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Well, I meant to post this yesterday, but my exhaustion due to what I had been doing yesterday got the better of me. So for June 28th, I am posting the first chapter of the thirteenth story of The Cale Storyline. This story is entitled Win Some, Lose Some. Set two weeks after the events of That's What It Is All About, things start lining up for something to happen, something to break the good fortunes have had, and there are signs that something bad is coming. That being said, enjoy the beginning of this tale in Chapter 1.

Generation X Cale Storyline Disclaimer

Attention: Generation X and their villains, as well as any other mutant mentioned in this story, is property of Marvel Comics. The character Richard Cale is named after family relations. Any other reference to anything copyrighted is a chance happening.

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Win Some, Lose Some

Prior Stories and Chapters
Previous ChapterThat Is What It Is All About: Chapter 8: End Of The Game(updated)

Chapter 1: Bad News Coming (updated)

Richard Cale knew he was dreaming. The fact that he saw everything around him tipped him off. Not long ago, he had been kissing his lovely wife, Yvette, in their dreams. But something had happened, she had disappeared. Even the scene had changed. He was now in a classroom. He looked at the students, and he could swear they were all from the cartoon Daria. As he stared in disbelief, one girl dressed as a cheerleader said, “Mr. Cale, aren’t you going to start class?”

He continued looking on in disbelief. Sean had told him that for a few classes, he’d have to teach, but this was just too odd. It was a weird dream, but why was he having it. The only thing he could do was see it through. He looked at the girl and said, “Yes.” Then he felt compelled to ask about the four empty chairs he just noticed. “Where are the other students?”

One student, with orange hair, said, “They’re outside, Mr. Cale, talking with another teacher.” Rich watched as the student pointed to an open window. As he walked over to it, he almost froze in horror. He had seen the one they were talking to before. It was Emplate, but as he would have looked without the resperator.

The horror he felt increased when he heard one student behind him say, “Why don’t you talk to them?” As if to punctuate the statement, the student pushed him out the window. From inside, it looked like he was on ground level, but now he was falling past many flights. He quickly grabbed something on the wall, and was surprised to see it was his sword.

As he held onto the sword, he heard Emplate say, “Yes, Skitz, why don’t you come over to me and talk?” He heard Emplate start to laugh. It sounded like the laughter was right below him. He looked down and saw and even more frightening sight. One of Emplate’s mouth was right below him, ready to swallow him up.

He held tighter to the sword and said, “This is only a dream. I have to wake up.” The dream just got worse at that point as his sword came loose from the wall. He was falling again, with no hope of surviving.

With a scream of fright, he woke up, too scared even to sit up. He needed to be sure he was awake. He shook his head side to side, and then remembered. The bandages wouldn’t let him see. He was blind, but he was scared. For a second, he just laid there, ‘looking’ whatever direction he was facing and said, “God, why do I have these nightmares?” When he had nightmares like that, it usually meant something was going to happen. However, Emplate had been quiet lately, but that didn’t mean much. Right now, Rich needed comfort, something or someone to help him calm down, to know he was safe. He had finally determined he was laying on his back, and Yvette was next to him on her side. He quickly turned onto his side and reached around. He hoped his arm was going around her waist, mainly because he didn’t want to wake her. When he felt his arm was around her, he held her tight, and as he did, he felt the fear the nightmare caused to slowly ebb away.

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Yvette’s eyes shot wide open when she felt a pain shoot through her. She half wanted to cry out, but decided not to. She looked down to where the cause of the pain was and saw her husband’s hand and arm half across her waist and half across her chest. Something told her that something in his dreams scared him. However, she couldn’t turn to face him, not with the death grip he had on her. She just quietly said, “Richard, my love.”

Almost immediately, she heard him say, “Did I wake you, I’m sorry if I woke you when I awoke?” He still hadn’t released his grip. He still didn’t realized that he woke her with his death grip.

She then said, “Dear, you might want to move your arm, or I’m going to need to get new outfits.” That was probably an exageration, especially with the fact that she was an ultra fast healer.

Soon, she felt him release her as he said, “I’m sorry, dear. I didn’t know where my arm was. The nightmare had me all worked up. I just needed to hold you for comfort.” She understood what he meant. She had had a few nightmares that made her do the same. The only difference was that she never accidentially crushed him. She did attribute that to the fact he was still blind from what happened with Mojo. Dr. McCoy said that the bandages would come off soon. During that time, she was his eyes. She liked how it felt, to have him rely on her. Most of her life, she was a servent, or worse, a slave. She didn’t like that. She did relish the power of having one rely on you.

She turned to face him, and placed her hand on his cheek. “It’s alright dear. I know you didn’t mean to hurt me. Do you want to tell me what your nightmare was about?” She felt him shiver. She held him close to her and said, “Don’t worry. I’ll protect you.” It felt a little odd for her to say that, but to her it felt right.

Soon, she felt Rich stop shaking as he said, “Emplate was in it.” She also tensed in fright when he said that, and then he said, “He had four girls with him. He was up to something. He wasn’t after us. I’m not sure, but he was after the girls in my dream.” Yvette started to wonder what it meant. When Rich had a nightmare, she knew it was a premonition.

She kissed him gently on the lips and said in their mindlink, "Love, you know that you can handle Emplate. He doesn’t dare attempt to attack since you’re the Paladin. Now, let’s get back to sleep. We’re going to be very busy tomorrow."

When she finally stopped kissing him, she noticed a devilish smile on his face. He just continued smiling as he said aloud. “You’re enjoying this, aren’t you? You like being the one in charge.”

She pushed him onto his back and pinned him down and said, “Is it that obvious, my love?” As he nodded, she said, “Well, most times, I’ve been the helpless one. I can’t help but enjoy this. I do have you in the palm of my hand. You need me for almost everything you do.”

He then laughed and said, “Yvette, you know that I might make up for all of this when I can see again.” She knew what he meant. She knew he didn’t really care for being helpless in this way. Most of the things he liked to do, he used his eyes in them. Now he couldn’t, she knew he couldn’t even look at her.

She started to french kiss him, and in their mind link said, {I’m hoping that you do.} When she stopped the french kiss, she heard a little hydrolic door open. She looked towards the one spot in the room and saw the cat box was empty. Appartenly Grimore, their cat, decided to take a walk.

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Grimore walked through the halls. He had heard Rich wake up, and literally saw the whole incident. While Rich and Yvette were married, he knew the Rich was still embarrassed about perfectly harmless incidents, and even awkward ones embarrassed him. However, he did want to get out of the room in case the two got active. He had been stirred from his sleep one night, only to discover the two in a rather passionate session. It was his cat instincts that told him to get out before anything happened again. As he walked through the halls, he just said to himself, “Why is it that when Richard has a nightmare, I don’t sleep for two days afterwords?” He meowed and continued through the hall to a door outside.

When he stepped outside, he sensed something in the air. As he made his way to where he thought it was, he swore he heard a voice say, “Here, kitty, kitty, kitty.” He gave a suspicious look around, and got closer to where he thought her heard the noise from. As he neared the location, he had realized he was nearing the spot where his master had killed the evil mutant terrorist known as Black Tom Cassidy. There was only one thing wrong. Over the course of months and years, the remains of the face stayed there, and now they were gone. He had seen the face here not more than a few hours ago which meant only one thing. Someone was here.

He heard a twig snap, and instinct told him to run. He didn’t want to lure trouble to his masters, not now that Richard was without sight. As he bolted, he heard one voice say, “Idiot, we need the cat.” He kept running and headed to one of the other buildings. As he ran, he heard the same voice say, “Where did that cat go?”

He didn’t want to let anyone know where he going. He’d have to return to the apartment later, but for now, he was going to run toward the first place he could find with an open door. He then saw the door to the girls dorm open. He bolted towards it, only to run straight in to the girl named Clarice. He felt her grab him, and as she lifted him up, she said, “Alright, you cute little ball of fur. What has you spooked? I know if you’re spooked, it’s not good for Richard and Yvette.” He watched as she took him inside and closed the door. He was thankful for Clarice’s presense. She helped make things seem better.

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Claudette St. Croix could not believe the stupidity of her minions. All they had to do was capture Grimore, Richard Cale’s cat, and they couldn’t even do that. She walked over to Q. T. and said, “You, the most reliable of all my minions, can’t even catch a cat, but scare it away.”

She knew that Q. T. had an attitude, but Q. T. always gave her a straight answer. “No ma’am. I almost had the cat, but then Golden stepped on a twig.” She glanced over at Golden and noticed that he had indeed stepped on a twig. She saw an apologetic look cross his face.

Just before she could tear into Golden, she heard her associate say, “Now lass, there is more than one way to catch our quarry. If I remember right from me clone, Richard Cale had a lass he cared for.” She faced her new partner in chaos. She knew that he hadn’t died that day. She had figured if he created a clone of Mondo, he had cloned himself. However, she was not surprised when she saw who was at his hideout.

She came back to her senses and said, “Yes, Black Tom, he does care for the woman who is now his wife. If we catch her, he would walk right into our trap.”

She then heard the man called Juggernaut say, “You mean that mutant that sliced my helmet the last time is that guy’s wife? No wonder she tried to stop me.” She was amazed at how much Cain Marko remembered of that day, due to the fact that Richard Cale fried his brain with a psi-bolt.

She watched as Tom waved his hand and said, “You’ll get a chance to do some damage, Cain. Right now, we need to find someway of capturing the gal, without bringing all of me cousin’s students down on us. Waiting here is out of the question. Claudette, do ye know of any way we can capture the gal?”

She smiled and said, “Maybe, I’ve noticed on our spyings that she left the school alone once and headed to town. I think something might be happening that he can’t leave the campus right now. I’d be tempted to attack, but they might be more on their guard then usual. I want to single Skitz out.”

She watched Tom nod and said, “Alright lass, that’s what we’ll do. We’ll head back to the base, and plot her kiddapping.” Claudette smiled at that thought. Maybe she could have a little fun torturing Penance while Rich came to the rescue.


Emplate sat in his chair at his hideout. It was a good hideout, close enough to Generation X for him to find any weak spots, but far enough away to not be attacked. However, he was getting things ready for a new hideout. He had a feeling that Generation X knew where he was, and if he was successful in recapturing Yvette, and capturing Richard Cale, they would be there in no time. Emplate had to admit one thing. It was because of Richard Cale that he met his true love, Elane. She gave him some freedoms, and one day, he’d have more. Maybe all he needed was to capture and even kill Richard Cale. He was almost lost in that thought when D.O.A., his manservent, enter the room and said, “Sir, I have a status report on the targets.”

Emplate motioned D. in and said, “Where are they, and are we going to be able to abduct all of them.” He knew some of the fact about the four he was after. One was that they were all girls, but the more important fact was that only one was a mutant, but her ability made the other girls mutants. He liked that idea, especially with the events that would be happening in the future.

He listened intently as D. said, “Well, sir, it looks like they are heading to the Massachucetts Academy. The spy cameras I set up picked up that Godiva Cale told the fathers of all the girls that her cousin is someone that can handle their ‘Monster’ problem.

Emplate looked over at D and said, “So you’re saying she sent them to the Paladin, as Richard is known now. This does not look good for my plans on capturing them. The mutant girl has some potential, and would be more useful to me than to anyone else. What about the other girls?”

He watched as D. looked over some notes and then said, “It looks like you were able to dupe the one gal. She took the communicator and will contact us at the right moment.” He nodded and then stood up. As he started to walk for the door, he heard D. ask, “Sir, how is Aura faring?” His manservent could see his concern for his love.

Emplate just sighed and said, “As well as can be expected. D., hunt down a doctor, for when the time comes, we will need one.” Emplate left the room and went to the room that Elane had resided in. When he reached the room, he entered and said, “Elane, my love, are you alright?”

He watched as she looked at him and said, “I’ll be fine. Imagine how Generation X will take this news. How about the search for those girls?”

He just gently touched her head and said, “In due time, my dear, and if things go right, we will have a new hideout as well.” He had been planning this for some time. He couldn’t risk being so close to Generation X anymore. He needed to move his base so they couldn’t plan a counterstrike. When he saw her smile, he just said, “For now, rest a bit. If things go right, we might have an endless supply of mutants.”


Sean Cassidy was sitting in his office, behind his desk. He looked over at Emma and said, “Well Emma, today is the day we have to face the music.” That fact was all too true. Cartier St. Croix would be arriving today to visit Rich, but would want to know about Monet. He still wasn’t sure what to tell him.

He noticed that Emma just glanced out the window and said, “Maybe it would be best if Richard told him.” Sean had to agree on that one. Cartier was mainly coming to see Rich, and the lad might be able to explain it better. He knew that even though Rich was one of the victims, the boy understood that Monet herself was in a bad spot.

Sean just looked at Emma and said, “You know, Emma, that lad has a good head on his shoulder at times. However, he has been a handful these past two weeks.” Sean stopped that thought and then said, “but I guess it is to be expected. The lad hasn’t been able to see a thing since what happened on Mojoworld.”

Sean was almost startled when he heard Richard say, “I’m sorry if I been a pain these past few days. It’s hard going through life not seeing a thing when you’ve become so use to it. I’m just thankful everyone has helped me out during all this.” Sean understood what Rich meant. All the kids had helped him out in someway. Although Yvette was doing most of it, everyone else did their fair share. He then heard the lad say, “By the way, Sean, I thank you again for running down to get Cartier and my other guest. They will probably be there at the airport together.”

Sean looked at the boy and said, “Lad, are ye coming along? They are your guests after all.” Sean was almost startled when the boy shook his head.

He then Emma say, “Rich thought he might as well start doing some teaching, so I’ve agreed to let him teach a course in Creative Thinking. That way, he doesn’t feel like a fifth wheel.” Sean could understand why. The boy was getting very edgy.

As he got up, he walked over to Rich and said, “Ok lad, but what if he asks about Monet? Emma and I agreed that he should talk to you first.” He could tell that the boy was thinking, but even so, he couldn’t tell if it was a troubled thought or not.

Finally his ‘son-in-law’ said, “Just tell him that we need to talk. I don’t know what else to say, and it probably won’t hit me until we are face to face, so to speak.” Sean nodded at that, although Rich couldn’t see it, Yvette probably told him what he had done.

As he headed to leave, he heard Yvette say, “Take care, ‘father’, and please drive safely.” As he left, he only wondered what the boy would teach in this course. He had heard of Creative Writing in schools, but never Creative Thinking. He wondered what Emma and Rich had planned for this course.

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As Sean left the school, Emma turned to Rich and said, “Are you nervous about your first time teaching?” She had noticed that he seemed a bit nervous about something, and she wondered if it was teaching, or this meeting today.

She watched as he nodded and said, “I’m a bit nervous. The whole idea of teaching them how to think creatively and to why the need for creative thinking exists sounds difficult.” She could tell how hard he was thinking about the subject.

Emma heard Yvette say, “Yes, and you’re the best person to teach that. Look at what your family has dealt with. They have dealt with legends and folklore. You love reading, games, and thinking.” She watched as Rich nodded each time.

Emma then said, “All of which qualifies you for this course. Also, with the fact that this is a new course anywhere, you can set your own standards and grading.” She noticed that the boy still looked uncomfortable about something. She then said, “What else is bothering you, Richard?”

Her blood almost went cold when Yvette said, “He had a nightmare. We were up most of the night trying to calm him down.” That was the one bad thing about Richard that she could see. His nightmares were usually the harbinger of bad news, and were always right.

Emma then looked at Rich and said, “Richard, how are you staying awake? I mean you’re eyes are always shut right now. Hank said that was the only way those cameras would disappear.” When Hank McCoy had told them how the camera’s were designed, he said that Rich would have to be blindfolded for about two to three weeks. She could only wonder what Rich was going through.

She watched as Yvette started to turn and Rich said, “Well, I think it’s time. Hopefully, this class will go well. However, I am expecting this to have a few jokes and such.” Emma walked out and down with them. She wanted to supervise this, just in case he did a good job. She even had an idea on what some of the jokes might be.

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Clarice walked towards the class with Grimore in her arms. She didn’t know why the cat stayed with her that night, but she knew something was up. One of the things she remembered of the Richard Cale in her timeline was his cat. The cat knew when things were up. The cat even knew just before Richard had died in her timeline. However, she had seen the cat die, and that was when Richard died. She could still remember the horrible way he had died in her timeline. Both he, and his wife, had been made the victims of experiments by the Dark Beast. She was almost deep in thought about that terrible event, when she heard Paige say, “Hey Clarice, good thing you got here. The teacher hasn’t shown up yet.”

Clarice heard the slight chuckles in the class room, and understood why. For most of them, the situation was awkward. As she sat down at a desk, she just said, “I must be the only person looking forward to this.” It was true. In her world, Magneto had often commented on how smart Richard Cale was. Before his capture and death, Richard Cale had helped her X-Men put a major dent in Apocaylpse’s forces.

She then heard Daria say, “Is that why you have Grimore? Trying to get in good with the teacher.” Some of them didn’t know that the cat had been with her for part of the evening.

Clarice just petted the cat and said, “No, I heard something last night, and when I openned the door to the dorm, he just darted inside. I think something spooked him.” She noticed a bit of a worried look on everyone’s faces. She understood why they were worried. Even she knew that Grimore was more than an ordinary cat.

She was almost startled when she heard a voice say, “Well, I was wondering where Grimore got to.” She turned to see Richard being lead into the room by Yvette and Emma. She watched as the cat just scampered out of her arms and over to Rich. She heard it meow and Rich said, “Calm down, Grimore. I’ve got a class to teach now.” She watched as Yvette helped Rich to the desk in the front of the room and then went to a seat. It was now apparent that Yvette was to be a student in the class. She then heard Rich say, “Alright everyone, this is the first day for the class Creative Thinking. There is one sure fire way to get an A in this course and that is...”

Clarice almost jumped when Jubilee said, “To sleep with the teacher.” She heard some laughter go around the room. She also saw how Yvette looked, as if she was shocked. Emma looked on, a bit disgusted, but Clarice noticed Rich’s calm look. She could swear that even though he was blindfolded, he could see where Jubilee was sitting in the class room. She could tell something was about to happen, and Jubilee was about to be in deep trouble.

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Jubilee could see that Emma was upset at everyone’s actions, but she could tell Emma was expecting something. She wondered if Emma was going to say something when she heard Rich say, “No Jubilee. The only way to pass this class is prove you have a brain, and prove you can think. Now can you answer me this question Jubilee.” She looked at him, and even though he was blindfolded, she could feel he was looking at her. He then said, “As I was travelling to St. Ives, I met a man with seven wives. Each wife had seven kids. Each kid had seven cats, and each cat had seven kits. How many were going to St. Ives?”

Jubilee felt dumbstruck. She didn’t know how many were going. He had said it so fast, she wasn’t sure of all the details. She had heard seven a few times, but she wasn’t sure if that the answer or not. Finally she decided she’d guess. It had to be at least this man and maybe one of his wives, if not all. She looked at Rich and said, “Eight.”

She almost smiled until Rich just said, “Dead wrong.” She noticed that Emma was walking up to her and Rich said, “Emma is handing you a paper with the answer, and your assignment, if no one answers the question correctly, is to write about where all the others were going, one paragraph for each of the others.” Jubilee looked at the paper, and almost dropped her jaw open in surprise. It had the answer on it, and how many were not going to St. Ives. She watched as Rich just said, “Can any one else answer the question, and I’m not repeating it.”

Jubilee started to feel panicked. She could see how everyone was writing numbers down, trying to come up with the right answer. She couldn’t answer it now, even though the right answer was in front of her. She then heard Paige say, “Rich, yah can’t expect us to come up with the right number under such high pressure.” Jubilee realized that even Paige was not ok with the idea of an assignment.

She noticed that Rich was not letting it phase him. It was as if Rich the student had disappeared and was replaced by Richard Cale, the strict instructor. “Paige, are you saying you have no idea what the answer is?”

Jubilee watched and hoped that Paige could answer the question, but Paige’s actions told her that her friend and teammate was dumbfounded. She was almost startled when she heard Mondo say, “One.” It was the answer, and she couldn’t believe that Mondo answered it.

She faced Richard again and saw he was smiling. She let out a quiet sigh of relief as Rich said, “Very good, Mondo. I think you just save Paige from the same assignment that Jubilee would have had, but how did you arrive at that conclusion?”

She wanted to know the answer to that as well and said, “Yea, Mondo, how did you come up with that solution?” She hoped it wasn’t something simple, because she would feel like a complete doofus if it was.

Mondo then said, “Because Rich told us.” Jubilee thought about the question again and realized Mondo was right. “All the other numbers and that was about a person he met, but he never said the man was going to St. Ives.” Rich had succeeded in confusing her with details she didn’t need, and she didn’t see it.

She watched as Rich stood up and said, “Bravo, Mondo. That was exactly the point of the question, and what this class will hopefully teach you. I hope to teach you how to think. How to find solutions, no matter how odd they maybe. I plan to show you that just because I give you all the information, doesn’t mean you need it.” Jubilee figured she should take out some paper, because this was one class she wasn’t going to miss the lectures on.


As Cartier got off the plane, he looked around and relaxed. He had been worried that the flight would have some sort of problem. As he started in the direction of the baggage claim, he turned back and said, “Gabe, are you coming?”

He watched as a young gentleman came out of the plane and headed in his direction. As the man neared him, he said, “I’m here, don’t worry. It’s not like I not familiar with America. I did come from the states.” Cartier knew that was true, but he also remembered that Gabe was from the southern part of the country, not the Massachucetts area.

As they headed for their luggage and customs, Cartier said, “True, but remember, we are in Massachucetts, and when you meet Richard, you should not expect typical kids.” He had mentioned to Gabe on the plane that Richard was a mutant, as were the other children at the school.

After some time past and they had cleared customs and baggage claim area, Gabe said, “Cartier, is part of this about who is going to be your heir? I know you said that tradition says it would go to your son, and you said he couldn’t handle it.” Cartier just nodded, and Gabe said, “So it’s more than the usual get together. Well, I hope things can be worked out.”

Cartier looked at his friend and said, “So do I, Gabe, So do I.” Cartier then said, “Listen, Richard said he’d arrange for us to have a lift to the school. So all we have to do is sit tight.” Cartier then noticed that four teenage girls were heading over in his direction. One looked as if she knew him, but he didn’t know where. When they finally stopped, he said, “Excuse me, can I help you?”

The lead girl looked at him and aid, “Excuse me, are you Richard Cale?” He was shocked at the question, was this another person looking for the Paladin’s help. He just shook his head and watched as the girl turned to the one in the back and said, “I told you it wasn’t him.”

He then heard the girl in back say, “But he looks like the picture in Lady Godiva museum. He might know Richard Cale.” He noticed a humorous look cross Gabe’s face. He understood where that look came from.

He then said, “Actually, ladies, I am a good friend of Richard Cale’s. Did he know you would be arriving today?”

He was very surprised to hear the one girl say, “No, he didn’t. Godiva was suppose to phone him.”

Cartier then noticed that Sean Cassidy was walking into Logan Airport. Maybe Sean knew about these girls, and maybe not. He just wave his hand and Sean walked over. As he neared, Sean said, “Cartier, it’s good to see ye again.”

Cartier just nodded and said, “It good to see you again. I take it that Rich had you pick all of us up.” He motioned to Gabe and the four girls and saw the puzzled look on Sean’s face. Maybe Godiva never got in touch with Richard.

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Sean was a bit startled when he saw all the people that Cartier brought with him. Sean looked at him and said, “Cartier, I thought Rich said you were only coming with the family friend?”

He heard the one girl say, “Oh that’s terrific. We get sent here for protection and we end up stranded.” The girl seemed a bit uppity. He then saw her look at the one girl in the group and said, “Chris, this is all your fault.” He watched the girl shrink back.

Cartier then said, “Sean, Godiva sent them up here. I don’t know why, but apparently Godiva thought it was for the best. Didn’t she call the school before you left?”

Sean shook his head and said, “She didnae. However, if she did call after I left, everyone is in a class right now. If Godiva thinks it’s for the best, ye all better come with me.” As they headed out the door, Sean looked at Cartier and said, “This day is full of surprises, isn’t it?”

Cartier looked at him and said, “It is indeed. I’m hoping for no unpleasent surprises. Hopefully no other family visits, not like last time we met.” Sean had to agree with that. Last time they had met was at Godiva’s museum in Easton.

As they all left the terminial, Sean noticed something he had remembered seeing before. Almost like deja vu, he noticed a black limo. He thought it was the same limo from when he picked up Rich at Logan Airport, but then dismissed it. As they headed past it, Sean said, “Me van this way. I’ll tell ye this much, it might take some time getting to the school with the Big Dig going on.”

As they all got into the van, Cartier said, “You said that everyone is in a class right now. Who is teaching it?”

Sean just looked at Cartier and said, “Rich is. Since he’s co head-master, Emma and I figured it would be best to have him teaching some classes.” It was the truth. He was glad Cartier didn’t ask him about Monet.

He thought that too soon as Cartier just said, “And how is Monet doing in classes?” One question Sean didn’t want to hear. He knew that everyone wanted Rich to talk to Cartier about it, but how could he delay it.

He then had a brainstorm. He turned to Cartier and said, “To be honest, sir, Rich wanted to talk to you about it since your family and his are so close.” He watched as Cartier nodded. He then continued his drive to the school, and glanced back to see that the black limo was now leaving Logan Airport as well. He wondered if they had picked up their guest.


D.O.A. jumped into the limo just after Sean had gotten the van started. He had seen everything that had transpired in the airport. He figured that Emplate would not like the turn of events that had happened. He was suppose to intercept the girls and take them back to the lighthouse, however by the time he got in there, one of them had spotted Emplate’s father. Now the whole trick would be explaining it to Emplate. While his own abilities had never awakened, he knew Emplate sensed them. However, he always proved his usefulness to Emplate. As he made his way through the back roads of Massachucetts, he eventually arrived at the lighthouse, while Sean was still working his way through the city of Boston. When he got out of the car, he headed straight for the door. As he ran in, he almost knocked over Emplate’s newest follower. he saw the sad look on the boy’s face, but he didn’t care. He ran up the steps to the top of the lighthouse and to the room that Emplate usually resided in. He was almost startled to see Elane up on her feet and next to the master. When he finally entered, he heard Emplate say, “Did you get them, D.?”

He didn’t want to move, just in case Elane faced him. He then said, “No, sir. The situation got more complicated. Your father came across them, with his one friend.” He felt himself lift up into the air and almost panicked. He thought it was Aura and noticed that she had only sat down. It was Emplate. All the master was doing was holding his hand out like he was expecting something to be put in it. If it had been Elane’s power, he would have felt something around him, but he was in a free fall. “Sir, I didn’t know he’d be here.”

He fell when Emplate quickly lowered his hand quickly and said, “It is indeed a problem in the plan, and no doubt that if Richard finds out that I’m involved, those girls will never be in my grasp. Now, what we need is for something to happen to get the groups to split up.” As D.O.A. got up, he heard Emplate ask, “Does the one girl still have the communicator?”

D.O.A. nodded and said, “Yes, the one called Britney still has it. Clever plan of yours to make sure no one saw me deliver them. What message should I send to her?”

He watched as Emplate thought for a moment, and then noticed that Elane said, “Tell her, that if she hopes to secure her and her friends safety, she should notify us when we can abduct the mutant girl with least resistance.”

D.O.A. nodded and said, “Right, she already thinks that by helping us, she and her two friends will be safe and her mutant friend Christina will be gone. I like it, if you like it sir.” He looked at Emplate and watched as Emplate just nodded and sat down next to Elane and held her hand. He left the room to send the message. He wondered how the upcoming event were going to change things around the hideout. He could only think that he’d have more duties to preform.


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