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Author's Intro

Here is the fifth chapter of the first story of the Cale Storyline. You can find the previous chapter here.

Generation X Cale Storyline Disclaimer

Attention: Generation X and their villains, as well as any other mutant mentioned in this story, is property of Marvel Comics. The character Richard Cale is named after family relations. Any other reference to anything copyrighted is a chance happening.

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Previous ChapterUnderstanding(updated)

Chapter 5: Breakthrough (Updated Version)

It was a short while after everybody entered the hall. Penance would have liked to join in the festivities, but she was more comfortable when everybody else wasn't around. She decided, although that she would add her own little touch to the celebration. She had searched around the school, and found a grove of red roses. She used her hands to cut some and placed them at the door. She figured that Rich would know why they were there. She turned and ran to the ground. As she jumped back into the greenery, she kicked a rock in the direction of the door. As the door open, she smiled when Rich appeared and looked around. He looked down and saw the roses and looked around. She move out of the greenery and waved. He smiled and bowed. She then went back to the Biosphere. She knew it would be a while until he returned to the Biosphere, but she would wait.

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Jubilee watched as Rich opened the door. She noticed that he picked something up, but wasn't sure what. She walked over to the door and said, "So, what was at the door, Rich?"

She noticed that he started to blush as when he closed the door and turned to face her. She then saw about a dozen roses in his hands. She finally noticed that everything stopped when Rich had turned with the roses. "I can never say that nobody loves me. And to think, I had the worst luck when it came to love?"

Sean then said, "Ok, who set this one up? Everett, Angelo, is this a joke to welcome Rich in?"

The two looked at each other in amazement and said, "Sir, that's too heartless, even for us? Give us some credit, we wouldn't hurt someone's feelings."

"Then who did that?"

Rich only smiled and started to laugh. He knew who it was, and he was getting a laugh out of everybody trying to figure it out. Monet walked over to her and said, "Jubilee, I think I know who did it."

"Okay, Monet. Who do you think did that?"

"Who is the first person here that Rich has made contact with?"

Jubilee thought for a moment. Rich had meet almost everybody, but due to Sean's scheduling, he was going to meet everybody individually tomorrow. Who did Rich make contact with?

Rich started humming. He was enjoy the chaos that was ensuing due to this turn of events. But there was something familiar in the hum. As everybody continued to talk, Rich hummed louder. Jubilee finally recognized it. It was the theme from Star Trek. She turned to Monet and said, "Monet, have you seen Star Trek?"

"I have never watched the show. I do know the series has some movies. I know one had first contact with an alien probe in it."

"That's it, Monet. I know who delivered the roses." The commotion around them stopped as every stared at her. She got the feeling that everybody was giving her a "you better fess up now" look.

Rich glanced at her and said, "And welcome to Final Jeopardy. the Category, Generation X. The Final Answer is 'The one who delivered the roses to the door.' You have 30 seconds. Remember to phrase your answer in the form of a question." He started to hum the Jeopardy theme.

Jubilee felt like she was really on the spot. She decided that she was just going to say it. "It's Penance. She left the roses." Everyone just looked at her.

Emma gave her a stern look and said, "Jubilee, I think your trying to hide your guilt." She was about to do a mind probe on her when Rich stopped humming.

Rich looked at Jubilee and Emma and said, "I sorry, you forgot to phrase it in the form of a question. If you would have, you could have won the grand prize. Try again, next time."

Jubilee decided to put a smirk on her face as Emma's eyes, as well as everybody else’s, went wide in shock. The only people that didn't seem shocked were Monet and Paige. "I hate to say I told you so, but I told you so."

Rich spoke again, "I don't think she felt to comfortable with a lot of people yet. She seems to like me, thou." He smelled the roses and then decided that he would need to put the flowers in something. "Is there a vase available for some flowers?"

Paige walked over and stop near him and said, "Ah'll take care of them, Rich. Something tells me that you are the best thing to happen to Penance in a long time." Rich handed them to her and Paige left the room to take care of the roses.

Jubilee looked at Rich and said, "I'm glad for Penny's sake that we found some one who can communicate with her. But, could this really be love?"

Rich looked at her and said, "I'm the first person who could truly communicate with her. When faced with trauma during one's life, one latches onto someone who can understand them. Penny feels that way about me, and the truth be told, she has a beauty all her own."

"Are you saying that you are falling in love with her?"

Rich smiled and said, "Only time will tell, only time will tell." He turned to the group and said, "Now, this is supposed to be a party. Do we have some music?"

Jono walked over to the stereo and said “What do you prefer, gov? Green Day. REM. Rocky... Jubilee, did you sneak one of your CD's in here?”

"And what's wrong with Rocky Horror? It is one of the best movies ever."

Rich then said, "Put that one in, Jono. I'm in a bit of a silly mood. I should have gotten my video out for later."

Jubilee was overjoyed. This guy was one of the coolest guys she ever meet. "Alright. It's time to do the Time Warp."

Rich looked at her and said, "Has anybody else here seen the movie?"

"No, I don't think so."

"Well, the way Emma Frost dresses, it's hard to tell."

Emma gave him a look of disgust. "Richard, be careful what you say. I am not a person that you want to make mad."

"Emma, lighten up. It's my first day, and we are going to celebrate. If you can't take a joke, you need a sense of humor. Besides, I seen the people at the theater dress in costumes that makes some of your clothing look like overdressing." Emma start to chuckle, but quickly stopped herself.

The music started up and everything seemed to be going well. Rich felt comfortable, and everybody appeared to be accepting him with open arms. She thought that Rich would be one of the best things to happen to the school.


Rich felt almost tired when the party ended. When the Rocky Horror soundtrack started, it was only he and Jubilee that were singing and dancing, but by the time the last song was playing, almost everybody was singing and dancing. He felt a little upset when the party ended, but he had other things to do before he hit the hay. Rich ran at breakneck speed to the Biosphere. Almost everybody was heading to bed, or talk a bit before they head to bed, and Rich had the same idea. He entered the Biosphere and started to walk around. He heard a rustling in the nearby shrubbery. He walk in the general direction and saw Penance. He had started to mimic her and she asked, “Did you like the roses?”

He smiled and said, “Yvette, I loved the roses. Although, I wished you could have been there to see how everybody reacted.”

“Did anyone figure out it was me that left the roses?”

“I think three people were not surprise by that. Jubilee, Monet and Paige. Jubilee caught on to my hints before anybody else did. I think Monet just thought about it. As for Paige, I think our talk earlier gave a hint.”

Penance again acted as if she was giggling. She looked cute when she did that. “I bet it was a madhouse in there. I wonder how everybody thinks of you now“

“It was a common thought that I was the best thing for you. Everyone is surprised at how well we are getting along.”

Penance gave a slight smile. “Especially with our start, I guess I totally overwhelmed you.”

With that, Rich started to chuckle. Even though it wasn't vocalized, Penance smiled and silently joined in. After they both stopped, Rich composed his thoughts and finally said, “I guess it's truth time. Yvette what can you tell me about Him.”

Penance sat down and said, “You might want to sit down for this, it is a long story.”

“Can you give me the Reader's Digest Version? Short and ... wrong phrase.”

“Reader's Digest. What's that?”

“It's a magazine that comes in the mail and shortens stories down to a couple of pages. From 10 pages to 4 pages. It just says, 'Good bye, junk'“

“OK. But what was wrong with the Short phrase?”

“That phrase is short and sweet. I don't think there is anything sweet about Him.”

Penance nodded and said “Alright. I told you I lost my folks in the war. As I had fled from my hometown, I lived by my wits for a while. Eventually He found me. He didn't look like He does now. He seemed to be very well off. He looked well-fed, but he was starving. I found out why days later. He had taken me to a place, a lighthouse I guess. The first few days were the only nice days. Then I found out about him. He came in and I saw the mouths on his hands. He grabbed me and I felt them bite into me. The pain was unbearable. As time passed, I tried to escape. I still had my own will, but I failed. That was when he restrained me, with what I'm wearing now.”

Rich looked at the black leatherish outfit she was wearing. “You mean this is still the same outfit.”

“No, his servant, Little Man, he changed the restraints from time to time. But I wash them, as best I can. Slowly, He started to control me, as He did the others. I didn't have a free thought, until the bearded man brought me here.”

Rich's eyes widened. “Penance, this bearded man, was he dark skinned and his beard whitish.”

“Yes. That was him. He was the one who brought me here. How did you know what he looked like.”

“I didn't tell Mr. Cassidy this, but that was the one who told me to come here. I wonder if this was what he had in mind.” Rich stewed the thought over in his mind. Maybe that man had a plan of some sorts. That man had brought Yvette to the school and maybe, informing him about the school was the man's way of helping the school communicate with her.

“It's hard to say. At times until recently, He still tried to control me. I lapsed into comas, trying to fight Him. When he attacked the school, I was almost under His control again, until I managed to break free and hurt Him.” She stopped and held his hand. “I'm glad to be free of Him, and I truly don't want to lose you to Him.”

Rich almost couldn't voice what he said next, but he did. “I don't want to lose you to Him, either. You know, this is awkward for me. I never had much luck with love, so it's strange to think that I have a girlfriend.”

“It's Ok. You're the first guy that I've been interested in.”

“Well, let's see how things go. Now, shall we start in on your English lessons.” Penance smiled and for the next two hours, Rich started to teach her the basics of English.


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