The Bohnthian Warrior

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Part 1 of 15

As the sun sunk into the ocean, the trees danced in the joy of the wind. Fresh air filled this forest. Water rushing and colliding against stones in the river was the only thing that dared break the silence. From far away a boy watched from above a hill as creatures of all shapes and sizes moved quickly throughout the forest. He wore dark black pants; A ripped brown shirt and small brown shoes. His hair flew in the air as the wind blew through it. His white skin turned into a radiant red as the sun shined upon him.

The boy's name was Bliss. He was only 14 years old, and he was a Bohnthian, a brave warrior. Bohnthians ruled and protected this Forest. They wielded swords and shot arrows with their mighty bows. They fought Skarthians and rided dragons. But no one in the world knew that Bliss was the chosen warrior.

Part 2 Coming Soon

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And please, don't be a n00b, don't plagiarise or copy this tory I have been working on for weeks.
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