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For July 15th, almost two weeks since my wife's passing, I am posting a Halloween story that could be considered part of The Cale Storyline. Mutants In Wilson was written the year I met my wife, and also at the time of a Twilight Zone revival. It was also the last year that the site I had first posted The Cale Storyline on held their Halloween contest. To that end, this story contains not only characters from the Cale Storyline, but real life people, and a real life location. While the premise was unrealistic, the story did win the story portion of the Halloween contest. Mind you, as the site was losing support and visitors, there might not have been many entries. At least, I hope you read this story, and share the importance that my wife meant in my life. Not many real people have been themselves in one of my stories.

Generation X Cale Storyline Modified Disclaimer

Attention: Generation X and their villains, as well as any other mutant mentioned in this story, is property of Marvel Comics. The character Richard Cale is named after family relations. Any other reference to anything copyrighted is a chance happening. Twilight Zone is property of the company that makes the show. The City of Easton, and Wilson Borough are actual locations.

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Mutants In Wilson

Prior Stories and Chapters
Previous ChapterWin Some, Lose Some: Chapter 8: A Hollow Victory(updated)

He watch the group that was around a van parked near the Easton Area Middle School. The group consisted off seven people in total. Some looked like the were dressed up for the time of year it was. He listened as the orange-haired man in the car said with an Irish accent, “Are ye sure ye can handle the wee lad? They can be a handful.”

He watched as a young man with glasses said, “Don’t worry, Sean. Yvette and I can handle Franklin, Artie and Leech. Plus I know this area, and since it’s Halloween, the only thing we’ll have to worry about is stomach aches.”

He then heard the one girl, who looked like she was a shade of purple, say, “And if something does happen, Darrett and I can make sure they are safe.” He watched as she motioned to a young African-American boy.

He then heard the Irish man say, “Alright, just remember to meet us at Godiva’s museum. Do you have an area planned out, just in case we have to leave early?”

He then heard the red-headed girl say, “Rich figures we will go from area between 12th street and 16th street, and between Spring Garden St. and Northampton Street.”

He watched as the van started and the Irish man said, “OK, Be careful and get to the party as soon as ye can.” Then van then headed off and the group started to head down Spring Garden St.

At that moment, he emerged from the shadows that the ramp between Cunniham Stadium and the nearby playground created. He looked out in one direction and said, “Consider if you will, seven unique individuals. Mr. Richard Cale, Mrs. Yvette Cale, Master Darrett Xavier Thomas, Miss Clarice Ferguson, Master Franklin Richards, Master Artie Maddocks, and Master Leech. Seven people who share a few things in common. All of them are mutants, all of them are going trick or treating, and all of them are going to have a memorable night in The Twilight Zone.” He then headed off in a direction, knowing what he would see.

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Richard Cale kept an eye on the kids as the headed up Northampton Street. They were just passing Ashton’s Funeral Home at the corner of 14th and Northampton when Leech said, “Are there any houses up here?”

Rich looked up the way Leech was pointing and shook his head. “I’m sorry Leech. Not many places from this point on Northampton, but there is an apartment complex on the next street. They usually have a couple of places lit up for Trick or Treating.”

He heard all of the kids cheer, and a happy face show up above Artie’s head. It was good that they kept all three of the boys together. Rich always wondered how people would react to Artie’s thought balloons. It was the only way the boy could communicate. As they headed up 14th Street, Rich felt Yvette tug his arm and say, “Hun, I think someone maybe following us. I’ve noticed a shadow following us the whole way.”

He turned and looked back. She was right. There was a shadow behind them. Whoever, or whatever that shadow belonged to was following them. Rich couldn’t tell if they had good intentions or not. Part of it had to be the time of year it was. Halloween had always had strange occurrences associated with it. He then heard Darrett say, “Rich, is something wrong?”

Rich looked at Darrett and said, “It appears something is following us. Could you use your power to provided a decoy group?”

He watched as Darrett shook his head. “I’m leery about using my ability on Halloween. Something about the day makes me feel weaker.” Rich wondered if it had anything to do with the ancient belief that Halloween was the day that the dead walked the Earth. Maybe it had some link to that.

He then heard Clarice say, “Well, maybe I could pull off a quick teleport. Besides, you said Easton was friendly towards mutants.” She had a point. Easton was a safe haven for mutants. He then looked at the kids. He didn’t want to stop their festivities.

He just smiled and said, “Ok, Clarice, just teleport us up to the corner of 15th and Liberty. It’s a block away up there.” He started to wonder about what he had decided when the teleport started to happen, and it looked like Clairice had done something wrong.

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Yvette looked around when the teleport ended. It felt very odd when Clairice had teleported them to their current location. She looked down the street named Liberty Street and saw a few children going from door to door. In some windows, there were Halloween decorations, but the kids seemed to be drawn to one spot on the street. Yvette just said to everyone, “I don’t remember this street having so many kids on it.”

She watched as Rich said, “You’re right. I didn’t even hear kids when we were walking up the street. Clairice, did something go wrong during that teleport?” She knew what Rich was hinting at.

She glanced over at Clairice, and she said, “I think something did go wrong. It felt weird, as if we didn’t teleport between two points on the planet.”

Yvette started to have a bad feeling about the whole situation. It only got worse when she heard Darrett say, “Hey, what happened to the kids?” She saw a look of fear cross everyones face.

She then heard Rich say, “I think I’ve spotted them. They’re up there, in that small crowd.” She followed as they all ran up the block to the group. When they got there, they saw what was getting all the attention. Two people were handing out treats, but they were dressed up like characters from a cartoon the boys would watch once in a while.

The one was dressed up like a totally yellow hamster, most likely Penelope from the cartoon Hamtaro. She was handing out the treats. The other one was laying in a sleeping bag that looked like a sock, and was dressed up to look like Snoozer. The odd thing was it looked as if the guy dressed up like Snoozer looked a bit like her husband. She heard Franklin say, “Wow, they really look like the characters on the show.”

Before she could remark, she heard ‘Snoozer’ speak. “Wow, those are some very good costumes. Wouldn’t you agree, Penelope?”

She watches as ‘Penelope’ said, “Ookwee.” It was now apparent that these two were living up to their parts.

She heard Franklin say, “Thanks. We worked on them ourselves.”

‘Snoozer’ just replied, “Looks like the grown ups did a good job too. Why don’t you get some extra candy from Penelope for them.”

As Franklin ran up to ‘Penelope’, she quietly said to Rich, “Hun, doesn’t he look like you?” She watched as Rich nodded. He did see the similarity.

She watched as most of the kids left. She then notice that ‘Penelope’ just shook her head and sadly said, “Ookyee.”

She then heard ‘Snoozer’ say, “Oh well, guess they will have to wait until next year. Again, nice costumes all of you. If I wouldn’t have known better, I would have thought those weren’t costumes.”

She was startled when Darrett said, “What did you mean by that?” She was hoping that no one would say anything, especially when they weren’t sure what happened when Blink teleported.

‘Snoozer’ then said, “Well, you all look like people from a dream I had. The odd thing was that all those people are from comic books. Well, some of them are. Others I just came up with in my head. Zu Zu Zu.” She had seen a few of the episodes to know that he was now entering a deep sleep.

She returned her glance to her husband and said, “Hun, this is getting too weird. Maybe we should leave.” It was starting to scare her.

She was relieved when he said, “It sounds best. Besides, I think we need to be heading to the museum. This Halloween has gotten too strange for all of us.” She watched as he turned to Clarice and said, “When we reach the end of the block, at 16th Street, teleport us to Godiva’s museum.”

She watched as Clarice nodded and said, “I understand.” They continued down the street, and Clairice began to form one of her teleportation portals. When it was finally formed, she said, “Ok, let’s go.” Yvette watched as everyone headed through. She looked back one last time, and was startled when she saw both people dress like Ham-Hams, watching them. She was more startled when they both waved farewell to them. She waved back and headed through.

When they appeared at the museum, she heard Darrett say, “I have an idea. Let’s not mention what happened. It’s so weird that I don’t even believe it happened.” She had to agree with that.

She then heard Rich say, “No, maybe we should tell. It’s Halloween, and one thing is for sure. It would make a terrific ghost story.” Now she didn’t know what to think, but Rich did have a point. It would make a good ghost story. She smiled and nodded.

Yvette then said, “Rich is right. No one is going to think it’s the truth, but they will believe it’s a ghost story.” She watched as everyone, except the boys, nod in agreement. It was settled. This was a story that not only was true, but too weird to be true.


'Penelope' watched as the people walked away. She had thought it was very strange that she saw her boyfriend standing there, out of costume. What was even weirder was that her boyfriend was laying there, dressed as 'Snoozer'. She looked down at 'Snoozer' and said, "Honey, who was that guy?"

'Snoozer' started to get up and said, "Honey, I don't think you'll believe this, but I think I know that guy."

When he finished getting up, he pointed down the road and said, "And I think this confirms it."

'Penelope' looked in the direction that he was pointing and was almost in shock. Right at the corner of Sixteenth and Liberty and saw a strange glowing circle. Some of the people had entered through the circle, and had disappeared. She then saw as the red-headed girl looked back. She could see a stunned look on her face. She quietly said to her boyfriend, "Honey, what should we do?"

'Snoozer' looked at her and said, "I think we should wave good-bye. It's only the right thing to do." She waved as her boyfriend waved. As if prompted, the red-haired girl waved and then disappeared into the circle. When the circle disappeared, her boyfriend looked at her and said, "Well, I guess that means it is Halloween now."

'Penelope' looked at her boyfriend, took his hand, and said, "Now, could you tell me what just happened?" She had been wondering that when she first saw the other people. It was running through her mind, and now she needed an answer. Something to make sense of the weirdness.

'Snoozer' looked in her eyes, smiled and said, "Honey, what we just saw was my one dream, come to life."

She then remembered her boyfriend's dream. She felt as if she was in shock and said, "Are you saying that those are the people from your stories?" It was strange that it could be them. It was stranger that it appeared to be them.

Her boyfriend took her in his arms and said, "Yes, hun. Those were the people from my dreams. They were the people from my stories, and they were very real. I think that something related to the night caused something weird to happen."

She looked to him and said, "Honey, do you know how crazy that sounds?" She saw he was thinking about it as they walked into her apartment. She could tell he was milling that thought over in his mind. When they were inside, she watched as he walked over to radio, and she said again, "Honey, do you know how crazy that..."

Soon a song started with a jazzy tune to it. She recognized the tune as a popular Halloween song. She felt her boyfriend take her in his hands and say, "My love, the fact that it's Halloween makes everything seem strange, the real makes no sense, and the bizarre makes perfect sense. Now, lets relax, and have a little dance."

As the song continued, she felt a bit weird dancing to the song. She smiled and looked into her boyfriends eyes and said, "Rich, we are dancing to 'Werewolves in London'. Do you know how silly that is?" He just looked at her and smiled. She smiled and said, "I love you."

Rich just smiled at her and said, "I love you, Sarah." With that, they kissed and danced into the night.

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Outside the window, he watched the costumed couple dance. He reflected on the events of the evening. The events that led the seven mutants into this world. The events that need to occur to allow them to return home. The ‘chance’ meeting that was destine to happen, and then the date itself. He turned from the window and looked down at the corner where the group disappeared from. He wasn’t amazed by the fact that the street had quieted down. It was destined to happen. He then turned around and looked in one direction. “Tonight, nine people had a very unusual encounter. For Richard Cale, Yvette Cale, Darrett Xavier Thomas, Clairice Ferguson, Franklin Richards, Artie Maddocks, and Leech, they got the trick of a lifetime, when they entered a world where they didn’t really exist, but as characters of stories. But for Richard and Sarah, they got the chance to realize that whatever one dreams up in their imagination will become real. Especially when Mutants come to Wilson, Pennsylvania, in the Twilight Zone.” He then turned around and walked into the night. No one would see him disappear, and that’s how it always was.

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@richgenx: Nice. I get that the Twilight Zone was making a comeback at the time, but I'm surprised you didn't make it the Watcher instead.