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Well, with February 21st almost over, and after having read the last issue of the Generation X revival, it's time to share the first chapter of the fourth story in the series, Stranger and Stranger. Now this story had a lot of influences, some that still have a hold on me today. Now this is the first of five chapters, and it should be noted that when we hit chapter five, I will have a few things to say about it. For now, I want you to enjoy the first chapter.

Generation X Cale Storyline Disclaimer

Attention: Generation X and their villains, as well as any other mutant mentioned in this story, is property of Marvel Comics. The character Richard Cale is named after family relations. Any other reference to anything copyrighted is a chance happening.

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Stranger and Stranger

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Chapter 1: Decisions (updated)

Godiva walked to the door of her museum when the bell rang. She was not expecting anyone to enter yet, since the opening date was not for a month yet. When she opened the door, a large crate was there with an envelope on it. She grabbed the envelope and read its contents.

"Dear Miss Cale, I heard about your museum for the unusual and found something that might be of interest. This is a statue of a demon known as the Emplate. The creature fed off the living, making more like it. I figured it would be a great addition to your museum. Your contributor, -E" Godiva was excited at the prospect of this. Something to add to her gallery of demons and evils. She decided it was time to carry the crate over to the gallery. One thing she always prided herself on was her mutant ability. Her ability allowed her to use her hair as a weapon, to let it grow as short, or long, as needed. It was an extra limb, and with the strength to support a building. Her hair grabbed the crate and she carried it through the museum to the Gallery of Demons.

She placed the crate down and opened it up. She looked at the thing. It appeared that the demon had an elephant's nose, and mouths on its hands. "What a hideous creature. No wonder it's a demon. Looks like something Giger would have dreamed up. When the museum opens, I'll have to show this to Rich." She checked her watch and notice that it was near lunch time. She decided to get the statue out of the crate after she got her lunch in. She and Kyuukai were having lunch together today.

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Cartier St. Croix had to admit that Miss Cale had a unique idea for a museum, and her intentions were good. Ever since Onslaught, this town, the sole safehaven for mutants, was losing financially. Godiva Cale said that she was going to donate half the money the museum made to the town's defense fund. He was just heading to one of the exhibits, the one on Extraterrestrial Life, when Godiva ran up to him and said, "Mr. St. Croix, I would like to show you the recent addition I just received."

"I guess there is no harm in seeing it." He had to admit that his curiosity was peaked when he first found out about this museum. He had found out about it on the Internet, and decided to contribute to the building. He followed Godiva through the exhibits until they reached the Gallery of Demons. This was one of her favorite exhibits, due to the statues.

She opened the doors and said, "Are you sure you haven't seen it, because the crate has been removed." He noticed that she ran down the hall and stopped at a statue. When he finally saw what the statue was, his blood ran cold. It wasn't a statue, but all too real. She looked at him and said, "What do you think?"

He turned to her. He knew what this was. He said, "Godiva, I want you to make a call to Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. They have to get down here, and quickly."

She looked at him, puzzlingly, and said, "Why? And you know if they do come, I need to send pendants for their security in the area." He remembered that it had taken some time to receive his pendant. The town protected it's people with the pendants. They allowed all mutants, and pro-mutant activists to have protection by the law. He hoped that it would not take too long, because he knew what was wrong.

He looked at her and said, "Just call and tell them that I told you to call. Tell them there is a family problem down here. They will understand, and mention my name." She nodded and ran off, probably to a secret passage that led to her office. Cartier St. Croix looked at the statue and said, "Son, if you kill any mutant here, I will make sure that you can't feed off another mutant ever again." He turned and left the room. He could swear that he could hear Marius laughing at him.


Sean Cassidy was in his office at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. He had asked Rich to help him with finding information of anything similar to Monet. "I hope ye know what ye are looking for?"

Richard Cale, the oldest student, when it came to age, was always willing to help. "No problem, Sean. It is rare, although, that I am in a neutral state like this."

Sean let a small laugh out and said, "Lad, ye and Yvette have been inseparable. Rich, I was also wondering, do ye have any other things ye should tell us about your family. I mean, it has been a week since Aura attacked."

Rich replied, "I am on no ill terms with any of my cousins. There is only one other mutant cousin that I have and that is.." The ringing on Sean's vid phone cut the sentence short.

Sean walked over to his vid phone, and hit the receive button. On the screen appeared a brunette, about eighteen years of age. The girl said, "Excuse me, is this the Xavier School?" There was a look of concern in her eyes, but it had the look of confusion with it.

"Aye, this is the Xavier School. I'm Sean Cassidy, headmaster of the school."

"My name is Godiva Cale, and I was told to contact you."

Sean was about to say something, when he noticed Rich waving his arms. Sean realized that Godiva had no knowledge that Rich was at the school. He then said, "What do ye need?"

"Mr. Cassidy, a recent arrival at my museum has caused one of my benefactors to urge me to call you. His name is Cartier St. Croix."

Sean realized that that must be were Monet's father had disappeared to, but why the call. Sean decided to ask why Godiva Cale was calling the school. "Miss Cale, why call for us?"

"Mr. St. Croix said it was a family problem."

Sean had an idea what was going on. "We'll be there immediately."

"I'm afraid that is not possible. Easton has some laws about mutants. To ensure the safety of mutants, all mutants, and pro-mutant supporters have to wear a pendant. Easton is the only mutant safehaven in the world, and we hate anyone who is anti-mutant. How many pendants will you need?"

Sean thought it out in his head, one for him and Emma. One for each student. He looked at Rich, and Rich shook his head. Of course Rich wouldn't need a pendant, he was a citizen of Easton. He then said, "Fourteen, but you might want to rush them here. We will get there as soon as we can."

"Thank you, sir. I shall send them out immediately." The line was disconnected, and Sean was looking at Rich.

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Rich watched as the call ended. What has Godiva gotten herself into, but she didn't know about Emplate. His line of thought was cut short when Sean said, "Is Godiva a relation, or am I dreaming."

Rich looked at Sean and said, "Godiva is my cousin. She is also Bastion's biological daughter, which means that Daria's past is hush hush."

"But lad, how could she afford a museum?"

Rich knew he had to explain that much. "The Cale family is a very well off family. When our grandfather passed away, each child and grandchild got a share of the inheritance. At the time, there were only four benefactors, my father, myself, Godiva, and her brother. This was all after Bastion faked his death, so he cheated himself out of a nice amount of money. Godiva said she was going to build a museum of stuff she loved in life."

"But what about her, in general. Is she a mutant?"

"Godiva is a mutant. Her ability is to manipulate her hair like Angelo manipulates his skin. Since we are relatives, she cannot use her hair on me. I once put my hand near her hair, and it just formed a pocket around it. I could not touch her hair."

Sean then asked the question that Rich didn't want to hear. "Do you think that Emplate is at her museum?"

Rich knew the answer to that. "If Emplate is there, which I believe he is, he is trying to capture me, and where I go, he knows that Yvette will follow." Rich knew that the way he said it, it sounded like a death sentence.

Sean walked over to him, stopping just outside the radius that was the limits of Rich's powers. "What do you think will happen if we don't go?"

Rich looked at Sean and said, "We should talk with Emma. This is something we need to talk about with her." Rich then went out the door and headed to her office, with Sean following him.

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Emma Frost had been in a mad search for a while. She was trying to locate Cartier St. Croix. She called his Algerian residence, but they said he wasn't there. She tried all her connections and still couldn't locate him. She called Monet in, in the hopes that Monet could enlighten her on the location of her father. She looked at her secretive student and said, "Now, Monet, could you give me any idea on the location of your father?"

Monet looked at her and said, "I don't know how to answer that, Ms. Frost. The truth is that when my father finds out about a project for a good cause, he tend to donate and help in person. I guess you want to ask him about the deal with 'us'." Monet was always a smart girl, but then, she had the minds of two girls.

"Monet, it was almost a week since we have found out about you and Claudia. You hid the fact that you and Emplate were related. I want to know if there are any more surprises that your family has?"

Emma knew Monet was about to continue when Sean and Rich entered the room. Rich walked over to the corner, but the way he carried himself suggested that something had happened in the family. She asked "Rich, what is wrong? Is something wrong in the family?"

Instead of Rich answering, Sean answered by saying, "We just got a call from Godiva Cale."

"Is that Rich's mother?"

Rich spoke up for the first time since he entered the room. "Godiva is my cousin. This appears to be a big family problem."

Emma was surprised by this, "Rich, did your parents tell her to call?"

The answer surprised her, as well as Monet. "No. Besides, the family problem isn't a Cale problem, it's a St. Croix problem."

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Monet realized what Rich was talking about. Ever since Rich joined the school, and started to date Yvette, her brother has made it part of his mission to get Yvette back, and in the process, capture Rich. Her mind was thinking quick and she said, "He must be using this to lure you into a trap, Rich."

Rich glanced at her and said "I know. Emplate is trying to drag me off campus, away from the school grounds."

"Then, we should get to the museum right away."

She was surprised by what Rich said next. "Unfortunately, we can't go down to the museum until the pendants arrive." Why would Rich put his cousin at an unnecessary risk?

"Rich, we could save her life before Emplate can try anything."

Rich shook his head and said, "No, you don't understand the situation. If we left now, only I would be able to enter the town." He pulled out a pendant that she had never seen before. He then said, "You see this pendant. It is a pendant that every one in Easton wears. It is the symbol of the town, interlaced with the symbol of mutants. These pendants are worn to safeguard the good mutants of the town, as well as the people who support mutants. People who want to move there go through a screening process, to insure mutant safety. Tourist have to sign an agreement if they stay for longer than a day. That town is proud to be pro mutant, mainly because of it's four founding families have mutants in them. Any one of them can obtain pendants for guests at any time. I, as well as Godiva, am part of those families. I don't have the sway, and I don't want my family to know about Emplate, so we have to wait."

Monet was totally appalled by the way he was thinking. He was willing to let his cousin become a meal for Emplate. She looked at him and said, "You can't be serious about that. He'll kill her, and you know that."

"Listen 'girls'," he shouted, and she shut up. "I don't care what you think we should do, but remember this, if your brother is after me, he knows that killing Godiva is one way to insure him his death." Rich walked out of the room, but he said, "I don't know how much he is willing to do, but he has a smorgishboard in Easton. I hope that she sends those pendants immediately."

As Rich left the room, Sean walked over to her and said, "If ye ask me lass, he treated ye a bit harshly." She knew what he was referring to, the girls comment.

"It's alright. I just hope that those pendants arrive soon." Deep in thought, she knew that Rich must have a reason for his choice. She knew he must be right about Emplate, but how could her brother survive so long without supping.


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