are you doing right now? I can never make up for what I almost did to you, and for helping that Emplate being."

She was surprised when a voice spoke behind her. "That's all the proof I need." She spun around in her wheelchair, and faced the being. He stood there with a gun in his hand.

She eyed the strange man with fear, silently activating an alarm she had in case of emergencies. She then said, "Who are you?" She heard a loud shot and looked down. He had shot her. Where the bullet hit her, she realized that if she didn't get help soon, she would die. She looked at the man and just said "Why?"

The man just looked at her and said, "To prevent more." His words didn't make to much sense, but it had something to do with Emplate, the being that 'recruited' her to help get Jono and his friends. She leaned forward, to act as if she would strike out at him, but she planned to play dead, hopefully not to become dead.

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He stood over the body that collapsed out of the wheelchair. He deemed himself the Hunter, for he felt it was his task to stop them. He had been pulled into the fold once. Years ago, he was part of that evil being's group. When he broke free, he vowed to stop the evil this being had passed on. He pulled out a list. As he looked at it, he marked off the name. "If you hadn't have sold your soul, Ms. Edgerton, you would have never met me."

He heard a siren approaching. She was clever. He phased out of existence. A curse he obtain in mutancy. The hunger kept him linked to that evil. He knew this woman wasn't a mutant, but he felt that only those who were like him were targets, food sources. Once he removed all of them, he could end his suffering. He had long ago decided only to strike those far away from Emplate. This woman was the next name on his list. He walked up to the rooftop and looked again at the list. During his time with Emplate, he remembered the name that was next of his list. He looked at her name. "Ah yes, the reluctant enforcer. I know you have escaped, now I must end your cursed existence." He reached at his arm and felt the scars from that time. "Yvette Gyorgi, your time has come."


Yvette Cassidy awoke screaming. She sat straight up in her bed. She was scared by this dream. She was with several people, mutants like herself, in a field, dead. At the top of the pile was Emplate. He, too, was dead. She didn't want to die, not like that. She wanted to live a long life, with her love, Richard Cale. When he came into her life, she had fully recovered from her experience with Emplate. She got out of bed and walked over to her closet. She opened the door and saw the restraints she had wore when she was Emplate's reluctant meal. She kept them as a reminder of her time with Emplate, but she also kept them so that Sean and Emma could get costumes that her skin would not ruin when she tensed up. At current time, she was gaining on Paige for most costumes used. She reached in and grabbed a dress and looked at the time. It was four hours until dawn, and she was scared about what this nightmare would mean. She opened her drawer and grab some other items and left her room.

Nightmares like those scared her, and when she was that scared, she felt safe with only one person. She left the girl's dorm and made her way to the guy's dorm. It was a little cold, but she had gotten use to it, due to her living in the grotto until Rich came to the school. As she approached the guy's dorm, she found the one room with a light on. As she approached the window, she saw why the light was on. Rich was sitting at his desk, with his headset on. He was writing in his journal. She put her hand near the little signal device he placed on the window sill. She looked in the window as she began signalling. Sean and Emma didn't know about this, but she knew that they wouldn't be concerned until something happened. As she continued to use signal, she wondered if she would have to use the secret entrance mechanism they came up with. For a minute or two, Rich hadn't responded. She started to worry, and noticed that she was minding the cold. She looked into the window and softly said, "Please, Rich, hurry up and open the window and let me in." She smiled when he finally looked her way.

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Rich had his earphones on. He was listening to some one of the various Pure Moods CD's he had while he was writing in his journal. He spent years keeping this journal, and he had starting writing in it again. He had been writing for about an hour, when he heard the clicking of the signal he and Yvette had rigged. He turned his head toward the window and saw her out there. He didn't know how long she was out there, but he figured that she must have had a nightmare. He closed his journal and ran to the window. He opened it and reached out to help her in. "Yvette, what's wrong?"

She smiled as he helped her in. "I had a terrible nightmare. It was horrible." He then realized that she was scared. When he finally got her in the window, she said, "Thank you. I was starting to feel cold out there."

He then noticed that she was in her night attire. He had never seen her like that, ever. He held her close and asked, "My love, why didn't you put a little more on?"

She put her arms around him and kissed him. "Because, I didn't think I'd be outside so long. Also, I thought you wouldn't mind." She gave him a smile. Over all the time they had been dating, he had found that she had a sneaky wild side. It was one of those little facts he loved about her. However, back when they started dating, they swore not to go all the way. Rich had been raised on that belief, and he believed it.

However, her sneaky wild side usual brought out his sneaky wild side. He returned the kiss and said, "I think you might be right. So what did you have a nightmare about." He noticed that she shook. He held her close and whispered in her ear. "It's alright, my love, I keep you safe." He noticed that she started to calm down. He had been afraid that when she would tense up, she shed her outfit. He then psionically said, "Tell me when your ready to talk about it. Maybe you might want to get some rest."

She looked into his eyes and said, "Hold me, please." He held her as he walked her over to his bed. As they climbed in, she turned to face him and kissed him. "Thank you, my love."

He smiled and returned the kiss. "Sleep well, my love." He held her close, since she asked, but also since he deep down wanted to. This was a bit different from most times they held each other, mainly because of the situation.

He was almost surprised when she kissed him and said, "At least I have something to hold onto for safety and comfort." He felt her hold him tighter to her.

He returned the kiss and said, "Love, I'll keep you safe." He continued the kiss as she started to kiss in return. In fact, he felt that they would enter dreamland kissing.


It was just as day broke at the Xavier School. Other times that he would be here, he would be here with his master. However this time was different, and DOA knew that. The one being that worried Emplate more than any of Generation X had just took a shot at Gayle Edgerton. Emplate still had a small grip of control on her, but that meant that Penance would be next. Emplate still had a link to the rouge of the group, but he had no control. DOA then remembered that if Generation X found him here, that he probably would not be welcomed, even though he was coming with a warning. All he been instructed to do was deliver the recorded message to Penance. He walked by the girls dorm. As he passed the windows, he placed a little window like object by it. It allowed him to observe what happened in each room. The first occupied room he found was obviously Jubilee's. As he looked in, he found the girl was asleep. He continued to the next window, and the next until he found the next room that had one of the Gen X-er's in it. Just from the items he saw, he could tell it was Penance's room, but she wasn't in there. He just muttered quietly, "Where are you, Yvette?" Then it hit him, she must be with Richard Cale.

His thoughts were cut off when fireworks hit near his feet. He turned to see Jubilee leaning out her window. "I don't know what your up to, but Emplate won't succeed." He ran away from the building. He figured that they would start by checking Yvette's room. It might work to his advantage. He quickly ran for the guys dorm to find Yvette and Richard. When he reached the dorm. He used the same method that he used before. He found them in the first occupied room. He was surprised when he saw them in the room. However, he had a task to perform. He had to deliver the message. He tried to open the window, but he couldn't. He didn't want to look like he was attacking, but he had to get the message through. He knew that his master hoped that Yvette would come back to him when she saw the message. He also knew that if Yvette did come back to the master, Richard Cale wouldn't be too far behind. He struggled some more trying to open the window, but couldn't. He finally decided to do the one thing he could do.

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Jubilee had swore she had heard something outside her window, and when she looked out, she had been right, in the worse way. She saw D.O.A., Emplate's little minion lurking at Penny's window. She was scared that Emplate was in there. She had shots some of her fireworks over at him and he ran off. Now she had a bad feeling that Emplate was already in there, and if not, he might be on his way over to Rich's room. She quickly left her room and ran to Penny's room. As she ran, Monet came from her room and said, "Jubilee, what is with all the racket? Some of us want to get some sleep?"

Jubilee just continued to run to the door of her surrogate sister's room and said, "Your brother might be here. I just saw DOA at Penny's window." Soon Monet was at her side.

Monet looked at her and said, "I called Emma and Sean. I hope they try to see if Richard is safe." Jubilee agreed with that as she knocked fiercely on Penny's door. There was no time for patience. She quickly started to tackle the door, in an effort to break it down.

As she tried, she looked at Monet and said, "Can you help me out here? This isn't a time for you to space out. Emplate might be abducting both Penny and Rich." Soon enough, Monet was tackling the door with her.

As they continued, Paige and Daria had entered the halls. Paige just said,"What are you two up too?" It was at that point when the door finally gave. Jubilee was almost shocked when she saw the room was empty. She was scared that Emplate had taken Penny.

Monet just said, "Jubilee saw DOA outside, and thought Emplate was in here. I think he wasn't, cause Yvette isn't her."

Daria looked in and said, "Yvette isn't here, and that's a good thing?"

Jubilee then realize what Monet had noticed. "She's right. There was no struggle. Besides, I don't think the place would be this nice if Emplate was in here. Penny would have put up a fight."

She then heard the voice of Emma Frost say, "Then where is she?"

Jubilee had an idea on the answer when they all heard glass breaking somewhere on campus. She had an idea where it was. All she said, "The only place she'd be safe, and when we get there, I think we will find the source of that sound." With that they all left the girl's dorm.

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Yvette was startled when Rich left her in the dream world. All night, in their dreams, they were kissing. With the mental link they held when together, they could do this when ever they were asleep. Yvette opened her eyes and noticed Rich was now crouched on the floor, looking at something. She then saw the broken window. As he looked over the floor, she looked at the window at said, "Who would do such a thing?" She started to be afraid. It could mean many things. Worst of all things, it could mean that Emplate was in the room, just waiting to grab the both of them.

He looked at her, for he knew what she was thinking. He just said in a reassuring voice, "I don't think it's him, love. He would just attack, and Soundwave wouldn't have let us move." She shuddered when he said that. Not to long ago, the mutant Rich helped put behind bars escaped, and almost killed them. He then said, "Besides, I don't think it was vandals. This thing they threw is like a communications item."

She sat up in the bed and said, "Who would throw that the window, and why?" It was a puzzle. Who would send something for communicating with them, and was it for them.

She watched as Rich studied it for a bit. He then said, "It for playback of a message."

She looked at him curiously and said, "Playback. You mean someone delivered a message by throwing it through your window."

He then said, "Which means someone got the wrong room, or the right room. Right now, there is only one way we can find out." She watched as he examined it again, and soon found what appeared to be buttons. He quietly said, "I think this one is play." As he pushed the button, a holographic image formed, one that frightened her. It was Emplate. Her natural fears started to take over and before the image had a chance to speak, it disappeared. Rich looked at her concern and said, "Yvette, calm down."

She started to calm down. She realized she must have tensed up. She looked at him and said, "I'm sorry love, I didn't mean to ..." She looked at the bed covers and that, but they were all intact. She sighed in relief and then she heard the faint sound of fabric tearing. She lifted the covers and looked at her current attire. That little fright was ripping her night shirt. Everything else was intact, but her night shirt was coming apart at the seams. She looked at Rich, who was placing a bathrobe around his pajama's, and said, "Could you hand me...."

He handed her her clothing as he said, "One step ahead of you, my love. I'll step outside. You get dressed, then I'll get dressed while you wait out in the hall. Once were ready, we need to show this message to Sean and Emma. Emplate's up to something, and I don't think he's here. Now stay calm." She watched as he picked up the device and left the room.

That was one of the things she liked about Rich. He was a gentleman. The most they ever did was kiss. In their dreams, they kissed differently, longer and intimately, but never did they take advantage of each other. As she got out of bed, she watched as the night shirt she had worn, fell to the floor in shreds. She sighed. "I've lost more night shirts like that to those nightmares." One time, she had joined the other girls for a slumber party. She had a nightmare that night as well, and felt embarassed. She started to get dressed and looked at the picture Rich had on his nightstand. It was of the two at the local mall. They had it taken in one of those photo booths. When she finished getting dressed, she went over to the door. Just as she was about to knock, she heard voices on the other side. The others must have heard the glass break. She then started to worry. Even though both she and Rich had done nothing wrong, the others might think differently.

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Rich stood outside his door waiting for Yvette to get dressed, when he saw some the other guys running over to him. Everett was the first to ask the question, "Rich, what was that noise." He didn't know how everyone would react if he mentioned that Yvette came to his room last night. Although they did nothing improper, he was never sure how the others would react to situations like this.

Rich just stood against his door and said, "I think something cracked the window. I'd like to talk to Sean and Emma about it."

He was caught off guard when he heard Sean saw, "Does it have anything to do with the fact that D.O.A was spotted near the girls dorm." He looked at Yvette's adopted father and swallowed. He wasn't sure how Sean would take the situation.

Rich composed himself and said, "Would explain this." He held up the communicator device that was thrown threw his window.

It was Darrett who looked at him suspiciously. "Is there a reason that you would be receiving a message from Emplate." He didn't like the tone of what Darrett was implying. He knew that Darrett didn't trust neither him nor Yvette.

Rich just said, "If Emplate wanted to talk to me, he would have kidnapped me, Darrett." Darrett just looked at him, and Rich could tell that the boy had trouble accepting the fact that he and Yvette were on the side of the good guys.

It appeared to be more difficult a situation to explain as all the girls came walking into the dorm. He watched as Sean turned and said, “Is Yvette alright?” Rich didn’t know if Sean wanted to here the answer or not.

Emma just said, “Jubilee has an idea where Yvette is, since Yvette isn’t in her room, and Emplate wasn’t there.” He felt at that moment that all eyes were on him, which was true.

Sean just walked over to him and said, “Alright lad, where is Yvette?” He could tell that Sean had a stern look in his eyes. He couldn’t blame Sean, after all, Yvette was a second daughter to Sean.

Rich didn’t want to look in Sean’s eyes, but he forced himself to, and said nervously, “She had a nightmare last night, and spent the night with me.” He felt like he was about to get a severe assault of vocal attacks.

He felt Sean put his hands on his shoulders as the Irishman looked in his eyes and said, “Ye didn’t do anything. I could tell by the way ye answered the question. Scared, but ye told us what happened.” He almost collapse in relief, when Sean said, “Now can you shed any light on her nightmare or why DOA was here.”

He quietly said, “Not the nightmare, but I think DOA was here to deliver a message to Yvette, the way you mentioned that DOA was spotted at the girls dorm.”

Jubilee, who he noticed was about to say something, said, “I hate to interupt but, how bad did the nightmare scare her.” He had a feeling at what she was getting at. She then said, “Last time she had a nightmare that we knew of was when us gals had a sleep over. She wasn’t to thrilled when she discovered she had a nightmare, more embarassed really.”

He felt everyones eyes on him, mostly Sean’s as a worried father. He then said, “The message caused that, however, I left her so she could get dressed.”

He heard Emma speak in his mind. "You mean you saw part of the message." He nodded and Emma continued, "You left after you realized what happened so she could get dressed in private." He nodded again. She walked forward and said allowed, “I think Sean has nothing to worry about with Yvette. Now I suggest we all get dressed and meet to find out what Emplate wanted. When everyone left, she turned to face him with Sean and said, “Can we talk with you two for a moment.” He had a little concern about what the questions were going to be, but he led them into the room.

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Emma entered the room with Sean after the other kids had left. There was one thing she was wondering about when Jubilee said that Yvette might be in Rich’s room, and that was how she got in. Yvette was sitting on the bed as they entered. She looked worried as she said, “Hello, Ms. Frost. Morning ‘Father’.” It was obvious to Emma that Yvette was worried about how it appeared to them.

Emma decided to comfort the girl. “It’s alright Yvette. We know why you were here so you can calm down.” She noticed that it appeared like relief passed over the girl.

Sean then said, “We were wondering how ye got in here. There was a bit of concern when ye weren’t in yur room.”

Emma noticed that the look on Yvette’s face told her that she didn’t want to answer, but she did so anyhow. “Rich and I have set up a system at our windows. If either is awake, we trigger a signal. If not, we open the windows. We set it up just in case of this.”

Emma noticed the look on Sean’s face. He was a bit worried, then he said, “I understand. Ye just feel comfortable and safer with Rich, so ye set up this system. I have to admit it’s clever. I take it only ye two know how to work it.” She watched as both Rich and Yvette nodded. She figured that whatever this system was, they hid the controls well enough to keep it a secret that not even D.O.A could find the way to open the window.

Emma looked at Sean and said, “I think I’ll talk with Yvette a bit. Do you think you could wait for Rich.” She watched as Sean nodded and she lead Yvette out of the room. As they headed out of the dorm, she looked at Yvette and said, “Do you have nightmare’s like this often?”

She noticed the girl almost started to tense up. She started to calm down as she said, “No, not like this. It seemed real. Why do you ask?”

Emma didn’t want to say it, but she had too. “Yvette. Jubilee told us about what happened at the slumber party. What happened that you were embarassed?” She notice that the girl didn’t want to say, but she had to know.

The girl looked away as she said, “It was very embarassing, since, well....” Emma could tell the girl was struggling for her words, until she said, “You know how when I’m all tensed up, I look smaller than I actually am.”

Emma looked at the girl and said, “I don’t see how...” And then she noticed what Yvette was saying. “I see. It made you feel uneasy.” Yvette nodded. Emma put a hand on the girls shoulder and said, “It could have been a bit of jealousy, or even shock. Remember, at times, we still see you as Penance. Any change could be viewed as a very different change.

She noticed as Yvette looked forward and said, “It wouldn’t be so bad if when I got scared, I didn’t run the odds of shredding my clothes. I mean, since you and ‘father’ worked at getting most of my clothes laced with the restraints fabric, it helps, but at night, I don’t want any reminder of that.”

Emma just took Yvette’s hand and said, “When you learn to control your abilities, you won’t need those reminders, ever. It’s just a precaution for now, and as you can tell, it’s needed in the long run.”

Yvette nodded, and then said, “I guess it could be worse.”

Emma nodded in agreement and said, “Hopefully, it won’t be worse.” She had doubts in her mind about that, mainly because of the contents of that message was still unknown.

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