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As I stated in the last chapters posting, I know I started posting the original that was up on Kindred Spirits about two years ago. At the posting of the last chapter before this long break between chapters, a lot had been going on, and I do mean A LOT. So now I am rectifying it. I am going to try and finish posting the first story sometime between now and Thanksgiving. Those of you one here that do read my stuff know I put a good deal of work into this stuff, and that I have to prioritize between writing, and real life obligations. Also note that when I post these, they are for the most part as is. There will be typos, there will be misspelled names. This is also because I plan to post the redux chapters as well. These stories are something I am proud of, even though I am rewriting them. It is only right, in my mind, to let you see the original version, as well as the updated version. It shows how much one has matured in their skills between the time the original was written and now. I want all of you to note that Changes, the first story of The Cale Storyline, is twenty years old this year, and I wrote it during my senior year in college.

Now, Here is the eighth chapter of the first story of the Cale Storyline.

Generation X Cale Storyline Disclaimer

Attention: Generation X and their villains, as well as any other mutant mentioned in this story, is property of Marvel Comics. The character Richard Cale is named after family relations. Any other reference to anything copyrighted is a chance happening.

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Previous ChapterBonding(updated)

Chapter 8: Bonding Part II (Updated Version)

Penance looked out at the sky above her. It was a while after Jubilee had taken her from the Biosphere. It was just a couple of moments after the time when the shadows disappear. She had decided to go to the room that the food was kept. She entered the room to see the noisemaker was in the room. He had gotten an apple from the fruit basket. He must have been getting ready to find her. Jubilee had left her awhile ago. He turned to her and said something. She remembered that Rich said his name was Sean. He said something to her as he handed her the apple. She could make out some of the words. One that she made out was Biosphere, the building where the outdoors was indoors. She then was overjoyed with another word he said. Rich. She was going to see Rich again. He must have been in the Biosphere. She ran out of the building and toward the Biosphere. She heard the noisemaker was following behind her. She wondered what he wanted.

Penance entered the building and started looking around. She looked around for Rich. The noisemaker yelled out his name. It wasn't long until she heard his voice. "Hi Yvette." She turned to see him walk out into the open. He had transformed into her form again. She ran over and gave him a hug. The noisemaker started to say something and Rich held up his hand. Rich returned the hug and said, "He was about to warn me about how sharp your skin is. I guess he was afraid you would hurt me."

Penance looked into his eyes. "I would never hurt you, Rich. I don't want to do anything to lose you. Now, what has been happening to you today?"

"I've been meeting everybody today, Yvette. I have met with Angelo, Paige, Jubilee and Mondo. After I spend some time with you, I get to meet Monet, Jono, and Everett. It's just been so eventful, but it has been a long day" He sat down and continued, "Yvette, I had a terrible dream last night. One I fear is a premonition. I'm afraid that He is coming, the one that everyone calls Emplate."

Penance started to shudder, "Rich, He might try to take me again. He tried it before. I hope that we can avoid Him. If He gets control of you, I couldn't do anything to fight you. I couldn't even think of hurting you."

Rich looked in her eyes and said, "Yvette, if He does control me, try to run. Knowing that you are free might give me a chance to escape. Even the smallest hope is all that is need."

"Wouldn't it be a lost cause?"

"A famous person once said, 'Lost causes are the only causes worth fighting for.'" Rich stopped talking and looked and the noisemaker. He seemed to be saying something. She could only make out one word "Name". Rich nodded and said, "Sean is wondering what your name is. Should I tell him?"

She thought about it for a while. She had gotten used to everyone saying Penance or Penny. She heard the words often enough and was used to them. She got used to trusting everybody here and felt that she could let them know her name. "You can tell him, but I do like the nickname Penny."

"Penance could be your codename." He smiled when he said it. She felt like that she would faint. She was truely in love with him. He then started drawing some symbols in the ground. He had done that last night, when he was teaching her English. She started to recognized the symbols. The first six were her name. Some of the others formed Penny and Penance. She noticed the world name had appeared twice. The rest of the time they were together, she let Rich know what was okay to tell, and what she didn't want to tell, just yet. Some thing had to voiced. Towards the end, Rich finally said, "Shall we meet tonight, to learn more about the English language."

"I'll be waiting." She then decide to do something a little bit bold. She went up to Rich and kissed him. She then ran out of the building, past the man named Sean. She had notice that Sean had a look of amazement on his face.

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Rich felt like he was on cloud nine. If he had a flying ability right now, he would be soaring. Rich also noticed the amazement on Sean's face. It was then when the Headmaster of the school said, "I cannae believe what I saw. Penance kissed ye. I still cannae believe that you can touch her without being shredded." Rich started to laugh and the reaction that Sean was giving. He knew that his laugh wouldn't be vocalized since he still had Yvette's ability, but he was happy, and relaxed. He started to laugh and Sean went, "You think this is funny. You're laughing at this because of me reaction."

Rich couldn't believe it. Sean had heard his laugh. Rich decided to try and speak. It was easier this time when he said, "You can hear me? Maybe I have can tell her what to do to talk."

Sean smiled. "Rich, getting Penance to tell us a little more about herself, even if it is through ye, is a remarkable feat. If ye can get her to talk, that you mean many changes for us all. We might be able to even find a way to stop Emplate."

Rich was listening to all this as he climbed into a tree. It was hard to stay still, probably because of Yvette's life in the clutches of that monster. Rich preched in the tree and said, "I know that Emplate is evil, but how bad can he make things."

Sean had a solemn look on his face. "Rich, one of the members of the X-Men is a mutant named Bishop. He comes from about 80 years in the future. We know that he came back in time to stop the traitor of the X-Men, which he believes he did to a degree. He also told Monet how hundreds of being like Emplate live and hunt mutants."

Rich thought about it for a moment. "Sean, I hope that if I get stuck in a particular mutant ability, I don't want it to be Emplate."

"Rich, lad, how long will you have Penance's ability. I want you to meet with Monet next."

"I think it will be about a while yet, Sean, but when you send Monet in, make sure she is alone. I don't think she wants anybody knowing about her secrets yet. She must reveal them to you as she wants to, not be forced into it." Sean nodded and left the Biosphere to get Monet St. Croix. Rich hopped that this might change her mind about him. She, in her nightmare, saw a side of him that he didn't think existed, but what if it did exist. May it not be the true, may he not have an evil bone in his body.

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Monet entered the Biosphere cautiously. Sean had told her that Rich might still have Penance's abilities. Even after the talk she had with Rich earlier, she didn't want to meet him. His ability could allow him to find out some things she didn't want know. She then realized that he could find out everything about her brother, and maybe.. no he could find out about that. She never wanted to tell anyone how she discovered her abilities, or what had happened that led to that discovery. She almost jumped when she heard movement to her left. She turned to see Rich walking out of the trees, brushing the leaves off his shirt and pants. He looked at her and said, "Hello Monet, I guess it's time to face the music. Monet, I want to let you know that what ever I find out about you, I will not tell a single soul unless you wish me to tell."

Monet felt very relieve at that. "Rich, I thank you for that. I want you to be careful, although. I have not had a happy family life."

Rich started to step toward her and said, "I can imagine. Now, Monet, what is you codename, and your abilities."

Monet turned started to levitate and said, "Well, Richard, my codename is M. My abilities are flying, super-strength, super-speed. I also have night vision" She looked over in the trees and said, "In the darkness of those trees, I can see evidence that Penance perched in the tree over there, or maybe they were places when you landed while you had..."

"Monet!!" The sound of Rich's yell had stopped her talking. She looked at Rich and noticed that he was clutching his arms. "Monet, why are my arms bleeding?"

"Mon Dieu, if I knew that this was going to happen, I wouldn't have agreed to this. This is how my ability first appeared." She grabbed him and flew him over to the control room of the Biosphere where the robots were controlled for training. She found the first-aid kit and bandaged his arms. She decided to explain to Rich how her ability first appeared, the truth of how her ability appeared, not the story she would tell others. "Rich, my ability first appeared when I was in my early teens. My brother, Emplate, had left the house a while before, but my father always said he would return. The one time he returned, I was reading a book. He had snuck up behind be and grabbed me by arms. He had bit into my arms and started to consume my abilities. The first ability was to see mutagenic auras. To identify mutants by there auras, I used to have that ability as well as he did. I felt I could warn mutant of my brother, but I lost that ability, at least I think it's gone. It was then I discovered my immunity as a psyonic explosion knocked him away. But my arms we bleeding for a while afterwords."

"Well, my wounds will heal when your abilities leave me. I don't want this to affect any chances and a friendship."

For the first time since Rich had arrived, Monet honestly felt comfortable around him. Monet then decided, "Rich, I think I should show you about my ability." With that, she started to show Rich all the things she could do. The two of them flew, and tested all the other aspects of her ability.

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When Jono had entered the Biosphere, he noticed that Monet was still there, standing about 10 feet from Rich. He wondered why Monet was still here. He started to approach Rich and said, "'Ello Rich, do you mind me asking why Monet is still here?"

Rich just looked at him calmly and said, "Jono, after the incident yesterday, I thought it would be best if something, or someone kept me from flying when I get your ability. I asked Monet to catch me if I go flying again."

"I understand, I know I wounded someone the first time my ability appeared. Be careful although, you might wound Monet."

"I don't think he will, Jono. He told me to stand behind him, and catch him if he went flying." Monet said as she moved directly behind him.

"Well, Jono, let's get this overwith." He approached Jono rather quickly and stopped just as an explosion knocked Rich backwards. Monet caught him and dropped back where he was standing when the explosion started. He nodded at Monet as she left the Biosphere. He then turned to Jono and said "Well, Jono, what codename did you set stuck with?"

Jono was abit surprised at how comfortable Rich had seemed with his ability. "Well, Rich, my codename is Chamber. I guess you had an interesting first couple of days here so far."

"Well, yes. Communicating with Penance, the party, getting to know everybody, part of me wishes it would never end. How about you first day, gov?"

Jono thought back on the day he joined Generation X. He didn't know how much Rich knew about that. "Rich, can I ask you what you can sense as traumatic in my life?"

"Let's see, your powers manifestation, the two ladies, Paige and someone else, thats what is almost predominant. After I while, I might see you first day here as well."

"Ok, well I will tell you now. The first day I was in America, Emplate attacked me, tried to kill me, and Penance ran amok." Rich's eyes went wide and Rich just stood in one spot. Jono thought something was wrong with him and said, "Rich, what's wrong?"

"Emplate attacked on your first day. I hope he does attack until I been here for a while. Actually I hope he doesn't attack at all, ever."

"I was able to overcome his attack, Rich, I think you could do it."

"Jono, I would transform in to him. The only way I could overcome an attack would be in control of myself. It is a far cry different than him chowing down on you."

"Maybe your right, gov, but anything can be overcome. I mean look at me. I survived what happened to me."

"No, you haven't, Jono. You are a very angry person, because you are a mutant. You helped Penance because you saw her as a kindred spirit. A mutant who couldn't be accepted into society, no matter how hard they try."

Jono thought that RIch knew how to point out a character. Rich was in his persona, he knew the truth. Jono then said, "Rich, you have no idea what I have gone through in my life. The one that I love does return the feelings, because I blew it. I thought she wanted a normal life."

"Jono, there is the problem. You have this preconceived notion of normal. Normal does not exist in nature. Normal is not the course of nature, it is not the course of the universe. Time judges what happens. Let time take its course and you will be in the world that you are destine for. Apologize for the mistake and try to correct them. Now can you show me some the aspects of your ability."

Jono had listen to Rich's view on the world and decided he would think about it. He then decided that Rich should learn all about the psionic abilities that he had.

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"Like, I don't see why I should come along, Ev."

Everett looked at Jubilee with caring eyes. "Jubes, Rich is going to mimic my abilities. The only way that I can show him how to use them is to have another mutant around, and I figured that your ability would be the best for him to get in synch with." He took her hand and said, "Besides, I think it might be a change of pace. He probably had a hard time mimicking Jono, and from what you told me, he seems to be the only person who wants to her your stories."

Everett enjoyed seeing Jubilee smile. "Thanks, Ev, I hope your not going to be jealous." He knew that he and Jubilee had been through alot together. They had survived the Phalanx, they had been through alot together, and she did her best to comfort him after Emplate enthralled him. He then noticed that Rich was just sitting in the field. He watch Rich in amazement as his face reformed from the flare that was Chambers ability.

Rich looked in his direction and said, "You must be Everett Thomas. I do believe I already know the Jubster. Why is she here?" Everett was caught of guard at what Rich said. It was obvious Rich noticed as he said, "I will probably come up with a nickname for everybody, Ev-man. You like that one."

Everett thought that Rich was almost like him, and then he said, "Rich, are you mimicking my abilities."

Rich stood up and walked over to Everett. He looked him square in the eye and said, "Now, I have your abilities. It seems the worse event in your life was that deal with Emplate." He noticed Rich shuddered when he mentioned Emplate. He can understand that.

"Okay Rich, let me make this simple. My codename is Synch."

Rich looked at him and said, "Why?" Rich jumped back when Everett's technocolor aura appeared. "What the hell is that?"

"Rich, that is my aura. It gets in synch with any mutants abilities. That is why I had Jubilee come in." He turned to Jubilee and said, "Jubilee, how about you go hide somewhere. I want to show Rich some to the aspects of my ability."

"Okay. Let me guess, I'm the prey in a hunt."

Rich just looked at her and shook his head. As she ran off into the Biosphere, Everett looked at him and said, "What did you that for?"

Rich just looked at him and said, "She was referring to a time when Sabertooth almost killed her. She is still shaky about anything like that."

"I see. Rich, does that insight into people always happen when your ability kicks in."

"Each and every time. It's lousy, but it's life."

"Alright, now Rich, I want you to focus on Jubilee's mutant ability for now, Okay." He watched as the aura appeared around Rich.

"Well, that's different," Rich exclaimed as he shot out sparks from his hand. "Is that what your codename means, Ev, this aura gets in synch with a mutant in the area."

"You have that correct. I'm just wondering what it will do if I get in synch with you?"

"Maybe you might get part of my ability, maybe accepting personalities. My mimicking ability might not appear on you."

"I understand. Now, I think Jubilee has hidden herself in the biosphere. We are going to track her down. Just lanch your aura after her. It will track her down." With one thought, Everett's own aura flew. One second, the aura around Rich flew out and Everett said, "We have to stay close to them, Rich."

"I know, your still not sure on the range." With that, the two rushed of after the auras. They stopped when they almost fell over Jubilee. Rich kneeled down to where she was hiding and said "Tag, you're it." He turned back to Everett and said, "Ev, are you confident with your ability."

Everett could hide his pride on that fact. "Rich, I have gotten used to my ability and feel confident when using it. I take it you don't feel confident with yours."

"Only when I am in control of it. My confidence comes from who I am mimicking." Everett was not surprised by this. What that meant was that Rich would only be as comfortable as whoever he was near. Everett decided that maybe he could help that confidence.

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