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As I stated in the prior chapter postings, I know I started posting the original that was up on Kindred Spirits about two years ago. At the posting of the last chapter before this long break between chapters, a lot had been going on, and I do mean A LOT. So now I am rectifying it. While I tried to finish posting the first story before Thanksgiving, it did not happen by then, due to events at home. At the time of this posting, I am mere hours away from the end of November, so the last chapter of the first story is getting posted by the end of November. Those of you on here that do read my stuff know I put a good deal of work into this stuff, and that I have to prioritize between writing, and real life obligations. Also note that when I post these, they are for the most part as is. There will be typos, there will be misspelled names. This is also because I plan to post the redux chapters as well. These stories are something I am proud of, even though I am rewriting them. It is only right, in my mind, to let you see the original version, as well as the updated version. It shows how much one has matured in their skills between the time the original was written and now. I want all of you to note that Changes, the first story of The Cale Storyline, is twenty years old this year, and I wrote it during my senior year in college.

Now, Here is the final chapter of the first story of the Cale Storyline. After this, I will start posting the original version of the second story, entitled Truth Be Told.

Generation X Cale Storyline Disclaimer

Attention: Generation X and their villains, as well as any other mutant mentioned in this story, is property of Marvel Comics. The character Richard Cale is named after family relations. Any other reference to anything copyrighted is a chance happening.

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Chapter 13: Skitz (Updated Version)

Sean thought it was best to have some of the student search and find the kids, as well as double check for Emplate's Hellions, just in case. With Jono and Everett, who was worried to death, they took Jubilee to the med center. Monet came with them, mainly because she wanted to see that Penance did everything correctly. When they arrived at the med center, Sean was surprise, not to see Rich still looking a bit like Emplate, but to see Penance looking more like a woman than she ever had. Rich must have had a remarkable affect on her, to make her talk and to cause her to relax. He walked over to her, carefully, and said, "Is he alright?"

Penance turned to face them, her long red hair flowing in the movement, and said, "I think he's going to be alright. I want to stay here with him, if that's alright, sir." Sean saw the worry in her blue eyes, the worry for someone you love.

"I think that would be alright, but I think you might need to make some changes."

"I know. I was wondering if there might be a way to get these restraints off me."

"I'll have Monet and Emma help you with that, lass."

He noticed that Penance then turned her eyes to Jubilee. "Is sister Jubilee going to be Okay? I know that Rich didn't want to hurt her, but he..."

Everett spoke up. "I understand, Penance. I was in the same situation as Rich was. I think that Jubilee will understand that." Sean noticed Everett stopped when he noticed Rich's body started to convulse as if Rich was having seizure.

Sean saw the problem immediately. "Monet, help me get that respirator off him. It suffocating him." In his mind, Sean saw a vision of Blink. He remembered how she had sacrificed her life, and how he was to late to save her. He was not going to let that happen to him. Rich had risked his life to saved all of them, and now Sean was not going to lose this student. Monet and he managed to get the respirator off Rich, and he listened for Rich's breath. He was relieved when he heard Rich breathing. "He's still with us." He heard Penance sigh in relief. Apparently, she was concerned about him.

Emma walked in with a gentleman. Sean wondered who this man was, until Emma said, "Sean, this is Richard's father. He has brought some off Richard's possessions. He was wondering where Rich was."

The man looked at Rich and asked, "What happened that my son is unconscious?"

"Well, Mr. Cale,.."

"Richard. My name is Richard Cale Sr."

"Rich never said he was Jr."

"My son is a little ashamed of some of the family. For most of his life, he had no regrets. Then his life came tumbling down when we had to tell him that my brother died. He started trying to live life according to every known belief and theory there was."

"I take it he developed a belief in luck as well."

"Yes, he believe that he always had good luck and bad luck. I think he believes that his worse luck started by my brother. I never felt like telling Rich the truth about his uncle, so I told him that he committed suicide."

"Rich's uncle didn't die at his own hand. It must have been gruesome to tell him that."

"No, my brother joined an anti-mutant force. It was just the day after my son's abilities manifested. My son always saw my brother as a second father. I guess it was our way of protecting Rich from the truth. I hope Rich will be safe here. If his life has taken a turn for the better. I see no problem with him staying here."

Sean decided to tell Rich's father about everything. "I can say this, Mr. Cale, Rich has had a very interesting first 3 days here. Unfortunately, today we had a mutant named Emplate attack us. He tried to use your son's ability to turn your son into a creature like him. It was your son's quick thinking that saved us."

"My son's mind was always quick. I'm still not sure how he found out about this place. But if my wife heard that, she would worry to death, and my son would not want that."

"Well, your son has done a remarkable feat." He beckoned Penance to come over. "Penance, this is Rich's father."

She nodded and said, "Hello, sir."

Sean continued with his account of Rich's days here. "Rich was able to communicate with Penance. Due to that, he taught Penance to speak to us. Also, Penance and your son has fallen in love."

Rich's father looked at Penance and said, "I think my son will be fine here. I will need help getting everything in."

Sean turned to students in the room and said, "Help get Rich's stuff in. I don't think Rich will be in any shape to help with that. And Everett, we will take care of Jubilee." The kids left with Mr. Cale and Sean turned to Emma. "Emma, when Mr. Cale leaves, I want you and Monet to help Penance get those restraints off. I think she wants to look like a woman for when Rich awakes."

"I think I can help with that. I sure we can find some clothing to fit her." She turned to Penance as he placed Jubilee on the second table. As he set up the equipment to monitor and take care of her, Emma asked Penance, "Is there any color you would prefer?"

Penance smiled and said, "Rich said blue would look good on me, to match my eyes." Sean had to smile when he heard her say that. The two were in love and Penance appeared to be the best reason that Rich was staying. Monet returned a short while later and she and Emma took Penance to take care of her.


Rich awoke in the med center. His mind was a mess. He remembered going unconscious. He guessed that everything worked out. He wondered if he was alone in the med unit. He moved to set up and found something right by his side. He looked to his right and found a stuffed bear. He was never fond of stuffed bears. "What the..?" he asked aloud.

A familiar voiced answered his question. "I thought you might need it more than I did." Rich turned to his left and saw Jubilee sitting in the next bed.

He thought back to what Emplate had made him do. "Oh God, I'm sorry Jubilee. I didn't mean to hurt you." He started to cry over it.

"It's alright. I've had worse done to me. Sabertooth has almost killed me once. And I also don't blame you. Emplate was controlling you. You had no choice in what you did. Everett was in the same situation. I don't blame you. When Penny bought my bear, I told her to give it to you. I thought you might have needed it more than I did."

Rich calmed down as he heard Yvette's nickname. "Where is Yvette?" He started to panic, wondering if she was Okay.

"I think she said something about getting ready for when you awoke. I was partially with it when we saw her sitting by your side. You've had quite an effect on her. Also, I think she convinced your father that you were alright here."

Rich's eyes went wide. "I forgot my father was dropping off my stuff. He likes to know if my life has gotten better, since my uncle committed suicide. He and my mother are always afraid if I have made a mistake. I guess he heard that Yvette and I were in love."

Jubilee smiled and said, "I was half with it, but he seemed to agree that this was best for you. Sean told him how you were the only one able to talk to Penny. He did sound a little upset when he heard about Emplate."

Rich looked around and said, "And the building is in one piece. He's the one I got my temper from." Rich saw the look on Jubilee's face. She was shocked. He remembered telling her about his temper, and it was apparent that she didn't believe what he just said. "I take it my father was very calm."

He was startled by the fact Emma Frost answered him. "Your father was extremely calm. I think everyone will be glad to see that the two of you are feeling better. Penance has been waiting for you to wake up since the attack yesterday."

He had been out for a day. The psionic blast must have taken a toll on him. "Is Yvette here?"

"I thought you might ask that. She is waiting to come in. I send her in and go get the others." Emma Frost went to leave the room.

Rich had to say this before he forgot to say it. "Emma, thank you for the help when I needed it."

Emma turned, smiled and said, "I only wish that you had control before attacking Jubilee."

"The feeling is mutual, Emma. I regretted being forced to watch as Emplate made me hurt her." Emma left the med unit, and just a moment later, Yvette walked in. He smiled when he saw how she looked. She was wearing blue dress that accented her beauty. Her red hair was combed back, over her shoulders. "You look lovely, Yvette."

She rushed over and hugged him. "I glad to see you feeling better." He had a brief headache when she did so. Since she was more relaxed now, her approach didn't cause an attack. "I'm so happy that you are staying here."

He had to agree with her. They both knew how each felt. "I glad that I am staying, too. Yvette, I hope nothing ever separates us." He went to give her a kiss, and then saw Jubilee watching. He looked at Jubilee and said, "This is a private moment here." Jubilee easily got the picture and turned away form them. He then went to kiss Yvette.

As the two were kissing, Rich heard Sean say, "Well, I see you two are happy to see each other." Rich and Yvette were startled by his voice and stopped kissing.

"I guess that sort of thing happens when people care about each other. I apologize for not informing you about my father bringing my stuff up."

"It's alright, lad. Don't worry yurself about that. Everyone right now would like to know what yur codename will be."

Rich had to think about that for a moment. "Is there a mutant named Mimic?"

"Yes, lad. He is not someone ye want to meet."

Rich thought some more on the name and finally said, "Skitz. I'll make that my nickname."

Paige said, "Is that short for Schizophrenia?" She knew what he was saying, and Rich nodded.

Angelo said, "That's multiple personalities, isn't it."

Before Rich could answer, Monet said, "No, Schizophrenia is something completely different." Rich smiled as Monet noticed the misconception associated with Schizophrenia.

"Rich, Monet, and it fits me due to the fact that it doesn't describe my ability in the lease." Yvette had started to giggle, as well as Jubilee. Soon, the laughter was going over everybody.

Sean finally settled everyone and said, "Since we got that settled, Rich, I think you can spend the rest of the day resting. Tomorrow, you begin classes here."

"Okay, teach." Everyone left and Rich called to Monet. "Monet, can I ask you to check on something for me." As Monet walked over, he turned to Yvette and said, "I need to talk to Monet about something, about Emplate." Yvette nodded and left. Jubilee had left with others, as she appeared to not be held back by anything.

"Something bothering you, Rich."

"Monet, when I had your brother's abilities, there was, as best as I can describe, the remnents of a victim in his mind. They helped me at that critcal moment I broke free. They told me to tell there family there was still hope. His name was Marius. Did you know some by that name, a possible friend of your brothers."

Monet sat down in shock. "Rich, Marius is my brother's first name. There must still be a part of him fighting for control. We might be able to save my brother from being Emplate forever."

Rich looked at her and said, "I see. Well, now you have the message. Monet, I won't tell anyone about his name, if that's what you wish." Rich watched as he nodded slowly and left the med unit. Rich was still exausted and fell asleep until nightfall. He left the med lab and headed towards his room. He figured that he would see Yvette in classes tomorrow. His life had taken a turn for the best since he came to the school. As he walked to the guy's dorm, he saw the bearded man who told him to come here.

The man looked at him and smiled a bit. Rich heard the man speak in his mind before, but now the man was silent. Rich asked the man, "Did you want me to come here, to help Yvette?"

The man uttered a word vocally. Rich finally understood what the man had done. The man had said, "Contact." Rich had made the first contact with Yvette that got a vocal responce. He was sent here, by this man, to help them communicate with Yvette. From these events, life was getting more interesting, and would continue to do so.

The End???

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