The Cale Storyline Story 6 Chapter 1

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Well, for March 18th, the day after St. Patrick's Day, I am sharing the first chapter of Catch A Sound Wave. This short chapter introduces the story's antagonist, as well as his power. At the time I wrote this, I was enjoying a bit more novelty songs that I do now, so there is a reference to one in this chapter. This chapter also helps show how deranged the character is in the beginning, which I hope readers will remember as more of the series gets posted.

Cale Storyline Generation X Disclaimer

Attention: Generation X and their villains, as well as any other mutant mentioned in this story, is property of Marvel Comics. The character Richard Cale is named after family relations. Any other reference to anything copyrighted is a chance happening.

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Catch A Sound Wave

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Chapter 1: Jailbreak (updated)

The janitor did his rounds with no cares. He knew that this prison for mutants had the best security. It was designed by a mutant. He hadn’t lived long in the city of Easton, but he had been there long enough to learn about some of the rules. He didn’t much care. He had a good job, a nice life. They paid him well to clean the halls, but then, it was a high risk area. Many times, he had mopped this floor. Today, however, was different. He snuck his walkman into work. They forbid stuff like that, but it was well hidden. Hidden under his shirt, the wire was well hidden. The volume was very low. He approached the one section of the prison. He noticed a few times that there were signs that read, “No humming, no singing, no music of any kind, except hard rock.” That was odd that they would allow that noise, but not the good stuff, like Billy Joel, who he was listening to right now.

As he passed by the guard in the area, he started sweeping by the cells. As he got to the farthest cell, he heard a voice say, “Hey, watcha listening to?” He stopped dead in his tracks. He turned back to look at the guard. The guard wasn’t moving. The voice then said, “Not back there, in here.” He quickly turned to face a guy, around 21-22 years in age, in the cell. The man was just lying on the cot as he said, “What are you listening to?”

He froze and slowly said “Nothing.” He noticed that the prisoner eyed him with what might be called a predator’s eye. This felon never took notice of him before. Why now?

The felon just looked at him and said, “Listen, I hear the beat. What did you do, smuggle a tape player in here?” The guy just reached throught the bars. He tried to back away, but the arm kept reaching. When it finally grabbed him, he was pulled to the bars so fast he hit them hard. He quickly saw the felon holding his walkman, and the guard was having a panic attack. He then blacked out from the pain.

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Davis Skinur put the walkman on. He heard the sound of sweet music. Five years in this cell, and he had never heard a song, until the idiot janitor brought in the music. He noticed that the guard was now in a panic. Of course he knew why. Soundwave was about to break out. Almost instantaneously, the bars disappeared. It was his doing as he watched the janitor fall to the floor. He turned and watched the guard fumble for his gun. He shifted the music in the walkman and he heard a new song. He smiled and said to the guard, “Hello Irving.” As the guard pulled his gun out, the gun turned and shot him three times. Davis smiled. “The Ballad of Irving” was funny, especially when a cop got gunned down. He then brought the bars back, killing the janitor. No big loss. The janitor had no mind. He heard the sirens start. He hated noise. He quickly pumped up the music and phased out of the prison. When he finally got away from the prison, he turned and faced the city and said, “Look out, Rich. It’s payback time.”


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