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Well, January 23rd is here, and now I share the eighth chapter of Truth Be Told up. As I said in the prior posting. I'm going to only post one fic part a day, normally, so I don't overwhelm the board with multiple posts a day. I've still got a lot of stuff I can work on getting up here, and that could really overwhelm things fast. That being said, I hope you enjoy this chapter from one of my early works.

As I've said before, Truth Be Told is one of the shorter stories in this series, divided into nine relatively short chapters. It was written in during the summer of 1997, way back in the beginning of my fic writing career. At the time of this posting, the story is going through the rewrite process. With hope, the 'Redux' of Truth Be Told will be completed in 2018. As for the original version, I hope to get all those chapters up by the end of January.

With that said, here is the eighth chapter of the second story of the Cale Storyline. Remember, since this is literally two decades old, this will include all the original problems with it.

Generation X Cale Storyline Disclaimer

Attention: Generation X and their villains, as well as any other mutant mentioned in this story, is property of Marvel Comics. The character Richard Cale is named after family relations. Any other reference to anything copyrighted is a chance happening.

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Truth Be Told

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Chapter 8: Monet's Story (updated)

Monet didn't know what to say. When Penny had asked for her help in keeping an eye on Rich, it hit her as a shock. Penny always wanted to spend time alone with Rich, but since everything that had happened, with Sean's cousin, and with Bastion, Rich just avoided everyone. Emma want people to watch Rich, just in case he tried something foolish, like taking his own life. Penny was almost always watching Rich, but today Penny seem more worried than usual. They had seen Rich leave the guys dorm and start walking into the woods when they started to follow, far enough not to be detected, yet close enough to watch him. Penny broke the silence by saying, "Monet, I've been worried about Rich lately. He has been keeping his distance from me. After what happened with Sean's cousin, I was the only person he wanted to be near, and now."

Monet could see the worry in Penny's eyes. Rich meant a lot to her, and Rich was the one that got her to talk to them. Now Rich seemed to be isolating himself from everyone. "We are all worried about Rich, but he is doing his best to isolate himself. That is why Emma wants us to keep an eye on him at all times, to keep him from doing something foolish. I don't think that he is going to try something here, but we will watch him just in case."

Penny seemed relieved to here that. After a while, Monet noticed that Rich had been walking in the same direction and that the school was no longer in sight. She wondered if Rich had gotten lost. If he had, then they would help him back, and all attempts at keeping an eye on Rich would be ruined. She saw a building in the distance, a lighthouse. She thought that Rich was going to ask about where he was there. It was then that Monet notice that Penny was tensing up as her skin tensed up. Monet turned to Penny and said, "What's wrong?"

There was a worry in Penny's eyes as she spoke, "Rich is going to kill himself. He's.. He's.."

"He's going to what, Penny?"

"He's going to hand himself over to Emplate." Monet was shocked to hear this. Rich must have found out where Emplate's lair was from either Penny, or from Emplate when he attacked. Penny then said, "That's Emplate's lair. We have to stop Rich." Monet didn't need to hear any more. She flew up into the air and grabbed Penny in her left hand. She flew up behind Rich and grab him with her right and flew them back to the school.

As she flew, Rich yelled, "Why didn't just let me go. Nothing but disaster follows me. I can't have a nice life. If I try, something happens to ruin it. Why didn't you let me end it all then?" Rich went silent then. Penny looked hurt, and Monet was puzzled. Sean and Emma had met up with them when she landed. She told Sean what had happened, as Emma took Rich back to his dorm room.

Sean had a solemn look on his face. "Aye, this is serious. I'm going to give Scott and Jean a call and see if they can sort this out. In the meantime, I want all the students to take turns watching Rich in case he tries something like that again." He went to his office and Monet relayed the message. When she got done, she went to Rich's dorm room as Emma stood there.

"Rich has not had the best days of his life lately," Emma had said as she started to leave.

"I wish we knew was truly bothering him." Monet started to think about it and stopped herself. She didn't need to go into an autistic spell now, not when it came down to a case of Rich's life. Every moment he wasn't watched was a moment that he could do something rash.


Monet started to think again on what had Rich upset. After hearing everything, she realized that the death of Black Tom had little to do with it. She started considering the facts in her mind, doing her best to stay aware of what was happening.

Jean said to Sean, "Is that everything that has happened?" Monet could tell that she wanted to be sure that nothing was left out. She wanted all the information. She wanted all the truthful information.

"Aye. We've had a close watch on him everyday. But we don't know how long he is going to continue being like this. We can't talk to him, because we don't truly know the problem." Monet watched the calmness of how Sean answered the question. Some of the worlds repeated themselves in her mind. Truly know the problem, that was part of the answer, but how did it fit in.

Jean finally said, "I hope he can recover. I still wonder how Professor Xavier is dealing with what he had done." Monet noticed a look of anguish on her face, as well as everyone else’s. It finally hit her. What had been bothering Rich, what had drove him into the state he was in.

"That's it," she yelled. "That's the problem." Everyone was looking at her, and she then said calmly, "I have figured out what is wrong with Rich."

Sean glance at her and said, "What is it, lass?"

"Betrayal. When he found out about Bastion, he felt betrayed. And then when Bastion killed himself, Rich didn't want to care about what Bastion did to save him."

Scott looked as if he was in shock. "You mean he destroyed himself, and all of Zero Tolerance, to possibly renew his nephew's belief." Monet noticed that the words had hit everyone.

Emma Frost looked at them in shock. "You mean that Bastion destroyed all of Zero Tolerance to save his nephew's faith. If Rich knew that, he might just snap out of it." Monet understood that much, but she figured that the best people to talk to Rich would be those who had suffered in the same way.

"Emma, I think it would be best if Penny, Jean, Scott and myself went to see Rich. We all know what betrayal is like." Emma nodded, as did everyone else. With that, Monet went with the others off to Rich's dorm room.

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