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Here is the fourth chapter of the first story of the Cale Storyline. You can find the previous chapter here. Also note that I shall begin posting the chapters of the updated version of this story very soon.

Generation X Cale Storyline Disclaimer

Attention: Generation X and their villains, as well as any other mutant mentioned in this story, is property of Marvel Comics. The character Richard Cale is named after family relations. Any other reference to anything copyrighted is a chance happening.

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Prior Stories and Chapters
Previous ChapterFear of the Unknown(updated)

Chapter 4: Understanding (Updated Version)

Paige walked into the med lab just as Jono had finished telling Rich about the features of the med lab. Sean had told her about his shake up and to be prepared. She knew that she was going to show him the Biosphere, and that Penance would probably be there as well. She hoped that there wouldn't be a repeat of the incident in the Assembly Hall, but there was no guarantee on that.

“I see that Paige is here,” said Jono as Rich turned to see her standing at the door. She nodded and he smiled. “I guess it is time that you see the Biosphere.“

Rich looked at him with a certain look that Paige couldn't identify. She knew that there was a bit of sadness in Jono's tone. Part of her was still hurt by his outburst back at her home, but part of her was upset. He jumped to a conclusion that was totally false. She turned to Rich and said, "Richard, I am Paige Guthrie and I will show you the Biosphere." She motioned for him to follow her and she left the med center.

Rich followed her at his usual pace and when they were outside of the building, he said, "So, who made the mistake? Who let their mind or heart take control?"

Paige stopped and turned in defense. She was shocked at what Rich had said. Did he learn that from Jono. Sean had told her that he had Jono's ability briefly and might have learned that. She decided to act as if she didn't know what he was talking about. She sternly said to Rich, "What do yah mean by that?"

Rich stopped and said, "If you think that I learned that from Jono, I didn't. He hasn't had as traumatic a life as Penance had. I recognized the look of lost love. I have had that look. In most cases, it was my mind that took control when my heart said it wasn't right. But I think that it is the other way around in yours and Jono's case. I think that your hearts both know it's right, but somebody's mind did the thinking and said it wouldn't work. Am I right?"

His tone was almost stern, but he didn't shout it. She stood still. Paige felt a bit ashamed. She said, "You're right. Jono let his mind do the thinking, but you can't understand what it is to deal with?"

"I can't understand what it is to deal with a heart that says it will work, and a mind that says it won't? I can understand that. I was in a similar situation. My mind knew it wouldn't work between one girl and me, but my heart said it would. In some case, the heart is right, while in others the mind is right. I think in your case, the heart is right. But, time will tell."

She let the words sink in. Rich seemed to know what he was talking about. She felt ashamed for thinking that he used his mutant ability to learn that information. She said to Rich, "Rich, Ahm sorry for accusing you of using your abilities to find out about that. It's just, I haven't told anyone about that. I feel the only person that knows about that is Ms. Frost. I just thought that, well.."

"I understand. Believe me, its hard to keep things from me, especially if you are a mutant. I hate that part of my ability. It makes it hard to keep friends."

She smiled and said, "It's Okay. I think that your ability might make you more friends here than you know. Now, come on. You must see the Biosphere." She ran in the direction of the round building marked Biosphere.

"Hey, Paige. I was just wondering," he yelled as he tried to stay at her pace, "what is your mutant ability?"

"Oh, Ah'm a metamorph. I have the ability to transform myself into different substances, just by shedding my skin."

"Weird! I like it," he yelled as they reached the Biosphere. She opened the door and let him enter first. He then shout as she entered the building, "Utopia."

"Beg ya pardon?"

"Utopia. Paradise. It appears to be a virtual paradise in here. Let me guess, Penance spends a lot of time here."

"Yes, she does. We might run into her while we're in here. I hope she doesn't cause you to, well, you know."

"You mean like back in the assembly hall. Don't worry. I think she would rather have me as a friend."

"You are the first person to ever communicate with her. I think you might be a gift to all of us. Well, let me tell you about the Biosphere." Paige prepped for her prepared lecture on the Biosphere when she realized that Rich had stopped moving. She turned and saw that he was starting to change, but this time it wasn't as painful as it had been earlier. She then noticed stand about four foot from him was Penance. Penance seemed to be happy. Paige walked over to the two and pulled out an apple.

Penance looked in her direction almost cautiously and then saw the apple. Paige handed the apple to Penance and said, "Here you go, Penance. I figured you would be here." The apple was instantaneously sliced, but Penance managed to hold onto the slices. She then took half the slices and handed them to Rich. He said something to her that Paige, herself, couldn't understand, but Penance understood as she smiled. The two just ate the apple and Paige decided that her lecture on the Biosphere wasn't as important as the possible chance at communicating with Penance was.

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Rich could tell that Penance was happy to see him. After the first encounter, he guessed that she trusted him. When he realized she was nearby, he stopped and looked at her. She came out of hiding and smiled. When Paige came over to them both and gave her an apple, he watched as it was instantaneously sliced in her hands. Penance then held up some of the slices to him. It was then he realized she also had psyonic abilities as she asked “Would you like some?”

He thanked her, aloud and watched as Paige just watched. He then said to Penance, “Penance, is that what everybody calls you?”

“No. Jubilee calls me Penny from time to time. She treats me like a sister.”

“Is that your real name, Penance?”

“No. My real first name is Yvette.”

“That is a lovely name. It seems to suit you.” She appeared to blush, but it was hard to tell because of how red her skin was. “Would it be Okay if I called you that?”

“I think that would be nice. You are the first person to ever communicate with me.”

“Didn't any one else talk with you.”

“Alright, the first person I feel totally safe with. The fiery one, he spoke with me a couple of times, although I didn't understand what he said. I got the impression that he and the others didn't want to hurt me, although I hurt her.”

Rich looked at Paige and said to Penance, “You mean Paige Guthrie.”

“If that is her name, I'm not sure. We are communicating in, I guess, my language. I'm surprised that you understand it, being American. When I first arrived, the only thought in my mind was to leave and live free. I had been a prisoner of Him for years. When the skin-ripper attacked me, I fought in defense.”

“Note to myself: Do not get on your bad side.” He saw her act as if she was chuckling. He had made a friend for sure.

“You are funny. I hope you never run into Him. You might lose that and your life. I'm still recovering, which is why I very rarely trust any one. Jubilee, the one with sparks, is the only person I truly trust, but I can't talk to her. When you arrive and could speak to me, I felt safe for the first time since Him.”

Rich started to shudder. He started feeling the fear he felt earlier. He felt that he better try and ask now than later. “Yvette, my mutant ability is allowing me to talk with you, and use your abilities. On my way here, I think He saw me. I sensed Him, and I am scared by this. I'm afraid I might turn into Him. Can you tell me what it was like? I may need help.”

Yvette seem to shudder for a moment and finally, “I will tell you all I know. I lost my parents in the war. I lost most of myself to Him, I don't want to lose someone like you to Him.”

Rich's eyes went wide. Did he just hear what he thought he heard. He said “Yvette, did you just say what I think I heard?”

She looked like she was almost embarrassed. She finally replied, “Yes. I think I might be falling in love with you.”

When he heard that, he felt like he could have been knocked over with a feather. “Well, now. I haven't just made a friend. I just might have made a girlfriend.” He let a small smile show and said, “Later on, I'll stop by and you can tell me about Him, or as they call Him, Emplate. I might even try to teach you some English.”

Yvette smiled. “I think that would be terrific. I could talk to Jubilee, the noisemaker, His relation, the fiery one, the skin-ripper, the one that extends his skin, the glowing man, the changer, or even the mind witch. I could also talk with the little boys or, most importantly, you.”

“Ok. See you here tonight, Okay” She nodded and bounded off. He glanced at Paige and she seemed to wondering what in the world had just happened. He then heard what sounded like some children coming their way.

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Franklin remembered seeing Mr. Cale back in the assembly hall, and knew that Paige was going to bring him to see the Biosphere. He knew that Artie and Leech would like meeting him. He led them over to the area where Paige was standing. He then saw Penance bound off and, he could only guess that it was Mr. Cale, but he must have been near Penance for a while. His normally white skin had turned red, and his hands were like claws. His hair had turned into a smaller version of Penance's hair.

An image appear as Artie seemed to ask if Mr. Cale was a second version of Penance. Paige noticed the image and turned to say, "No, Artie. Rich is not a mutant like Penance. His ability allows him to mimic mutant abilities, personalities and even their knowledge."

Mr. Cale turned to face them and kneeled down to their level. He then etched in the ground a small message. It read "Franklin, you don't have to call me Mr. Cale. My name is Richard, and I prefer to be called Rich."

"Ok. I want to introduce you to my friends." He motioned to boy with green skin and big eyes. "This is Leech." He then motioned to Artie and said, "This is Artie." Rich nodded at both boys and then motioned as if he was wondering something.

Paige spoke up, "Franklin, Ah think Rich wants to know what your mutant abilities are?" Rich made a motion of putting his finger to his nose, and was nodding.

Leech spoke first, "Leech's ability is to suppress other mutants abilities." Rich's eyes went wide as Leech then said, "Artie's ability is to project images. Leech and Artie are good friends."

Franklin noticed that Rich seemed to be a bit confused about how Leech talked. "Rich, Leech always talks like that. My ability is to alter reality. I hang out with Leech since his ability doesn't let mine go out of control. The last time I had used my ability was when I destroyed Onslaught." Franklin still remembered how Onslaught made his parents disappear. He started to feel said.

Paige realized what was happening. She went over to Franklin and said, "Don't worry. They are still in your heart." She turned to Rich and said, "You have to understand that Franklin lost his family to Onslaught." Franklin looked over at Rich and noticed that he had returned to the normal look he usually had.

Rich had a look of understanding and said, "I know what it's like to lose someone close to you, but I have never lost my entire family. I offer my sympathies."

Franklin looked at Rich and thanked Rich. "I guess I still can't forget what happened to them."

"Don't hold the pain in. I lost a loved one when I was a little bit older than you. I didn't cry about it until 9 years later. It's good to let go of the pain when it happens, not to hold it in."

Franklin thought about the advice and said, "I understand, sir. I hope you will be staying here for a while. I think you could be a good friend to have." He watched as Rich nodded and smiled. For all he could tell, Rich was happy with the statement. Franklin was about to say something when Mr. Cassidy walked over.

"Well now Rich, I take it that ye have meet the we lads."

"Yes Sir. I always have a spot in my heart for kids. It comes from being the eldest child of sibling and or cousins."

"Well, I thought that we could all welcome you here by having a meal together. We usually welcome new students with a bit of a celebration."

"As long as we don't dance. I can't dance at all."

Franklin was puzzled at this remark, just a bit. "Rich, what did you mean by that?"

Rich took a look at him. He then said, "Franklin, have you ever heard of a group named Three Dog Night?"

Franklin knew that group. They were an old group, but they had terrific music. "There the group that do 'Joy to the World'. I like that song."

"That's right. They also did other songs, one being 'Celebrate' which the refrain goes 'Celebrate, Celebrate, Dance to the music.' There songs seemed to have a message of peace in them."

Franklin understood now what Rich meant by what he said earlier. "I think we will get ready for dinner now. I hope you enjoy it here, Rich." With that he and Artie and Leech ran back to their tree house.


Mondo looked around the room. He wanted Rich to feel as welcome as he did. He had set up the room to look exactly how it looked when he joined. He had everything setup just the same. He watched as Sean had been working on a meal for everyone. Ms. Frost walked over to him and said, "Mondo, you have done a great job at decorating. I hope Rich likes it."

"I have done my best to make it cheerful. It is hard to understand why such a happy fellow like Rich, dresses in such gloomy colors. He seems to appear depressed." He had gotten that impression when he saw Rich for the first time, all dressed in black. He watched as Sean had brought Rich in the reception hall. He smiled at Rich and said, "How do you like it?"

Rich glanced around the room and said, "Cheerful, but if a purple dinosaur jumps out, I'm leaving." Mondo was a bit confused at this. Rich then said, "I guess it is like a party. Let's celebrate. Oh, is this formal, or informal?"

Mondo kept the smile on his face and said, "It is informal, just as mine was. Although everybody came formally dressed. I think that a celebration should be informal. By the way, what did you mean by a purple dinosaur."

"I take it you aren't American. Somebody developed a character that is a purple dinosaur. He has a perpetual smile on his face and is always singing. After about a minute of being exposed to this thing, you want to smash the television to pieces."

"Just for being cheerful. I don't think that is a crime."

"Mondo, I'm going to let you in on a trade secret to life. One must realize that life is not always cheerful, and if one always has a cheerful view on life, they will most likely be the first to go."

Mondo could not understand why Rich would say such a think. It seemed totally unbelievable. "Is that what you believe. I am sadly sorry for you."

"Don't be, Mondo. I have heard all theories on life, from the Buddhist beliefs to one stated by Charles Manson."

Ms. Frost gave him a startled look and said, "You don't admire that murderer, do you?"

Rich put his hand against his at his forehead and nodded downward. He finally said, "That murderer once said in an interview that he only played the hand life dealt him. I know now that I was dealt the hand of a mutant. How I play my hand, only time will tell."

Ms. Frost gave him a stern look and said, "If you ever think about doing anything to hurt any of my students, I will make you regret it."

"Ms. Frost, if I did anything to hurt anybody here, I would not be able to live with my self. I don't lose my temper often, and when I do it is a scary sight. I hope you never see me angry, but I can tell you one thing. Since I am epileptic, and I take medication for it, it can cause drastic mood swings in me, such as a fit of anger could turn into a crying episode related to what I could have done." Rich almost tried to turn and leave.

Ms. Frost had a look of shock on her face and said, "You are sensitive person, aren't you?"

Rich's head moved up and down. Mondo couldn't understand what such a person would wear such dismal colors. He decided to ask the question that was bothering him. "Rich, my friend, why do you wear such depressing colors?"

Rich turned and looked at Mondo with a look of calmness, "Mondo, my favorite color is black. I prefer black, not because it is a depressing color, but because it is a color of mystery. When one looks into a totally dark room, one knows not what to expect. Black represents a mystery, and I like to remain a mystery. At times, I am a mystery to myself. I say one thing and do another. I hope to find some sort of meaning to myself, as well as learn to use my ability to help everyone."

Mondo was almost ready to say something when the rest of the students started to come in. Maybe he could talk with Rich tomorrow. He was quite interested in hearing Rich's views on life.

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