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It is August 2nd, and today I bring the first chapter of the last story in The Cale Storyline, Class Dismissed. This story is the final chapter in that series, with things coming to an apparent conclusion. I had a lot of things to bring to a conclusion, including a final face off with Emplate. With the first chapter of the story, all the players start assembling at the school for a blessed event that will mark the closing of the school.

Generation X Cale Storyline Disclaimer

Attention: Generation X and their villains, as well as any other mutant mentioned in this story, is property of Marvel Comics. The character Richard Cale is named after family relations. Any other reference to anything copyrighted is a chance happening.

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Class Dismissed

Prior Stories and Chapters
Previous ChapterDestiny: Chapter 5: Fight To Finish(updated)

Chapter 1: Plans Set Into Motion (updated)

Godiva slowly drove down the road that lead to the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters. This was her first time going to the school, however, it was not the first time she heard of it. The first time she had heard of the school, she was told to call them by Cartier St. Croix. It was then she found out her cousin, Rich, was attending the school. After that, she heard the place a few more times. The latest was the most important. Rich had called her to come to the school, and to bring Kyuukai. She knew Rich was soon leaving the school, but he had said he wanted to talk to her about the company. As she neared the school, she heard Kyuukai ask, “So what is Rich going to ask you about, and why do we have to be up here so long.”

She looked at her lover and said, “I don’t know, Kai, but I want to find out. All he said was that part of it was linked to the company, and other things.” She had a suspicion on what some of the other things were. Maybe they would be asked to be godparents to his upcoming child. It was a nice thought. She knew Kyuukai wanted kids one day, but they would have to adopt. She pulled into the driveway of the school and said, “We will find out soon enough. There is the school.”

She watched as Kyuukai looked out the window and said, “It’s lovely. I wonder why Rich would ever want to leave such a place.”

She giggled and said, “Well, you remember all that happened at the museum. I wouldn’t be surprised if he wants to find someplace he and his wife can hide from Emplate. Those two had a close call at the museum.”

She heard Kyuukai say, “I know. It’s a good thing that Darrett boy showed up when he did.” She watched as Kyuukai stopped for a moment and said, “Godiva, do you think my ability might be a problem. I mean, with all the people we might meet. I might focus on someone like Paige again. She was very nice to look at.”

Godiva went over to Kyuukai and kissed her. When she ended the kiss, she just said, “Remember, Kai, you are with me. No wandering eyes, and no wandering thoughts. Last thing we want is for one of them to totally embarass themselves because you were focusing on them. Now, let’s get our bags and head in. They probably know we are here.” She glanced over at the window, only to see a gray skinned boy move away. She then said, “They do know. Angelo caught our little kiss.” She heard Kai giggle a bit. It was one of the things she loved about her.

She grabbed her bags and went up the steps to the main door. As she approached, she saw someone open the door. She knew who it was as the redhead said, “Glad you got here. Rich was starting to worry you wouldn’t show.”

Godiva was first in the door. She put her bags down and gave Yvette a hug. She then said, “Congratulations on everything. That you two are married, and that you are going to be a mother.” She could tell Yvette was blushing. She felt she had to say it, since she didn’t even get to see them wed. She then changed the topic. “I hate to leave Kai alone, but where is Rich? He said we need to talk.” She saw a slight frown cross Kai’s face, but knew they would have time together later.

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Yvette knew why Godiva wanted to see Rich. She thought back on the reason Godiva was called up here. She looked at Godiva and said, “Rich is in his office, but he’s in the middle of a conversation with a friend.” She knew who it was that was in there, but she wasn’t sure if Godiva realized who it was.

She was almost startled when Kyuukai said, “Is it someone we know? And is it linked to whatever is going on in the next room?” Yvette realized what Kyuukai was asking. She must have either heard, or saw something.

Yvette smiled and said, “Well, in a few days, we will be having a wedding here. You both are invited. As for the person Rich is meeting with, it’s a friend of ours who is going to take care of Monet. After the wedding, the school is closing down. Godiva, you may want to head up to Rich’s office.”

Godiva looked at her and said, “Ok. Rich had told me how to find his office. You just keep an eye on Kyuukai” She watched Godiva headed off and heard her say, “Make sure her mind doesn’t wander.”

When Godiva was out of sight, Yvette turned to Kyuukai and said, “What is this about your mind wandering?”

She watched as Kyuukai blushed and said, “Lately, my powers are either becoming easier to activate, or I’m losing my concentration on them. Either way, I’m causing people to almost vocallize their deepest desires, or even try and act on them.”

Yvette then remember the incident at the museum, when Paige started to go after Jono. Yvette just said, “Maybe Emma could help you. We’ve already had Darrett and Clarice act on emotion. I don’t think we need that happening again.”

Yvette saw Kyuukai looking at her, and heard her say, “I understand. However, it’s not just emotional things. My mind wandered once onto a kid, and they ended up hurting themselves. I paid the hospital bill, but I’ve been trying to control my power all this time.”

Yvette started to realize the extent of Kyuukai’s powers, and the hazards that could be involved. She hoped that Emma or someone could help Kyuukai. She knew about the whole Onslaught incident and remembered that Onslaught was all of Professer Xavier’s rage, all bottled up. Yvette then thought about Rich’s anger. If Kyuukai would unleash that, that could be as bad as Onslaught. She thought about that and started to think how she would calm him down. She then said, “Well, we’ll talk to them about it. I mean, if your power were to wander onto Rich, I know a good way to calm him down.” She felt a devilish smile cross her lips. She then said, “I...”

That quickly she slapped her hands to her mouth. She looked at Kyuukai who looked down to her feet and said, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean for you to get embarassed.” She felt her cheeks go red. She was lucky. She didn’t say what she was thinking, and caught herself in time.

Before Yvette could say anything, she heard the one door open and looked to see Monet coming out. She quickly regain her composure and said, “Monet, come over here and talk with us.” She watched as Monet just walked over, and she hope she had stopped blushing.

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Monet walked into the main hall. When Yvette called her over, she wondered what prompted it. As she walked over, she notice that Yvette was blushing and Kyuukai had an apologetic look on her face. It had been a long time since she had seen Kyuukai, but she did remember the power the girl had. Monet decided not to ask about what might have happened and said, “Hello, Kyuukai. Angelo told us that you and Godiva had arrived.”

She watched as Kyuukai nodded and said, “It’s nice to see you again, Monet. After everything that happened at the museum, we kept in touch with your father.” Monet felt a bit of pain at the mention of her father. She then heard Kyuukai say, “I’m sorry. I know it must be hard for you to have lost him.”

Monet just swallowed a bit and said, “You don’t know how painful it is for me. I couldn’t do anything to stop it, and now, I have no home to go to.” Again, she felt a pain, but this time, she knew where it was. She put a hand to her head and said, “I’m sorry if I lashed out. I’ve been having sporadic headaches lately.”

She watched as Yvette stepped forward and said, “Not another headache. Ever since you got back, you’ve been having sporadic headaches. Do you want to lay down?”

Monet just shook her head and said, “No, Yvette, I’ll be fine. I think the best thing to do is to get back to work. There are still many things to do for the wedding. Besides, we don’t want anything to go wrong.”

She saw Yvette nod and say, “Yes, we are accounting for every guest, and hoping for no unexpected guests.” She knew what Yvette was hinting at, but she also knew her brother knew nothing of these plans. Ever since she returned, she had discovered that Gen X had been keeping better tabs on Emplate’s spies.

Monet walked back to the door and said, “I’m hoping Marius doesn’t find out about the wedding. That’s one visitor we don’t need on the big day. However, I do hope he arrives a few days after.” She could imagine the shock on his face when he would discover that all of Generation X was gone. It would be the ultimate defeat for him. The prizes he tried to claim for so long, gone their different ways.

She then heard Yvette say, “After Rich is done talking with Godiva, we’ll be down to talk about the wedding. Hopefully, we can get it done before the rest of the company arrives.” She nodded and then watched as the two headed off to Rich’s office. She could only imagine what Rich was planning for his company, but knew Godiva was a key point in it. As she returned to the hall, her headache got slightly worse. She wondered what was causing these headaches. They occured almost daily since she returned to the school. Maybe they were an after effect of the spliting of her and Claudette’s minds. However, she was not going to let them stop her from helping set up for Darrett and Clarice’s wedding.


Marius looked on at the image before him. It had been months since he was able to spy on Generation X. After his successful capture of the four girls, he had been sending D.O.A out on missions to kidnap more girls. It seemed Christina’s power only affected women, so he had to focus on those. He also had D.O.A capture other mutants, but that helped to feed him. With the new powers he got when his father died, he didn’t need to feed as often, and he could use his new powers to do more, which included spying on Generation X through Monet’s eyes. He listened as Monet said to the group before her, “It looks like Godiva and Kyuukai are going to be here for the big event.”

Marius chuckled to himself as he made note of the that. He could see they were preparing for a wedding. He wasn’t sure whose wedding it was, but an earlier statement grabbed his interest. He heard Jubilee say, “It’s hard to believe that after the wedding the school will be closed. I wonder what everyone will do.”

Marius waved his hand and the image disappeared. He stood and said, “So, after this wedding, the school will be closing. Then, I must act fast.” He made his way to the exit of his planning room. Ever since Claudette’s last contact to him, he had been using the spell to spy on Generation X. He could not thank Claudette enough for the deed that allowed him the new powers, as well as his restored health. He no longer needed the respirator, and his body was back to the way it was. He loved it, especially as he walked through the halls of his hideout. A few months ago, he had to abandon the lighthouse. With his new powers, he made it invisible to all but those he wanted to see it. It was a castle, one of his design. He eventually made his way down to the room where he had Christina and some others he captured locked up.

As he walked down the hall to the door, he heard a voice say, “Hello handsome.” He knew who it was. It was Elane. The love of his life, and the mother of his son. He looked up and saw her standing near the door to the room he kept Christina in. As he neared the door, he heard her say, “Find out anything more? I know you’ve been spying on Generation X.”

He nodded and said, “Indeed. They are going to have a wedding there in two days. After that, the school is closing. Generation X will go its seperate ways. If we are to strike, we must strike soon. However, I think I have an idea of how to catch them with their guard down. Godiva and Kyuukai are there, and I think Kyuukai’s power will serve us well.” He then looked at Elane and said, “Why are you here?”

He watched as she smiled and said, “It’s feeding time for Marcus. Freeze Frame has him in there right now. Freeze Frame is a good member to our group. Especially with the reward you gave him.” Marius chuckled at that. He figured that Britney was a good choice as a prize for Freeze Frame's success at the mission. In fact, Freeze Grame seemed quite invaluable.

He neared the door and said, "I know. However, it is time to see if Christina will finally give in. I figure that sooner or later, she will tire of those same four walls. Besides, how many women has she sent to a fate as a feast for the growing group." He chuckled when he thought of that. During his transformation, his hunger forced him to slaughter the two others that they had captured with Britney and Christina. Now, he was going to offer Christina a chance at her own taste of limited freedom.

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Freeze Frame held the baby in place as it fed of one of the new girls D.O.A. had brought in. He never watched the baby feed, but he always kept his eyes on Christina. Part of him felt sorry for her, the other part envied her a bit. However, it was due to her that he fell into Emplate's good graces. As he continued to look at her, she glanced at him and said, "Stop looking at me, you monster."

Freeze Frame just wanted to make her regret say that, but decided not to. He just said, "Consider yourself lucky, Christina. You could be like your friends."

He saw a tear run down her face. "All my friends are dead." He watched as she looked up and said "And you killed them all, you monster."

Freeze Frame glanced over his shoulder as he saw Emplate enter ther room. He heard Emplate chuckle as he said, “Not true, Christina. You’re friend Britney is still alive, but then, she’s the one who turned you over to us, so maybe it is true.” He watched as another tear ran down Christina's face. He then heard Emplate say, "However, I'm prepared to give you some freedom, all you have to do is help me capture Generation X."

He was amazed when she just looked at Emplate and said, "Only if you and all your lackeys drop dead before you go to do that." Freeze Frame saw her punctuate her statement by spitting at Emplate.

It was then he realized that Emplate's son had finished eating. He looked at Emplate and said, "I think your son is done eating." He looked at the girl the baby had been feeding off of. She looked as if it was hard for her to breathe.

He watched as Emplate took the baby and said, "Little Marcus was hungry, but this time he didn't finish off his meal." He watched as Emplate waved his hand and the girl started to glow and get better. He followed Emplate as they left the room. Appartently Emplate's business was done in the room. As they headed out, Emplate just said, "She's just upset that she is basically immortal. I casted and instant regeneration spell on her. She will always be healed."

He walked with Emplate and said, "I understand. Similar to what you did to Britney, and I'm still thankful for that. I probably would have supped her to death twenty times now."

When they finally reached his room, Emplate said, "Yes, plus the submission spell makes her your slave, even though she doesn't want that." He nodded with that. Since that spell, he had done all sorts of things with Britney. He then heard Emplate say, "In two days, we will be making an attack on Generation X. If things go right, you will have a new slave."

Freeze Frame opened his door and said, "I'd like that, but right now Britney needs attention." He saw Emplate nod and he closed the door to the room. He turned around and said, "Ok, Britney, your master is hungry." He saw her look up at him, with tears in her eyes. He watched as she got up and started to walked towards him. Sometimes, he felt sorry for her, but this was not one of those times. He knew if she had the chance, she would attack him in a second, but the spell made her obey all he said, even if her mind didn’t want it. When she was close enough, he placed his hands on her shoulders and said, “Don’t worry, feasting will be over in a while.” He heard her scream in pain as he enjoyed his meal.


Rich sat at his desk while Gabe sat in the chair on the other side. For the past hour, they got caught up on each others lives. Rich had told him all that had transpired over the past few months. When he finally finished, Gabe looked at him and said, “Sound like you haven’t had a quiet few months. Sounds like that escapade in Japan might cause a stir.”

Rich nodded and said, “I was lucky that I got the master copies of that whole thing,” he said holding up the tape. “It’s just like what you went through a while back, isn’t it?” He watched Gabe shiver at that. Rich then said, “I’m just lucky that what happened last month wasn’t sent out over the airwaves.”

He saw Gabe nod and say, “You were lucky in that respect. It’s good that you survived that confrontation, but I think that confrontation is part of your choices now.” Rich nodded. It was then that Gabe said, “So why did you really call me here. It wasn’t just to catch up on life.”

Rich nodded and said, “You’re right, Gabe. You know I’m going to be leaving here, and that also means the school will be closing. Most everyone has someplace they can go, except for Monet. I was hoping she could stay with you. Besides, with what you do, you could use the help.”

He watched as Gabe nodded and said, “You’re right on that one. Besides, it will be nice having some more people at the home. Alright, she can stay. She just better be used to handling strange cases.”

Rich gave Gabe a look and said, “Like handling her brother isn’t strange. It might be a quiet change compared to what has happened here.” He heard Gabe laugh, and shortly afterwords, a knock at the door. Rich looked up and said, “Come in.” He watched as the door opened and Godiva entered the room. Rich was glad to see his cousin after so long. He just stood and said, “Godiva, come on in and have a seat. I was just talking with Gabe. He’s a friend of the family.”

He watched as Gabe stood and shook Godiva’s hand and said, “So you are the one he plans to hand control of his company to. I remember hearing from Cartier you had a good business mind. I hope you use that same business mind with the company.” Rich could see a sad look cross Godiva’s face. He glanced at Gabe, and Gabe quickly let go and said, “I’m sorry. Forgot how touchy that subject is.”

He watched as Godiva sat down and said, “It’s ok. He helped get my museum started, but I still wish he was around.” He then saw Godiva look straight at him and say, “Now, what is this about the company?’

Rich looked at Godiva and said, “Tomorrow, we are heading to the one branch for a conference with all the branch executives. At that time, I will announce that you will be the acting CEO. We will be leaving early so we get back in time for the wedding rehearsal. Planning to stay for the big event?” He knew how Godiva felt about wedding cerimonies, but didn’t want to say anything.

He was surprised when Godiva said, “I think Kyuukai and I will stay, but, we may need to find a way to keep Kyuukai’s mind from wandering.”

This had Rich worried. He remembered when Kyuukai’s power wandered at the museum. He looked at Godiva and said, “Who is she with now?”

Godiva looked at him and said, “She’s with Yvette, but I told her not to let Kyuukai’s mind wander. You don’t think...”

Rich didn’t say a word aloud, but quickly focused on the link he had with Yvette. He quickly said, "Hun, is everything alright there? Is Kyuukai focused on anyone?" He hoped Kyuukai hadn’t focused on anyone, but he also knew that was a long shot.

He was a bit upset when Yvette finally said, "I’m sorry, hun, but she got a bit focused on me. I think she’s going to need some psychic help. We may want to ask Emma to help her. I hate to say this, but I better stay with her right now, just so she doesn’t focus on anyone in the hall." That was not a comforting thought.

Rich stood and said, “Maybe we should go talk to Emma, Godiva. Apparently, Kyuukai’s powers almost did something to Yvette.” He then turned to Gabe and said, “Gabe, you don’t have to join us to see Emma. If you want to, go down to the hall.”

He was not to startled when Gabe said, “No, I think I better head with you. You looked shaken up, apparently at the news, or was it something Yvette told.” As they headed out the door, Rich knew he would have to tell the reasons he was so worried, but he would hold that until they entered Emma’s office. He then lead the way to Emma’s office.

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Emma Frost looked at herself in the mirror. The dress she had for the wedding was beautiful, and it also made her more beautiful. Personally, she didn’t think it was possible to be more beautiful, but this proved her wrong. It was more reserved that some of her other outfits, and maybe that was a good thing. She really didn’t want to head back to that bad girl image. She liked being a teacher of young mutants. She then felt a tear come to her eyes. That was going to end soon. After the wedding, the students were leaving. Some were going to England, others were joining the X-Men. She was going to miss them all. At that time, she heard a knock on her door, she quickly dried her tears and said, “Come in.” She could still hear a small hint of sadness in her voice.

Emma turned to see the door open, and saw Rich poke his head in the door. He had a concerned look no his face as he said, “Something wrong Emma. If so, we can stop by later.”

She smiled and said, “No, nothing serious. Just thinking of how when you leave, the school will be closing. I feel like a mother to everyone here.” She watched as Rich nodded and then noticed that he wasn’t alone, behind him were Godiva and Gabe. It was then she realized that Rich’s concerned look stemmed more from something he heard before getting to her office. She just said, “Is there something wrong that you need help with?”

She was amazed when Godiva just said, “It’s Kyuukai. I think she needs help psychicly. Lately, her power has been going a little out of control. Normally, she can focus on a person and her power doesn’t affect them, and if we are going to be here an extended time, I’m worried about your students.”

Emma stopped herself from crying again, but said, “I understand your concern. I don’t know how I can help, but from last I remember, at least self control was still evident.”

She was almost startled when Rich said, “It just affected Yvette. You know how shy she is. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are some things I don’t know about her.” Emma realized what he was saying. Yvette, even though she had openned up more since Rich’s arrival, was still shy about many things.

She looked at Rich and remembered one other thing. There were other guests coming. She looked at Rich and said, “Your concern is noted. Some of our other guests may feel the affects as well. However, I don’t think I am powerful enough to help her.”

She then heard Gabe say, “Think it might take some supernatural help?” She had been thinking the same thing, only not supernatural, but alien.

She nodded and said, “Most likely something like that. Richard, Jean and Professor Xavier will be here later. Maybe one of them can help, and the other can act as a back-up. Anyhow, I think it is time that we head down and talk with everyone. Have all the students accepted the offers you made?”

She watched as Rich nodded and said, “The only confirmed onces are Darrett, Clarice and Monet. We know where Jono and Paige are going. The rest are still up in the air. In fact, I was going to ask about it in a few minutes.”

Emma walked over to the door and said, “Let’s find out together. It’s time to talk with them about this.” She openned the door and started to head out. She knew the rest were following her, and she didn’t care. All she cared about now was finding out if all her students were going to be cared for.


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