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As I stated in the past two chapter postings, I know I started posting the original that was up on Kindred Spirits about two years ago. At the posting of the last chapter before this long break between chapters, a lot had been going on, and I do mean A LOT. So now I am rectifying it. While I tried and finish posting the first story before Thanksgiving, it might not happen by then, due to events at home. I should be able to get it up by Christmas time, though. Those of you one here that do read my stuff know I put a good deal of work into this stuff, and that I have to prioritize between writing, and real life obligations. Also note that when I post these, they are for the most part as is. There will be typos, there will be misspelled names. This is also because I plan to post the redux chapters as well. These stories are something I am proud of, even though I am rewriting them. It is only right, in my mind, to let you see the original version, as well as the updated version. It shows how much one has matured in their skills between the time the original was written and now. I want all of you to note that Changes, the first story of The Cale Storyline, is twenty years old this year, and I wrote it during my senior year in college.

Now, Here is the eleventh chapter of the first story of the Cale Storyline.

Generation X Cale Storyline Disclaimer

Attention: Generation X and their villains, as well as any other mutant mentioned in this story, is property of Marvel Comics. The character Richard Cale is named after family relations. Any other reference to anything copyrighted is a chance happening.

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Chapter 11: Under The Influence (Updated Version)

Penance was shocked when Rich jumped in front of her when the strong guy jump out in front of them. He was setting up to knock them out. Rich took the blunt of the attack. He must have hoped that she would be able to escape. She thought about it for a moment, but she couldn't leave him behind. It was even more difficult because the way he got knocked out, he fell right on top of her. She was knocked to the ground as he fell. Rich was unconscious. The way he fell on top of her, she had to roll him off. Just as she went to do that, a familiar voice from behind her said, "Now Penance, don't try to run." She glanced in the direction and saw Him. He reached down for her. She saw the mouth on His hand open wider, but as He grabbed her, she didn't feel the pain. He had grabbed her hair. She decided to fight back. She took a swing at Him. As her hand swung toward His face, she heard a metallic click. Her right hand was in a metallic glove. Just as she tried to do the same with her left, another glove was on that hand.

Her only weapons left were her feet. She went to kick him with her left foot. The razor sharp toes would surely slice him. But as she started to kick, she heard one, then another click. She looked at her feet to see them in metallic boots. She tried to slice them, but she couldn't. He then said, "Now to do something so you don't try to stab me with your hair." He put a metallic helmet, covering her hair, on her head. Her most effective weapons had been stopped by mechanical devices. She then watched as the strong one pulled a large metal box over. There were holes in it. She realized that this was her prison. She tried to fight, but with all the metal shackles, it was impossible. He threw her in the box and the strong one closed it. She looked out the hole as He kneeled down and looked in. "Don't worry, Yvette. I won't hurt you, yet. I'm going to let the next one go first." She realized what He ment. He was going to use Rich's ability to turn Rich into a creature like Him. She was going to lose Rich. She started to cry silently. She felt the box lift up as He said to the strong one. "Bulwark, take Yvette and Mr. Cale to the place where I have my sister restrained. Place him in the other chair. The others will be brought here soon."

"Ya, Heir Emplate," said the strong man. The strong man's name must be Bulwark. His name must be Emplate. At least that was their codename. She started to cry. She was scared, but did Emplate relized the truth of Rich's ability. Did he know it was distance activated.

She heard Emplate speak again. "Bulwark, make sure he is not next to Monet or Yvette. His ability is distance activated and I want to be the one his ability latches onto me when Yvette's wears out." She sunk deeper into dispair. Emplate did know about his ability. Now, he was going to kill all of them, except for Rich. Emplate had a worse fate instore for Rich.

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"Ok, listen up, you three. Stay in hiding, we'll be over there in moment. I doubt Emplate can handle all of us at once." Jubilee had heard the communicator signal. She figured Emplate got into the Biosphere, but she didn't know what had happened, but when Sean had heard, he was upset.

"What happened, Banshee?" It was only at these moments, when an attack happened, did they used codenames. In its own way, it seemed informal.

"Everybody, things just got worse." The way he said it made every look at him with worry. She was worried, too, if what she thought had happened was right. "That was Franklin. Emplate was waiting in the Biosphere. He knocked out Monet, and had Bulwark help him capture Penance and Rich. We have to be careful getting over there, because Murmur, Vincente and D.O.A. might be waiting to ambush us."

She looked at Synch with concern. She remember what Emplate did to him last time. "We better be careful. If Emplate get hold of you again, I ...."

Synch put a finger to her lips. She had seen it done in some films. He was trying to calm her down. "I know. But, I don't think he'll try that again. If Emplate is planning something, he is planning to limit my power."

"I don't know if that's worse or better." Her statement was cut short when a flash appeared.

"Look out." Banshee yelled just as Murmur appeared and gave Synch a flying kick. She jumped out of the way and only got the wind knocked out of her. Synch was knocked unconscious. As she started to recover, Banshee let out with one of his sonic screams. Murmur teleported out the way just as quickly as he appeared. Paige ran over to her side and started to pick her up.

"Come on, Jubilee. We got to get out of here." She looked at Skin said, "Skin, get Synch."

"Okay, chica." He started extending his finger and pulled Synch over to him. He took a whiff of the air and said, "Is it just me or is the air getting thick in hear." Jubilee realized what was happening. It was Vincente. He was going to try and knock them all out.

"We better get out of here, now!" It was the first and last thing he said as he got knocked out by D.O.A. who jumped him from behind. That was the last thing at least she saw as Vincente knocked them all out. In her mind, she thought that Emplate had caught them too easily.

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Rich woke to a sound that gave him hope. It was Yvette's psyonic voice. "Rich, please be awake!" It worried him about the urgency in her voice made him worry.

He answered as calmly as he could. "Yvette, where are you?"

"Open your left eye a little, love. I hope you can figure something out, and quick." He didn't like the sound of that. He did as she said. He was careful not to open his eye fully. He noticed a silverish box about six feet from him. From one of the holes he saw the bluish eyes that belong to Yvette.

He was worried now. She hadn't escaped, and he saw that he was securely fastened down in a chair. He tried to move his left arm just a little bit, hopefully not enough to be noticed. He couldn't move his arm. He had been fastened down and positive he couldn't move. He then said to Yvette, "How did he catch you?"

"Remember when you tried to save me from getting knocked out by Bulwark?"


"The way he hit you, it knocked your unconscious body onto me, knocking me down."

"I take it you didn't have the time to get me out of the way and escape."

"Yes. Then Emplate put mechanical gloves, boots and a helmet on me. I can't even cut through them. I watched as he put you in that chair. Monet is in a chair about six feet to your right. He place a collar on her, and one on every body else when he hung them in the trees. I think he has something in store for the glowing man. He put some sort of device on him."

"Maybe he wants to force my ability on to Everett. I think last time, Everett was sent away, enthralled by Emplate, from what I was told. Everett's ability by cause him accept Emplate's personality and abilities." He saw little man walk into his view. He could see the letters "D.O.A." on his hat.

"Master, I think Mr. Cale is awake." The man left his view and Rich started to worry. Emplate must have been waiting for him to awaken. He close his eyes and started to pray. He prayed that all this was a nightmare, that he would awaken in his own bed, back home.

His prayer was cut short when his head was knocked into the back of the seat. He heard a woman screem, and a raspy laugh. Then came a voice he heard before. He opened his eyes and saw Emplate standing right in front of him. "Welcome back to reality, Richard. If you're wondering, I see everything about you, including your love for Penance." Emplate walked over to his sister. He watched Emplate look at her and say, "I take it you felt that, little sister. See that collar on everybodies neck. It was built to transfer all their pains to you, so you could suffer at my hands as well.

She looked and snapped, "You have gotten worse, brother. You have become demented with that hunger."

He backhanded her and said, "At least you cannot stop me. These chairs were constructed to hold you and Penance, little sister. When I discovered Mr. Cale, I changed my mind." Rich watched as Emplate walked back over to him. "You know, Mr. Cale, when you passed me at the airport, I didn't notice you, not until you called to Banshee. I can't believe that your power could detect me. Anymore, you won't be a threat to me, as you could be. I know what you fear, and I will make that fear come true."

Rich physically shuddered at that. He did not want that. Slowly relaxed his body to the point he could speak. It was hard to do because of the situation. He finally spoke to the demon that held him prisoner. "And what do you instore for Yvette?"

He watched as Emplate focused his yellowish eyes on him. "I want that to be a surprise, Richard." He was worried, and he noticed when he tensed up, he was not a rigid as he was before. He was losing Yvette's ability. Straight across from him, he saw Jubilee. She was the only one who was not upside. It was as if Emplate seemed to have something special in store for her. He gave her a look that begged for help.

Jubilee seemed to understand. She yelled, "Hey, ugly. What are you planning to do to me?"

He turned his attention to Jubilee. "Oh, I plan to take care of you, Ms. Lee. I plan to make you pay for the humiliation you put me through. I plan to sup on you until your life is almost gone. Then, I will have Everett finish you off." Rich could see Jubilee shudder from there. "Judging by the time Ms. Lee, I think I will have some help in that." Emplate turned and walked toward him. He knew that Penance's ability had left him, and Emplate was walking closer.

He heard Everett yell. "I don't think so. I not hurting anybody for you, Emplate."

Emplate turned his attention to Everett. Rich prayed that this would last a while until he could think of a way out. Emplate spoke to Everett, "See that device that I put on you. It hinders your ability just like the Psyonic Dampiner hinders Jonothan's. If you try to focus on anyone but Rich when I want you to, it will give you a very painful shock. And, Monet will get that same shock." Rich noticed that a look of defeat crossed Everett's face. Everett didn't want to hurt anybody. Rich finally thought that no matter what, Monet was going to be hurt, but maybe he could find a way to protect him and save everyone else. It all depened if he could tip the chair in Monet's direction.

He started to rock to the chair. He had to work fast and link into Monet's abilities before Emplate realized what was happening. He was sure it would have worked. Only if it weren't for D. O. A. Just as he had the chair beginning to tip, D.O.A. said, "Master, I think Mr. Cale is trying to avoid what you have in store for him."

Rich tried to tip the chair as quick as he could until Emplate approached. "I don't think your plan will work, Richard, but I don't think you'll argue anymore." Rich felt the pain that he knew was the struggle in him. He knew how it appeared on the outside. He physically wsa transforming into Emplate. His could feel the struggle for breath, but that was the last thing on his mind.

In his mind, he was fighting Emplate. Emplate's personality appeared as Emplate did, not as the images that were in Yvette's mind. Rich was fighting Emplate for full control. Emplate was more powerful and Rich could force Emplate back. He still had a hope in the back of his mind. He could win, but not alone. He needed help. As he was fighting, he heard a voice "Richard, let me help you." It was Emma Frost's voice. She was entering his mind to help him win. He felt her strengthen his personality, to fight off Emplate and keep in control. Just as he almost had the upperhand, he felt Emma's help disappear very suddenly. She must have gotten caught. He then lost to the power of Empate, but he still existed as Emplate imprisoned him in his mind. It was as if Emplate couldn't destroy him. This gave him hope for escaping, but how. He could only watch as the Emplate personality took control of his body.

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