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Well, it is March 26th, and today you get the third chapter of Catch A Sound Wave, sixth story of the Cale Storyline. In this chapter, we see Generation X trying to prepare for the upcoming attack. They also learn a bit more about their newest member, if I recall right. After this chapter, the conclusion will be posted in a few days. As always, I hope you have been enjoying these old stories.

Cale Storyline Generation X Disclaimer

Attention: Generation X and their villains, as well as any other mutant mentioned in this story, is property of Marvel Comics. The character Richard Cale is named after family relations. Any other reference to anything copyrighted is a chance happening.

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Catch A Sound Wave

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Chapter 3: Close To Home (updated)

Rich slowly awoke that morning. He only remembered part of the film. He remember kissing Yvette and not to long after that he, and her, fell asleep. As he opened his eyes, he felt something over him. He glance down to see he and Yvette were covered with his patchwork quilt. He wondered how that got there when he heard it. It was Emma’s voice. "Richard, Sean and I noticed your door was open last night. We saw the two of you sound asleep. We figured that you two hadn’t done anything." Rich mentally agreed with that. The farthest they had gone was a whole string of kisses. The voice continued, "Sean wanted to take Yvette back to her room, but given the current circumstances, I thought it would be a bad move. Sean placed the cover on you two, while I shut down everything you had on. Just behave for now, we have a few things to talk about dealing with this Soundwave character."

He shuddered after hearing that, being careful not to tense up. He then felt something move along his side. He then realized that it was Yvette’s arm. He felt her hold him closer as she said, "Morning. I see Emma and ‘Father’ took care of things last night." He felt a light kiss on his cheek.

He turned around and faced her. "Yes, they did." He returned the kiss on her cheek. He was happy to see her smile. "Emma wants to talk to me more about Soundwave."

He noticed a worry look cross her face and an upset look in her eyes as she said, "Why didn’t you ever tell me about all this?"

He sighed out loud and said, "Cause I thought it was over. When the trial ended, and Davis was put up the river, I was assured he would never escape. I went on to lead a normal life. I never told you how afraid I was of Davis because I never thought he would escape. Now he’s free. That is one of the reasons that when I came here, no one knew I was here."

She held him closer when she said her next words. "Are you worried about me, about what he’d do to me?"

He nodded and said, "I am very scared for you, my love. Davis was a major womanizer in school. He only thought of one thing. I’m afraid of what incarceration has done to his mind in that area." He noticed that she was on the verge of tensing up in fear. He tossed away the quilt that was covering them and held her close. While their clothes were immune to her abilities, the bedding wasn’t. He held her and said softly and aloud, “I won’t let him do anything to you. I won’t let anyone hurt you again. I love you too much to let that happen to you.” He noticed that she had calmed down. He held her for a little until she signal that she wanted him to let go.

He heard her whisper in his ear, “I know, my love. I hope we stay together forever.” With that she started to kiss him. It was a series of short kisses down his neck. He returned it the same way. She said in their mind link, "I thought it might help get your mind off this problem."

He brought her face to his as he said, "It does help a little, but we have to be careful. We don’t want to go to far."

She smiled and said, "I know. I wasn’t planning on it." With that she kissed him on the lips. He returned it the same way. She smiled after he stopped the kiss and said, "When in Paris.."

He smiled in return and said, " as the Parisian’s do." They both engaged in a french kiss. They didn’t kiss that way too often, but they enjoyed it when they did.

There was a knock at the door. That was the reason that they didn’t french kiss too often. Every time they would, something would happen to interrupt them. The voice at the door just said, “Richard, Yvette, are you two awake?” He recognized the voice. It was Emma. She probably knew they were awake, but they had to answer.

Rich got up off the bed as Yvette sat up. They were still in the clothes they were wearing last night. He opened the door to see both Sean and Emma at the door. He just stepped back and said, “Come in.”

Sean walked in first and looked at the two. He didn’t seem to upset as he said, “I trust ye both slept well.”

Rich calmly said, “Yes. I’m sorry we fell asleep together, but..” He didn’t know if Sean thought they would have tried anything.

Sean just put his hand on his shoulders. “Lad, I have no doubt that ye wouldn’t of tried anything. I just know that you care enough about Yvette that you wouldn’t jeopardize it. And I know that she knows the same thing.”

He nodded and said, “I understand, sir.” He noticed for the first time that he called Sean sir. He realized why he did that. He wasn’t talking to Sean, the headmaster of the Xavier School, he was talking to Sean Cassidy, adopted father of his girlfriend. Since the adoption, Rich felt he had to answer to Sean for almost everything.

Emma then said, “Rich, last night we were talking with some of the others about who to watch for. You said you went to school with Soundwave, and Everett said you had a yearbook.”

He knew what Emma was getting at. She wanted a picture of who they would be up against. He had to think for a moment where the book was. He then heard Yvette say, “Didn’t you put that book with your computer books?”

He smiled at her. “Thanks love. I didn’t remember what I did with it.” He went over to the blue bin where he kept all those books. He openned it and noticed that it would take a little time. He picked out each book in the bin and put it on the bed. After a few books were out, he heard a gasp. He turned around abit scared. He thought that Davis was there, but he wasn’t. He did however notice a shocked look on Sean and Emma’s face as they looked at his one computer book.

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Sean couldn’t believe what he saw. On the back cover of the book Rich just pulled out was the face of the man that Darrett was talking to. He heard Emma gasp and noticed that Rich heard the gasp as well. When he saw Rich look at them and then the book, he took a breath and said, “You scared me. I thought Davis was here.”

Sean had to say it. “No, but we are a bit shocked by the face on that book,” he pointed to the book where they saw the face. It was eerie, but no less than 12 hours ago, they had seen Darrett speaking to the same individual that was on the book.

Rich looked at the book and said, “Henry Stauf, main character of the 7th Guest and 11th Hour, startled you two. He not real. He’s a fictional computer game villain.” He watched as Rich went back to searching through the books for the yearbook they had asked for.

Emma then said the words he was just thinking. “He seemed real enough when we saw him talking to Darrett.” He watched as Rich just stopped. Those words seemed to strike a nerve. This was something that bothered Rich on a deeper level, maybe deeper than the lad had thought.

Rich turned around with a book in hand. Sean noticed it was the yearbook in question. As Rich walked over to them with it, the lad said, “You mean to say he was talking to Henry Stauf.”

Sean looked at the boy and said, “A bit more than that. He said he summoned him. He said he could summon up certain beings to fight for him. We just didn’t suspect to see one of them in a picture, like that.”

Yvette looked at them all and said, “Do you think he can be a menace?” Sean noticed that his ‘daughter’ was a bit scared.

Rich just said, “Henry is minor. I’ve always looked into understanding some villains and Henry is more Maciavellian. He likes to manipulate. He has power, but uses them passively. He uses them to influence and manipulate. Now if he summoned something else, we’d have a lot to worry about.”

Sean understood what Rich meant. If this boy could evidently summon villainous characters, that could be a problem if he summoned something he couldn’t control. He then heard Emma say, “Maybe we should have a session in the war room, to learn about Davis, and understand Darrett better.”

Sean nodded in agreement and turned to Rich and said, “Rich, would you come with me to the war room.” He faced Yvette and said, “Yvette, you go with Emma and get the other kids, ok.” He noticed the heartbroken look on her face. She wanted to go with Rich. He waited as Emma took Yvette with her out of the room and then left the room with Rich. When the two had headed of to one off the upper level, Sean led Rich out of the dorm and said, “Rich, did you ever mention your fear of Davis escaping to Yvette.”

The lad looked down, but Sean had an idea on the answer. “No. I thought it was all over. I didn’t want anyone to know much more than Davis used to be my friend.” Sean understood, in a way, what Rich said. Davis was a part of Rich’s past that Rich hope would never come back.

When they reached the war room, Sean turned and said to the lad, “Rich, what are you more worried about, yur own safety, or Yvette’s safety?” Rich just looked away. It was a difficult question for the lad to answer.

After a moment of thought, the lad finally turned to face him. The lad looked him square in the eye and said, “Sean, promise me one thing?”

Sean looked at the boy and said, “It’s alright lad. I know how much you two love each other. I won’t try and separate you, cause I know that it’s probably the worse thing I could do to both of ye. I know it’s a little hard for you because of the age difference, but I won’t argue about it.”

The lad meekly smiled and said, “Thank you, sir. I’m am more worried about Yvette than myself, but I fear Davis might use that against me. He might use my love for her to get me. Threaten her and luring me into the line of fire. I don’t want to give him the satisfaction of killing me, but I don’t want him to hurt Yvette.” The lad started to sob. It was a site one didn’t see to often at the school, seeing Richard Cale cry.

Sean held the lad and said, “It’s alright. Remember, if Davis does attack, I’ve got the best hand.” Rich looked at him and Sean smiled. “I’ve got quite a big mouth.” The lad smiled. Sean was happy that that thought comforted Rich. He sat Rich down in a chair and started to use the yearbook to create a 3-D image of Soundwave.

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Yvette continued along with Emma as her teacher went to the room now occupied by Darrett. This boy had some very dangerous powers if what he could do was real. She then wondered what it could translate into. When they neared the door to the boys room, she heard a whiny whimper. She heard it before. She stopped as Emma reached for the door. Emma looked at her and said, “What’s wrong?”

The thoughts ran through her mind. She prayed that she would get an answer with the question she was about to ask. “Emma, does Darrett have a television in there?” When Emma shook her head, she tensed up. She knew what was in there.

She watched as Emma slammed the door opened. She peeked in to see a figure disappear, but Emma faced Darrett and said, “What did you summon this time?” Yvette slowly untensed as she cautiously stepped into the room.

Darrett looked at the both of them and said, “Someone who can ease my nerves. The sound it makes is soothing.”

Yvette could hardly believe it. She almost yelled in rage as she said, “You call a Skeksis relaxing. You summon Henry Stauf and now a Skeksis. What’s next, are you going to bring forth next, one of the monsters from that Quake game?” She felt a sharp pain in her head and she grabbed it as she collapsed to the ground.

She knew what it was before Emma spoke. “Yvette, that was totally uncalled for.” Yvette glanced up as Emma faced Darrett and said, “But, she has a point. How powerful is this summoning ability?”

The boy looked at her, and then at Emma and said, “Not as powerful as it could be. The more dangerous entities don’t listen or rebel. I found this out a few days ago. I tried to summon another gentleman, but he wouldn’t listen to me. He said he was going to find his way home and get his son for what he did to him.”

Yvette could see the upset in Emma’s eyes. She slowly got up and said, “How can you know if you’re summoning something you can’t control.” She was honestly worried that the boy would make a mistake one day and bring something that would kill them all.

Darrett shrugged meekly and said, “I don’t know.” Yvette noticed that Emma shook her head. This wasn’t a good thing to hear.

Emma then said, “As of right now, Darrett, I only want you to summon this Henry character. Don’t risk summoning any others until you get better at controlling your ability. As for right now, we must all head to the War room.” With that, Emma lead the way out of the room. Yvette made sure that she was right behind Emma, and saw that Darrett was following them. Even now knowing what Darrett’s abilities were, she felt even more uncomfortable around him.


Davis looked over the room. During his whole time in the building, he hadn’t encountered an X-Man, which was good for him. He was in the room of his objective. The computer was right in front of him with the location of Richard Cale. He approached the computer. He took a look around and slowly approached the computer. He started typing at the console. In a short time, he came across what he was looking for. He read the data that the file contained. The words appeared on the screen but all he needed was location. He noticed a few words and said, “Generation X. Is that the group he calls friends now? Interesting.” He figured that Generation X must be a less experienced group like the X-Men. He looked at something else which peaked his interest. It was a cross-file reference, actually, a few of them.

He jumped to the first one. It was that of a teenage girl, with red hair. Davis wondered if it was the red hair or something else entirely that caught Rich’s eye. He read the name of the girl. Yvette Cassidy. He looked further down at the abilities. “Ouch,” was all he could say. He continued reading to see that the two meant alot to each other. He then noticed that one of the names that was in Rich’s file was in her file. Something called Emplate.

He went to jump to that file when he heard a click, or it sounded like a click. He spun around to see a very gruff man, with claws coming from his hands, facing him. The man just said, “Kind of figured something like this would happen. Beast figured you wouldn’t know where to go, so you’d come here to find Skitz.”

Davis had to admit, the man was right. “I had a little help from my employer. Now my question is, what are you going to tell the X-Men after I escape.”

Davis watched as the man charged him and said, “Nothing Bub, ‘cause you ain’t escaping.” Davis started to laugh as he started the music to his sound machine. He watched as the man stopped in shocked and his body started moving of it’s own accord. “Hey, what’s happening?” was all the man could say.

Davis walked up to the man and said, “Let’s just say that for the time being, you’re under my orders. You’ll be doing the Macarena for a while, until someone stops the music.” He stepped away from the man as he went over to the computer. It took him no time to set it up with an infinite loop of the Macarena. As he turned around, he said, “Tell your friends thank you for the info, and...” He pulled out a camera and snapped a photo of his victim, “thanks for the laugh.” Davis laughed like a maniac and ran out of the X-Mansion.


Daria ran out of her room at a full force bolt, actually a bit of fly. Daria had only learned about being able to fly at the museum. Now she was using it to get her to the meeting. When Emma sent out the psionic summons, she was in the shower. Daria wondered if Emma was aware of that. Her new persistent silver hair was plastered to her back as she few out of the dorm. She didn’t realize how fast she was going until she hit Mondo. She realized what she had done and said, “I’m sorry, Mondo. I didn’t mean to hit you.” She helped the boy up. She had to admit that she thought Mondo liked her, but she didn’t want to get her hopes up. She felt like she wasn’t worth Mondo’s feelings, if he had them about her.

He smiled that almost ever present smile and said, “It’s ok. I was just coming to check on you. When you hadn’t shown up, we were all worried that you ignored the call.”

She smiled and replied, “I was getting ready.” She didn’t want to say that she was showering, although her hair probably told him that. She started walking towards the building that the war room was when she said, “I’m sort of worried about this. I mean, first it’s Emplate and Aura, now this Soundwave character. I don’t know if I can handle it.”

She felt Mondo put a hand on her shoulder. She turned to face him as he said, “I thought that about my first few days here, but I found out I could. You shouldn’t doubt yourself.” She felt almost like she was going to faint. She wondered if Mondo shared the same feelings for her.

She smiled and said, “Thanks.” When he smiled back, she felt her heart skip a beat. She always thought that was a figure of speech. After abit, they arrived at the war room.

As they entered, she heard Sean say, “So ye found her, lad.”

Mondo just smiled, and said, “She was in a hurry to get here. She had knocked me over just to get out the door.” There was a light round of chuckles all around, except from Sean, Emma, the new kid, and Rich. Sean and Emma was obviously being serious about this. The new kid, Darrett, well nobody understood him. He seem so critical about everyone, especially her and she couldn’t understand why. Rich was understandably nervous.

She heard Monet speak up after the giggles subsided. “Is there a reason we are going to get to? I haven’t had the best of nights.” Daria noticed that Monet didn’t look as perfect as she usually did.

Jubilee just said, “Duh. You look like you and the sandman had a fight and he lost. What’s wrong? Think Emplate might join forces with this Soundwave.” There was a quiet in the air. Jubilee had said an uncomforting thought.

Angelo just said, “That has got to be the worst thing you ever thought, chica. We had trouble handling Elane and Emplate, I don’t think we want them all together.”

Yvette look out over the group and said, “He won’t. Emplate wants me and Rich alive. Davis would love to see Rich dead.” They all noticed that Rich nodded. Rich hadn’t made one sound since they she entered.

Emma then said, “We’ll get to speaking about Davis in a second. Right now, we have to speak about Darrett, and his ability.” Daria watched as everyone looked at Darrett.

Everett just said, “You mean we now know his ability. Every chance I’ve had, I’ve tried to synch with it, but couldn’t.” She was surprised by that. Everett could discover any mutant abilities, but not much more.

She heard Jono say, "Could be linked to the alternate time-line deal. So what is mystery boy’s abilities?"

Sean then said, “He summons beings to fight for him, but they are rather unique.” Sean said it like it was an awkward term to say.

Paige asked the $64,000 question. “Unique in what way? Are they monsters?”

Daria looked at the boy and said, “Are they real?” She was curious about what his ability was now.

Daria was started by who said the next words. “Why don’t you show them, Darrett. Show them your friend.” It was Rich. He seemed almost calm as he said those words.

The boy just nodded and he seemed to be concentrating on something. Daria noticed as Emma stepped back as a figure started to form right in front of them. Soon the figure was that of a man. He looked about and said, “My Darrett, you never said that I would be called to meet everyone.” She watched as the man spun and was now wearing a tuxedo and said, “Hello all, my name is...”

Rich almost as if on cue said two more words. “Henry Stauf.” Daria had heard that name before. She just had to place it.

The figure just turned and said, “And if I’m not mistaken, Richard Cale. How are you lad? I have something for you.” The man pulled out a toy, and Daria finally placed him.

She stood up and said, “You’re the villain from those two games, aren’t you?” She faced Darrett and said, “You summon villains.” At that, Henry disappeared, as if by magic.

Darrett nodded and said, “That’s the gift. I’m learning to control it.” Daria looked in amazement at the boy. This ability could destroy them all, and he acted as if it didn’t matter.

Emma then said, “We already told him not to try and summon anything he hasn’t summoned before. He’s already done that once and it rebeled on him.” Daria noticed the shocked look on everyone’s face. Then Emma said, “The most we can do is try to find some way to get Darrett’s abilities stronger so he can control the more dangerous ones.” She noticed that Emma was about to say something, but then stopped.

Daria noticed that Sean picked up on the cue and said, “Now, let’s go over Davis, just in case he manages to get here.” With that a 3-D image appeared, and Daria noticed as Rich moved back from the table. She also noticed that Yvette went to his side. Sean then said, “This is Davis. He has the mutant ability to manipulate things with music. He can’t use noise of any kind.” The man in the image appeared to be the same age as Rich, was slightly taller than Rich, and blonde. Not much else could be told from the image, due to the black and white image. She also noticed that Emma had left the room.

She heard Monet say, “So does he know where Rich is right now?” That was still a major issue, since it was well know that Rich never let anyone know he was here, and now the reason was very obvious.

Sean said, “No, the only way he’d find out is to get the information from the X-Mansion.” There was a sigh of relief pass through the room. The X-Men were not going to be stopped by one man.

Emma then walked back into the room. “Don’t bet on that. They just found out that Soundwave was there. Wolverine encountered him.”

She saw a smug smile cross Jubilee’s face as she said, “I bet somebody got injured good.” Jubilee was inwardly snickering, and Daria realized what she meant.

Emma looked at her and said, “I’ll say. When they found Wolverine, he was busy doing the Macarena. He wasn’t to thrilled to be discovered like that.” There was a shocked look on everyone’s face, especially Jubilee’s.

Everyone turned when they heard Rich mutter, “His twisted sense of humor. One robbery he had all the policemen dancing to YMCA.”

Sean faced them all and said, “Alright, I want ye all to check out the campus. We’ll get the alarms and join you in a second. Skitz and Penance, stay in here. Darrett, I want ye to guard the door to the war room.” He used codenames, and that meant that this was a serious problem.

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