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Author's Intro

Alright. Here it is, for the first time on Comic Vine. The Cale Storyline, as it was dubbed on the Generation X fan site Kindred Spirits. This is the first chapter of the first story, Changes. It was originally typed up in 1997, and I only updated the spelling, as well as the font I used for psychic speech. I shall post more chapters in time. It was posted under my name, Richard B Sampson Jr.

Generation X Cale Storyline Disclaimer

Attention: Generation X and their villains, as well as any other mutant mentioned in this story, is property of Marvel Comics. The character Richard Cale is named after family relations. Any other reference to anything copyrighted is a chance happening.

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Chapter 1: Change (Updated Version)

The phone was ringing. Sean Cassidy, headmaster of Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, ran into his office and answered it. "Hello, Sean Cassidy speaking."

A young man's voice on the other end spoke, "Hello, Mr. Cassidy. Am I correct in assuming that I have reached the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters?"

"Aye, that is correct. May I ask why?"

"Mr. Cassidy, I’m a mutant wondering about enrolling in the school."

"How do you know that you are a mutant, lad?"

"Let me put it this way. Have you ever heard about mutants that can mimic powers."

"Aye, we have one like that here."

"I take it to the extreme. I can mimic abilities, as well as personalities."

"Are you saying that you can mimic a mutant yur near."

"In simple terms, yes. Change is inevitable, doubly so for me. I have a relative that has the mutant ability to project future events. After some time with them, I mimicked that ability and their personality. It was a very strange experience. Although, the reason I called was because of the Onslaught ordeal.

"I see, but how did you avoid detection of Sentinels and other devices specified for detecting mutants?"

"When ever my ability is neutral, I can avoid detection. One time, I stood about ten feet from a sentinel and it just avoided me."

"Well, but are you afraid of your ability. That is usually the reason some of me students have joined."

"Fact. My mutant ability causes me to mimic personalities, as I mentioned before. I'm afraid that I may lose my personality in the process. And in some cases, I almost do. Sir, I hate to cut this short, but I must get ready. My plane leaves in a while and it is quite a drive to get to the airport."

"Okay, lad. I shall pick you up at the airport, with a couple of my students."

"NO! I'm sorry sir, but I would be grateful if you wait for me, alone. I want the students to meet the real me first. I should be easy to identify, all in black, about 21, but could you describe yourself so I can find you with little trouble."

"Okay, I have orangish hair, a slight goatee and I'll be wearing a Celtics jacket."

"Alrighty then. I shall arrive at Logan Airport, on flight 341 from Newark. See you in a couple of hours."

He hung up. He didn't even say his name. He decided to call Scott and find out if the X- Men had contacted him or not.


Sean ran over to Emma's quarters as if there was no time left in the world. But the call he had just received had struck him as odd. As he arrived, Emma opened the door and said, "Something wrong?" with a sly smile on her face. He couldn't tell if she had read his mind or not. Of course, if she did, he didn't have to remind her that she would regret it. He had already told 'er once back when Penance had arrived.

"Nae, just more of a shock. I just received a call from a lad, 'bout Jono's age. He said that he is a mutant and wishes to join the school."

"This surprises you, Sean. Maybe the X-men contacted him."

"Nae, when I asked Scott about the lad. He said that for some reason, the lad could nae be detected. It was as he was nae a mutant, yet he was."

"That is indeed strange. Did you agree to let this boy enroll?"

"Emma, if he is a mutant, he is free to enroll. Tis odd though, how he seems to dodge mutant detection devices. He even said that he stood about 10 feet from a Sentinel and wasn't even threatened by it."

"That is odd. But, how does he know he is a mutant?"

"He said, and I quote, 'Change is inevitable, doubly so for me.' Afterward, he told me about a mutant in his family. This mutant had the ability to project images of the future. He said that after a short time with them, he mimicked their ability, as well as his relative's personality."

"You mean to say that this boy may be able to mimic other mutants."

"Aye, and he said that he wants to help people, instead of letting his ability harm people, or other mutants."

"And if Apocalypse or even worse, Emplate, finds out about this mutant, everyone could suffer. How soon will he get here?"

"He said he would arrive at the airport in 10 hours. We should tell the students."

"Yes, especially if his ability is what we believe it is. I will contact them telepathically." Sean turned and ran for the assembly hall. He hoped that everybody would welcome him with open arms. But, the lad said he would try to avoid close proximity to the others for a while at least.

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"Great, why is it just as we get settled into a routine, something happens." She understood most what change meant. She remembered that change lost her her best bud, Wolverine. She knew enough about change. It was change that was affecting the world, since Onslaught. She even remember the change that brought her to the X-Men. Change affected everything in life, and you can't just shove it in a corner and think that nothing is happening.

"Jubilee, please stop acting so juvenile."

Jubilee turned to Monet. She had been starting to get along with her since Ms. Frost tried to protect the them from Onslaught. But, Monet didn't understand how much changes affected everything. "Listen, Monet, when I was with the X-Men..."

“Enough of the sermon, Jubilee” Jono said. He had gotten used to hating that as much as everyone else. About the only one who didn't say anything about it was Penance, and that was only because she didn't talk.

"Okay, I get the picture. I won't go into one of those stories. I mean, it not like it's my life."

"Jubilee, you shouldn't lie like that," Everett said. Since the two had gotten closer in the past weeks, it was hard to lie in front of him.

Sean and Emma walked in and Sean tuned to Emma. "Aye, everybody is here except for Penance."

"I couldn't contact her. Jubilee, do you think you could tell Penance about this when we get finished. You two are almost like sisters."

"No problem, Emma. By the way, what is this all about?"

"Yes, what's going on?" Angelo asked, relaxing in a chair. The headphones to his walkman was resting around his neck. It was obvious that he didn't want another of Sean's sonic screams.

"Alright, I received a call today. A lad said that he would like to join the school," Sean said.

"I take it that this boy is a mutant like us," said the calm voice of Mondo. Mondo had to have been the most laid back mutant she had ever met. She remembered that he said that life just happens.

"Aye, that he is. But, his ability is very unusual. From what we can figure, 'e might have the ability to mimic any mutant, ability and personality."

"Like, that would be so happening. I mean he could hang with me and Synch and have a triple firework show."

Monet then said, "He wants to enroll so that his ability doesn't threaten people."

"That and he fears his ability, and he could be more dangerous if yur brother ever finds out about 'im."

Monet's eyes went wide at that. Jubilee understood what that could mean. A second Emplate would be twice the trouble that M's brother already was. "Let's hope we can get him here without Emplate finding out."

"Exactly. I will pick him up at the airport in a while. He asked that we keep a distance for a while. His mutant ability makes him vulnerable to mutants. He wants to let you meet the real him before he joins us. He doesn't want us to get to close, since that is what triggers his ability. And no tricks, Angelo and Everett."

"Who, us?" the two said in unison. "We are perfect angels."

"The tail and pitchforks give you away, guys," Paige said. She had been on the receiving end of a couple of their jokes. Jubilee could remember many times where they had cut off the hot water in the showers. Paige's shrieks were easy to notice, even when they woke her up in the morning.

"Alright, but don't forget, he can mimic both you abilities and personalities." The two looked at each other and realized that he could make them the victims of their own jokes. Jubilee couldn't help but laugh.

"Does that include memories as well?" Paige asked. She was a bit worried about something. Jubilee wondered if it was that romance between her and Jono. Jubilee suspected that the two might be and item, but they were acting strangely for a while.

"We aren’t sure about that, lass. As far as we know, it might, and it might not."

"Great, he might mimic Monet and space out until his ability wears out," she blurted out.

"That's enough, lass. We hope that might not be an extreme to his ability. We each have our flaws. If he can also mimic those flaws, he might lose his identity all together." Losing one's identity sound just like the Phalanx. He could virtually be a mutant Phalanx, but the likelihood of that was extreme. Jubilee still remembered the Phalanx and how dangerous they had been. They had tried to kidnap all of Gen X students at the time. It cost the life of Clarice as she destroyed the one Phalanx, that had kidnapped Paige, Angelo, Monet, and Clarice. Sean then said, "Kids, I just want ye to help settle in. I want each of ye to pick a job to do. He needs to get familiar with grounds. Also, keep yur distance for the first day or two. He wants us to get to know him before we see his power in full force."

With that, Sean dismissed everybody. She looked at everybody. They were already picking out jobs. All of sudden, Jono startled her by saying “Do you want me to tell Penance about the boy?”

"No, Jono. I think I can handle it. The trick is finding her. She acts as she's afraid to stay still, and if I don't find her before this new guy arrives, she will find him."

“How do you figure that?”

"I think that after being held captive by Emplate, she's going to check out any one who arrives.

“In case 'e might be a bloody danger?”

"Like, duh. She is still on her guard. It took us a couple months before she would let anyone of us get near her." She then remembered that Jono was the only one who could stop her rampage on the night she was left here. "I'm sorry, Jono. I forgot your part in all that."

“It's okay. People usually remember action, not talk.”

"What are you going to do when he arrives?"

“I've decided to show him the med center, just in case he mimics me”

Jubilee thought about that for a moment. Then she realized that Jono meant the large hole in him that his psionic powers created. "I see. Who's going to show him the Grotto."

“Paige got that duty.” There was a small pain of sadness in his voice, at the mention of Husk, but she decided not to pry.

"I better go hunt down Penny. She's gotta know about this before he arrives." She ran at full bolt to the only place she knew to look for Penance, the 'Danger Grotto'.

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