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Author's Intro

Here is the second chapter of the first story of the Cale Storyline. You can find the previous chapter here.

Generation X Cale Storyline Disclaimer

Attention: Generation X and their villains, as well as any other mutant mentioned in this story, is property of Marvel Comics. The character Richard Cale is named after family relations. Any other reference to anything copyrighted is a chance happening.

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Chapter 2: First Impressions (Updated Version)

It had taken a while to talk to the class, and a good amount of time then to prepare a single room for the new lad. Sean had arrived at the airport with plenty of time. He noticed that a limo had arrived in the area. Probably somebody important was going to be picked up. He was just here to pick up the newest student at the school.

"Attention, Flight 341 from Newark is arriving at gate 12." That was the lad's flight. He headed for the gate area and waited. The lad asked him to describe himself so he could identify Sean when he arrived.

He watched the people arriving. He eventually saw a lad, about 21, dressed all in black, exiting the gate. The lad looked at him and nodded and started in his direction. This lad was apparently the new student.

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He walked off the plane and through the gate and looked around. He then saw the man, slight goatee, orangish hair, and a Celtics jackets. He headed for the man. That must have been Sean Cassidy, head of Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. He wondered what Cassidy's abilities were? It would be interesting to find out. He went to shift the weight of his carry-on bag when he glanced at his hand. A hole was starting to form on his hand. There must be another mutant in the area. He must be passing near this mutant. For some reason, he didn't like this. He broke into a fast paced walk. The hole quickly disappeared. As he approached Mr. Cassidy, he said, "Sir, as much I would like to spend some time chatting with you here, I would think it best that we hit the road."

Mr. Cassidy looked and said, "What about yur luggage, lad?"

"All in hand. Now, let's get the lead out. Something is screwy in St. Louis."

"What's wrong, lad?" Mr. Cassidy asked keeping about 10 feet from him.

"I'll tell you when it's safe. I have a feeling that something is waiting for me there."

The two rushed for Mr. Cassidy's car and got in. They left the airport almost at breakneck speed. He had forgotten about his usual precautions and sat up front. This was when Mr. Cassidy said, "Now, lad could ye tell me what that was 'bout?"

He turned to Mr. Cassidy and said, "Twas about me mutant ability kicking in. I think there was another mutant there, with ill intent."

Mr. Cassidy had a shock on his face and said, "I take it yur ability has kicked in on me."

"Aye, it has. If ye need proof, find a clearing and I'll show ye."

It was just a little while until they found a clearing. He got out of the car and walked to a distance and said, "Mr. Cassidy, I take that ye' power deals with sonic screams."

"Aye, it does." With that, he opened his mouth and screamed at such a pitch that he started to elevate in the air. "So that’s what you mean by mimicking other mutants."

"Aye. But it does have a constraint to it. I have figured that the time I'm with a mutant, I hold there ability for the time I am with them, plus half of that time when out of proximity."

"Amazing, so you are able to mimic any mutant ability for as long as you want."

"Mr. Cassidy, after communicating with another mutant, I found out that if I am in proximity of a mutant for more than 84 hours, I will keep those abilities forever." It was just then when Mr. Cassidy's ability left him and he dropped. Since he wasn't to far up, he landed with no injury.

"So, that's why ye want to avoid contact, or closeness."

"Yes. It's even more dangerous if I don't make the first step. I don't hold control and there is a personality struggle. In those forced altercations, I usually just get a brief headache, but the more trauma or pain that a mutant had suffered, I suffer and lose in the battle."

Mr. Cassidy headed back to his car and opened the back car door. "So, ye want to be careful the first couple of days. But what about at the airport, what was that about?"

He got into the car and said, "A brief worry. I hope that I don't run into that again, but I feel that will change."

"By the way lad, what is ye name? Ye didnae tell me over the phone."

"Rich Cale. My relatives came from England."

"Well, I hope you enjoy excitement. Ye will probably see a lot of it at the school."

"Zalright. I just hope that time gives me some rest." He had a feeling about that other presence. He thought he dodged it fast enough, but it would return. His luck had been going good for too long. It was soon time for the bad luck to start. He just hoped that it wouldn't hurt any of the new friend he was going to make here.

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Jubilee was waiting for Sean to get back with the new student. She wasn't exactly thrilled with what she had to tell Sean. After all that time of searching, she still couldn't find Penny. She had to admit that when Penny wanted to, Penny disappeared from sight all together. She saw Sean's jeep coming to a stop in the driveway. She watched as Sean got out of the driver's side and from the back, appeared a guy, about Jono's age. He wore glasses and the first thought in her mind was "Nerd." He was dressed all in black and carried a black carry-on bag, and a black backpack.

He looked around at the school. "Haven't seen anything like it since the midnight movie."

Whoa. Midnight movie. Did this guy mean her favorite movie in the entire world? Could he be a fan of the movie? This could change everything. She immediately forgot the problem about Penance and shouted, "Do you mean 'Rocky Horror'?"

Sean looked at the lad, "I guess you should be introduced. This is Jubilation Lee. I guess you hit a key point with the lass. Is yur ability kicking in on her?"

The guy shook his head and turned to her. He extended a hand and said, "Hi, I'm Brad Majors." She started to respond, but turned it into a laugh. He looked at her and said, "I always knew how to make people laugh."

It took her a while to calm down. After while, she said to Sean, "Sir, can I talk to you for a moment."

Sean walked over to her and said, "What tis it, lass?"

"It's about Penance. I wasn't able to find her. She must be in the shadows somewhere."

"If she was nearby, lass, Rich would have known it."

"Is that his name, Rich?"

"Aye, lass. And his mutant ability is exactly what we figured it would be. But, it might be more so. If he holds an ability for about a week's time, he keeps that ability, and personality. Fact being, he mimicked me and even copied my speech pattern."

"I hope that he doesn't physically change. That would be totally awkward." She thought about it for a moment, and mentally chuckled. It would have been a funny sight as well.

"I don't think that is a problem, but something worried him at the airport. 'E said that there was a mutant in the area. He had us get out of there in a hurry, but he seem to forget his safeguards, so it must have worried him."

"That ain't good."

"Aye, who is going to show him the computer."

"Monet. Why?"

"I'll ask her to make him familiar with the files we have on our enemies. This way, he knows who to avoid."

"Well, shall I take him to his room?"

"Did you get that duty?"

"I requested it. I do have some questions for him."

"Alright, lass." He turned to Rich and said, "Jubilee is going to show you to ye room. We will have a meeting to introduce ye in a little bit."

He gave a salute of sorts and said, "Okay, boss." He seemed to be a perpetual source of one-liners.

"This way to the lovely accommodations of stately Xavier Manor. I hope you like action, you might see a lot." She turned and started walking to the guy's dorm. She turned her head an noticed that he was about five feet behind her. "What's with the distance?"

"Simple, my mutant ability. It is distance activated. If I get any closer, I will start mimicking you. Hell, I could know some private stuff about you. Your deepest fears, your deepest secrets, or, well I don't have to say any more."

She got the point. Imagine learning all that just by being near the person, and have their mutant ability as well. "So, you could use your ability to find out about people."

"That and I found out once that when I use ones mutant ability, I can use it against them, at least if my personality is in control."

"Wait a minute! What do you mean by that?"

"Can I explain that later? I do want to get a bit settled in."

"Okay." They had entered the guy's door and he was given a room on the main floor. She went to the door and checked it. "It's safe. Welcome to your room."

He went to the door. She was standing about four feet from the door. She didn't even realize that he mimicked her until he did the same thing and kicked the door open. When the door opened, he jumped away and a bucket of water tipped over and drenched the floor. He looked at her and said, "Let me guess. Practical jokers. That is totally bogus." After a couple of seconds, he said, "Let me guess, you suspected that might happen."

"Yeah, but..." He glanced at her with a wry smile and she stopped that thought. "Oh, I guess I was too close."

"Yea, but I made the first step." He walked into the room and shouted, "I love a single room, sometimes. Well, I guess we better head to that meeting. I am not getting any younger, and there are more mutants to meet." This guy seemed totally kewl. She thought, with him around, things might never be dull.

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"Alright children, we must give our new student some kindness," Emma said. She had decided to mentally monitor Rich. Penance was still hiding, and they didn't know what would happen if she approached him. "Rich, why don't you tell the students about yourself and your abilities.

He nodded. He then turned to the class assembled in the hall and started to speak. "Well, my name is Richard Cale, but I prefer that you call me Rich. I discovered my mutant ability many years ago, but it has become a problem recently."

Paige had then asked, "How much of a mutant can you 'mimic'?"

"I can mimic their abilities, but I also mimic their personalities. I can learn things about them, including secrets, fears."

Monet decided to ask, "What about flaws?"

"If you talking about personal flaws with abilities, only if I am not in control of my personality. Now your own private flaws, that is another story. Now let's say, if you have an emotional problem, it also appears in me when I mimic your personality."

"What about mental and psychological problems?"

"The only one I won't mimic is epilepsy."

"Why?" It was Everett who had asked that question.

"Because, I'm epileptic. I can tell you this, if I appear to have an epileptic attack, scan my mind. If there are thoughts in there, it means that a mutant has gotten to close to me, and I am unwillingly getting there thoughts and abilities."

"Sound painful, senor." Angelo had remarked.

"It is, but it is not as painful as what happens to practical jokers that pull jokes on me." He gave a devilish smile in Angelo and Everett’s direction. Apparently the boys decided to try and pull a trick on him. "Besides, the bucket of water gag is a classic. I haven't heard of anyone being injured by being drenched. Internally, I was laughing at the reaction I would have given."

Franklin decided to ask, "What does it feel like when a mutant gets too close?"

"Well, it depends on the mutant. It can be a slight headache, or it could be...." He trailed off and collapsed. He started moving in spasms. She scanned his mind and found that there were conflicting thoughts in his head. She guessed what happened. Penance was near him.

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