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Author's Intro

Well, February 25th brings the second chapter of the fourth story in the series, Stranger and Stranger. It is at this point that when I started writing, ground breaking changes were happening in the social world. More people were coming out, and I even knew a few, one of which played an influence on Godiva and her love interest. Also, this is the first work that got influenced by the Sierra game Shivers. Please remember, when we hit chapter five, I will have a few things to say about it. For now, I want you to enjoy the second chapter.

Generation X Cale Storyline Disclaimer

Attention: Generation X and their villains, as well as any other mutant mentioned in this story, is property of Marvel Comics. The character Richard Cale is named after family relations. Any other reference to anything copyrighted is a chance happening.

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Stranger and Stranger

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Chapter 2: Godiva's Museum (updated)

Yvette looked out the window of the plane. She marveled at the sight of flying above the world. The last time she was on a plane was when they went to Ireland, but this time was different. This time, she had Rich to keep her company. The two had sat together when they got on the plane. She knew that they were heading for Rich's hometown, but she was still unclear why. All she knew was that Rich had mentioned his cousin Godiva, and a possible threat of Emplate. This frightened her abit, but she wasn't too scared. Rich had been staying close to her since they left the school. She looked at him, took his hand, and said, "Will we meet your family?"

Rich turned and looked her in her eyes. "Just Godiva. If Emplate is there, I don't want everyone finding out about him."

"You're concerned about your cousin. Were you that close?" She noticed the worry in his tone. She recognized the tone of concern, as that of a sibling.

Rich looked into her eyes and said, "Godiva was like a sibling to me. She was the one who fueled my interest in the paranormal, science fiction, and some of the artwork."

Yvette then saw something in his eyes she was well aquainted with. She decided to mentally ask this, for it was probably best. "Rich, what are you afraid of?"

He let a sad look cross his face. "Love, I'm afraid that Emplate is not alone in this. I'm afraid that he has Elane with him."

She started to get scared. More than a week ago, she and Rich were almost captured by Aura. They thought that Emplate had been using her to capture them. If she was still around, they were in worse trouble that ever. "Rich, do you think that he has enthralled her?"

He tensed up when he said his next words. "I'm more scared that with the evil in her, that they fell in love." She tensed up with that. Yvette thought of how nasty Emplate was before, but with Aura and Emplate together, were their days free numbered?

She hugged Rich and said, "Please, don't ever let me be capture by them."

He returned the hug and said, "You promise the same." They sat there, in the plane, scared that their days were numbered. Yvette looked over to her friends and realized how they must have appeared. It was known that they were in love, but sometimes it surprised everyone when they were like this.

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Jubilee looked away from her friends for a moment. She had glanced over in Penny's direction, wondering if she was scared about Emplate. The fact that Penny had tensed up was not surprising, although she was less afraid of Emplate lately. She then noticed that both Rich and Penny were hugging, and tense. Rich was the major factor in her recovering from Emplate's control over her. Rich was also Penny's boyfriend, and it was obvious that Rich enjoyed her company. This time, however, Jubilee worried about her adopted sister, and for Rich. It was obvious that if Emplate was in Rich's hometown, and where his cousin resided, Emplate was planning to capture both Rich and Penny. Rich had shown no fear in going, but now both he and Penny were scared. Jubilee turned back to her friends and said, "I think something has the happy couple spooked."

Everett, her boyfriend as of recently, glanced at them and said, "What do you think has scared them? The fact that Emplate is down there." She had to admit that had her abit spooked, but Everett had more to worry about. He had been like Emplate for a time.

Angelo then said, "You don't think that part of it might be related to Aura?" Jubilee thought in horror at that. Could that have been how Emplate found out about Rich's cousin Godiva.

Jubilee turned to the group and said, "If that is the case, do you think that they are afraid that their freedom is limited? I mean, if I knew that Sabertooth and Emplate teamed up, well.."

"I doubt that is the case," Monet interrupted. Jubilee was trying to coupe with the fact Monet was not a sixteen years old girl, but two eight year olds. The girl, or girls, still had a lot to learn. "My brother never was the forgiving type."

It was then that Jono decided to speak. "Maybe, but what if he read the information. He does have that knowledge on sight. Maybe he found out about Godiva from that." Jono always had a troubled outlook on life, but this didn't have that tone to it.

Paige then said, "Jono's right. If you think about it, Emplate might have even found out about Godiva from Rich himself." Paige had gotten back together with Jono after Aura attacked. She was injured, but all of the injuries had healed.

Jubilee then said, "I don't know. Rich and Penny are scared of something. Besides, that is not the only problem." They all looked at her in puzzlement. She then continued, "If you all remember, Bastion was Rich's uncle, and apparently Godiva's father."

Jubilee noticed that Monet understood quicker than anyone else, for she was the one who said, "What do we say about Daria?" They all glanced over to the new student. Daria, who had only been at the school a week, had learned to use her abilities to create an appearance of hair. Jubilee had to wonder at how they were going to explain how Daria joined the school.

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Mondo looked at Daria and wondered what was bothering her. Ever since Rich said that they were heading for his hometown, Daria had a look of worry on her face. He walked over to her and said, "What is wrong?" He always worried when someone was worried.

Daria looked at him in surprise. She then said, "I was just wondering about how Godiva will handle the deal with me. I mean, I am under the care of Rich, thanks to Bastion. Bastion was her father, and I don't think she will like that. Also, I'm part Sentinel. I might get a cold reception."

Mondo put an arm around her and said, "Don't worry. The world has a way of having things work out. Besides, you are not a machine once you have a heart."

Daria looked at him and smiled. "I guess your right about that, but that doesn't solve the problem of what to tell Godiva? Rich told me that he thought Bastion committed suicide, but he was shook up when he discovered the truth. How would Godiva react?"

Mondo thought about it and said, "I don't know. She might be happy to have a little sister. I also wonder if that was why Bastion took care of you. He had a daughter, and he might have thought of you as his daughter."

Mondo noticed that Daria then looked at him puzzlingly. "Mondo, can you read minds?"

"Not that I'm aware of, why?"

"Because, I was wondering if I should think of her as a sister of sorts." It was obvious that Daria was worried about this.

He decided to comfort her worries. "I think Rich knows what to do."

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Sean looked out into the cabin of the plane. He noticed how Daria was worried about something, possibly the fact that she was meeting Bastion's daughter. He saw how the little ones hadn't a care in the world. He notice the others talking, but his main concern was Yvette and Rich. He couldn't help but worry that he was delivering them into Emplate's clutches. He could tell they were scared. He was almost surprised when Emma walked up behind him and said, "Worried about Rich and Yvette?"

He didn't look back, but he said, "Were ye reading my mind?" He sometimes wondered if she still did use her mind reading abilities.

Emma put a hand on his shoulder and said, "No, because I'm worried about them, too. I can't help but think about that nightmare Yvette had. I hate to think that I would hand them over to Emplate, and here we are, possibly handing them to Emplate."

Sean didn't want to think of that. "Ye have a way of looking at the negative, don't ye? We are heading to Easton to save Rich's cousin from Emplate. We won't let them get injured or threatened at all."

"Then why are they so tense, Sean?" Sean knew that the two were scared of something, and since the past attack, he wondered if it had anything to do with Aura.

"Emma, do ye think that they are afraid that Aura might be around?" He had to admit that knowing that Rich's evil cousin was willing to kill him was unnerving. He thought of the times that Juggernaut had attack the X-Men. He wondered if Aura was that bad.

Emma looked at him and said, "If Aura is still around, the two of them are in worse trouble then we thought."

"Emma, I'm not going to let anything happen to either of them." He knew he was in charge of all the children's safety, some of which already had legal guardians, or of age.

"Rich is old enough to take care of himself, Sean."

"But Yvette isn't. I missed out on raising me daughter, and I got a second chance in Yvette. I think that when we get back to the school, I'm going to adopt the lass."

"Sean, I hope you get the chance." Emma then went to the cockpit. Deep inside, Sean hoped he would have the chance as well.


It had been shortly before the plane had landed that Rich had over come his fear. He looked at Yvette and then they headed for the terminal. They all wore the pendants. Rich never thought he would need to show the pendant after he joined the school. It was harder for him to walk around the area, because many people knew that he was part of one of the founding families of Easton. They left the airport and went to the car rental. Rich walked up to the person behind the counter and said, "I would like to rent a van." In his mind, he was hoping the person wouldn't recognize him.

The person smiled and said, "Anything, Mr. Cale. It is nice to see you back in the area." His family was one of the most famous in Easton. The people would know him. "Are you here to see the museum Lady Godiva is building?"

Rich rolled his eyes. He couldn't believe that she had done that. He nodded and said, "Yes, and please refrain from informing anyone of my visit here. It was unexpected."

The person looked at him, puzzled, and said, "I think I understand, but don't you want your parents, or Lady Godiva informed."

"No. Now, could I have the keys to the van?" The person nodded and gave him the keys. They all left the place and went to the van. Rich checked it over and saw it had enough room for everyone. He unlocked all the doors, and then tossed the keys to Sean. "You better drive. I could never handle a van."

Sean looked at him and said, "She is known as Lady Godiva. The lass didn't do anything like the real Lady Godiva, did she?"

Rich notice that Angelo stopped in his tracks when Sean said that. Rich sighed and said, "No." Angelo looked a bit disappointed at that, but Rich saw Angelo get re-interested at the next statement. "I called Godiva that when I caught her skinny-dipping."

Paige, who was getting in the van, was almost shocked at that and said, "I bet she was shocked at that."

"It was a shocker to both of us. I reacted by cracking a joke, to let her know that I saw her. She would have totally been shocked if it was someone else entirely."

Angelo let a smile cross his face and said, "I bet it was an interesting sight."

Rich just looked at Angelo and said, "If it were you, she might have something to worry about."

Angelo got a bit cocky and said, "I bet she might be interested in me."

Rich looked at Angelo and said, "I'll take that bet. If you fail, you stop smoking for a week."

Angelo grinned and said, "And if I succeed, I get a look at some of those videos in your collection." Rich shook Angelo's hand. Rich couldn't help but think of the easy bet he had just won.

Sean looked at them and said, "Alright you two, get in the van." Rich climbed into the van and noticed that Yvette had saved him a seat. He quickly scurried over to the seat and sat down next to the light of his life. He then opened a suitcase that he had with him.

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Monet noticed that when the van was moving, Rich had opened a suitcase. In it was a black coat and hat. She watched as Rich started to put the hat and coat on. She wondered why Rich was doing this. Was this to hide from Emplate? She turned to Rich and said, "Why are you putting those on?"

Rich turned to face her as he was putting clip on sunglasses on his glasses. "I want to surprise Godiva. First of all, she doesn't know I go to the school. Second, she will know something is up when she sees fifteen people. Last, her attention will be drawn to something that would be in her range of interest, like a MIB."

Monet was abit puzzled by this. She had never heard that term before, and she want to know what it meant. "What is an MIB?"

Rich sighed and said, "MIB stands for 'Men In Black'. Since the 1950's, anytime a UFO, or something strange happened, they would appear. Sometimes alone, sometimes in groups, but they would tell you what you saw. If you had evidence, they would confiscate it and you would never know. Godiva claims that she once encountered one long ago."

"I see." Monet thought that her family, as dysfunctional as it was, was not as strange as Rich's family.

"Well, we are approaching Easton. Rich, which exit do ye suggest?" Sean said, as Rich placed the hat on his head. Monet had seen signs advertising the arrival of the museum, saying that it was in the center circle of Easton

Rich said, "There is an exit for Downtown Easton, just past Cemetery Curve. Just take it slow around the curve. It didn't just get that for the fact that it is near a cemetery." Monet had to wonder about the town more and more. As they started to enter the city limits of the town, Monet saw a sign for another museum. This one really caught the heart of who she was, an eight year old girl.

She grabbed at Rich's coat and said, "Rich, I was just wondering about..." She didn't have to finish her sentence. Rich looked out the window and let out a laugh.

Rich then said, "Alright, before we leave Easton, maybe we might be able to check out the Crayola Factory."

Emma, who turned to face Rich, said, "Why would a big name like Crayola open a museum like that here?"

Rich laughed again and said, "Because, Binney and Smith, creator of Crayola, is based in Easton. Crayola is the one thing Easton has going in its favor to draw in tourist trade." Rich stopped speaking as Sean pulled off into Easton. It didn't take long until they stopped in the Center Circle. They all got out of the van and walked over to the museum. Rich and Yvette stayed together. Rich didn't want to leave himself open for Emplate to force his ability on him, at least that's what she thought. Monet walked over to the group and Sean rang the doorbell.

In a matter of moments, the door opened and a brunette girl, about eighteen was standing there. She had a figure that would have made her a model. She then said, "I take it that you are all from the school." She looked over everyone and then had a puzzled look on her face. She noticed that there was an odd man out. Her attention immediately focused on Rich. She was going to get a surprise.

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Godiva looked over the students and made the count a second time. There were fifteen people here, but she only sent fourteen pendants. She looked at the one person who drew her attention, a man in black. She walked over to the person and said, "I figure that you must be the odd man out, sir. Who are you?" She grabbed the hat and pulled it off. The person's head was down, so she couldn't see the face.

"Take a wild guess," said a familiar voice to her. The head lifted up and she was look eye to eye of her cousin, Rich. He just smiled and said "Surprise."

She gave her cousin a big hug and said, "Did they get you from college to guide them around?" She looked at her older cousin and said, "I mean, a mutant like you would be perfect to call in to show them here."

Rich surprised her when he said, "Godiva, my cousin, I would like to introduce you to my classmates at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters."

"When did you join the school? I mean, you never spoke of it before."

"After the whole deal with Onslaught, I thought it would be best to join the school. After what I have seen over the past months, I'm glad I did. Now, would you like me to introduce my school mates." She had been looking over some of them, and had to admit, if she didn't have Kyuukai, she would be after some of them.

"Alright, I want to know who everyone is?" Although she already had seen Sean Cassidy. "But first, let's all get inside." Rich nodded and she lead everyone in.

When they all got in, Rich started out with Sean in the introductions. "This is Sean Cassidy, head of the school, and leader of Generation X. He is master of the sonic scream."

She remembered hearing his voice and said, "Let me guess, Codename Banshee." He nodded and she then said, "I remembered that you were Irish." She then looked at the woman next to him. Mid twenties, looked like she could have any guy at her side, especially with her outfit.

Rich then said, "This is Emma Frost, owner of the school grounds, and is a telepath."

Godiva looked at the woman and said, "Let me guess, she has an account at Fredrick's Of Hollywood."

The woman looked at her, obvious upset, and said, "Be careful child, I don't take insults kindly." This woman didn't scare her. But she decided to turn her attention to the first couple there. The boy appeared to have half his face covered, and the girl was about seven years behind him in age.

Rich walked over to them and said, "This happy couple is Paige Guthrie, or Husk, and Jonothan Evan Starsmore, a.k.a. Chamber." Each nodded and then Rich said, "Paige has the ability to rip off her skin, revealing a new form underneath, and Jono has a Bio-psionic blast that keeps him alive. The blast that formed that chamber took out half his face."

"Ouch. Well, I hope you are alright with it." When he nodded, she could tell that he was still upset about it. She then turned to the next couple. The boy looked like he was laid back in life, but the girl looked worried. She was worried about something. Her hair had a metallic color to it.

Godiva watched as Rich walked over to them and said, "This is Mondo and Daria. Mondo is what is described as an omnimorph, and Daria can morph herself into anything, even to split apart into a swarm of bugs. Due to recent circumstances, she is Sean's adopted daughter." Rich wasn't facing her, but was facing Sean when he nodded.

Sean then said, "That is correct. Recent circumstances led me to adopt Daria. The lass had lost her family when Sentinels attacked her town."

"Well, that won't happen here. Easton has a defense system that takes out any sentinel in a 50 mile radius." She turned to the next couple. It was an African-American boy, and an Asian-American girl. They looked like they made a cute couple. She looked at them and said, "And who are these two?"

This time, the Asian spoke to reply. "My name is Jubilation Lee, Jubilee to my friends, and this is my boyfriend, Everett Thomas." The girl was certainly proud of the fact that she had a boyfriend.

Rich then said, "Jubilee generates fireworks, while Everett has an aura that can mimic mutant abilities, so they call him Synch."

"Does that work on your ability?" He nodded and she turned her attention to the next people in line. They were three little boys. One was green, one was pink, and the last looked like a normal boy. She could swear that the green and pink ones looked like something from her one exhibit, but the third looked familiar for a reason.

Rich then said, "The green one is Leech, and his name explains his ability. The pink one is Artie. He can't speak, but he can project images. The other is Franklin Richards." That's why he looked familiar. "He can alter reality."

"That explains why he looked familiar to me. I followed all of the happenings of the Fantastic Four, up to the Onslaught incident. I hope you have gotten over that." He nodded and then she faced the next person in the line-up. She automatically knew who she was. "You must be Monet, Cartier's daughter. He mentioned that you were at the school."

Monet nodded and said, "Yes. I was a little bit surprised that my father was here." Godiva looked at Monet and guessed that she was about sixteen. Rich must be in love with her. He also was concerned about age difference, and she was the oldest of all of the girls.

Godiva turned to face the last two in the group. The girl was a redhead, while the guy had a grayish color. Rich then said, "Last but not least, I would like to introduce you to Yvette, and Angelo. Yvette has the ability to tense her skin to a diamond sharpness, while Angelo has the ability to extend his skin."

"Well, I have met all of you, so allow me to tell you of my museum. This museum is a tribute to all things that are unusual in the world. I have a display for Extraterrestrials, Lost Civilizations, Ghosts, and Monsters. I even have an exhibit on things that do exist. For easy access, all rooms are attached by secret passages. The passages also lead to the rooms where you will be staying." She had watched as Rich had moved back over to where Yvette, Monet, and Angelo were standing.

Afterwords, she noticed Angelo looking at her. He then approached her and said, "Ms. Cale, I would have to say that you are a lovely sight." He was hitting on her. She then noticed Rich was trying to stifle a laugh. He had set the guy up. Nobody had known about that one little fact about her. She was going to show them the truth, freak out some people as well. She remembered an agreement she and Rich made long ago, so she decided to approach Yvette at the right time.

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Emma watched as Angelo tried hitting on Godiva, and she noticed that Rich was getting a laugh out of it. She heard the bet those two had made, and now Rich was trying keep himself from laughing. She then heard Godiva say to Angelo, "I'm sorry, but your not my type."

Angelo, looking a bit embarrassed, said, "Then, what exactly is your type, Godiva?"

"Well," Godiva said, and she started to walk over in Rich and Yvette's general direction. Emma started to wonder if Godiva's ideal man was someone like Rich. It could be that, for she doubted that Godiva was focusing on Yvette. As Godiva got closer, Rich walked right in front of her. Why would Rich do that?

Rich looked at her and said, "Remember our agreement?"

Godiva, looking puzzled, said, "I remembered. That is why I was walking over here."

"You are jumping to the wrong conclusion. I have a girlfriend, and guess who it is?" Emma watched as Rich tensed his skin. She then saw the shock on Godiva's face. This must have been a surprise to Godiva.

Godiva looked at him and said, "You and Yvette?" He nodded and untensed his skin. But what did Rich mean about their agreement.

Rich then said, "Besides, I haven't told them about that one little item about you." Emma had a feeling some sort of surprise was coming.

She turned to Rich and said, "Rich, I hope you know that I don't like surprises."

All Rich did was laugh, but it was Godiva who spoke up. "Maybe I should explain about the agreement. A couple of years ago, Rich was seeing a girl and I scared her off."

Emma looked at Godiva and said, "How did you do that?" Emma was starting to wonder if she knew what Godiva was going to say.

Godiva finished her statement. "I was hitting on her. You see, I'm gay." Almost everyone was shocked. Emma noticed that Angelo had let his jaw drop, literally. Rich had conned the con-man. Yvette was abit in shock, and the kids were obviously bewildered.

Emma then realized what she was wearing. She then said to Godiva, "Miss Cale, I want you to realize that I am not of that walk in life." She thought that Godiva was sizing her up earlier.

Godiva looked at her and said, "Don't worry, Miss Frost, I prefer redheads. Besides, I prefer an all natural woman." The girl just made a mistake.

Emma looked at Godiva and said, "You have made a big mistake. Do not insult me, for I am a person who you shouldn't cross." She let a psi-bolt loose and hit Godiva. She then expected Sean to say something, but she then realized that she had to worry about Rich.

She was amazed at the speed that Rich knocked her down and had her pinned to the ground. She tried to stop him mentally, but remembered that Rich had Yvette's abilities, and their psionics were in Yvette's native language. Rich held her arms above her head, and with claw poised over her chest, he said, "Do that again, and we shall see how right she is?" Emma had forgotten that Rich was highly protective of his cousin. His biggest concern was to save her from Emplate, and now Emma had just put herself into a very dangerous situation.

Godiva ran over to Rich and grabbed his clawed hand, and did not get cut. She looked at him and said, "Rich, I'm alright. I deserved it. Just calm down. That Cale temper of ours can be a curse." Emma was still surprised that Godiva was not injured by the claw and then remembered one thing. It may have been Yvette's ability Rich had, but it was Rich's ability that he had been using, and Godiva was immune to it.

Emma got up and said, "I'm sorry about lashing out at you, and thank you for stopping Rich." She was amazed that Yvette didn't stop him. She turned quickly to Yvette and said, "Why didn't you stop him?"

Yvette just looked at her and said, "He said that he was just going to scare you. You know that he doesn't want to injure anyone since Black Tom attacked." Emma then thought about hitting herself for not remembering.

Godiva had a puzzled look on her face and asked, "Who is Black Tom?" Emma just looked at Rich and saw his face. She saw all the despair that hit him after that incident. Godiva didn't need to know what happened with Bastion.

It was Sean that said, "Black Tom was my evil cousin, until Rich killed him. It was in a fit of anger when Black Tom attacked Yvette." Emma then wondered if Godiva had that same anger.

Godiva looked a bit disgusted when she heard that, but then Emma saw a smile cross her face. Godiva then said, "I think I should show you why I asked for you to come here, and my significant other, Kyuukai Hisui, has arrived to show the way." They all turned, and Emma saw a petite figure with red hair standing at the door. The woman was Asian-American. Godiva then said, "Kyuukai is also a mutant."

Emma wondered what this girl's ability was, but then she was distracted by something. She noticed that Paige had started to act rather passionately towards Jono. It appeared to be more than the usual that she had seen. Paige was whispering in Jono's ear and Jono appeared shocked. "Love, we can't do anything like that here."

Paige had a look in her eyes as if she didn't care. Paige then said, "Ah don't care." Something was going on, and this Kyuukai was the center of it. She then noticed that Rich was glaring at Godiva.

All of a sudden, a whip of brown hair lashed out and hit Kyuukai. She yelped and Godiva said, "Do you mind? We're suppose to be going together. Now apologize." This was going to be an odd visit.

No Caption Provided

Kyuukai had looked over the crowd when she entered the room. When she saw Godiva's cousin, she knew that it was going to be a strange visit. She had seen the young blond and started wondering about the girl. She realized that her ability had locked onto the girl when she started pawing over the man with her, but it was when Godiva whipped her and told her to apologize, that she was surprised. She just looked at her and said, "You didn't have to do that."

Godiva just looked at her and said, "If I didn't, Rich would have done something. At least they know our abilities."

Kyuukai then heard the girl say, "Did Ah just say all that in public?" She looked a bit embarrassed.

Kyuukai then said, "I'm sorry, but my ability is making one act on their desires. I basically remove their inhibitions. I don't know the limitations of my powers yet, but so far, I can only strip away the inhibitions. I have no idea what their desires are. By the way, my name is Kyuukai Hisui."

The girl then said, "Ah accept your apology. Ah guess Ah can't totally blame you for an accident." It was then that Godiva introduced her to everybody. The girl's name was Paige, from what she had learned.

After the introductions were done, Kyuukai said, "Well, follow me, and I shall explain the museum's exhibits." She led them all through a doorway, and they entered the presentation theater. "This room is the presentation theater. This is were visitors can learn about the museum and the exhibits. Just up there is the projection room, and in a secret passage, is the clock and security cameras."

Sean Cassidy looked up and said, "Is there cameras in every room?" She nodded and a look of relief crossed everyone’s face. Ever since the statue arrived, strange things had started to happen.

Kyuukai led them to the next room and she saw the awe on Rich's face. It was no secret that Rich had loved mythology, of any culture. "This room is devoted to the myths and legends of many cultures."

Rich just looked around the room and said, "This is fantastic. How did you get some of these items."

Godiva just smiled and said, "I have my sources." She then let out a little laugh and they proceeded to the next room. Kyuukai took the lead again and led them all into the next room. It was a room lined with statues of animals.

Jubilee looked around the room and said, "What is this, a room for monsters?"

"In a way. This room is devoted to all the strange creatures in the world. Some real, some possibly fictional," Kyuukai said as she walked over to the large model of a sea going dinosaur.

She noticed that the gentleman named Jono said <That's Nessie, isn't it?> She was amazed that the British native knew of the creature, but then everyone had heard of Nessie.

"That is the Loch Ness Monster, alright. Just one of the strange creatures in here. We have a model of Bigfoot, one of the Yeti, a stuffed version of the little know bird-eating spider." She looked at Rich, who she figured would freak. He was amazingly calm.

Godiva looked at him and said, "What happened to your arachnophobia, cousin?"

Rich looked at her and said, "I found something far worse to fear." Kyuuakai watched the look on her lover's face. Nothing ever scared Godiva that much. She knew that something had to be that bad to make Rich forget his worse fear.

Kyuukai took a deep breath and said, "Maybe we should continue to the next room." She lead them through the displays and into the next room. This room would be the favorite of many people who would visit the museum. She then said, "This room is dedicated to UFO's, and all related phenomena."

The boy known as Everett walked over to one of the displays and said, "What is Will Smith doing here?"

"Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are working on a project right now. It is entitled 'Men In Black', and we even have a demo of a song that Will is planning to sing. Godiva donated some money to the movie, in exchange for their likenesses in the museum." Everett appeared to be in awe, as was most of the others. Ms. Frost appeared to be a bit disgusted with what was said.

Ms. Frost looked at Godiva and said, "You mean to say that you donated money just for that." Godiva nodded and Emma replied, "She has the mind of a business owner."

Sean just rolled his eyes and said, "Let's just hope the Hellfire Club doesn't try to recruit her." Kyuukai watched as Emma shot him a glance. She couldn't tell if it was malicious or what.

Kyuukai then said, "Maybe we should head to the next room, it has an exhibit close to our town here." She noticed that Godiva nodded, and a glance at Rich led him to nod as well. The whole group proceeded to the next room, and as they entered, a loud noise hit everyone’s eardrums.

Kyuukai watched as Rich turned to Sean and said, "Your namesake is greeting us, Sean. You want to tell it to shut up." Sean must have seen Rich's humor for some time and just rolled his eyes, but Kyuukai wondered what Rich meant.

Godiva walked over to a switch, and killed the noise and said, "Kyuukai, Sean's mutant codename is Banshee. He's Irish, and has a sonic scream." She had not been told about all their abilities. She only knew of Rich's abilities.

Sean looked about and said, "What the blazes is this room, lass?"

Godiva answered the question for her. "This room is set aside for Ghosts and Hauntings. It is very dear to all people of this town, due to the hauntings of this town's buildings. In here, we have examples of ghosts, such as Banshees, Poltergeists, Dopplegangers, Wraiths, and such. We even have pictures and histories of famous haunted sites."

Kyuukai noticed that Jonothan looked at the one site. "I knew the tower was haunted, but not this haunted."

Jubilee, who was looking at another picture, said, "I can't believe that the house from 'The Amityville Horror' actually exists, and actually is haunted."

Rich, who was looking over the display for the interior rooms, said, "The first film is probably the only truthful one. It followed the life of the people who owned the house for only a month."

Godiva nodded and said, "That is not the only film that made it into here. There is even a picture from 'The Entity' here."

Rich turned and said, "No kidding. I remember that from 'Unsolved Mysteries'. Do you want to continue showing us the museum?"

Kyuukai watched as Godiva went to the door to the next room, and they moved to the next. In the room were wax figures. Kyuukai then said, "This room is dedicated to those people who have mystery surrounding their names, such as John Kennedy, Jimmy Hoffa, and Billy the Kid."

She watched as the little ones ran over to the figure of Billy The Kid. Even after he had been dead for so many years, there was still the charisma of being like the famous outlaw. She then watched as Franklin walked over to Godiva and said, "Will my parents be featured here?" Godiva nodded and the boy seemed Okay. Kyuukai knew that Franklin was referring to his parents and family, The Fantastic Four. She decided that it might be best to move on to the next room.

She opened the door to the next exhibit. The recording hit their ears and Kyuukai figure that their skin was crawling in fright. "This room is dedicated to the Inhumanities that people devised to punish others, such as the Rack, Gallows, and other such devices." She turned and noticed something shocking.

The girl named Yvette had turned red, and her hands had turned into claws. Rich had done something similar, but was holding her, saying, "It's alright. These devices are non-functional. They can't hurt you."

Godiva then had to say the words they really didn't need to here. "Actually, Rich, the devices are functional."

He turned to face her and said, "What?!"

"All the devices are functional. It was Kyuukai's idea."

Kyuukai realized what was going to happen. Off the top of her head, she said, "It's for display only. We show people how these devices work." Rich just eyed her suspiciously. She started praying that they bought the excuse.

She watched as Rich walked over to the replication of 'The Rack'. His claws went right for the chains. She hoped that he wouldn't ruin the display. The chains were made out of a special metal, strong enough that Godiva's hair couldn't break it. She sighed in relief as the claws didn't cut the chains. It was then that she realized the relief was the give away, as Sean said, "My God, how strong are those chains on there?"

Rich, who returned to Yvette's side, said, "Strong enough that Godiva can't break them. You two use this room for other reasons, I take it."

Godiva instantly spoke up, trying to appear innocent. "It was Kyuukai's idea. You have no idea what I go through." Kyuukai could tell Rich was not buying the story. She could also see that Angelo started to get a unique look on his face.

Rich looked at Yvette and somehow, Kyuukai thought, the two spoke. Rich then said, "Can we move to the next room? The room is making Yvette upset." She wondered what had happened to Yvette to make her scared of this.

They entered the next room. There was a warm reddish glow about the room and Godiva said, "This room is dedicated to the theories that the Earth is hollow. You will see references to the beliefs of beings in the Inner World. Also, there is a reference to Jules Verne in here."

They all looked through the room and headed over to the next door. Kyuukai decided to put in her part here. "This wall here is where guests can leave a marking like in 'Journey to the Center of the Earth.' Sign if you want." Nobody did, but it was worth a shot. They then entered the next room. In the room was the image of a ship, and many clocks, with time changing at different speeds. "This is devoted to the infamous Philadelphia Experiment. In many conspiracy theories, people believed that it worked. It was an attempt at time travel."

"Well, we know how it turns out," said Jubilee.

Godiva was a bit puzzled by that remark. "How is that?"

"Well, when I was with the X-Men." There was a joint groan from almost everyone, but Jubilee continued, "There was this guy from the future called Bishop. He came back in time to stop the traitor to the X-Men."

"Oh," was all Godiva said. She then continued to the next door. Before she opened the door, she turned and said, "What you are about to enter is a recreation of history. You will see examples of some of the most unique civilizations, and lost, in the world." She flung open the doors.

Kyuukai noticed the awe on everyone’s face as they gazed at the exhibits. Monet said, "Mon Dieu, Easter Island and Stonehenge are here."

Mondo then said, "Egypt and Maya, what do that have in common."

It was Daria, the girl with the silver hair that answered the question. "It is believed that the two civilizations shared alot in common." Kyuukai then watched as Daria walked over to the exhibit on Atlantis. "Is there any proof that Atlantis exists?"

Kyuukai replied, "There is none that says it doesn't, although there are two proposed sites. One is in the Bermuda Triangle, while the other is in the Mediterranean." She walked to the next door and continued, "And since we are talking about the famous Triangle, here it is." She opened the doors, and entered the room.

Filling the room were pictures of famous disappearance in the triangle. Some of the theories, and a working display of what probably happened in the Triangle. Standing at the display was Cartier St. Croix, one of the benefactors of the museum. He turned to face them all and immediately said, "I see that you got here alright. Hello, Monet." Monet nodded and Cartier said, "Maybe they should see why they were called here to help?"

Kyuukai was puzzled by Cartier's actions since the statue arrived, but he said he had reasons for them. She and Godiva went to the last door and opened it. They led the group into the room and Godiva said, "This room is dedicated to all the Demons that are in the legends. Cartier told us to call when the latest one arrived. It is called ..." Kyuukai noticed that Godiva trailed off in her sentence, but then she noticed that Rich and Yvette were still at the door to the room, same as back in the Inhumanities room, except the skin was a darker hue of red.

Sean just said, "It seems to be as we feared." Kyuukai had a bad feeling about how this day would go.

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