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Author's Intro

For July 18th, a few days after my last posting, due to real life issues, which as you know, have been a lot, I am now posting the first chapter of Iron X. This story has three things to note. First off, this is the first story of The Cale Storyline that did not get posted up on Kindred Spirits. Second, this is the first true crossover with an existing show, that being the original Iron Chef. Finally, this the first story I ever did a collaboration on, with fellow Generation X fan, Richard 'Kyoguro' Palmer. In fact, it would mark the first time our characters had ever encounters, as he had started planning to put my characters in his stories. I would say more, however, this introduction shows that some powers are at play, and trying to pull strings to get their own goals realized.

Generation X Cale Storyline Disclaimer

Attention: Generation X and their villains, as well as any other mutant mentioned in this story, is property of Marvel Comics. The character Richard Cale is named after family relations. Any other reference to anything copyrighted is a chance happening.

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Iron X

Prior Stories and Chapters
Previous ChapterMutants In Wilson

Chapter 1: A New Foe Manipulated (updated)

"No, I don't think it's appropriate!" Bob Bonega yelled into the phone, "I'm not going to compromise my integrity just to... No, I don't think that's necessary." Bonega sighed, now he was in a bad position. As a political advisor, Bob had a lot of skeletons in his closet... a lot of skeletons. And now it seemed this Miss Frost had found one of the more condemning ones. "Okay, fine, I'll see what I can do... No, look that's all I can promise right now... look, I'll keep you informed. Now what's the target's name?" Bob pulled out a note pad and wrote down the name 'Richard Cale'. "Okay, Miss Frost, you'll receive a call in the next few days."

Bob hung up the phone, ran his hands through his bleached blonde hair, that instead made it look white, and sighed. "This can't be happening." He told himself. But deep down inside Bob knew he had no power over this. Bob's mutant powers were to predict the future, sure, but it was a different kind of prediction. Bob could foresee trends and patterns several years into the future... something that got him very far in the political business. But this was different... this was a mistake in his past... something he thought he'd covered up. Well, apparently this Miss Frost had found out about his sorted past, but strangely enough she only wanted one thing. Bob didn't know who this Richard Cale was and he didn't care, if this bought him the sort of security he wanted in this job, getting rid of Richard Cale would be no problem.

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Canon watched from the window of his office building. Off in the distance he could see the flames rising around the capitol. "A National Disaster" some papers would read, others would call it liberation. In either case it was all a part of Canon's plan, those in power of this small Russian country wanted any mutants living in it's borders to be treated as political criminals. Now any of those who were in power would be hunted down as traitors themselves.

"Should we do something?" one of Canon's aides said as he approached.

"No." Canon replied, "We've done enough." He turned and walked down the hallway, "Let them burn."

"The helicopters are waiting." The aide informed him, "We should be going."

"Hmm." Canon sniffed, "What's next on the agenda?"

"You're touring Japan on behalf of the French government." The aide replied, "It's a goodwill gesture."

"And while I vacation the world continues to massacre the mutant population." Canon frowned, "Still I suppose some PR is in order if we are to continue our work." Canon stepped up the stairway to the helipad.

"Sir an urgent phone call from Mr. Bonega." Another aide said handing Canon a phone. Canon took the phone without a word, Bob Bonega was his closest associate, the best in the political business, and Canon trusted his insight more than anyone's.

"Bob." Canon spoke into the receiver.

"Sir," Bonega's voice came over the phone, he seemed nervous, "We have a small problem."


"I've received information on a covert mutant terrorist. We're talking a mission of genocide here. I'm having most of the detail's sent to your private e-mail sir." There was a short pause, "Just be advised, it seems this may be on the same level as Apocalypse or Magneto." The receiver clicked as Bob hung up. Canon handed the phone back to his aide and stepped onto the helicopter.

"Is there a problem sir?" came a voice from the cockpit.

"As if our work wasn't hard enough, we have another mutant working against our cause. Forced or not, mutant peace is impossible with all these genocidal maniacs working towards their own goals of global domination.

"What's the name of this one?" the voice came again as Canon turned on a monitor in the cabin of the large helicopter.

He read over the information displayed on the screen, "Richard Cale." Canon responded. He sat back with his hand on his chin. Already a plan was forming.


Richard Cale sat at his desk in the office he had at the school. It was a Sunday night, but it was not a typical Sunday. Right now, he was dealing with the Japan branch of Paladin Technologies, the company he owned. He just held his head in his hand and said, “Ok, Mr. Otonashi, please tell me again what had happened, and slow down. It may be morning for you over there, but it is night time for us here.” It was a vid phone call, and Rich was sure the person on the other end knew how frustrated he looked.

The Japenese man on the other end said, “As I said before, Mr. Cale, as per your fathers original wishes, which you have tried to fulfill, I suggested to the French that we meet with their Goodwill Ambassador. At first, all seemed well, but then, according to the French, the Ambassador said he would not be able to meet.” Rich just let out a heavy sigh. He then heard Mr. Otonashi say, “I’m sorry if I have dishonored you, sir.”

Rich just waved his hand and said, “No, you haven’t. You just don’t know how much burden I’m under. Tell you what, give it another run at getting in touch with this Ambassador. I think the French government would appreciate the revenue, and hopefully, it will even increase relations between England and France.” Rich then sighed. He didn’t know how his father managed to do all this, and then realized that his father wasn’t a mutant. Rich then said, “Just do what you can. It’s all I can ask right now.” Rich watched as the man nodded and ended the call. Rich then sighed again. “If I would have know how difficult this would be, I would have let Godiva run the company.”

He was startled when he heard Emma say, “I take it that the pressures of business is getting to you.” Rich looked over at his teacher/business partner, and nodded. He then heard her say, “So what has you upset right now?”

Rich sat back into his chair and sighed. “Before my father died, he had been working on setting up branches of the company globally. In fact, the task was half done when he was killed. Now I’m trying to complete it, and the French Ambassador that was supposed to help, has mysteriously stopped communicating with my company. He was supposed to even meet with the branch in Tokyo, but he sent word that he could not.”

He listened as Emma just asked, “Do you know what his name is?”

Rich shuffled through the papers on his desk. He had remembered receiving that info from the French Government. As he was searching for the paper, he heard his phone ring. He didn’t know what this call would be about, and part of him didn’t want to know. Eventually, he did find the sheet and handed it over to Emma. “It says that his name is Jean Leveque. Read it if you want, I need to answer this phone.” He then picked up the phone and said, “Yes, Richard Cale speaking.”

The voice on the other end of the line spoke, “Sir, it’s me, David Richmer. You remember you helped me start my restaurant.” Rich did remember that. It had also been David that had cooked for them about two months ago. Rich still couldn’t believe it. Two months since the death of Cartier St. Croix. He was almost engulfed by the feelings of dread that event caused when the chef said, “Sir, I have excellent news.”

Rich shook his head and finally said, “What’s the good news, David? God knows that after some of the events that have happened, I could use it.”

Rich almost dropped the phone when David made his next statement. “Sir, I have been invited by Masiharu Morimoto to be on Iron Chef. He heard of my skill, came to the Restaurant and invited me on. He said I could bring my own cheering section, and I was hoping you would come and enter the show with me.”

Once he regained himself, Rich just said, “You mean we are invited to a taping of Iron Chef. I think I can get a cheering section ready. When must you leave?”

He was almost stunned to hear the chef say, “Later tomorrow. When Morimoto told the people at the show about my skill, this became a big event over there. Probably because of what happened when Bobby Flay was over there.”

Rich just nodded and said, “I understand. I’ll see if anyone will be willing to part with American soil for a while. See you at Logan Airport. We’ll all fly first class in one of the company jets.” He hung up the phone and looked at Emma and smiled. “I think the kids will be getting a road trip.”

He noticed the look Emma had, and could tell that maybe she had something planned along those lines. She then said, “It looks like all three of the headmasters will be away.” Now he had to find out what she meant by that.

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Emma just watched the puzzled look that crossed Rich’s face after what she had said. She knew he had no way of knowing that she was supposed to head to meet with one of the various groups that supported mutant rights. She had planned on taking some, if not all, of the students. She didn’t know if Rich and Yvette would go, but with this now happening, it meant a rethink. She then said, “One of the groups that Xavier started is still running. I was asked to visit them. And Sean took Paige and Jono to the X-Men. Apparently the two have potential to be X-Men.”

She watched as Rich stood up and said, “More power to them. I don’t know if I could handle being an X-Men. That and I’m still debating over a letter a receive the week after Cartier’s death.”

Emma remembered seeing a letter for Richard around that week. She had also noticed that it was marked with the Royal Seal of England. She just nodded her head and said, “Possibly going to England?” She watched as Rich nodded. “It would be a big change. However, I think you are the kind of person, Richard, that would welcome the task. It has been your true birthright, not that of businessman. Godiva is more business minded.”

She watched as Rich nodded in agreement and said, “I am seriously considering the offer from England, but I’d make sure Godiva has control of the company, as well as setting up some provisions for the others.” She watched as he then glanced at the papers he had handed her. “Any clue on the ambassador?”

She just shook her head and said, “I’m sorry, I’ve never really heard of him. If I could tell you more, I would. Now the big question is how do we split up the rest of the group. I don’t totally trust all of them to be alone.” She did trust some of them, but there were others she didn’t totally trust, but part of that was because of strong thoughts in the minds of some of the students, and with hormonal factors included, Emma couldn’t block them out. She then looked over at Rich and said, “So how do you propose we do this?”

She noticed Rich was smiling as he said his next words. “Maybe we should ask the rest. They are watching Iron Chef right now, and Yvette has told me that it is the Morimoto/Flay rematch. That had been a good battle.”

Emma looked at Richard Cale and said, “Did you see that one?” When he nodded, she just said, “So you two know the outcome, and I have a feeling someone is going to make a mistake about that.” When she saw the grin pass on Richard’s face again, she knew she was right, and given the last time Rich made a bet like that, she had a feeling Angelo might be duped again.

No Caption Provided

Angelo watched, with the others, the battle that had captivated them all. It was a rematch on the popular show, Iron Chef. The battle was between the Iron Chef Japanese, Masiraru Morimoto, and an American chef named Bobby Flay. He had heard of the previous battle, and now he wanted to see the outcome of the rematch, but he had a feeling who would win. As they watched the tasting portion of the match, Angelo was certain that Iron Chef Morimoto was going to win. Before he could say anything, he heard Jubilee say, “Flay has this one in the bag.”

He looked over at Jubilee, who was cuddling close to Everett, and said, “I don’t think so, chica. This one is Morimoto all the way.”

He then heard Darrett say, “I don’t understand what this show is about. We never had anything like it where I came from.” Angelo looked over to see Clarice nodding in agreement. He also noticed that the two were very close to one another, like they were in each others laps. Angelo envied most of the team. Almost everyone on the team had someone. Clarice had Darrett, Jubilee had Everett, Daria had Mondo, and Yvette, who had been sitting quietly in the corner, was married to Rich. Angelo felt a bit left out. He was the only one of them that didn’t have someone. Even Jono and Paige seemed to have been together, even though both were at the X-Mansion.

He then heard Yvette say, “The idea of the show is simple Darrett. Chef’s from all over the world go to Japan to challenge one of the Iron Chefs. They make dishes using a theme ingredient. Then the dishes are judged and the panel picks the winner. Plus, all the dishes are original. And since they have one hour to cook, it’s a challenge. Rich and I usually watch this on Friday and Saturday nights.”

He then heard Daria say, “So who do you think will win this one? Flay or Morimoto?”

Angelo had a good feeling about this, and said, “I’d bet that Morimoto is going to win. Look at what he came up with.” He heard some of the others agree.

Angelo was almost surprised when he heard Rich say, “A bet. You want to bet on the outcome? I think I have a bet for you, Angelo. If you are right, you can go with me and Yvette to see the show.” He was almost in shock, as was everyone else. Rich and Emma had walked in, and Rich just continued. “If you remember the chef I had come in two months ago, he was just invited by Morimoto to be on Iron Chef. He wants myself and Yvette there, and a small cheering section.”

Angelo looked supiciously at Rich and said, “What do I get if I’m wrong?”

He then heard Emma say, “Then you go with those of us who are going to the West Coast to visit one of the mutant support organizations.”

Angelo thought it over for a moment. Frankly, he’d like to see the show, and he had no way of losing. It appeared that Morimoto was going to win. He took Rich’s hand and shook it. “You have a bet, Rich. And I prefer a window seat.” He then noticed that Rich hadn’t let go, but just smiled. Angelo quickly had a flashback to when they had all gone to Easton. That’s when he heard the television.

No Caption Provided

Jubilee almost laughed aloud when the announcer on the show said that Bobby Flay had won. It was almost as priceless as the last bet Rich made with Angelo, but now the big question was how. How did Rich know the outcome? Then she glanced over at Penny, she could tell that Penny was trying to keep from laughing, but Jubilee could tell. She then heard Angelo say, “How did you know? You weren’t even here the whole time.”

Before Jubilee could say anything, she heard Everett say, “I think Yvette was keeping him clued in. Rich just probably lucked out in guessing, Angelo.”

Jubilee couldn’t keep quiet much longer. She could see that Penny was straining to keep a straight face. She just smiled and said, “No, Ev, they knew who was going to win. Rich just suckered Angelo again. If you don’t believe me, look at Penny. She’s about to bust a gut from trying not to laugh.”

It was at that moment Penny started to laugh. Penny had been joined in by Rich, and Angelo was fooled again. She then heard Penny say, “She’s right, Angelo. Rich and I saw that episode a while back. Looks like you are going with Emma.”

It was then that Emma looked at everyone and said, “True, and we have to think who is going with who. I don’t want any of you to be left alone here.” Jubilee could understand what Emma was getting at. She had noticed that Darrett and Clarice had been spending alot of time together, and recently, she accidently walked into one of their passionate kissing sessions. Although she and Everett had kissed, their hands never went where Darrett and Clarice’s hands had gone. Although some might not think so, Jubilee prefered just to cuddle.

She was almost startled by how fast Clarice said, “Darrett and I can go along. I do have to protect Rich.” Everyone knew the timeline Clarice came from and everyone knew that because of that timeline, she made it her personal mission to protect Rich. That also meant that she would drag Darrett along.

Jubilee then said, “I’d like to go too. I’ve been to Japan, and you may need someone who has been there.”

She watched as Rich nodded and said, “Ok, we have 5 in total, I just need one more. The rest can go with Emma.” She gave a quick glance to Everett and waited. She knew he would pick up on the cue that she wanted him to join her.

Just as she glanced at him, Jubilee heard Everett say, “If Jubilee is going, I’m going.” That made her feel better about the trip.

She watched as Penny got up and went over to Rich’s side and said, “Then, you better go pack, we have to leave tomorrow.” Jubilee watched as almost everyone bolted out of their seats and headed out. She still hung on to Everett, as Penny held Rich. Soon enough, the two turned to leave.

As she watched Penny and Rich walk out of the room, she heard Everett say, “Do you think they will behave much?”

Jubilee turned and looked at Everett and said, “Who, Clarice and Darrett, or Penny and Rich?” Jubilee felt Everett hold her tighter when she said that. It was obvious who he was referring to, but she had to make it seem like it wasn’t.

As they started heading to the dorms, she heard Everett say, “I worry about those two. I think that Clarice is going to end up pregnant before too long. They both still live for the day.”

Jubilee nodded and said, “You may be right. I wouldn’t be surprised if those two have done it. They do come from worlds where it’s a disaster area. I think it’s hard to forget that. Maybe when we get there, I should stay with Clarice, and you with Darrett.”

She watched as he nodded and said, “I hope it helps them. Now let’s go pack. We might have to leave early tomorrow.” She nodded and followed him back to the dorms. Maybe they could hold each other abit before they had to leave. In fact, Jubilee hoped they could do that.

No Caption Provided

Yvette walked down to the apartment alongside her husband. She had her hand at his back, rubbing it gently. It was one of her favorite things to do. As they continued down to the apartment, Rich just said, “Are you excited about going to Japan?”

She rubbed his back some more and said, “Very. Are we going to stay at the company building down there? And does it have more than one apartment to stay in?” She had hoped he would say yes so that they could have some quality time alone.

She was almost thrilled when he said, “Yes, but we will only use one of the apartments. We do have to keep an eye on the others.” The fact that the others would need them as chaperones did not set well with her. Yvette was hoping that they could have some time alone.

When they finally reached their apartment, Yvette said, “Hun, you know Emma has been helping me with my psychic abilities.” She watched as he nodded and she then said, “Well, I was thinking that I could keep an eye on them psychicly until then went to sleep.”

As they entered the room, she watched as he thought about it for a moment and finally said, “We’ll see. I just hope you have enough control over your psychic abilities to prevent any empathic effects. Now you better start packing, while I call the company in Tokyo.”

She watched as he headed over to his phone as she headed in the bedroom. She quickly pulled out two suitcases and placed them on the bed. She then started to go through the closet to find their best looking dress outfits, since they were going to be on a show. She pulled out a nice regal looking suit for Rich, and then her nicest blue dress for herself. As she packed some more of the clothing, she heard Grimore say, “Is there a trip in the works, m’lady?”

Yvette looked over at the cat and nodded. “Yes, Grimore. We are heading to Japan. I think you might have to go along, since no one will be here for a couple of days.”

She watched as Grimore just laid flat on the bed. If a cat could pout, Yvette could swear that Grimore was doing so. “I suppose that means I’ll be in that carrycase again. I’m not too fond of that, but if I must.” She could tell that Grimore was not thrilled with the info.

Yvette then went over to the dresser and started getting more clothing out, mostly night attire. As she was packing, she came across the item she had Rich buy for her. She started thinking about packing it. It would make the trip seem like a second honeymoon. She was almost lost in that thought when she felt someone grab her from behind and said, “What are you up to?”

She turned and smiled at her husband, still holding the item. She knew he knew what she was thinking, but decided to play innocent. “I’m not up to anything. I’m just packing things up for us.”

She watched as he grabbed the item and said, “And planning some fun for on the trip, weren’t you?”

She giggled and just said, “Maybe. I think if we can, we should take the chance for some fun.” She then started to rub his chest. Yvette knew what buttons to press to make him give in. “Besides, you might enjoy a little fun on this trip.”

Yvette watched as Rich smiled and finally said, “Alright, if we get the opportunity, we can have fun. Just remember, we are going to be taking care of four students.”

She just smiled and nodded, “I know. Trust me, I will know if they are awake, and when the best time to have fun is.” She then felt Rich hold her close and kiss her. "I think you might want to have some fun now."

She watched as Rich ended the kiss and said, “Not tonight, hun. We must finish packing and get to bed. We have a flight to catch, and we can’t be late.” She nodded in agreement. They didn’t have much time, and she did need to hurry. Maybe on the plane, they might get some time alone. At least, she hoped they would, but they would also have fun in the apartment in Japan.


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