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Today, March 17th, St. Patrick's Day, and I am posting the latest rewrite chapter of Relatively Dangerous. I know I've been quiet for a while, but part of it was due to getting a new up to date computer. I had to transfer all my works, and other things. I've also been indulging in working on a YouTube channel more, doing mostly playthroughs of old game, and some more current titles. Anyhow, with this posting, I return to the world of my fanfiction roots, that of Generation X, and the Cale Storyline. I hope you enjoy this rewrite chapter, and as always with these, I have links to the original incarnation of them.

Generation X Cale Storyline Disclaimer

Attention: Generation X and their villains, as well as any other mutant mentioned in this story, is property of Marvel Comics. The character Richard Cale is named after family relations. Any other reference to anything copyrighted is a chance happening.

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Relatively Dangerous Redux

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Chapter 3: Dreams Do Come True (Original)

Emplate sat in his central chamber, patiently waiting. While he had gotten some information about a new mutant coming to the Xavier School today, he was not going to go after them this time. His goal was to reclaim Yvette, and the young man that she had become her boyfriend, Richard Cale.

The only hitch in his plan to capture them was where they would be when they go to fetch the new student. He was hoping that Elane would be able to sneak into the school, and then discretely ambush Richard and Yvette when they got back. He seriously doubted that his targets would remain at the school, and if they did, he doubted they would be alone.

He was brought out of his thoughts at that moment when he heard a familiar voice in his head. It was his key source in the school. “Brother, I have information for you. If you are planning something, you might have an opportunity soon. Richard might not be going to fetch the new student, and Yvette will be here with him. I must warn you, however, that they think something is up. Richard had some sort of dream, and I have no doubt they won’t leave them alone.”

He didn’t respond, but it told him a lot. For some reason, he felt Richard was a bit familiar to him, even though he was certain he never met the young man before. It was a mystery he wanted to get to the bottom of, and he would need enough time to do it. That was something he would hope to have once he captured them. Still, he knew he would get them in time. He would also get some of the answers he sought about his own sisters. He had his own theory on that, but for now, he would enjoy the occasional bits of information she could manage to get to him.

With that information in mind, he knew what had to happen. He got up, and left his sanctum, to talk with his new ally, and possibly more than that. He was starting to feel more of an attraction to this girl, one that had nothing to do with his hunger. It could very well be that he was forming the same kind of bond with her as Yvette had formed with Richard Cale. No doubt, he could use that to his advantage when trying to break the two. It was a thought that made him smile.

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Elane was looking out one of the windows of the lighthouse. It gave her the perfect view of the school that her ‘cousin’ was at. It was the perfect vantage point to observe the place, which was proof to her that her new ally was smart. She wondered how they never noticed the place before, but given the tree line, it was possible that they didn’t notice the place at all.

She had been judging the woods, trying to figure the best way back, and thought she finally had a path figured out. It had to be the right path, regardless if she was alone, or as she hoped, with her quarry. She was just finalizing her path in her mind when she heard someone entering the room. She didn’t need to look back, since she knew who it was. Still she turned around to face Emplate, and asked, “Is it time?”

She saw him nod as he responded, but something in his tone made her worry a little. “Soon. It seems almost everyone will be leaving the school. Certain intel suggests that both Richard and Yvette will be staying behind, but they are expecting someone to show up.”

Elane did not like the sound of that. She was certain that she had kept a low profile since Richard had discovered her plans. There could be no way that he knew she was nearby, or even plotting to attack. Still, she had to ask. “What exactly do you mean that they are expecting someone to show up?”

She watched him as he responded, and he didn’t look worried about what he was saying. “It appears that Richard has some sort of precognitive power when it comes to his dreams. They expect an attack, and plan not to leave the two alone. No doubt, one of the others will be staying with them. Will this be a problem?”

She had heard no threat in the question and thought about what he just said. When using her powers, she had to make sure of how large the group was she planned to be in. Larger groups usually meant she had to use her powers more for stealth. Smaller numbers meant she could use her powers more as an attack. She also had to take the power into account, but she could determine that on the fly.

She crossed her arms in front of her and responded. “One extra person isn’t a problem. I can handle them solo, and then capture the lovebirds.” She then adjusted her stance as a question popped in to her mind. “I have been wondering, however, what makes the girl so special?”

Elane watched as Emplate tried looking elsewhere for a moment, as if what he was about to say pained him a bit. Finally, he responded to her question. “Yvette had been on of my captives, and a bit of a thrall. I believe her own powers include a healing factor. When she was just a food source, she lasted so much longer than most other captives. If an opportunity had arisen, I would have traded one mutant, or even information they needed to get her back.”

She nodded, fully understanding the importance of this Yvette girl. Then, an evil thought crossed her mind. “And now you’d have the extra bonus of forcing Richard to watch her suffer. It would be torture for both of them.” She watched as he nodded in agreement to that.

She returned her gaze to the window, and said, “Travel time to the place will be a trick. Do you have a way to shorten the trip? I already have a way to fox the cameras.”

He nodded, and said, “We leave now. I will keep you out of synch with the world, allowing us to pass through some things. Once we get to the school, we will phase back in with reality, and you can get on to the school grounds.”

She nodded and followed him as he left the room. As they started down to the door, she said, “Good. I should be able to get them, and even bring them here without being seen. Any other advice?”

She wasn’t surprised when he responded to the question. “Keep my involvement out of this at the moment. While I’m certain Generation X will figure it out at some point, they could be misdirected if Richard has already told them about you.”

She nodded and took his hand as they reached the door. “Knowing Richard, he might not have said anything. He always seemed to keep things to himself unless he trusted people.” With those last words, she stopped speaking, as everything changed. The world around them looked different. She could still see the world around them, but it seemed a bit grey. Also, there were hands reaching out, as if trying to grab them, or more specifically, Emplate.

Soon enough, she saw that they had reached the school. As they had, she saw everything return to normal, and she released Emplate’s hand. She then moved forward, wrapping her aura around her, using it to hide her from view. As she did that, she heard Emplate say, “Very handy trick. Once you capture them, bring them north of the school, to where the lighthouse is.” She didn’t respond, keeping focused on her powers so she could get into the school grounds.


Everett Thomas walked into the lounge with the rest of the group that had been working on the new student’s room. He had hoped that they weren’t late, since it seemed like Monet had one of her spells. Luckily, it didn’t seem to last long, and they had to be on time. What they did see, however, only partially surprised him.

Laying on the sofa was Richard, and Yvette was sitting on a chair that she must have moved close to the sofa. Richard had to be asleep, no doubt giving in to the lack of rest the nightmare had caused. Yvette was holding Richard’s one hand, while caressing his hair. It was the kind of sight that reinforced the impact they all suspected he had had on her. They would be inseparable.

When she finally noticed they had entered the room, she motioned for them to be on the quiet side. He nodded, as well as everyone else, and they moved quietly to different spots in the room. He knew that Jubilee was staying by his side, and Monet moved over to a window, and Paige moved to another chair in the room. He then approached Yvette, and softly said, “Do you think he’ll wake up before we have to leave?”

He saw her glance at Richard, and then backed up as she stood up, and moved away from Richard. No doubt, she was worried about him, and he could hear it in her response. “No, I don’t think so, and I’m worried about it. I don’t want him to be left alone here. If his dream is right, someone is coming that wants to kill him. What is worse, the dream had both of us in it, so we can’t be here alone.”

It was obvious to him that she was starting to get upset about it. In fact, she was starting to cry about it. Even worse, her skin was starting to take on the red hue signaling that she was starting to tense up. He was thankful when Jubilee spoke up. “Penny, don’t worry. If you stay behind, one of use will remain to help you.” Again, Jubilee knew exactly what to say, as it relaxed Yvette.

As the rest of the group started to enter the lounge, he wondered if the others would be that understanding if he and Jubilee would be in a similar situation. He was certain that the guys would have his back. In fact, he noticed Angelo was walking over to him, glancing over at Richard as he spoke. “He finally gave in to sleep? He was looking a bit drug out in the Grotto.”

Everett nodded as everyone else found a spot in the room, and said to his friend, “Yea.” Then he fully caught what Angelo had said. “Where was he in the grotto when you guys saw him?”

He saw a slightly worried look on his friend’s face, and he was certain he wasn’t going to like the answer. “He had been in the tree house. Jono got a bit too close, and, well, you know.” Everett lowered his head, already figuring out what had happened. No doubt, when Richard’s power kicked in, it caused a good deal of damage to it.

He sighed and looked at Angelo. “So we are putting it together after we get the new girl?” He saw Angelo nod, and hoped they could get it back together before the kids got back. He could just imagine how upset they might be to see their favorite place destroyed.

After a few moments, he saw Emma and Sean entering the room. Both of them looked over at the sofa, and he could tell they were worried about Richard still being asleep. He watched as Sean turned to Yvette and asked, “Do ye want to try and wake him, lass?” Everett watched as she looked back at Richard, and then shook her head. He had a feeling that Yvette didn’t want to wake him since Richard probably needed the sleep. He could also tell that neither Sean nor Emma were happy about that response, but they weren’t angry about it either. Most likely, they were frustrated by the situation it put them in.

After a moment, Sean calmly said, “I had a feeling. I also bet ye want to stay behind with him.” Everett saw Yvette nod, and watched as she sat back down and held Richard’s hand again. Inwardly, he wanted to reach for Jubilee’s hand as well. She, however, beat him to the punch as he felt her take his hand. For a moment, he glanced looked around, seeing if any of the others noticed the action. He could tell that Jono had noticed the action.

Before he could say anything, Emma spoke up, looking at the group. “Since Richard and Yvette are staying here while we go for the new student, I would like a volunteer to stay with them. If Richard’s dream is to be believed, the attacker comes when they are here by themselves.”

For a moment, Everett thought about volunteering. The only thing holding him back was that they wouldn’t know the power of the possible attacker. While his aura could get into synch and mimic certain powers, there were others he couldn’t fully use. If that were to happen with this attacker, it could be a tragedy.

Just before he could say anything, though, someone had already raised a hand to volunteer. “Miss Frost, Ah can remain behind. Ah actually want to talk with Yvette for a bit.” Everett noticed a mixture of looks when she said that. Most of them were relief, probably for different reasons. Two others, however, had looks that said something different. Jono had a look of disappointment on his face, and Yvette had a look of concern or suspicion on her face. He had an idea why she might be suspicious. Everett had been hoping that Paige and Jono would patch things up, and even figured that Richard was also trying to get the two back together.

Before he could dwell too much on that thought, he saw Sean nod, and turned to look at both Paige and Yvette. “Alright but be careful. Should anything happen, take cover in the passages that lead to the command centers. They will be on a lock down, so they can’t be entered by anyone but those at the school. It will allow you to have a level of security.” He saw both nodding, signaling they understood.

Sean then clapped his hands together, and said, “With that settled, let’s all get to the van. We have a new student to pick up.” Everett saw both Sean and Emma head to the door, and everyone followed. Inwardly, Everett felt they were taking a serious chance leaving Paige, Richard and Yvette behind, but there wasn’t much else they could do. They had to hope for the best, since if they didn’t get to the airport, it could put the new student in a serious dilemma.

When they got into the van, Jubilee sat next to him, and said, “Hey, Ev, do you think it’s the right move leaving them all here. We know so little about Richard’s background. Hell, he hasn’t gone into much detail about his family. What he does tell us, it’s not much, and you recall how things played out regarding Bastion.” He nodded, fully recalling how that had played out, and how she almost ended up his prisoner.

He placed a hand on hers and tried to comfort her a bit. “Don’t worry. I don’t think that there could be anything worse in his family than Bastion.” Inwardly, he didn’t fully believe it. Something in him told him that his conclusion was wrong. In some ways, something about this situation reminded him about how they all found out Monet’s relationship with Emplate, as well as the fact that Sean’s cousin, Black Tom Cassidy, had been a major threat. Inwardly, while he could tell his words comforted Jubilee a bit, he now started to worry more as the van started to make its way to Logan Airport.

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Paige looked out the lounge window as the van left the school gates. She had noticed that Jonothan had looked hurt when she volunteered to stay behind. While she was still hurt by what he had done back at Thanksgiving, she couldn’t remain angry at him. She had realized she still cared about him. She also recognized some of Richard’s interests in her life as attempts to patch things up between her and Jono.

She would admit to herself that in her anger at Jono, she mistook Richard’s interests as a possible love interest. The only thing that kept her from fully acting on that was the fact that Yvette loved Richard. She didn’t want to hurt Yvette, and she could really tell that Richard loved Yvette. She didn’t want to ruin that. In fact, part of her reason for wanting to stay behind with them was so she could explain that to Yvette. She could tell from some of Yvette’s reactions to her as of late was that of a threat to the relationship.

She looked back at Yvette, who had gone back to holding Richard’s hand while he slept. She noticed that something didn’t fully seem right, since he seemed to be tossing and turning. She also noticed that Yvette’s eyes were glowing a bit. No doubt Yvette was trying to wake Richard using the mental link they seemed to share when he had her powers. Rather than startle Yvette at this moment, she quietly waited, hoping that Yvette would notice her.

After a moment, she saw Yvette look at her. No doubt Yvette wasn’t unaware of what was going on in the real world. Paige could also tell that Yvette was a little bit concerned about her presence. There was almost a tone in her voice when she spoke. “Paige, I do appreciate that you want to help, but what in the world do you want to talk to me about?”

Paige knew she had to clear things up. She pulled a chair over and sat down facing Yvette. She also made sure that how she sat in the chair didn’t appear threatening. “First off, Ah know that Ah’ve been probably giving off signals that Ah might interested in Richard.” She paused for a moment. Lately she had been managing to shed her southern accent, possibly due to being at the school. Being nervous like this tended to bring it back into her normal speech.

During her pause, Yvette had managed to respond to that statement with a little edge in her voice. “I have managed to notice that. I can tell you for certain that he’s not interested in you in that way.”

Paige nodded in agreement, and she saw Yvette’s eyes go a little wide with that action. “I know. My anger at Jono had me misinterpret his interactions with me. I know he’s been trying to encourage me to get back with Jono. It’s actually something I plan to do once they get back. I just hope I have the chance to do so.” For a moment, she started to fear that somehow, the new student would find Jono as captivating as she did.

She noticed a smile had crossed Yvette’s face at that moment. Yvette then took her free hand and held Paige’s. Paige didn’t react to it in a negative way, since she saw the smile on Yvette’s face was also in the girl’s blue eyes. “Paige, even when I didn’t talk, I could tell you two would make a nice couple. Sometimes the loudest things we communicate are the things we don’t physically say. The love you two seemed to have for each other was there. I could tell it in your actions.”

Those words comforted Paige a bit more and bolstered her own confidence. Once everyone got back, she was going to patch things up with Jono. She could forgive him for his outburst at Thanksgiving. She got up and put the chair back. As she did so, she decided to try and find out more about what to expect, should an attack come. “Yvette, before Richard fell asleep, did he tell you anything about who this attacker might be?”

She watched as Yvette looked thoughtful for a moment. She had a feeling why that was. If Richard had told her anything, it was probably in private, and they might have agreed that whatever information was given would be best coming from him. It might be possible that he had told her enough that she could relay some information to Sean and Emma, but the main details would have to be filled in by Richard.

Before Yvette could give an answer, there was a loud crash that shattered the quiet of the building. It startled the both of them, and Yvette had already started to activate her powers, at least in part. Her red hair was starting to spike, and her hands almost became claws, but the most pronounced thing Paige saw was that Yvette’s eyes became a pure blue. Paige, when she heard the sound, made sure her attention was on the background noise. Yvette managed to ask the key question without the stutter that signaled she was about to fully tense up. “What was that?”

Paige already had an idea on what it was. “No doubt it’s our mystery attacker.” She grabbed at her skin and started ripping it off. To any not used to the sight, it was disgusting. Some would even think it was visions of horror movies coming to life, or someone going completely insane. Even some used to the sight thought it was disgusting. To Paige, living on a farm, and having husked her fair share of corn, her ability didn’t disgust her at all. She had also come to grips with how to control her power, and as she ripped off her skin, as well as clothes, she revealed a body coated in smooth iron.

She looked over at Yvette, and to Yvette’s credit, she wasn’t freaked out by this new form. “Penance, wake Skitz, and get into the secret passages. I’m going to check out what happened.” She watched as the red head nodded, her blue eyes glowing as she turned back to the sleeping form. If anyone knew how to move around the school undetected, it was Penance.

Paige quickly, and quietly, left the lounge. While the sound of the crash echoed through the building, there was only one room it could have come from. Paige made her way towards the entry hall, trying to remain light footed. That was tricky since the iron made a sound when touching the floors. She needed to learn some better control over her powers. There had to be a way to only change part of her body.

As she reached the entry hall, she was shocked to see the front doors on the opposite wall. Whoever this mystery attacker was, they had a good deal of power to do that. Paige hoped her iron skin would protect her from whatever this threat could do. She did keep her eye peeled for where the threat was. While the doors had been knocked out of the door frame, there didn’t seem to be any sign that the attacker had entered the building.

As she neared the door, however, she did notice something. For the briefest of moments, it looked like that something humanoid shimmered like a heat haze. It was enough to make her pause and try to focus on it. It was then she realized her mistake, as at that moment, something hit her, sending her flying into the very wall the doors had apparently crashed against. She fell to the floor, but quickly got back to her feet.

As she did so, she saw the figure of a girl, most likely in her late teens, appear in the door way. Like her, this girl had blonde hair, but that was the end of the similarities. This girl wore a mix of casual clothes, and clothes that said ‘hooligan’. She also had a bit of a sneer on her face. Paige also noticed that the girl was relaxing her fist, but it didn’t fully explain how the girl hit her. The girl, however, sounded a bit cocky as she said, “Wow, I was hoping for a challenge once I got here, not an iron doll wimp.”

Paige quickly made two fists, determined not to be taken by surprise by this girl’s powers again. “You just caught me off guard. Ah’m not falling for that trick again. And Ah’ll be more challenge than you can handle.” She was upset now, and she was going to let loose on this intruder. She doubted she would remain standing after getting hit by an iron coated fist.

To her shock, she was struck in mid charge. She had seen the girl kick, but thought it was odd since Paige wasn’t close to her. The pain in her stomach told a different story. Whatever this girl’s powers were, they allowed her to strike from a safe distance, and with great force. This time when she hit the ground, she was winded from the attack.

She glanced over at the girl and saw her approaching. The girl had her one hand in a claw like fashion. At the same time, Paige felt something around her waist. It was starting to come together in her mind, as the girl said in a sarcastic tone, “Poor little hick girl. That may have hurt, but it’s nothing compared to this, or what my dear cousin is going to get.” Paige then felt a pain around her waist, as if something was trying to crush it.

Paige could only scream in pain. She wanted to say something, demand to know the attackers name, but she couldn’t get the words out. As the pain started to cause her to black out, she could see the girl getting close to her, and as her vision and hearing started to fade, the attacker identified herself. “Tell the others when they get back that I‘m Aura, and I‘m your worst nightmare.” Paige slipped into unconsciousness then, hoping that Yvette and Richard had gotten into the secret passages.

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Richard awoke with Yvette shaking and screaming at him. The scream had been both vocally and mentally and were filled with worry. He quickly sat up, taking in the image of the lounge. No one other than them were in the room, and instantly he started to worry. His nightmare was starting to come true.

He looked at Yvette, and for a moment she appeared to calm down, but not by much. Her usually flowing red hair had taken on their spiky appearance from when her powers were active. Her eyes were almost a pure blue, and her skin was just starting to take on the red color it had when her powers were fully active. This prompted him to ask the questions he feared he already knew the answers to. “Yvette, what’s wrong? Where is everybody?”

He saw Yvette glance over at the door as she answered. “Everyone except Paige went to pick up the new student. Paige had volunteered to stay with us. She and I were talking, and then there was a crash, and she went to investigate.”

Richard interrupted her after she said that, quickly getting off the couch and closing the door to the lounge. The nightmare was coming true, and if it was who he thought it was, the door might offer them a momentary protection. As he did all that, he said, “Damn it! My nightmare is coming true. Is there another way out of this room?”

He felt Yvette take his hand, and pull him to one corner of the room, talking as she did so. “That’s not the worst of it. I think Paige is hurt. I heard a scream echoing through the halls. She did, however, tell me to wake you, and get into the secret passages of the school.” That last bit caught him a little off guard. While he was aware that the school was more than what it appeared to be on the surface, he had only known of one way to get down to those areas.

He watched as Yvette pushed a recessed panel, and a hidden passage opened up. He didn’t need any more prompting, and headed in. Yvette followed him as the door closed behind her. Once they were in, they remained quiet for a moment. As they did, he tried to listen for any sounds nearby. No doubt they would hear someone moving about if they got near their location.

After a few tense moments, Richard took a moment to figure out what they needed to do, and mentally spoke to Yvette. “This isn’t good. I have no doubt that Paige is out for the count right now. We need to at least find her, and make sure she’s alright.” If he was right about their attacker, he knew she would need some help, and if she had used her powers, she might also need some cover.

Following his lead on the matter, she also took to communicating in the mental link. He could also tell she was worried, as she said, “What makes you think Paige is out of commission?” He glanced at her, and noticed she was tensing up more, causing her ability to start cutting her clothing.

He was about to answer her when a loud crash came from the room they had just left. No doubt their attacker was in the room. He motioned for them to head down the passageway, just as he heard a female voice yell. “Where did you go, Richard? I know you’re here. You can’t always keep a low profile, especially with a girlfriend and your family background.”

Inwardly, Richard shuddered. He had been correct about who the attacker was. If she were to find out about the secrets of the school as well, that would be a very bad thing. Still, they needed to be more equipped to handle this situation and being in their regular clothes wouldn’t be enough.

When they reached the level where their Generation X uniforms were, Richard had to get his bearings. He had only just got his own uniform in the past week and hadn’t yet gotten used to the underground part of the school. He also answered Yvette’s question, aloud. “In the dream, someone had stayed here with us. I don’t know what happened to them in the dream, but they were not able to help us.”

He saw Yvette nod, and then felt her pull him in the right direction. Luckily, he had tensed up his hand so she wouldn’t inadvertently wound him. As they neared the lockers, she said, “So would I be correct in assuming that this is the girl you told me about, your other uncle’s daughter.” It wasn’t a question. He could tell that by her tone.

Richard nodded, and said, “Yes. Her name is Elane. She might still my uncle’s family name of Bonstein, but she’s no blood relation. What is worse is her power, which is total control of her aura. She can use it in the same way Angelo can use his skin. She can also manipulate it to do things, including act as a shield.” He then wondered if she had any other tricks. He had to admit that once he had a glimpse of her plans, he hadn‘t wanted to find out more. In hindsight, that was a serious mistake to make.

Once they were at the lockers, they quickly put on their uniforms. Richard was thankful that the outfits were designed to work with their various abilities, but he often wondered how it would cope with his abilities. He put that out of his mind, however, since he wasn‘t sure how long Paige would last in whatever state she was in.

As he closed his locker, he heard Yvette ask him a very important question. “Skitz, how in the world did she find out you were here? Could she have found out from your family?”

He shook his head as he saw Yvette in her uniform. For a moment, he forgot about the danger they were in, and had to admire how she looked in the team uniform. It literally enhanced her figure. He then brought himself back to the moment and answered the question. “No. They all know what she sounds like. I think we both know who was the one to inform her where I am.”

In that moment, he saw Yvette instantly tense up, and her uniform reacted in kind. The outfit turned black but held up to her abilities as her eyes went pure blue. He also heard her respond to the statement in the mental link. “Emplate. Well, we better make sure she fails.” He had to agree with that thought.

He tried again to get his bearings, which was more difficult under the school. There were no windows, so he had to rely on a mental map of the building they were in. After a moment, he started to head in a direction, and to his relief, Yvette didn‘t stop him. As he moved, he spoke to her in the mental link. “Alright Penance, our first goal is to get to Husk, and make sure she‘s either covered up, or better yet, brought to the med center.” With that, they rushed in what had to be the right direction to the entry hall of the building they had come from.


Daria looked out at all the people in the airport as she made her way off the plane. The world, in her mind, had changed so much in the past few weeks. In all the chaos that happened when Zero Tolerance complete shutdown, she was still in shock when she had been singled out. S.H.I.E.L.D. had come in and took various people away, but one person took her aside and explained things to her.

It had turned out that she had been a mutant herself, and that Bastion had not only known it, but protected her. It didn’t fully make sense to her, since he had often said that mutants were freaks. Still, he had somehow cautioned her from going through the full procedure some of the other members of Zero Tolerance had gone through. She had seen what had happened to them. When Bastion had been out on a retrieval mission, suddenly many of the people collapsed, dead. They had been the ones who had undergone the full procedure. Had they known the truth about her, would they have targeted her?

When she had found out about the fact that she was a mutant, she had also been handed a letter. Apparently, during his last moments, Bastion had somehow managed to leave her guardianship to his nephew. She had been given a photograph of the young man, and part of her had to admit that he looked like a nice young man, slightly older than her, possibly at the oldest being in his young twenties. If she was to be in his care, would he feel alright with a mutant?

Daria looked around the airport again. She was starting to get nervous, since Bastion had shown her a video of an attack that had happened there. In the video, a mutant named Jonothan Starsmore was being attacked by another mutant apparently called Emplate. Would that being try to attack her now, and if so, what would happen to her?

She was broken out of her worries when a voice called out to her. “Daria?” She looked in the direction of the voice and saw the source of that voice. It was a girl, probably her age, and Asian in descent. She had on a yellow raincoat and was apparently dressed for the time of year. After a moment, she realized who the girl was. The girl was known as Jubilation Lee, a mutant who had been part of the X-Men. In fact, it had been her who Bastion had intended to retrieve.

Daria then noticed some of the others in the group. One was the mutant Jonothan Starsmore. His face was half covered, but she knew from the video that she had seen that under that covering was the visible sign of his mutation; a flaming hole in his chest. She then noticed the figure of Emma Frost, head of Frost Enterprises and a few others from Bastion’s files there. This was not what she was expecting at all.

She tentatively walked over to the group. As she did, she looked over the group, and didn’t see the person who was her guardian. She did recall that her guardian was apparently at a school. Was it a school for mutants? It would make sense, especially with both Jubilation Lee and Jonothan Starsmore there. Still, she would have preferred to see her guardian there. As she approached, she asked, “Hello. Are you all from the school? Where is Richard at? I was told he was my guardian.”

A man with orangish hair, a goatee, and decked out in a Celtic’s jacket answered the question. “Yes, we are from the school. Richard, however, was unable to join us here, and is back at the school with two other students. Unfortunately, due to the reasons it would take too long to explain standing around, we need to get back to the school.”

She was a little confused by this but started walking with the group as they headed out of the airport. As they approached the van, she decided to inquire about her guardian. “Is something wrong with him that he couldn’t make it to the airport today?”

It was Emma Frost who answered the question, and the response made her worry. “It is something a little odd about Richard. Aside from his power, he seems to have prophetic dreams from time to time. He had one just last night, and it is possible that it may come true if we don’t get back in time.” Something about the way Emma Frost said that told Daria that it wouldn’t be a good thing.

Her mind raced, and she recalled about the video she saw. Instantly, she blurted out the question that came to her mind. “Is it Emplate that might be attacking?” She noticed that everyone was looking at her.

It was the girl of African descent who just narrowed her eyes, and coldly asked, “And just how do you know about Emplate?” She had a feeling that she might have just made an enemy at the school, and possibly of all the school.

She decided that there was no use lying, since they might already know her background. She closed her eyes and lowered her head as she answered the accusatory question. “A tape from the security cameras here had made their way to Zero Tolerance. Bastion had shown it a few times, I’m guessing as part of his justification. To be honest, he wasn’t entirely sure what Emplate was, but he grouped it in with other mutants.” She heard a huff of disgust.

After a moment, she heard the Asian girl from earlier speak. “You have to forgive Monet. She can be a bit touchy about family.” This statement made her look up, and even raised some questions in her mind.

It had obviously caught the attention of the African girl, as she was now looking at Jubilation, and said, “Jubilee, I don’t think that this is the time or the place that that particular topic should be discussed.”

Daria found that statement to be wrong on a key level. She looked over at Monet, as she figured that was the girl’s name, and said, “If we are going to be possibly facing off against this Emplate, wouldn’t it be wiser to inform the newest person to join your ranks instead of leaving them in the dark of a potential threat. I understand that I was part of a group that might have not given a second thought about killing you all, but I’ve been going through a lot in the past few weeks. I want to know what I might be going up against, especially if I’m going to survive as a mutant.”

To her surprise, it was the man with goatee who had responded. “Lass, I think it is safe to say we all have our fault and flaws. Not all of us have walked the paths of angels, and we all have our crosses to bare. You aren’t asking for anything ye don’t deserve, so we will give you the basics as we drive back.”

She nodded, thankful not only for the support, but the words he used. They actually made her feel a bit more comfortable, especially as everyone else seemed to nod their heads in agreement. She then let a small smile show. “Thank you for those words, Mr.” She paused, realizing that she didn’t know who he was.

Thankfully, he responded in an understanding tone. “Cassidy, Sean Cassidy. If ye wish, ye can all me Sean. I try to be a bit less formal than Emma. We will also introduce ourselves to ye on the way to the school. I wouldn’t be surprised, though, if you know a bit about a few of us.” He had a slightly mischievous tone in his voice when he said that last part, as if he was just trying to lighten the mood. Daria just hoped it had been interpreted by the students in that way. She also hoped the trip wouldn’t be a long one.


Richard and Yvette had spent the better part of an hour maneuvering through the secret passages, trying to avoid his former cousin. Every time they opened a door, they listened for a few moments. Each time, they heard her nearby, making him think that she somehow heard the opening of the secret doors. Luckily, Richard had been able to get his bearings each time, and they quickly made their way to the entry hall. What they found when they finally got there was enough to make them gasp.

The entry hall was a mess. The front door had been broken off its frame and smashed into the opposite wall. Laying amongst the remains of the door was Paige. From a glance, it could be seen that her waist had been constricted, most likely while she was using her powers. She didn’t seem to stir, and her powers had worn off. The room was also chilled due to the cold air coming in from the entryway.

Richard was horrified by the sight, and felt his own protective nature kicking in. He rushed out of the passage, listening for any sounds of movement. Thankfully, he didn’t hear any, except from Yvette as she followed him. His first move was to get one of the curtains down. As he did that, he heard Yvette in their mental link saying. “You were right. Husk isn’t in good shape.”

Once the curtains were down, he led the way over to Paige. “I know. I just hope she’s still breathing.” As they got near her, he could see that she was. He breathed a quiet sigh of relief. “Come on, let’s first cover her up. That cold air might not be good for her.” With Yvette’s help, he got the curtain over her, as well as tucked around her. He also figured that Paige would prefer not being naked when the new student arrived. Richard knew he would feel embarrassed if he were found naked.

Once they were done, he heard Yvette in the mind link again. “Judging by what appeared to happen to Husk, I have a feeling that your cousin doesn’t plan on being stopped. Do you think the others can handle her?” It was a good question. He hadn’t thought about what tricks she might have picked up over the years. Even he couldn’t figure how she could use her abilities on multiple people.

He looked around for a moment, trying to see if she was coming before he responded. "I would like to think so. I don't think her powers could be overly effective on some of their powers. Still, it might be best if we get back to the underground part of the school." He looked around the room again, trying to keep an eye out in case she arrived.

As he did so, he heard Yvette say in the mental link, “We can keep one step ahead of her.” He looked over at her and saw her shudder a little. “Sorry, I just had a thought of what she might do to us if she does catch us. She did do a number on Husk.”

He nodded, and then looked back in the direction the secret passage was in. Something looked odd in that direction, and he wasn’t sure what. Regardless, it would be best to get back into the secret parts of the school. Still, something seemed off, and he said to Yvette, “Penance, does something look off to you?”

He saw her pause next to him, and nod. “Yes. It looks like part of the wall doesn’t look right, Skitz.” In that moment, it happened. He saw a figure appear out of thin air. It was something that cause both him and Yvette to step back. As they did so, he heard Yvette say, “I’m going to guess that’s our attacker.”

He would have confirmed it himself, but the attacker spoke, removing any doubt about her identity. “Well, well, well. You two managed to keep me running.” She started to advance, and he and Yvette started to back up. “Foolish move coming back to help the hick. I figured you’d come here eventually. You did have me going for a bit, but it’s over now. Time for you, and that girl with you to suffer as well.”

Richard saw her start to make a grabbing motion, and he glanced at a hallway right near them. “The hallway to our right. Now.” Once he said those words to Yvette, she nodded, and they ran for the hall.

They had managed to avoid what ever she was about to do, since she screamed in frustration. They weren’t in the clear, though. He could hear her giving pursuit. As they ran, he heard Yvette say in their mental link, “If we can make it to the lounge, we can get back in the secret passages. It is just up ahead.” He nodded and hoped they could pull it off. It would just mean keeping out of their attacker’s line of sight.

Those hopes got dashed when he felt himself getting lifted into the air. He also had felt his arms go flat to his sides as well. It told him that they hadn’t run fast enough. They had been caught by his former cousin. He saw that Yvette was struggling as well while hanging in mid-air.

He then felt as they were being turned to face their captor. Sure enough, she had a gloating smile on her face, and he could feel her tightening her grip. As she moved towards them, keeping them stationary in the air, he heard her gloat. “You know, I had always wondered how you had found out about my ability. I never knew that you had that kind of mutant ability. I always thought you had read my mind.” He felt her tighten her proverbial grip more as she said, “Now I know the truth.”

Richard gasped for air and tried not to cry out in pain. It was starting to get hard to focus, but he could see that Yvette looked like she was in emotional pain. He then looked at his attacker and managed to vocally ask the one question on his mind, one he figured he had an answer to already. “How did you find me here, Elane? I know you couldn’t get it from my family.”

The pressure didn’t let up, and he could tell he was starting to lose consciousness. As everything started to go black, he saw an evil grin on Elane’s face as she answered his question with what he had figured was a lie. “I had hacked into Ms. Frost’s computers. Thought I’d try to take over one of the big companies in the world, and found out about the school, and that you were here.” He had a feeling she would lie, since he already suspected who was helping her. Still, he couldn’t relay that information, since he was blacking out due to the pressure crushing him.

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Yvette gasped for breath and was horrified that Richard had passed out. He had been the one who helped make her who she is now. He had helped her control her powers and communicate with the others. Now, he was hanging in the air, unconscious. She could tell he wasn’t dead but depending on what this woman he named Elane might have in mind, he might wish to be.

She turned her head to face the woman and held her powers in check. It took a lot of effort to calm herself down so that she could talk. She was sure her eyes were still glowing blue, and her skin still had the red hue showing her powers were active. She couldn’t use them to hurt this woman, so she had to try and delay her by talking. “Why are you doing this? Do you have any idea what this place is?”

She had a feeling the attacker knew full well what the place was. Something told her that while the hacking story was a lie, this Elane woman knew a lot more than she was willing to share. Besides, if she wanted harm to come to Richard, she had to be to have called in some help, since Richard never seemed to like the idea of hurting people, with the only exception having been Black Tom Cassidy.

She then felt herself being drawn to the woman. She couldn’t move her arms, since they were pinned to her side, but she was kept a safe distance away as the woman answered. “He ruined my plans. I was working on a plan to take over the world, by first taking over one of the most powerful companies in the world. I would strike fear into them. They couldn’t get near enough to me, and I can become invisible. They would always be second guessing if I’m around or not.” Yvette heard a glee in the voice of the woman at the time.

She was then brought closer to Elane and saw the absolutely wicked smile on her face. “I could even force you to kill him if I wanted to.” Yvette shuddered, especially as she saw a gleam of joy in the woman’s eyes. Yvette even began to think that what she said about hacking into Miss Frost’s records might be true, and not a lie. She hadn’t been sure, but something didn’t seem right.

She then felt the pressure on her increase, and things were starting to seem hazy. Yvette tried to look her captor in the eyes, but when she did, she saw something else in them. It was a look of malice she had seen from only one other being. Emplate. She had no doubt in her mind now who was helping Elane. She still struggled for breath, and tried to hang on, yet hoping she would be right about her next statement. “You won’t succeed in this. Our friends will stop you.”

To her horror, as her vision started to fade, and she started to drift into unconsciousness, Elane said, “Once you’re out, we are out of here. Odds are we will be long gone by the time your friends get here.” Those were the last words she heard, but as she fully lost consciousness, Yvette could have sworn she heard a very high-pitched sound, one she could have sworn she heard before. She just wished she could recall what it was.

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