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As I stated in the past two chapter postings, I know I started posting the original that was up on Kindred Spirits about two years ago. At the posting of the last chapter before this long break between chapters, a lot had been going on, and I do mean A LOT. So now I am rectifying it. While I tried to finish posting the first story before Thanksgiving, it did not happen by then, due to events at home. With only this and one more chapter left, I should be able to get it up by Christmas time. Those of you on here that do read my stuff know I put a good deal of work into this stuff, and that I have to prioritize between writing, and real life obligations. Also note that when I post these, they are for the most part as is. There will be typos, there will be misspelled names. This is also because I plan to post the redux chapters as well. These stories are something I am proud of, even though I am rewriting them. It is only right, in my mind, to let you see the original version, as well as the updated version. It shows how much one has matured in their skills between the time the original was written and now. I want all of you to note that Changes, the first story of The Cale Storyline, is twenty years old this year, and I wrote it during my senior year in college.

Now, Here is the twelfth chapter of the first story of the Cale Storyline.

Generation X Cale Storyline Disclaimer

Attention: Generation X and their villains, as well as any other mutant mentioned in this story, is property of Marvel Comics. The character Richard Cale is named after family relations. Any other reference to anything copyrighted is a chance happening.

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Chapter 12: Triumph (Updated Version)

Emplate was almost shocked at how Richard collapsed. It was as if he was in a seizure of sorts, but then he noticed the change in Richard's skin and hands that made him realize that Richard had grabbed his personality. Emplate looked at his servant and said with a sort of happiness, "D. bring the spare respirator. Mr. Cale will need it." Emplate laughed as he watched Richard transform into another Emplate. He then noticed that the struggle had calmed down and it appeared that Richard was regaining control. He looked around an saw Emma Frost's eyes were glowing. He yelled to all of his Hellions, "Stop her. She is ruining everything." As he spoke the command, Murmur gave her a swift kick in the midsection, causing her to lose her concentration. He took pleasure in the scream of pain that came from his sister's lips. He looked at her and said, "This is for everything, little sister."

Emplate noticed that Richard Cale had completely transformed. With Monet partially out of it, he deactivated the chairs and pulled Richard out of the chair and reactivated the chairs. Richard looked at him and said, "Master Emplate, how may I serve you." Emplate was pleased at hearing this. He was in control and part of Richard's personality made him realize that he need to stay near him.

Emplate decided to test his new servant and said, "Do you hunger, my servant?" He watched in pleasure as Richard nodded. It was somewhat reluctant, but that would be overtaken. He had managed to overcome the reluctance, but survival meant everything. He looked in Jubilee's direction. That girl had caused a great deal of problems his last time here. "As a beginning, I want you to sup just a little bit on Ms. Lee." He watched as Richard started to advance towards Jubilee.

She started to panic. He took pleasure in the fact that she was scared. Her bravado last time had tricked him. He watched as Jubilee started to plea with Richard. He listened as she said, "Rich, stop. You don't want to hurt me. You are one of the few people who tolerate me. You are my friend."

Emplate laughed as Jubilee's eyes went wide as Richard grabbed her arms and said, "The law of life states 'Survival is everything.' There is only one other law that supersedes it." Emplate could tell that Richard started to sup on Jubilee as both she and his sister screamed from the same agony. Emplate let Richard sup for a few moments and then decided that Richard had supped enough on Jubilee. Besides, he had to save some of her genetic marrow for himself, and eventually Everett.

"Richard, I think you should test that ability on Ms. Lee." Richard then stepped back and shot sparks at Jubilee. He delighted in her pain as each sparked burned her. He also delighted in Monet's screams as similar burns were showing up on her. He stopped Richard and then decided it was time for the ultimate test.

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Yvette had watched everything from the box she was locked in. The screams echoed through the box as Rich had injured two of her classmates. She knew that he couldn't help it, that his own mind was entrapped by Emplate's, except that it took less effort for Emplate to control him. She had been in that state before, and she broke free. She had watched as Emplate had stopped Rich from using Jubilee's ability on her. She then heard Emplate say, "Richard, it is time for the ultimate test. Do you think you can pass it?"

She shuddered as she heard a raspy voice come from Rich. "Yes, Master." There was some reluctance in his voice and some sorrow over what he had done to Jubilee. Yvette had an idea of what was coming. Emplate was going to make Rich feed on her. She watched as the two approached the box. She knew it was coming, but she was not going to break as easily as she did last time. It would be hard to fight Rich, but she had to try.

She then saw daylight as Emplate opened the box. She saw Rich look into the box with Emplate. Finally Emplate said, "Sup on her. Enthrall her and make her you eternal feast." She looked at Rich with loving eyes, mentally begging that he wouldn't sup on her. She was not the only one surprise at what happened next.

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Rich could not believe all the pain he put both Jubilee and Monet through. He was still trying to fight Emplate, but he was weakening. He knew that Emplate was leading him to the box Yvette was in. He had a feeling what was coming, but couldn't fight it. He was too weak. As Emplate opened the box and then gave the order, he was about ready to do it. His heart stopped him, but Emplate persuasion was growing strong. He didn't want to hurt his love, but he didn't have the strength.

"Let me help you." Rich then noticed a man of African descent coming to help him.

"Who are you?"

"My name is Marius. I was the first victim of Emplate, but I still reside in him. My guess is than you brought me into your mind when your abilities allowed you to mimic him. Maybe together we can break his control over you." Rich allowed the man to help him. He felt the man's strength merge with his own and for the time being he regained control of his body.

He looked down at Yvette and said, "It is said that survival is a powerful emotion, but there is one more powerful." He then backhanded Emplate, sending the monster flying into some of his Hellions. He picked up the device that Emplate had dropped, as well as Yvette and said, "That's love." He ran of into the Biosphere.

As he continued into the Biosphere, he mentally heard the voice of Marius. "Good job. I believe you'll get through this. I need you to tell my family not to give up hope." Rich wondered what that meant as the man left him. He ran until he could stop.

He put Yvette down and said, "Are you okay, love?" He hoped that she would still respond to him, although he now looked like her worse nightmare.

Her deep blue eyes looked straight at him as she said, "Now that you are coming back. Can you do something about these metal things, I can't help if I'm defenseless."

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Emplate was furious. Not only had Richard regain control of his body and mind, but he took the unit that controlled everything keeping Generation X at bay. From what Emplate had seen, Richard's mind worked quickly. He hoped to find him before Richard could free everybody. He knew that he had to search for Richard and Yvette. That was the only way to regain control of that mutant. He was just about to do so when he heard a click. He didn't like the sound of that. He looked over each of the captured lot. He had turned his attention quickly when he heard Jubilee saw, "I guess it going to be a repeat of last time." He glanced at the chair Monet had been placed to see that his sister was free. He noticed that all of the students were wearing the collars still. Richard hadn't found that control. He must be trying to free Yvette. He would catch his sister, Richard and Yvette. The collar was the key.

He turned his attention to Jubilee and said, "Don't worry, Ms. Lee. I don't let the same thing happen twice." He turned to Vincentte and said, "I think Ms. Lee is having trouble breathing. Help her out." Vincentte nodded and turned into a purple mist. The mist entered Jubilee's mouth and she started to cough and gag. Emplate looked in the sky to see a form fall to the ground, not to far away from where he was standing. He decided to head that way. If she was that close, it meant that she found Richard and Yvette.

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Monet had realized that she could leave the chair when she heard the click. She flew off in search of Rich. It was obvious he was in control of himself, and he had the master control for the collars that transmitted all the pain to her. As long as she had the collar on, her brother could catch her at any time. She saw Penance and Rich down below. She started fly towards them when she couldn't breathe. Vincentte must be chocking someone. She fell to the ground with almost a heavy thud. She was a bit sore, but not as sore as the choking made her. She then heard Rich's voice call to her. "Monet, how did you get free." She saw him and Penance run over to her. He was carrying metal gloves, boots and a helmet. It must have been the restraint that Emplate had put on her.

"The chair I was in was deactivated. You must have deactivated it with the master control. We need to get this collar of me, and everyone else."

From what she saw in Rich's eyes, he was thinking. She then listened as he said, "I think I have a way we can make Emplate's ingenuity work against him. Monet can you figure out how to get the collar on you off?" He handed her the control with the question.

She looked at it and realized how simple it was for her to do that. "Yes. But why just me?" The thought had confused her.

"Do it quickly. I believe that Emplate might be approaching soon." She did as he said and removed the collar around her neck. He then said to both of them, "Yvette, take the collar and hide in the bushes over there. When Emplate gets close, put the collar around his leg. Monet, your nightmare just may help us. I going to have to act it out for a moment until he gets to close. Remember what you told me earlier." She then realized what he was going to do. He was going to use her immunity and Emplate inability to sup on her against him.

"I get it. When he sees you supping on me and not in pain, he will approach for a ring side seat. Penance puts the collar around his leg, and when he gets to close, his flaws will appear in you. You know, although, that you will be knocked out, or in a coma."

"I'm aware of that. When the collar kicks in, Emplate get the same pain. You have the master control and Generation X will be able to fight him off, for if any of us gets hurt, he gets hurt." He turned to Penance and said, "Yvette, I will probably need medical attention once I'm free. I'll need you to rush me to medical center, so you will have to soften your body so you can carry me."

"I understand, Rich," Penance replied with concern in her voice. Monet could only feel that Penance was getting the hardest job of all. Trying to help a loved one, and not being able to do much.

"Monet, tell her what to do before she leaves to take me there. Then use the device to allow Jono and Synch to use their abilities." She nodded and heard Emplate coming towards them.

Rich heard the sound of Emplate approaching. He knew that they had one shot. He said, "Get ready." He watched as Penance hid and then grabbed Monet at the arms. He looked at her and said, "I hope you are a good actress, because I hate what I'm about to do, but it is the only way out."

He noticed as she braced herself and finally said, "I'm ready." He grabbed her by the arms and started to sup on her. It was disgusting, but it was the only way for escape. She then screamed, meaning that Emplate was approaching. "Stop, you're killing me."

He listened and heard the quiet click of the collar. Yvette had gotten it on Emplate. He then said, "The master has always wanted you dead. I shall now sup on you until you die." He hoped he was convincing.

He headed the voice of Emplate say, "Well, Richard, it appears that you have returned to my control, but I better make sure that you don't escape again. Besides, I want a good view of my sister's death." He felt Emplate approach as Emplate personality returned to him. All of a sudden, a psionic explosion knocked Rich right off his feet. He was almost unconscious when he saw Emplate flying as well.

"I got you, Emplate. And now we are going to win." He said as he heard Emplate screaming in pain. He was blacking out when he heard Monet yell something to Yvette. In his lack in mind, he would have thought that an angel was carrying him to Heaven. Finally, he was unconscious.

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Yvette let a smile cross her face as she saw Emplate go flying in pain. Rich's plan was working. She let her body relax as she ran over to Rich. Rich's eyes were closed and she felt better knowing that Emplate influence was soon gone. She was about to pick him up when Monet called her.

"Penance, take Rich to the med unit and stabilize him. Just do this." Monet told her what to do and she understood. She was not going to lose Rich now. He meant to much to her to allow him to die. She picked Rich up and then ran off for the building where the Medical Center was. As she ran, she heard two explosions echo in the Biosphere. She had an idea of what was happening.

Yvette ran into the Med center and placed Rich on the one bed that she had been placed many times. When Emplate still had partial control of her, the battles usually put her in a coma. She always awoke here, on that bed. She set up everything as Monet said, remembering every detail. She then pulled a chair over and kept watch over the one person she truly loved. "I'm going to stay by your side, Rich, so Emplate doesn't get another chance to control you." She then waited for the fighting to stop.

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Jono had realized that something had changed. He seemed to be able to use his ability again. He then noticed that most of Emplate's Hellions where in pain as well. Emplate must have gotten injured in someway that was affecting his minions. He noticed that Monet had gotten free, and Rich seemed to break free of Emplate's grip, carrying Penance with him. He then noticed that Everett's aura was glowing. Monet and Rich must have schemed a way to get them all free. He decided to take charge of the situation.He glanced up at Everett and said, "Are you getting in synch with my ability?"

Everett spoke quietly as he responded. "Yeah. Do you think we can break all the bonds with the combined power?"

"Exactly what I was thinking. You first, then I will follow up with a second blast." He noticed Everet nodded and a psyonic blast shook the area He followed it up with one of his own. In a matter of seconds, everyone in Generation X was standing and Emplate's Hellions were on the ground. He noticed that Monet had flown in, and that all the collars were still on everyone, except for Monet. He looked at her and asked, "What happened?"

She looked back quickly and then said, "Rich developed a plan to stop Emplate. I'm leaving all the collars on right now because Emplate has the one I wore on."

Jono would have smiled, if he still had a mouth. Rich had managed to break free of Emplate, and then use his ability against Emplate somehow. He didn't want to ask how, but now he was concerned. He noticed that Everett ran over to Jubilee, trying to comfort her. She was wounded from what had happened to her. He wanted to check on Paige, but he couldn't bring himself to do it. It was almost a second later that Emplate appeared out of the forest.

"I am not going to lose this time. Monet, I shall be sure that everyone suffers, and you will die first." He started to advance in the direction of Monet. Jono need to recharge his abilities, but decided to try and knock Emplate down. Emplate backhanded him, and just as Jono fell, Emplate also fell. Jono could tell that Emplate was stunned.

Sean soon spoke up. "Jono, are ye alright?" No sooner had the Irishman asked the question when Bulwark punched him in the stomach. Emplate had just gotten up when he collapsed to the ground, out of breath. Jono wondered if Emplate had figured it out yet. Bulwark was about to hit Sean again when a pyrotechic attack knock the german twit off his feet. He saw Everett had gotten in sync with Jubilee's ability.

Some of Emplate's Hellions realized what had happened, as Jono noticed that they started to escape. Vincentte flew off, and Murmur teleported away. D.O.A had run out of the Biosphere. Bulwark slowly got up and prepared to attack him. Jono was ready to release a psionic blast when Emplate finally spoke, "I guess I will have to retreat. Bulwark, leave." The german left the area and Emplate continued, "You have won again, because I made one mistake. I won't let it happen again." As Emplate spoke, he fade from sight.

Jono wonder in Emplate was planning something, "Do you think he's gone?"

Monet finally spoke up, "I don't think he will be returning. I think we should get Jubilee to the med unit." He had to agree. While Rich had been controlled by Emplate, he really injured her. He, Everett and Sean helped get her over to the med unit.

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