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Well, for March 13th, and I'm posting the first part of Reflections Of The Emplate War. This is a short fic, and when it was posted to Fanfiction.net, it was done in two parts. This first part features a limited recap of what was supposed to happen, condensing the events mentioned in the supplemental. The second part will be put up in a few days time, so enjoy this one.

Cale Storyline Generation X Disclaimer

Attention: Generation X and their villains, as well as any other mutant mentioned in this story, is property of Marvel Comics. The character Richard Cale is named after family relations. Any other reference to anything copyrighted is a chance happening.

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Reflections On The Emplate War

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Supplemental on The Emplate War

Previous ChapterStranger and Stranger, Chapter 5: Emplate Wins(updated)

Chapter 1: A Savior Appears (updated)

Dr. Hank McCoy just sat in the room, watching the young mutant boy in front of him. Little was known about the boy. The only thing that was known about the boy was that the boy had saved Richard Cale and Penance from Emplate, although how he got to where they were was a mystery. When Sean had told him that the boy was a time traveler, he decided to call in someone who had been in this position before. The boy looked at him and said, “How long are you going to keep me here?”

Hank McCoy looked at the boy and just said, “Patience, please. I am waiting for another temporal traveler to arrive. His insight might be able to help you more than I can.”

The boy looked at him and said, “You mean Bishop.” Hank was shocked that the child knew of Bishop. The child then said, “You want him to help me. I heard about him. He was confused when he entered this time.”

A deep voice said, “But, I learned about this time. And my knowledge helped this timeline.” Hank looked to see Bishop standing at the door. He always wondered about the time traveler, but never questioned him much about his time.

The boy turned to the new arrival and said, “Your knowledge didn’t do you any good in my timeline. You were one of the first to fall.” Hank saw the anger welling in Bishop.

“I have faced things you have yet to experience. If it weren’t for some of my knowledge about Emplates, Generation X might have even less about the first one.”

The boy walked up to Bishop and said, “And all your knowledge earned you an empty corpse in my time line. You could find Emplates, but not the attack that killed you.” Hank saw Bishop stagger backwards. “That surprises you. You don’t know how dangerous Emplates are until you look at my timeline.”

Hank leaned forward and said, “What happened in your timeline?” He was greatly intrigued. His own dark counterpart, as well as Nate Grey, came from another timeline, the Age Of Apocalypse. He then remembered the one thing he forgot to ask the child. “Also, what is your name?”

The boy just sat down and said, “My name is Darrett Xavier Thomas, and in my timeline was a very destructive war. It was known as the Emplate War.” Hank noticed that Bishop sat down, in shock.

Hank knew that this worried Bishop, but they had to know what had happened. “Darrett, what started this war?”

The boy just looked at him and said, “It started at the museum that Generation X had just left from. It started with the abduction I had stopped. In my timeline, the abduction had happened, and Generation X failed to rescue Skitz and Penance.”

Bishop then said, “And this increased Emplate’s forces.” The boy shook his head. He noticed the doubting look on his face as Bishop asked the next question. “You mean this made Emplate weaker?”

The boy just nodded and said, “It was never confirmed of what happened, but something caused both Skitz and Penance’s minds to snap. Some figure it was what Emplate did to them, other figured that it was the mere thought of being Emplates for the rest of there lives that caused them to snap.”

Hank just leaned back and said, “I see. So Emplate and Skitz were at war which took it’s toll on the world.” He was surprised when the boy shook his head.

The boy then said, “No. After Skitz and Penance’s minds snapped, they slaughtered all of Emplate’s followers, and then Monet St. Croix. The reason was never told to me. Both my parents took that secret to their graves. They then took out any threat they perceived, humans, heroes, the X-groups, and even the villains at the time.”

Bishop just looked at the boy and said, “You mean that Skitz and Penance were taking over the world.” The boy nodded. Hank could see the disbelief in Bishop’s eyes.

It then hit Hank McCoy that not everything could have been stopped. He leaned forward and said, “What about the chaotic Legacy Virus? Surely they couldn’t stop that?”

Hank was surprised when the boy shook his head. “Legacy was cured a month after their abduction. Moria McTaggart was thought to be leading the forces until four months later, when Skitz and Penance killed Banshee atop a tall building.”

The question was asked by both he and Bishop simultaneously “How?”

The boy continued quietly as he said “Generation X went to stop Skitz. Emplate had joined with them, but they couldn’t stop them. Banshee was capture and killed. The group split, half going with Emplate, half staying with Emma.”

Bishop then said, “Couldn’t you stay with the X-Men?”

Hank could see the harshness in the boy’s eyes as the child said, “You weren’t listening. The X-Men were one of the first to go. In my time, your head is one of many on display in the hall of the lucky ones. Skitz wasn’t stupid. Any mutant he didn’t kill, was used as livestock.”

Hank was shocked by these words. “You mean he kept mutants like they were cattle.” The child nodded and Hank realized that timeline the child was from was a very dismal path. Hank then asked about what the boy just said. “Darrett, you said that Gen-X split, do you know what happened to those who stayed with Emma?”

Bishop then said, “And what about those who went with Emplate?”

The boy just sighed, “Sometime after the split, the school fell into tragic times. Emma Frost’s company was being taken over by another company. I can’t remember the name, but it was headed by Skitz himself. It was part of a plan to take over the school, but more. He captured her when she discovered what was happening. No one knows what happened to her. My parents, who were going to rescue her, were kept out of their American base of operations. When the other two members tried to rescue her, one was killed, the other taken prisoner. When my folks returned to the school, it was overrun by Emplates. They fled, and they stopped when they reached the Savage Land, and the most unlikely of forces against the Emplates.”

Hank eyed the boy with the curiosity of a cat, and said, “Who were they?”

What the boy said shocked both he and Bishop. “The last source of hope was a small band of free mutants, lead by Xavier and Apocalypse. When Skitz started his assault, it drew Apocalypse’s attention, mainly because he was doing what Apocalypse couldn’t, and that even Apocalypse would not be immune to the effects. It was an alliance not of choice, but of survival.”

Bishop then said, “What happened to Emplate after that?”

The child just said, “Not long after my parents joined the rebel group, an announcement was sent world wide. Skitz announced that Emplate was no longer a threat to the new order. All that followed him were dead. He then announced a statement that worried the rebel group. He announced that he would destroy the one being that could destroy all that the Emplate’s had. His family’s age old enemy, En Sabar Nur.”

Hank was taken back by this. Could this be true, and how? Did Richard Cale’s family know about Apocalypse, and if so, how far back did it go? His thoughts were interrupted when Bishop said, “Skitz declared war on Apocalypse, who in your timeline, ended up on the side of mutants and humans.”

The boy shook his head and said, “By my birth, all Homo Sapiens were dead. Skitz perceived humans as a threat. He knew that mutants would fight back, but his mind was working everything out. Especially the day my father died. My father went with Apocalypse to try and find some weakness in Skitz’s command. They went to Skitz’s ancestral home, where it was rumored that all secrets of the Cale family were kept under lock and key. When they arrived, they were attacked by Emplate’s. They managed to fight their way to the vault, but when they entered, according to my mother who saw a vid-transmission of the events, the only sight they saw was a black flaming sword. Before either was prepared to attack, Skitz and Penance attacked. It was a short fight as both my father and Apocalypse fell. At that, my mother took me out of the place that would no longer be safe for us.”

Hank looked at the boy, while writing all this information down for in his files. “So, you lived your whole life hiding in the shadows, avoiding Emplate detection. How long did you live your life like this?”

The boy just sighed and said, “My mother took me took find a way to stop all of this. For almost a month, we hid in the Cale ancestral home and searched for a clue on how to defeat Skitz and Penance, or to find some way to reverse it. In the logs was something about a creature called Ouroboros. It is supposed to be able to send stuff back in time, according to legend. My mother thought that if we found the creature, we could stop all this from happening.”

Hank eyed the boy suspiciously and said, “You’re saying a magical creature brought you to save the two kids.”

The boy sat back and said in a calm voice, “It was much weirder than that. The moment we found the creature, Skitz and Penance slaughtered my mother. I watched in fear and anger. At the moment they looked at me, I thought I was going to die. Then I saw something in Skitz’ eyes. It was a look of regret. It also had a mixture of hope in it. It looked like the two were communicating mentally. My mother had said that they did it alot before they were captured. They both told me to stop all this from happening, told me to save them.”

Bishop just said, “And that’s how you came to the museum. You came back in time to stop Emplate from getting Richard and Penance.”

The boy nodded and said, “Yes, and after I knocked Emplate and that woman with him away from them, I was half tempted to kill them. I didn’t want to run the risk of them becoming Emplates, but the rest of Gen X got into the room. I could see the fear in their eyes, and I realized they weren’t afraid of me, they were afraid of almost everything.”

Hank nodded and said, “Which is why Gen X brought them here? To help break them out of the fear.” The boy nodded. The boy was not very cooperative, but the boy had a lot to sort out. Maybe time with Generation X would help the boy tell more of his life. He hated to admit it, but Richard Cale’s own ability might be enough to learn more about the boy, and his ability. Hank stood and said, “We will have to talk later. Sean and Emma want us to help Penance and Richard over come this fear they have developed.” With that, the three of them left the room.

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