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Well, before January 14th ends, I shall post up this chapter of the original Truth Be Told. I'm going to only post one fic part a day, normally, so I don't overwhelm the board with multiple posts a day. I've still got a lot of stuff I can work on getting up here, and that could really overwhelm things fast. That being said, I hope you enjoy this chapter from one of my early works.

As I've said before, Truth Be Told is one of the shorter stories in this series, divided into nine relatively short chapters. It was written in during the summer of 1997, way back in the beginning of my fic writing career. At the time of this posting, the story is going through the rewrite process. With hope, the 'Redux' of Truth Be Told will be completed in 2018. As for the original version, I hope to get all those chapters up by the end of January.

With that said, here is the sixth chapter of the second story of the Cale Storyline. Remember, since this is literally two decades old, this will include all the original problems with it.

Generation X Cale Storyline Disclaimer

Attention: Generation X and their villains, as well as any other mutant mentioned in this story, is property of Marvel Comics. The character Richard Cale is named after family relations. Any other reference to anything copyrighted is a chance happening.

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Truth Be Told

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Chapter 6: Jubilee's Story (updated)

Jubilee walked with Rich and Penny as they headed to the place where the confrontation with Black Tom had happened just a couple of days earlier. She, as well as Paige and Emma, had gone with Monet to her family's house for Christmas. It was during that time that Black Tom was discovered at the school. It was that time that Rich killed Black Tom. With what Black Tom had become, it was probably for the best, but Rich was still getting over it. It wasn't until Rich came to a stop that she said, "Is this where it happened?"

Rich removed his glasses and wiped some tears from his eyes. She already knew the answer, but he answered "Yes." He placed a flower on the ground and stayed there, kneeling.

Penny, or as almost everyone called her 'Yvette', walked over and said, "He has done this everyday since the attack. I think he is recovering from the attack. I don't understand why he does this ritual."

"Maybe he's just trying to ease his conscience. I think I know how something like that could feel." The truth was she didn't. She had been faced with the choice to kill someone before, but she didn't because she didn't want to be haunted by the ghosts. She noticed that Rich finally stood up.

Penny looked at him and said, "Do you need some time alone?" Jubilee could tell that Penny really cared for Rich. She worried for days about Rich as he slowly became more stable. Penny was the first one to tell her what had happened. Jubilee was glad that she had not witnessed it.

"No, Yvette, I don't need anytime alone. I think I need to find a way to relax. Care to go for a walk with me?" Jubilee could tell that Rich was hoping for the answer to be yes.

Penny looked into his eyes and said, "I'd love to." Both smiled as Jubilee watch them walk off. Jubilee was not going to intrude on those two. Actually, nobody ever seemed to worry about them, mainly because Rich was a gentleman.

Jubilee started looking at the site. It was eerie to think that Black Tom Cassidy had managed to replace Mondo, and even planned on taking control of the school. Jubilee then saw what was left of Black Tom's face. She could have sworn that it was still alive, just waiting for her to get too close, and then she would be a prisoner. She wondered why Rich kept that at the site. She said to herself, aloud, "Maybe it's there as a reminder. That's it, a reminder."

She heard movement in the forest. It could have been Rich and Penny coming back from their walk. She then noticed the sound came from the opposite direction that they had gone in. She decided to investigate it. Sean had always told them to contact him if something strange was happening, but when did she ever follow the rules. She walked over to the area she heard the sound in and looked around. Nothing. She started to think that she was spooked by the site when someone grabbed her from behind. "Strange. I did my best to hide, and still you found me, Ms. Lee," said a strange voice.

She screamed in reaction. She didn't have a chance to fire her sparks at her attacker, due to how quickly he caught her. She was turned to face the man. He had short white hair and his eyes appeared to have a glow in them. How did this man know her name, but she decided to voice the more important question. "Who are you?"

The man looked at her with his cold eyes and held her with a superhuman grip. He said, "You may call me.."

"Bastion." She was taken back by what was just said, as was the man, for the one who said the name was Rich. He appeared to have tears in his eyes, as if he was seeing a ghost. It was just then everyone else had arrived.


"Bastion, head of Zero Tolerance, had attacked the school," Scott shouted. Emma understood his reaction. Two of the X-Men had manage to infiltrate Bastion's Organization. She only found out recently how dangerous this group was.

Jean then said, "Scott, I don't know, but I think that events here lead to the stop of Zero Tolerance." This was news to Emma, to hear that the group had been stopped. She knew that Bastion was no longer a problem, but that Zero Tolerance was gone. Jean then said, "But, how did Rich know who Bastion was?"

Sean then said, "Remember how I had said that Rich believed he lost a member of his family." It was then Emma realized and understood everything that Rich had said at that confrontation. She had figured out the biggest secret in Rich's family, and finally saw how much protection that Rich's family tried to give him from the truth.

"You mean to say that Rich is related to Bastion. That's impossible. Zero Tolerance was shown to be an advanced form of Sentinels." Scott said.

Emma finally said, "With human minds. Apparently Bastion joined the project and became what he was."

Jean looked at her and in a questioning tone, said, "Was?"

"Bastion, previously before joining Zero Tolerance, was named Bastion Cale. This was Rich's uncle. Since Rich's ability manifested, Rich was told his uncle committed suicide. Until that day that Bastion attacked, Rich believed it." She then told them what had happened that day.

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