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As I stated in the past two chapter postings, I know I started posting the original that was up on Kindred Spirits about two years ago. At the posting of the last chapter before this long break between chapters, a lot had been going on, and I do mean A LOT. So now I am rectifying it. I am going to try and finish posting the first story sometime between now and Thanksgiving. Those of you one here that do read my stuff know I put a good deal of work into this stuff, and that I have to prioritize between writing, and real life obligations. Also note that when I post these, they are for the most part as is. There will be typos, there will be misspelled names. This is also because I plan to post the redux chapters as well. These stories are something I am proud of, even though I am rewriting them. It is only right, in my mind, to let you see the original version, as well as the updated version. It shows how much one has matured in their skills between the time the original was written and now. I want all of you to note that Changes, the first story of The Cale Storyline, is twenty years old this year, and I wrote it during my senior year in college.

Now, Here is the ninth chapter of the first story of the Cale Storyline.

Generation X Cale Storyline Disclaimer

Attention: Generation X and their villains, as well as any other mutant mentioned in this story, is property of Marvel Comics. The character Richard Cale is named after family relations. Any other reference to anything copyrighted is a chance happening.

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Chapter 9: Calm Before The Storm (Updated Version)

When the day was starting to end, Rich finally left the Biosphere. He felt a little washed out, with all the changing and abilities. Rich walked back into the main building of the school and almost knocked over Emma Frost. He looked up at her and thought about her for a moment. She supposedly owned this school ground, but it was run in the dream that Charles Xavier had, before his rage created Onslaught. He wondered if she was similar to Xavier, and why she ran the school. He sensed a bit of unrest in her, about some students of hers. Is that why she was so protective about Generation X.

"So, Richard, how has your first day here?" she asked in a calm voice. He looked at her suspiciously. He didn't really trust her, but she gave the effort to try to get on his good side.

"It has been going well, Ms. Frost. I take it there is a reason you stopped me."

"Yes, Richard, there is. I want to talk to you about your condition."

"I take it your not referring to my mutant ability, but to the medical condition."

"Indeed. Richard, is there any chance that you might have a seizure at a critical time."

Rich could see what was coming. It was her concern for the kids. He looked at her and said, "Ms. Frost, I have been on medication for epilepsy since I was in my early childhood. You don't have to worry about it. I haven't had a seizure since my childhood and my sleep."

"I just hope you don't put us all in jeopardy in case someone attacks us. I honestly don't need you to go into a seizure at the worse time." There was a concern in her voice that Rich could only associate with one other thought. He easily placed it because he had seen it in one of his family.

"You don't want to lose us like you lost the others, do you Emma?" It was the first time he saw Emma Frost as a mother type figure instead of someone else entirely different. She only turned and didn't face him. It was obvious that she must have forgotten his ability. She looked upset when he finally decided to say, "I know it's not in my power to promise this, but I have a good feeling that what happened to them, won't happen to us, no matter what is thrown at us."

Emma only looked at him. It was obvious that he must have reached her, in some way. She then spoke, "That was the first time you called me Emma. Over the time you have been here, you have been cold and formal with me. For the first time, you have reached a kindness with me. Richard, you have been a bit of a blessing to the school. I think that the student, as well as myself and Sean, will benefit from you being here."

Rich, for the first time while here at the school, felt comfortable around Emma Frost. She went back into her office and closed the door. He then continued to the foyer. He heard everybody's voices there. He walked into a very nasty argument.

"I say that we go eat at McDonald's." There was no mistaking the hyper voice of Jubilee. She was obviously arguing with Monet.

Rich observed the situation and thought back to his years in college. He saw this at his college before the Onslaught threat. That was obviously like his years in college, except everybody was younger. He walked in the room and went to say something when he saw in his peripheral vision that Sean was standing at the side of the door. Rich let a small grin cross his face. Paige looked in his direction and said to the others, "Listen, there's Rich. Let's ask him. He might want to eat out as well."

Everybody turned and started yelling out suggestions. Monet mentioned the Olive Garden. Angelo and Everett mentioned Taco Bell. Mondo, obviously, didn't care where they went. Franklin and Jubilee both felt like McDonald's. Artie and Leech weren't around, but then, they stuck out like sore thumbs, due to skin color. Penance would be safest here at the school. Chamber didn't eat. Paige was suggesting Wendy's. He was almost sick of hearing everybody yelling out suggestions. He said calmly, "Enough, I made a choice." It was apparent that no one listened to him. He decided to give everybody a shock. He then yelled, "I said, enough." Jubilee had a look of shock be cause she realized what was happening. She jumped down and every got knocked down by a sonic scream.

Sean looked at him and said, "That wasn't need, lad. I didnae even know ye had my abilities. I just wished ye didnae do that."

Rich turned to Sean, "Sorry 'bout that, sir. I just had to stop them, besides they didn't seem to listen. Are you driving, Sean?"

"Yes, but the kids can't decided where to go. They want you to make the decision."

"Well I have. I wouldn't mind a meal at McDonald's."

Jubilee jumped up and yelled, "Yes. McDonald's. I can't wait." She ran out the door and towards Sean's jeep. Everybody started to follow, complaining about the choice and cautious about making Rich upset. Rich started heading toward the door.

Paige, who was the last person to exit waited for him. She looked at him and said, "Ah take it you have been in that situation."

He looked at her. "Paige, I was a college student before coming here. That happened alot." Rich then ran out the door for the jeep. He grabbed a seat right near Everett and in back of Monet. He then relaxed as Sean started the jeep up and drove for McDonald's.

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D.O.A. stood near the limo he usually drove. The master had been abit upset about missing that mutant at the airport. What had disturbed the master most was that the mutant couldn't be seen. He had seen Banshee leaving with a young man following him. The master spent most of the hours during the drive back to the lighthouse. The master had his Hellion's to feed him for a time, but he missed his favorite meal ticket. The fact that the master missed his favorite meal ticket had him think that eventually that he would have to drive him to the Xavier school. Any mutant he caught for the master understood what his name was.

D heard a familiar voice from a month back. He turned in the direction of the McDonald's that was near him. He saw the mutants that the master went after. He notice Monet, the master's sister. He then saw Synch, the one that the master sent away. He watched as each mutant got out of the car. He let a very nasty thought cross his mind when Jubilee left the car. The master had a score to settle with her. He then saw the young man. The young man must be the mutant that the master mentioned. How could that be? The master would have attacked in an instant. He said that the mutant seemed to past by him. He watched as the group entered the McDonald's. He would drive back to the lighthouse and tell the master.

D.O.A. started the limo and drove back to the lighthouse. The lighthouse was not far from where the McDonald's was, and the master like the privacy and decor of the lighthouse. He arrived at the lighthouse, he ran for the top floor of the lighthouse, passing the cell that use to hold the master's favorite meal. He entered the room at the top and exclaimed "Sir, I have good news for you."

His master turned and stared at him with the yellowish-red eyes. Echoing through the respirator he wore, he said, "This had better be important, D. I am still very upset about the mutant from yesterday. I think he is at the school, but I can't be sure what type a mutant he is. I couldn't see an aura around him!"

D let his smile get wider that it already was. "Well, he must be a student where your sister is, for I saw him with the mutants as they went to the local McDonald's. Should I round the Hellions together for an attack on the McDonald's."

He watched the master and he finally said, "D. Get the Hellions together, we will attack the school in the morning. But, first I will check things out. I need to find out about that mutant. Then I shall capture and feast on all, and eliminate my sister." D. smiled as he left the room. The master was finally in a better mood.


When they arrived back at the school, Jubilee watched as Rich ran for the Biosphere. She noticed that everyone was also watching. Sean only said, "I'm beginning to think that Rich is the best thing that has happened to Penance."

Jubilee thought for a moment and said, "Sean, you mean to say that Rich is going to see Penny? Those two must have really hit it off." She then thought that with Rich's ability, he was the only one who could communicate with her, and from the roses yesterday, maybe there was a relationship starting between the two. She couldn't help but giggle when she thought of how they first met.

Paige overheard her giggling and said, "What so funny about that, Jubilee. Penance finally has someone she trusts enough to relax, and Rich seems to to trust her and is in love."

"I'm thinking of how those two met. Remember, back in the assembly hall."

Monet then started to giggle. She thought then said, "I see what you mean, Jubilee. It is almost ironic. He is more afraid to move towards Jono, and if you ask me, Jono's life is less traumatic then Penance's life has been."

"And when she first approached him, that must have scared him more than it did her. But he sees her as an object of beauty. I wonder what the future holds for those two."

Everett said, "I guess only time will answer that question. Hey, Jubilee, do you want to go for a walk."

Jubilee didn't take a moment to think about it. She knew her answer right away. She looked him straight in the eyes and said, "Alright." And with that, she went with Everett as the happiest girl in the world.

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Penance watched with joy when Rich finally entered the Biosphere. She jumped down from the tree she was in and he approached her. As he morphed into her form, she ran and embraced him. "I so happy to see you, Rich."

He smiled at her and said, "I know, Yvette, but right now I must tell you something. I think I know how we can get you to speak out loud. Can you relax a little bit, I think that also will allow your skin to become softer."

She thought about it for a moment. In most of her life, she had been very tense and never relaxed much. She felt she could do it. She relaxed and felt her body slowly soften. It was difficult because of the restrains that He put on her. They were put on when her skin was diamond sharp, and the restraints were pulled tight around it. She finally relaxed to a pain where there was little pain from the tight restraints. "Alright, now what should I do."

Rich appeared to do the same thing and finally he spoke aloud. "You should be able to talk aloud now, Yvette. Remember most of what I taught you mentally."

Penance thought about what he said, she understood it better now. She then said slowly, "I-I-I th-th-think s-s-so." She was surprised and how quiet her voice was. She then looked at Rich as he smiled.

"You have a lovely voice, Yvette. It matches your psionic voice and your beauty. We should find a better outfit for you though. Your current outfit just doesn't seem right."

Penance could feel herself blushing, but she didn't know if Rich could tell. She wondered what he thought she looked best in and decided to ask. "R-r-rich, wh-wh-what d-d-do y-y-you th-think I-I w-would l-look g-good i-in?"

He looked at her and she then noticed he was gazing into her eyes. "I think that you would look lovely in a blue dress, blue to match your eyes." She then smiled and kissed him. She was truly in love with him. After they finished kissing, Rich then said, "I think it might be best if you learn to talk better. I think it might be a surprise to everyone if they hear you speaking out loud."

"I-I th-think y-you a-are r-right, R-Rich." She smiled and they sat down as Rich continued her lessons in English. She enjoyed how Rich pronounced his words, and she tried to copy that down to the way he even pronounced some of the simple words. After a couple of hours, Rich started to get up. "Is that going to be all for tonight?"

"Yes. I going to start to get into a new daily routine. Exercise in the morning. I have to be in shape if I want to stay ahead of Emplate. And your English and speaking has improved remarkably from yesterday. I'll see you tomorrow." He left the biosphere and she decided to find a nice spot to curl up and sleep. She felt a lot more comfortable with Rich around. She felt as if she didn't have anything to fear at all.


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