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Well, for the official June 9th posting, I am presenting the first chapter of the eleventh story of the Cale Storyline. Entitled Old Threat, Old Face, New Threat, Old Face, this story picks up a few months after Power of Mind, Power of Fury, and the foe that got unleashed at the end of that story. Of course, Generation X knows nothing about this foe, but this foe has a group, one with a familiar face to one of their members. This first chapter sets the stage for the second phase of this foes plan to begin. So without any further adieu, here is chapter one.

Generation X Cale Storyline Disclaimer

Attention: Generation X and their villains, as well as any other mutant mentioned in this story, is property of Marvel Comics. The character Richard Cale is named after family relations. Any other reference to anything copyrighted is a chance happening.

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Old Threat, Old Face, New Threat, Old Face

Prior Stories and Chapters
Previous ChapterPower Of Mind, Power Of Fury: Chapter 9: Consequences(updated)

Chapter 1: Preparing for New Attacks (updated)

Freeze Frame jumped into the car just at the last second. The one guard had fired a shot at him before he froze the guard. He heard the bullet hit the car door, but it didn’t penetrate the car. Soon, the car sped off, heading out of the city of New York. As the car sped out of the city, he heard Q. T., his teammate, go, “Smart move, lunkhead. You had to try and break into something with alarm systems we couldn’t deactivate.”

He heard the hatred in his teammates voice. He suspected that Q. T. hated men, but he always wondered why she agreed to be part of their group. He just looked over at her and said, “Well, I thought that Golden would have silenced it. I didn’t think it would be that well protected. I mean, Golden has silenced every other alarm in the target sites.” He looked at his deaf and mute teammate. During their first raid on Frost Enterprises, they had gotten the devices that allowed him to drive the getaway car. While he couldn’t hear, he could see all.

Q. T. just grabbed his shirt and said, “Yea, but he couldn’t. We have one hell of a problem now. We have a witness.”

That little bit of info startled him. “What do you mean ‘we have a witness.’ That guard who shot at me didn’t see my face, or yours.” He felt her hand slap his cheek.

Q. T. just said, “No, but the ones that got to that lab did see our faces.”

He laughed and said, “You killed them with that kiss of yours. I saw that.” He was afraid she’d do the same to him before he could stop her. His ability was to put people into suspended animation for five minutes.

Q. T. just said, “No, the one guard is alive because he was a mutant. I can only put mutants into unconsciousness. Would you like a demonstation, you moron?” He was almost afraid she was lying as she started to pucker her lips.

He was thankful when the next voice said, “Enough, Q. T., we have to prepare for the next phase, and we need everyone.” He watched as Q. T. let go of him and sat back. He turned to his boss, as she said, “We’ve only been attacking the companies until now. Now we will take care of their owners.”

He looked over at her and said, “What’s the deal with these two companies, boss?” This was another thing he wondered about.

He noticed how sternly she looked at him and said, “Vengence. That’s what this is about. Vengence, and I will arrange a little deal with an associate of mine, and if we fail, I plan to substitute one of you three.” He could tell in her eyes that something about this deal was deadly. She then leaned forward and he saw the smile that crossed her face. “Now, listen up, I shall only communicate this once, and I will tell Golden the same thing psyonically. This is the plan.” Freeze Frame decided to focus on this plan. He didn’t want to fail now, but if he did, he hoped that Q. T. would be one sacrificed. He didn’t like her at all.

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Richard Cale sat up in his bed. He had come down to the company branch in New York to look at a project one of his scientists was working on. He was in the special apartment that was built into all of the office branches. He ran over to an intercom and said, “What’s that racket?”

He waited, and finally he heard a voice on the other end. “Sorry sir, but those attackers just broke in. This time the alarm did work, however, we lost two, possibly three guards.”

Richard just sighed. Everytime these attacks happened, he lost a guard or two. He was going to look into these attacks, and the attacks at Frost Enterprises. He and Emma concluded that they were done by the same attackers. He then said, “What was different this time?”

He bit his lip when he heard the guard say, “I don’t know sir, maybe the alarm was more than they anticipated. Nothing got stolen, a few things damaged though.”

Rich sighed and said, “Alright, in the morning call the police, I want to talk to them personally, but be ready for the FBI. I may ask them to investigate.” He released the intercom and walked over to a phone. He quickly dialed Emma’s number at the school.

He waited about a minute before Emma picked up, half asleep, and said, “Hello?”

Rich just said, “Emma, it’s Rich. There was another attack.”

He heard her concerned voice say, “Where and when?” She was victim to these attacks as well, and was wondering which of them was victim this time.

Rich sighed and said, “They attacked here. They didn’t know about the apartment, but they fouled up this time. They triggered an alarm.” It didn’t make it any better, because he knew that if they hadn’t attacked at all, it would be totally better. “Three guards are down, two dead.”

He heard Emma say, “Any signs on how it was done. We still know nothing about these attackers.”

He understood what she had said, “Not yet, but we might have something to go on now. I’m going to call Yvette, and in the morning, I will look into the problem.”

He listend as Emma said, “Alright, I wish you were here for the new student. You are considered one of the headmasters now.”

He rolled his eyes as he said. “I know, but it does seen awkward. A student also being headmaster.” That didn’t really help all the stress he was under lately. After the incident with Sabertooth, these attacks started and had been going on for two months. He then said, “However, I’m sure Yvette can handle the task. Besides, I may be here a few more days.”

Rich waited as Emma said, “Alright, you will let Yvette know what to do. By the way, why don’t you call her psyonically.”

Rich just said, “No, I need to do it this way. I need to let her know that when I’m here on business, she will have to phone me. You understand that, don’t you?” He heard a sound of acknowledgement on the other end. He had gotten his point across. He then said, “I will be in touch.” He hung up the phone and waited. What would he say to Yvette? She seemed a bit unhappy that he went alone to the company.

He finally dial the private number to their apartment. He waited patiently until he heard his wife say, “Hello?”

It made him feel a bit better to hear her voice. “Sorry to wake you, love, but I needed to tell you something.”

He could hear the joy in her voice when she said, “It’s alright, but why didn’t you do it through our mind link.”

He understood her confusion, but he needed to talk to her on the phone. “My love, while I’m here, I need to talk to you this way. If you need to call, it should be done this way. Also, you know that the new student is coming tomorrow.”

He heard Yvette’s voice say, “I know, my love. I’ll dress in my best outfit. I was thinking the blue outfit you got me that one christmas.” He smiled. She knew that he liked her in that outfit.

“Sounds lovely, and when I get back, I’ll have something for you, and treat you to a nice romantic dinner.” It was the least he could do for leaving her back at the school.

He heard her ask, “How long will you be gone?”

He took a moment to think and said, “Maybe two days. There was another attack tonight, and maybe I can find out who it is.”

He heard a concerned tone in her voice as she said, “Be careful. I hope it’s not Emplate. I don’t want to lose you.”

He hoped it wasn’t Emplate as well, but it didn’t seem like Emplate. He then said, “I don’t think its him, but I don’t know who else it could be. The least I can do is make sure that the right people go after these attackers. Good night, love.” He heard her hang up, and he returned to the bed in the apartment. When he laided back down, he wondered who it might be, but he knew of no one who would form a team like this, except Emplate. He had a feeling he would have disturbing dreams tonight.


Sean Cassidy sat in his office and continued to look over the information on the new student. There was no information on the girls mutant ability, just that she lived in fear. He wished that Rich and Emma had both looked over the girl’s profile before she arrived, but Rich had to leave when his company called, and both were too worked up over the attacks on their companies. He watched as Emma walked in. She looked like she hadn’t gotten the best nights rest. “Rough night, Emma?”

He watched as Emma just looked at him and nodded. He noticed that she had on a white business-like outfit to reflect her professional side. “Yes. There was another attack, this time on Rich’s company.”

He gasped and said, “Was the lad hurt? I know he said that he’d be in the building.” He was thankful when she shook her head. Sean then said, “Yvette would be a basket case if Rich would have been hurt.” He knew his ‘daughter’ well on that. He knew Yvette was a bit upset that Rich had gone alone, and he knew why.

Emma then said, “I don’t think they even knew he was there. For once, the alarms got them, but the attackers got away.”

Sean looked at Emma and said, “You mean that they had no idea. You think it would have been different if they had known?” He hated to think that Rich and Emma were the targets of these attacks, and that raised a question in his mind. “Ye don’t think yur sister is behind it?”

Emma sighed and said, “I don’t know. I’m not exactly sure, but I wouldn’t doubt it. The thing is, if it is her, she’s covering her tracks extremely well.” She sighed again and then said, “So what about this student that is arriving today?”

He was almost startled by how she had changed topics, but it was probably for the best. “Well, we know very little about her. All I can get from the Cerebro unit was that her name is Quinn Taylor. Nothing on what her ability is, but that she is a mutant.”

“Anything on her background?”

He went through some of the papers he had on his desk. Soon he pulled a sheet out and said, “Yes. Apparently, for a time, she went to a college in Pennsylvania. However, it appears she was chased out of it because she was a mutant.”

Emma walked over to his desk and said, “What college? Maybe we can find out something from the dean there. I’d hate to think she was dismissed from there because she was a mutant.” He nodded with her though. It was a common and disturbing thought.

When he finally produced a paper, he looked at the college name on it and said, “Here we are. I’ve never even heard of this place. It’s in a small town called Elizabethtown.”

He was startled when he heard a voice say, “I’ve heard of that place.” He looked up to see Yvette standing in the door. She looked proper for a first meeting of a student. She then said, “I’ve heard of that school.” He wanted to know how she heard of it, but figure he already knew the answer.

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Yvette walked in the door as both Emma and her ‘father’ looked at her. She was amazed when she had heard the mention of the school. Her ‘father’ then asked her the question she knew he would ask. “Yvette, how do you know about this school?”

She figured that they knew how she knew about the school, but she figured that she should say anyhow. “Rich told me about it. He said that he attended the school before the Onslaught event, but had to leave for reasons he wouldn’t say.”

Emma then said, “Do you know if Rich has met our new student before?” Yvette started to wonder that as well, but pushed it out of her mind.

Yvette then said, “I doubt it. Rich didn’t socialize much in college. He had a few friends, but he doesn’t talk to them much anymore.” That was true. Since he was here, he didn’t talk to his old friends much. She then said, “Besides, with about 1500 kids at a school, he couldn’t have met everyone.”

She heard her ‘father’ sigh as he said, “Then we will have to wait until he gets back to ask about our new student.” She noticed that he looked at her when he asked his next question, “Yvette, are ye sure yur ok with this?” She knew what he meant by that.

Yvette nodded and said, “I’m fine. I just hope this new student accepts the fact that a student is also a headmaster here.” She almost giggled at that thought and then said, “I know Rich finds it a little awkward, but he knows why we have to do it.”

She then heard Emma say, “I just wish more of the students were here. With Jono and Paige visiting the X-Men, and Jubilee and Everett visiting his parents, we only have Monet, Daria, and you to represent the girls, and Angelo, Darrett and Mondo to represent the boys.”

Yvette nodded and said, “True, but we can still show a good impression. So when is the new student due to arrive?”

She watched as her ‘father’ got up and said, “In an hour. She said that a friend would arrange for her safe arrival.”

Yvette was shocked and said, “Is she in danger?” For most mutants, that was an understatement. Especially with her, she knew that her life was always threatened.

She watched as Emma shrugged and said, “Another of her mysteries. We don’t even know what her mutant ability is, but we know she is a mutant.” This worried her abit.

Yvette didn’t want to get scared, or even think this, but she said it, “You don’t think she is working with Emplate, do you?” She heard the fear in her own voice. It was a second instinct in her that made her afraid whenever she thought about Emplate.

She heard her ‘father’ say, “Calm down, Yvette. Last thing we need right now is you tensing up. I doubt Emplate has any link in this, but the new girl will be ariving in the hour. I want you to check on all the students, and make sure Grimore stays in yur apartment. We don’t know if the gal is allergic to cats.” Yvette nodded and left her ‘father’s’ office. Now she had to find where everyone was. That, she knew, wasn’t always an easy task.


Emplate was surprise when D. told him who was outside of the lighthouse, and their reason. As he made his way to the door, he heard Elane come up behind him. She was wondering what was going on, and he knew it, not just from his gift, but her pace. He anticipated her question, “What’s going on? And did I hear D.O.A. correctly?”

He nodded and said, “You did, and as for what is going on, I plan to find out. It maybe some attempt to get me to leave Generation X alone.” He then openned the door and realized that D. was not lying. “I take it you have an offer for me.”

The figure just smiled, and he knew it was a genuine offer. “An offer you’d definatly love. I noticed your reaction to the sword Richard Cale held. You know who held that sword before him.”

Emplate nodded and said, “The same person who forced me to wear this respirator. How Richard Cale got it is a mystery and I will solve it.” He hated the sight of that sword, especially the blazing fire that eminated from it.

The figure just said, “It’s his sword because his father held it before him. His father is the one that caused you to be hurt.” Emplate now remembered that incident, when he was merged with both his sisters. The fire had seperated them, with the help of the talisman, and his fathers words, but the sword cause a wound in him.

Emplate was almost in a fury and said, “I should have know, especially when I saw that cat. Vengence shall be mine. I take it you plan to get Richard Cale to me without the sword, but what about Yvette.”

Elane said, “That bitch won’t stand idle as you try to do anything.”

The figure nodded and said, “Not unless Mrs. Cale is unconscious.” The words struck Emplate quickly. That could only mean two things.

Emplate looked forward at the figure and said, “You mean the two are married now.” The figure nodded and he continue his guess, “And it happened when they were in England, didn’t it?”

The figure nodded again and said, “And they have something you have longed search for.” He felt his eyes go wide, at the sole thought of what he thought it was. The figure then said, “Yes, Richard and Yvette have that book. When I get you Richard Cale, you can strike a deal for his release for the book, and demand Yvette bring it to you, alone or accompanied. I’ll go with her and you’ll have all you ever wanted.” He enjoyed the thought of all his powerful dreams coming to a close.

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Elane couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Rich and Yvette married, although that had an extra benefit to it. Anything she did to one would cause massive pain to the other. The only thing she didn’t like was why this deal was in the works. She looked at the figure and said, “What do you get out of this?”

The figure just laughed and said, “I only want one dimention to control. Emplate has the power to control many with the book in his hands.”

Emplate nodded, and said, “Only when you have brought me Richard, Yvette and the book. Now you best go before everyone gets suspicious.” He closed the door and started back to his room. Elane quickly ran after him, in shock at what he had done.

She quickly stepped in front of him and said, “What have you done, my love? You could have set us up for a trap.” She didn’t like the idea of a trap, unless it was one they set.

She felt confidence again when Emplate said, “It’s very simple. I could tell our guest wasn’t lying. They plan to follow through with it. However, I am suspicious. If they fail, I’m sure they will compensate.”

Elane smiled as she realized that they were in no danger at all. She quickly got close to Emplate and said, “Then afterwords, we can have a little victory celebration.” She winked at him and kissed him. He knew what she had in mind for a victory celebration, and she knew it.

She felt Emplate embrace her, not biting into her, and say, “I do like the sound of that. I hope it will be a long celebration.” She liked the thought of that. She nodded and Emplate said, “Good. Let’s plan it right now.” She knew what he meant, and smiled. This was going to be a good time to be bad.


Quinn looked out the car window as it went up the driveway to the school. She leaned forward so she could be seen in the rear view mirror. The driver glanced back and she started to sign. As she signed, she said, “Remember Golden, tonight you come back and attack with Freeze Frame. You get capture, next night, the boss releases you, and we capture Emma Frost.” She watched as he nodded and she sat back. She didn’t need to let everyone here know about the trap, however, the boss had done something to prevent them from finding out.

When the car stopped, she saw three people waiting at the door. One was a gentleman with orangish hair, who had to be Sean Cassidy, as her boss had told her. The second was Emma Frost. She had seen the pictures at the company when they raided it. The last one appeared to be one of the students, a girl with red hair and in a blue dress. When she got out of the car, Sean Cassidy said, “Hello, Ms. Taylor. Welcome to the Xavier’s. I am Sean Cassidy, one of the headmasters here. This is Emma Frost, one of our other headmasters, and Yvette Cale.”

The name struck her mind and she held back what she was going to say. The boss had never mentioned that name before. She smiled and said, “Are you one of students here?”

The redhead nodded and said, “Yes, but I’m also representing my husband since he could not be present today.” Quinn now had a hatred for this girl. If her husband was who she thought it was, she wanted to do something to ruin the girl’s life. Maybe she’d have to use her ability on her. She almost smiled at the thought of the affects it would have.

Quinn just said, “Well, I hope this place is better than my last school. People wanted to kill me because I was a mutant.” It was part true. They wanted to kill her for all the men she killed.

She watched as Emma walked over to her and said, “Well, don’t worry. Here, no one will attack you.” Quinn smiled, and surpressed a laugh. She wanted to ask Emma who would protect her.


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