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Author's Intro

Well, February 3rd sees the debut of the first chapter of Relatively Dangerous, the third story of The Cale Storyline on ComicVine. Like the previous story, it was written over the summer of 1997, back in the beginning of my writing career. While the chapters are not as short as the previous story's chapters, there are fewer of them in this story, a total of four. I will be starting the redux of this story later this year, but with four chapters to post, I should be able to get this up before the end of February. With that said, here is the first chapter of the third story of the Cale Storyline. You can find the final chapter of the previous story here. Since this is literally two decades old, this will include most or all of the original problems with it.

Generation X Cale Storyline Disclaimer

Attention: Generation X and their villains, as well as any other mutant mentioned in this story, is property of Marvel Comics. The character Richard Cale is named after family relations. Any other reference to anything copyrighted is a chance happening.

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Relatively Dangerous

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Chapter 1: Trust (updated)

It had been a quiet day at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. At least that was how it had started. Rich still wished that some of the others had stayed behind. He couldn't remember who had stayed behind with him and Yvette, but now they were in no shape to move. Yvette and he had been running from an unknown attacker, one that was after him. It wasn't Emplate, so he was thanking God for that small favor. Yvette and he had turned a corner, and even though there was an open hallway to run down, they ran into an invisible wall. As they recovered from the collision, Rich felt the wall close around them. Both he and Yvette were having trouble breathing, as a female voice said to him, "Your life is over."

Richard Cale awoke and sat straight up in his bed. He was gasping for breath. He hated nightmares, especially like this. He knew he wouldn't get back to sleep anytime soon. He glanced at the clock in his room. 3 AM. This was a bad one, and a bad sign. The last time he had these nightmares, Emplate had attacked the school. Rich decided that it would be best to get dressed and walk around. Once he was dressed, he grabbed his flute and left the guy's dorm.


Elane looked back at the letter she had received weeks ago. She knew she had a powerful mutant ability, and the first plan she had to use it was halted by one person. Until now, she never knew how he knew, and now a gentleman who had met him had offered her a chance at revenge. She walked through Logan airport and watched for the person that would meet her. It was hard to think how she could easily find a man about 3 to 4 foot tall in the sea of people. It wasn't until she heard someone say, "Ms. Elane," that she turned and saw the person she was looking for.

"Are you the one who sent me the letter?" she asked him, noticing that on his chauferr's hat, there was a card with the letters DOA on it.

Without the grin ever leaving his face, the man said, "No. That was the master. He is most eager to meet you. He feels that he can offer you the one thing you desire most." He was right, and Elane smiled. As if reading her mind, he then said, "The master is waiting at his house, and I will take you there."

Immediately, the man had taken her to a black limo, slightly beat-up, and started it on its way. As he drove, Elane saw a gate and sign that read, "Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters." She turned to the man and said, "Is that.."

"Yes, that is were he is. The master has a plan for you that will get you in and out in no time." Elane was never one who enjoyed many people, but then the larger a group, the harder to control things with her powers. Eventually the car pulled to a stop at a lighthouse. He took her inside and led her up the steps. Halfway up, Elane noticed an empty cell, with many cuts in the walls. The man who had wanted to meet her was evil, and she loved it. At the top of the stairs, the man disappeared through a door and talked with someone. A second later, the man came out and said, "The master is ready to see you." She followed the man into the room and was shocked at what she saw.

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Emplate knew what he was doing. He wanted this girl to know what would happen to her if she failed him. The look on her face showed him that he had receive the desired effect. He looked at the girl. She was a blond, about eighteen, and she had a very powerful mutant ability. From what he could see, it had a great deal to do with aura manipulation. He then said to her, "Welcome to my home, Ms. Bonstein. I take it that you enjoyed your trip."

She appeared to get her wits together and ask, "Who are you who can offer me vengence on the one who ruined my plans?" She jumped right to the root of the meeting.

"My name is Emplate. I have met with the target of your fury before. When he first arrived at the airport, I tried to capture him, but he knew I was waiting. Later I attacked the school and he used my own abilities against me. He is a mimic, who can even mimic personalities and thoughts. That is how he ruined your plans. I offer you the chance to ruin his life."

"How do you know that my ex-cousin ruined my plans. I never said anything about my plans, and how my power could help me do that."

"My unique abilities has earned me knowledge on sight. I know how much you hate your ex-cousin. I know of the plans that you had, and how they were ruined."

"Alright, but how does that help me in ruining his life?"

"Do you know that he fears me the most? He fears that I will use his abilities to turn him into another being like me. He also fears for the safety of the girl he has fallen in love with, a former prisoner of mine. Your vengence would be to bring them to me and watching him suffer."

He watched Elane Bonstein smile. There was something unique in the smile. "And what if I fail?" There was a tone of defiance in her voice. She had something up her sleeve and he couldn't tell what.

"Then, I will have to sup on you." He held up his hands and let the mouths on them show. Instead of recoiling back as he would have expected, Elane walked over to him.

"Then, you will lose a chance at a woman who can offer you love. I can allow you to breathe without that respirator." His eyes went wide. Could this girl's abilities allow him to breathe without his respirator. He watched her and noticed that her right hand had formed a cup. He felt something like a helmet on his shoulders. She approached him and said, "Remove the mask." It was said so sweet that he felt he had to try.

He heard D.O.A., his valet, yell, "Sir, it's a trick. She's going to kill you." He understood the concern, but this girl was so evil that she was in love with him. He removed his respirator and breathed the air. It was the same as what went through his repirator.

He let a smile cross his now visible face and said to Elane. "I believe you have proven to be worthy of not being my meal."

She smiled and said, "I can do this at any time for you. It is in thanks for giving me the chance to wipe out Richard. You might want to get the respirartor back on, for I will return my aura to it's normal form soon." He was almost distracted when she kissed him, but he quickly did so.

He gazed at her and said, "Together we can destory Generation X. Now, I will transport you to the school at the time when everyone, except Richard and Yvette, will be gone. At that time, you will capture them and bring them here, understand."

"Perfectly. Rich will never know what hit him." She laughed very visiously and Emplate took delight in hearing it.

He turned to his valet and said, "D., take Elane to her quarters." D.O.A. escorted Elane out of the room and Emplate returned to his chair and sat down. Quietly he said, "Now, Richard and Yvette, I shall have both of you in my power." He started to laugh aloud.


Emma Frost awoke in her bed when she heard a crash outside her window. She put a robe on and ran to the window. She opened the window and looked out. She heard a voice say, "Cripes, this is not going to be a good day. I walked into Emma's home and fell into the shrubs. The way this day is going it should be about now when..." It was Richard Cale. For the past two months, Rich had been the newest student. In a day's time, although, the ward of Rich's former uncle was going to be a student here. But Rich was never up this early, unless he had a nightmare.

She looked down at Rich and said, "I hope you haven't had another nightmare, but judging by your mood, that is a long shot." She knew about the secret of Rich's nightmares, and she knew that last time, he was right.

He looked up at her and said, "I'm sorry I woke you up. I figured that you got woken up, and yes, I did have a nightmare." Emma watched as Rich got up and brushed off his clothes. She noticed that he was very upset.

"Rich, would you like to talk about it, or maybe let me try and figure out what is bothering you about this nightmare?" She knew that Rich did not like having her psionicly probing his mind, but she hoped he would agree.

It was a complete surprise to her when he said, "Maybe you can find something that I can't" After what she did his second day at the school, Rich had told her, in his actions, that this nightmare had something that worried him.

"Rich, I will be down in a moment. Wait for me at the door." She watched as he nodded and headed toward the front door of her home. She quickly got dressed, and headed down to open the door. She did not know how long Rich had been outside, but it was cold that Feburary night. She was wearing her white sweater as well as her usual winter outfit. She opened the door and stepped back, allowing Rich to get through without his mutant ability latching onto hers. She closed the door and motioned to a couch, "Would you like to sit down and tell me about it?"

He sat down on the couch and said, "I can explain it, but it will not lead me to the solution to my problem. I would appreciate any help you can give, by going into my nightmare." This was what she least suspected he would ask, for her to mentally look at his nightmare. She noticed that he relaxed himself so he would not be knocked out like the last time. She then focused on Rich's mind and enter that part where all his dreams were stored. She first saw the one where Emplate had attacked Rich. That one was when she discovered that his nightmares were usually omens of things to happen. She then found the recent nightmare. She watched as Rich and Yvette were running from something. The attacker seemed to be focused on Rich, but didn't mind catching Yvette as well. The attacker took more of a form as she watched.

Eventually, Emma could determine that the attacker was a female, with the voice of evil. Emma wondered if Rich's psychic energy had generated this image of an enemy that he might have made in his past. She noticed that Rich and Yvette had gone unconscious, while floating in the air, but the dream was starting to fade out. She had to act quick. She psionic said to the female form, "Who are you?"

The form looked at her and said, "I am relativly dangerous to all of you." With that Emma was knocked out of the confines of the dream by an unknown force. She floated out of Rich's mind in bewilderment, not knowing what to say.

As she recovered from the occurance, Rich said, "Are you alright?" Rich always behaved like a gentleman, at least when he was calm. She noticed that there was a look of worry in his eyes.

"I will be fine, Rich. I am going to contact Sean, but first I want to ask you, the female attacker said she was relativly dangerous, do you have any idea what that means?" He shook his head and Emma realized that this might be a possible problem. "Rich, I am going to talk to Sean about this, alright." He nodded and Emma gave Sean a psionic call.

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Sean didn't like being awakened by Emma, but he remembered the last time Rich had a nightmare. If this was any indication of another attack by Emplate, they had all the right in the world to worry. A new mutant was going to join the school soon. When Rich received the letter from his former uncle, Rich said it was his last act from the grave. It was this day that Daria, a female mutant about Jubilee's age, was arriving at the school. When he arrive at Emma's home on the campus, Emma was waiting at the door. "So Rich had a nightmare. Is Emplate going to attack?"

Emma looked at him and shook her head. She then said softly, "The attacker in Rich's dream was female, and someone that Rich knows. The thing is, Rich can't think of who it is. The person must be planning to attack when Rich and Yvette are here, according to Rich's dream, but Rich appeared to be the center of the attacker's focus." Sean didn't know if this was worse or better. Knowing that it wasn't Emplate was a plus, but an unknown attacker was a minus.

"Do ye think that it is someone who Rich had wronged?"

"I'm not sure. I think we should ask him." Sean couldn't argue with that and the two walked over to the room where Rich was waiting. The noticed that Rich was laying on the couch.

Rich looked at them and looked as if he was sorry for putting his feet on the couch. He quickly sat back up and then said, "More questions?"

"Aye. Emma told me about the dream and I was wondering if there is anyone in yur family or ye have met that ye have wronged." He knew he had regreted not telling the students about his cousin, but he hoped that Rich didn't have a skeleton in his closet like that.

Rich looked at them and said, "I had given my parents strict instructions that they had to contact me, if and only if, someone had an urgent problem to talk to me about. I would contact them if I wanted to say 'Hello' to someone I had meet. None of the people who got on my bad side, or who I had gotten on the bad side of, knows where I am."

"I hope yur right, lad." He glanced at the clock and noticed the time. "Rich, how long have ye been up?"

"Since 3 AM, Sean."

"You've been awake for two and a half hours now. What was the earliest that ye have woken from these nightmares?"

"3 AM."

Sean didn't need to hear that. It might be a clue to how soon this might happen. "What was the second earliest?"

"4 AM, when I had the nightmare with Emplate in it." The last time it was a day that passed since the nightmare and the event. Maybe there was a link between the amount of time he slept and the time between the dream and event.

"Rich, do ye think there might be a link between the time you slept and the time til the attack?" He watched as Rich shuddered. Something about what he had just asked scared Rich.

"Sean, I sometimes don't fall asleep until after midnight. The night I had the nightmare about Emplate was on about four hours sleep. This one was after two hours sleep." Sean realized what his theory meant. The attack would happen sometime today. If anything, they could not leave Rich and Yvette alone at the school. He knew that Rich and Yvette always spent alot of time together.

"I hope yur dream doesn't come true when we pick up Daria today."

Rich's eyes widened in shock. "Omigosh, that's right. Today is the day that Daria arrives. The attack seemed to take place when you were all gone. Then all I have to do is go to the airport, and everything will be fine." He yawned with his last word. Sean wondered if Rich would be awake by the time they had to leave for the airport.


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