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Author's Intro

Well, the first day of March brings the third chapter of the fourth story in the series, Stranger and Stranger. It is at this point that when I started writing, ground breaking changes were happening in the social world. More people were coming out, and I even knew a few, one of which played an influence on Godiva and her love interest. Also, this is the first work that got influenced by the Sierra game Shivers. Please remember, when we hit chapter five, I will have a few things to say about it. For now, I want you to enjoy the third chapter.

Generation X Cale Storyline Disclaimer

Attention: Generation X and their villains, as well as any other mutant mentioned in this story, is property of Marvel Comics. The character Richard Cale is named after family relations. Any other reference to anything copyrighted is a chance happening.

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Stranger and Stranger

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Chapter 3: Trapped (updated)

Emplate stood there watching the whole scene unfold. He knew that he was safe, and the plan was working. Being in Godiva's museum did bring Rich down, and Penance was by his side. He saw how scared the two of them were. They were not ready for something like this. Although, it had helped his plans to know his father was here. He could hide better from his father, now. He needed to plan everything according to what they were going to do. He decided to listen to the conversation. He noticed that Jubilee motioned Rich and Penance to move forward, in a reassuring way. Godiva then said, "What is going on?"

His father then said, "Godiva, this statue you received is not a statue. It is a mutant that feeds off other mutants."

Godiva just looked at him and said, "How do you know this, Cartier?"

Emplate heard his own sister answer that. "Because, Emplate is our family."

Godiva was shocked. It took her a few minutes to recover from that. In the meantime, he noticed that Rich and Penance were constantly watching him. They were watching for movement. He wasn't going to move, due to the ace up his sleeve. He then heard Godiva say, "You mean that this is a vampire of sorts."

His father then said, "He probably came here due to the high number of mutants in the area."

He watched as Rich and Penance started to back away. Sean Cassidy then said, "Nae, he came here for a different reason." They all knew the reason he was there.

His father was confused by this, and Godiva then said, "If he's not here to feast, then why come here?"

Monet answered that question. "You are bait, Godiva."


"My brother came down to your museum to lure Rich down here. After discovering Rich's ability, Emplate decided to use that ability to make Rich an Emplate. His interest in Rich increased as Rich and Yvette started falling in love. He was probably hoping that Rich and Yvette would come down alone. He plans on capturing Rich and Yvette." Emplate knew his sister was smart, but he was always surprised at how well she knew him.

He watched as Godiva turned to Rich and said, "You just seem to make enemies, don't you. First was Elane, then Davis, and now this monstrosity." He noticed that Rich flinched at the second name. Who was this person?

Apparently, the question was on everyone's mind. Rich appeared to tense even more, and Jubilee said to Penance, "Ask Rich who Davis is?"

Finally an answer arrived from Godiva, "Davis was Rich's best friend, until he revealed that he was a mutant criminal, and that is all I will say. Rich hates that and doesn't ever talk about it." He watched as Penance nodded. Apparently, Rich had told her most of his deep dark secrets.

Monet finally said, "Is he hunting you down? I mean we should be warned if he is going to attack the school."

Rich finally untensed and shouted at the top of his lungs. "Shut up! At least Davis is imprisoned. You two never said anything about that smeghead of a brother that you have when you arrived at the school. Everyone has told me that." Emplate was both insulted and intrigued by the comment, as was his father. He then realized that Monet wasn't Monet, but both Monet and Claudia. This changed everything in his mind. Now, he couldn't kill Monet, at least not yet.

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Cartier was shocked by what he had just heard. He knew the truth about Monet, but how did they find out. He told Monet never to mention that. He turned to Monet and said, "How did they find out about that?"

He saw that Monet felt ashamed. He had a feeling that she had been put in a situation where she had no choice but to tell. The fact that Richard Cale shouted it meant he must have found out. Monet confirmed his theory when she said, "Rich found out about the twins. After Elane attacked the school, I told about it and he told about her."

He watched as Godiva gasped. She then said, "Elane attacked the school, and you survived. Rich, you are lucky." Whoever this Elane was, she must be evil.

Monet then said, "We had thought that Emplate had enlisted her help to capture Rich and Yvette. She failed and believed dead." Cartier didn't think his son would forgive that failure.

He then went on to the more important question. "How much do they..." He couldn't get the rest out because he noticed that Godiva was starting to collapse. Kyuukai had caught her, but he had a bad idea of what was happening.

Kyuukai looked at everyone and said, "She's been feeling fatigued lately, but I don't know why?" He had an idea and it confirmed his suspicion about the statue. Before he could say anything, he saw Rich run toward the statue with claws ready.

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Rich was upset. He ran straight for the statue with claws ready. He was going to rip Emplate to shreds. Emplate had been feasting on his younger cousin. Just as he was going to leap at Emplate, Monet jumped in his way. Whose side was she on? Monet then said, "Rich, you are just giving Emplate what he wants. He will grab you and disappear with you in tow." The rage died down and he nodded. He slowly stepped back and went over to Yvette. He was going to be sure that Emplate wouldn't catch him in a neutral state.

He then said to Godiva, "Can you get us to where the rooms are, without entering the passageways by this room?" He noticed that she was having trouble standing up under her own strength. Emplate would pay for this.

Godiva just looked at Kyuukai and said, "Lead the way." They all left the room, and in the Bermuda Triangle room, Kyuukai hit some buttons on the UFO replica. Soon a door opened and they stepped through it.

As they walked through the corridor, Sean said something that made Rich wonder. "Godiva, what is the security system like, I mean for the passages, and rooms."

Godiva replied in detail. "When museum door's close, the secret passages are sealed off, and the trigger to open them changes from one item to another in each room. To get into the sleeping area, one has to solve about three puzzles, without screwing them up. The doors are closed when we activate the switches up here. As for the one exhibit, we have passcodes on the doors, that only Kyuukai and myself know. That room is not connected to a secret passage."

Rich then said, "Perfect for you two." He smiled as she gave him a nasty look. Then he said, "What if a door is kept open?"

"Unlikely, at 5:00pm, the normal museum closing time, the camera's lock on the secret doors. If it is ajar, it focuses and sees if anything is there. If nothing is there, then the door is malfunctioning. Also remember that these doors and wall were built to withstand the strength of my hair." Rich had a sinking feeling in his gut, but wouldn't admit it. They continued down the passages and up some steps. At the top of the steps was a landing, leading to another set of steps. They followed her up into a larger foyer. There were rooms all around the area. Godiva then said, "This is the main living area. It is off limits at all times, except right now. Once everyone is in here, Kyuukai and I activate the doors, and the doors at the bottom of the steps close." She then looked at him and said, "Now why did you lash out like that?"

Everett answered the question for him. "Rich thinks that Emplate has been feeding of you. The thing is, there is usually a mark and I don't see any." Everett was right. Rich didn't see any either, and then he remembered something.

Rich looked at his cousin, and in his best monotone voice said, "Do you still use your favorite sleeping attire?" He could tell she understood that this was serious.

She looked at him and said, "Yes, and with the Ben Stein voice, I can tell that you don't mean it as a joke." Everyone looked puzzled by this, and she said, "Science teacher on 'The Wonder Years.'" They then understood what she meant. He could tell that she was worried as well. She looked at him and said, "You don't think that this Emplate might have..."

He knew she didn't want to say the rest. To her, it was a disgusting though in the first place for a man to see her like that, more less touch her. Rich could only say one thing, and that might not be the best thing for her to hear. "The only way to tell is for you to be examined, and only a few of us here knows what to look for."

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Angelo had put two and two together when he heard all that, and the tone of Rich's voice. Now this would be perfect payback for the bet. He had a feeling that when Rich asked the question about sleep, that Godiva preferred to be au natural. This, of course, meant that Emplate could have put the bite on her anywhere. Angelo then said, "Well, if that's the case,"

Rich finished the sentence, "I will check her out." Angelo's was almost ready to shout when Rich said, "I'm the only one who can do it."

Emma asked, "Why?" Angelo wanted to ask the question as well, but then he would have received looks from everyone.

Rich, keeping a calm look on his face, said, "One, we need someone who knows the marks of Emplate's feedings, which narrows it down to most of us. Second, it cannot be a woman. Godiva would enjoy that abit." Angelo noticed that she blushed abit at that. He thought about it and if a woman was examining him, he would enjoy it to, no matter the reason. Rich then continued, "And it can't be any of the guys here, because they would enjoy it too much." Okay, Angelo knew he was in that boat.

He heard Cartier speak up. "Why not myself, Richard? I know what to look for."

Angelo then realized why Rich had singled himself out for that. Godiva would not be as uncomfortable around Rich in the situation. Rich had seen her like that before. Before Rich could answer the question, Angelo said, "Because, Rich has seen her like that. He mentioned that to us." He could sense that Godiva was amazed that they knew, but he figure that she knew that Rich had told them. "It is not as uncomforting for him to check, as it would be for you to check her." He saw Cartier nod and then saw Rich and Godiva nod.

Godiva then looked at Rich and said, "Ok, let's get this over with." She was ready to find out the truth.

Paige then spoke up. "What about keeping this hidden? Ah mean.." He then noticed that she was motioning to Artie, Franklin, and Leech. That made sense to him. The little kids shouldn't see that. Instantly, Godiva's hair enveloped the two.

Everett walked over to his side and said, "You were hoping to be the one to check her out." His friend knew him that well.

"Well, after that sucker bet, I deserve something."

"Well, maybe he might loan you some of his videos that you mentioned."

Right then, there was a loud scream coming from the envelope of hair. Angelo turned to face Everett and said, "If Rich even returns to the school with us, because I have a bad feeling that he won't return." He said it softly, because he didn't want to get Yvette too worked up.

Rich walked out of the hair mass and walked over to Cartier. He looked at the man and said, "Bad news. Your son isn't gay. From what I have just seen, he likes women."

Godiva returned her hair to a normal state and said, "That thing copped a feel and snacked at the same time. I think I need to use the ladies for a long while." Godiva ran into a door, and he heard a second door slam. Judging the actions of all concerned, things had just gotten worse.

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Yvette realized what was going on. Emplate was here. He lured them here to capture both of them. It didn't take her long to realize that Emplate had survived the past few days by feasting on Rich's cousin. She then realized a more dangerous thing. She saw Godiva's power. Emplate could have just grabbed them with his dreadlocks and taken them away. For all she knew, they were right behind them now. She spun around real quick and saw nothing. Then, she felt a hand on her shoulder. She was ready to strike. She turned, tensed, and almost cut Jubilee. Jubilee looked at her concerned, and said, "Penny, what's wrong? Emplate can't get you here."

She labored for her words, for it was difficult to communicate when she was tense. "H-h-how d-d-do y-y-you kn-n-now? W-w-with G-g-godiva's p-p-power, h-h-his dr-dr-dreadlocks c-c-could h-h-have f-f-followed u-u-us."

"Emplate always tries to out number his foes, or out think them. Just reaching out and grabbing you is not his style." Jubilee was right.

She relaxed abit more and said, "You're right, sis. I forgot about that." She then saw Rich was still upset. He was starting to tense up abit. This worried her abit. She walked over to him and said, "What's wrong?"

She knew it was related to Emplate, but this confused her when he said, "He should have moved. Nobody can stand perfectly still for half a day."

Jubilee then said, "What about those British Guards?" Jubilee was right. Those guys never move an inch.

Jono then said, "I've seen one faint. So there must be a reason Rich had said that."

Mondo then said, "Do you think Godiva's ability is long lasting?"

Sean then said, "Wouldn't explain how he managed to stay still when he arrived."

Cartier St. Croix then said, "Godiva had shown me that he was out of the box, but when she put him in the room, he was in the crate."

Monet looked at her father and said, "Is that important?"

Yvette thought for a moment. She then said "Emplate could have removed the box, stashed it in the secret passage, and returned to the spot he was in."

She saw Emma shake her head. "Security cameras would have recorded it."

Kyuukai then spoke up. "Ever since that statue arrived, the cameras in that room have malfunctioned at times, and the passageway door was jammed. Since we thought it was a statue, we had to work on more wiring for the room."

Daria then said something. "How far is it open?" Kyuukai held up her hand's and Daria said, "I think I know what it might be."

Kyuukai then said, "I went down the passage to the entrance. There is nothing there, and when I tried to move the door, it didn't move."

Yvette glanced at Rich and saw the distraught on his face. He knew what Daria was driving at. Rich then said to her, "Yvette, give me a little bit of time to think. If Daria is right, there is only one room that we can be safe in." She then watched as he ran down the steps. She had an idea of where he was heading.

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Godiva calmly left the bathroom and reentered the main hall. She was still disgusted at what had been happening to her over the past couple of days. She wondered if some greater force always picked on her, but she always put that aside. When she returned to the group, she noticed that Rich was gone. She started recalling everything that was mentioned about Emplate's possible plan. She said, "Where did Rich go?"

Yvette, Rich's girlfriend, answered the question. "He said he needed time to think." Godiva inwardly cursed when she heard that. Rich was always one to disappear, to be alone, when he needed to think. Right now, that could cause major trouble.

"What happened while I was gone?"

Daria then said, "We were talking about how Emplate was staying still, and he needed help to pull that off."


Sean then said, "I think we were all coming to a conclusion that none of us wanted. That Emplate is not alone. I think that we all believe that Aura is here." Aura. That must be Elane.

"That would explain the malfunctions, but how could she hide?"

Monet started to speak at that question. "Maybe she can ..." She trailed off and appeared to be looking straight ahead. What had just happened to her?

Jubilee just looked at her and said, "Great, there she goes. Spaced out again."

Cartier then said, "Somebody get her attention, and hurry!" There was urgency in his voice.

Emma seemed to agree with his urgency. "We will need her help to stop Emplate."

Sean looked at Cartier and said, "Any suggestions on getting her attention?"

Cartier just said, "Try anything!" This was a different urgency then breaking her out of this state. He was afraid of something, but he didn't want to show it. She could read his actions since he had been spending time at the museum.

Jubilee walked over to Monet and yelled in her ear, "Hey M, your brother is coming to kill us. He said he was going to force you to watch." No movement from Monet.

Everett walked over to Jubilee and said, "I know she has a crush on me, and she considers herself a princess, so forgive me for this." He then kissed Monet.

Jubilee just said, "It would wake me up, but she is still out." It was obvious that Everett felt a bit guilty. He probably thought he had cheated on Jubilee.

For an hour, everyone kept trying different approaches to snap her out of her state. Some of Angelo's tactics were a little off the wall. Jubilee tried insulting her. Daria changed her arm to a steel pipe and hit Monet with it. All that happened there was a scream from Daria. It was at that moment that Godiva noticed a shadow in her peripheral vision. She turned to see a shadow moving down the stairs. She noticed the blue eyes of the shadow and realized that it must have been Yvette. She must be heading for Rich. Now was a time to get Monet out of this spell she was in. She went to Kyuukai and said, "I have an idea." She whispered her plan and they moved over to either side of Monet.

They whispered something into each ear and Monet blinked and jumped away from the two. Monet looked at them horrified. All she said was, "Mon Dieu."

When everybody looked at them, Godiva said, "What we said doesn't matter right now. Yvette has just left the area. She probably went to Rich. We have to find those two, or Emplate will have what he is looking for."

It was then that Sean took charge. "We will have to split into teams, just in case Emplate is moving about. Each team will search a room and let us know if they run into Emplate, or find Skitz and Penance."

Godiva didn't know how this was going to be taken care of, but she started to think about the tour. She remembered the reaction that Rich and Yvette had during the tour. She then said, "I think we can rule out two rooms. The Demon's room is the last place they would go near, and judging by Yvette's reactions, the Inhumanities room is out as well. Also, the presentation room has no place to hide, so that is out."

Sean just nodded and said, "Ye heard Godiva, so lets split up. We have nine rooms to search, and we don't know when Emplate is going to move." She carefully listened as Sean picked out the teams, and who was given each room.

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Yvette slowly walked into the room. The room still scared her, but she thought out what Rich had said. This was the only place the two of them would be safe if Aura was with Emplate. She had heard Godiva say that the doors could only be open by passwords, and only Godiva and her lover knew the passwords. Also, there was no secret passage into the room. This room was the safest room in the whole museum. She slowly moved through the room and saw Rich sitting on a step. She saw what he was looking at. A model of a device called a Guillotine. She shuddered when she saw the blade. She decided to let him know she was there. She thought for a moment and said in his ear, "A penny for your thoughts."

He reached his arms around her waist and pulled her down, until she was lying across his lap. She looked her lover in his eyes and smiled. He just said, "'A penny for your thoughts.' Did you want me to take you up on that offer?" He gave her a quick kiss and then said, "You figured out that this was the place."

She sat up on the step and said, "Yes, but why are you looking at that device?"

He turned to face her and said, "Think of it as a symbol right now. The man who invented it, created it to give a painless execution to it's victims. Some time later, that same man was executed by the machine. Ironic, isn't it."

She didn't understand what he was driving at. "So.."

He then said, "Isn't it ironic that the place that you feared most, is the safest place in the whole museum?" She then realized it. He was right. This device could represent the situation they were in.

Then she thought about it more, "But, that means Emplate could capture us in here. It means that this place could be our doom." He then smiled and she realized that he had thought of that, and had a way around it. "What's the plan?" she asked.

He just said, "I'm going to make sure we aren't apart. We won't have to worry about that until later. Emplate won't move until the museum closes, and Aura won't look for us, because she has to keep Emplate still. But there is one problem."

She started to tense up. She then said, "What's that?"

"Can't communicate. All the metal in here is interfering with our communicators."

"So, we're all alone. And no one will look for us in here."

Rich then said, "The only way they can know we're in here is if we mess with the camera. Godiva said that one still works."

"I wonder if they are going to use it?"

"I don't know, but I bet that they might not. They know we can hide in shadows." He had a point.

Yvette then looked into his eyes and said, "You are always thinking about me, aren't you?"

He smiled and said, "I can't help it. I would risk my life for yours."

She smiled and leaned closer. "Kiss me," she whispered. He just nodded and they kissed. She put her arms around him and they started to french kiss.

No Caption Provided

Elane Bonstien watched the screen that was linked to the camera of the Inhumanities Room. It sickened her to see Rich happy, but at least now she could ruin his life. She turned around and faced her lover. "They're alone, and in the Inhumanities room."

Emplate, the main enemy of Gen X, walked over to her and said, "Then they know you are here. Too bad for them that I know one of the passwords in. You were right to suggest this plan, my love. Rich came when he heard that I was here. I just wish that he and Penance came here alone."

"Don't worry. I plan to do something about it. I helped you feed off Godiva, didn't I?" He nodded. She knew it was awkward for what they did, but she enjoyed watching him feed off Godiva. She just wished that Godiva wasn't a sound sleeper. The screams would have been music to her ears.

Emplate then looked at the monitors and said, "Something is afoot." She glanced at the monitors and saw that almost every room had two people in it. In the Myths Room was Emplate's father and sister. The creatures room played host to Jubilee and Synch. In the Extraterrestrial room was Mondo and Daria. She hated Daria, due to her defeat back at the school at the hands of the girl. In the Ghosts exhibit was Emma Frost and Godiva, and in the exhibit next to it was Chamber and Husk. She wouldn't mind hurting that hick again. On the other side of the Inhumanities room was the Inner Earth room, with the two strange boys in. Then in the room on Ancient Civilizations was Banshee and Kyuukai, and in the last room before the Hall of Demons was Skin and Franklin Richards. She wouldn't mind beating up Skin again. She was thankful that Emplate had told her all their codenames.

"They must be looking for Rich and Penance. They might just find them before we can act."

"I doubt it," her lover said, "because of what I had put Penance through, the Inhumanities Room is being ignored. She must have shown fear about that room."

This puzzled her. "Why would they be in there then?"

"I've seen into Godiva's mind. That room has other purposes, and such, it is sound proof, communication proof, and private. There is no passageway into the room, and the doors have passwords on them."

It finally hit her. "They must have figured out that I'm here. No way in, and no way for me to attack them."

Emplate just chuckled and said, "But, I can get in. You will have to keep everyone else from getting in, and as luck would have it, both Godiva and Kyuukai are on the wrong sides."

"Run that past me again?"

"The door to the Inner Earth room is opened by Godiva's password, and Kyuukai is on that side, and vise versa for Godiva." Elane smiled at what that meant. She had seen Kyuukai put her code in and had memorized it.

"We could ambush the two lovers, but we better make sure that no one can help them."

"Do you have an idea?"

"There is an override control on this panel for the doors. I say we close the museum early. Then you enter the room, changing the password, and capture them. I will follow in the other door, doing the same, and we shall leave." He nodded and she threw the switch to shut down the museum.

Almost instantly, the lights dimmed and a display showed every door locking, and triggers being set for the passages. Then, something happened that she didn't expect. A voice spoke and said, "Museum has now been shut down due to an incident. All precautions of lockup initiated." She glanced at the screens and everyone was bewildered, except for one person. She saw Rich staring at the camera, and in movement so quick, she saw a blur of movement before the monitor turned blank.

Emplate just looked at her and said, "He knows." They then headed into the passages. Rich was lucky last time, but his luck was about to run out.

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