The Black Triforce: Zelda/TMNT/Batman crossover

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The Black Triforce


Link walks Through Hyrule field, on an exceedingly searing day.

"Link Link, there is a vast disturbance up near Death mountain we should go check on." Navi says to Link.

Link play's his ocarina calling Epona. The horse arrives to his location within minutes. Epona drops Link off in the front of the koriki village's entrance. Link speedily makes his way past the gate heading up toward the mountain. The heat from the sun causes sweat to fall from Link's face. Link pulls out a bottle of water and drinks the whole thing in seconds. He dodges the rocks that come tumbling down. Within a couple minutes he makes it to the top of Death Mountain. Link then spots Darunia near the entrance, walking over to him.

"What is going on Darunia." Link asks apprehensive.

"Ganondorf is inside of Death Mountain." Darunia tells.

"What no way you can't be serious, Ganondorf can't be alive that's impossible!!" Link says alarmed.

"It's a good thing you just happened to have the master sword." Darunia replies.

"He hasn't hurt anyone yet has he?" Link asks.

"Not yet, but you better take him out before he does." Darunia tells.

Link quickly changes into his Goron tunic and heads into Death Mountain. Link walks in quickly spotting Ganondorf hovering up above. Ganondorf looks down at Link.

"I knew you would be here sooner or later, I can't do anything with you in the way." Ganondorf says evilly.

Link pulls out the master sword and his Hylian shield. Ganondorf shoots a couple of his purple energy balls at Link, who blocks them with his shield. Ganondorf flies down in front of Link punching him to the ground. Jumping up Link quickly gets back on his feet and slashes Ganondorf with the master sword a couple times in the chest. Ganondorf falls back in twinge as blood comes out of his torso.

"I must seek the power of the Sinister Triforce, than no hero of time will be able to stop me who posses the blade of the master sword." Ganondorf roar's out.

"What are you talking about, there is only one Triforce?" Link says looking confused.

"I will travel to the dimension which holds it, yes." Ganondorf says smiling.

"That makes no sense, what are you talking about?" Link asks.

"It does not exist in this dimension but once I acquire it I will be unstoppable, it is not part of the legend as we know it." Ganondorf informs.

"So what makes you so sure it exists, how did you find out about it and what dimension." Link asks now looking very puzzled.

"I don't know if it's true but I'm willing to find out, I found this information far out beyond the walls of Hyrule and to answer your final question... this dimension is a million years or more in the future." Ganondorf says as he pulls out a silver medallion from his cape.

He uses his bleak magic on the medallion to open a portal. He then hits Link across the facade making him fall to the floor.

"If it does exist I will be back, it's powers by legend are beyond that of you kid." Ganondorf says as he jumps into the threshold.

Link with his swift thinking jumps into the portal before it closes. Link falls unconscious while transferred into the new world. Minute's later two portals in different areas appear over New York City. Link comes falling out of one and Ganondorf came out of the other. Ganondorf takes a few moments to look over the city. The Gerudo king is astonished at the tall buildings and how the city is fabricated, compared to Hyrule.

"If my theory is correct than this medallion should glow when right above the Dark Triforce." Ganondorf says to himself. "It's a huge place, it might take awhile." Ganondorf adds on.

Link gains consciousness within another two minuets. Link observes his surroundings in bewilderment.

"Wow what is this place." Link says aloud to himself.

Link then stands up looking around. Through his ears he can hear some one being harassed.

"So you think your slick giving away the penguins secrets huh?" A man yells.

"I didn't say anything, it wasn't me." another man says begging for his life.

"I say we kill this con." Another man adds.

One of the guy's pulls out a gun and shoots him in the head. Link watches from the side of the building leading into the alley way where the men stand.

"Clean this crap up yawl." The leader of the group tells.

The four other men pick up his carcass and chuck it into a nearby dumpster. Link's eyes amplify at this point, he wants to strike the five men but he stands in place just watching as they get into a black jeep and drive off.

"Link are you ok?" Navi asks looking at Link.

"I'm ok, why didn't I stop them and what was that which they escaped in?" Link asks.

"This place we must remember is over a million years into the future. Not just that but it is a different universe." Navi replies.

"I must find Ganondorf, but in a place this huge it will be difficult." Link says.

Link changes back into his Koriki tunic behind the building. A few moments after getting dressed he hears many people screaming.

"I will not sit by and watch if those people are in danger." Link says running in the direction where the resonances come from.

Link arrives exceptionally quickly. . The hero of time is surprised there is no more screaming and everyone is covered in ice.

"Pathetic humans screaming for their lives disgust me."

"What did you do to these people?" Link asks infuriated.

"You must be new to Gotham, I am Mr. Freeze!!" Freeze says, as he shoots Link into a cube. "Now back to my real mission, obtaining the diamonds."

Freeze walks into the jeweler lumber room, the store keeper runs off. Freeze breaks the glass which holds the diamonds and puts as many as he can into a sack. Mr. Freeze then exits the store.

"That was too simple." Mr. Freeze says to himself.

Just as he strides past the store he is kicked down, by someone who leaps from a building above.

"Not the Batman, I should have known you'd show up." Mr. Freeze says shooting at Batman who blocks it with his cape.

"Freeze when will it be enough, it looks like I'll have to take you back to Arkham." Batman says.

Navi flies over next to Batman.

"Hey bat guy you must help Link and the other frozen civilians." Navi says to Batman.

Batman glimpses over at the fairy, narrowing his eyes. It isn't the first time he has seen something out of the ordinary. Freeze runs over and knocks Batman down seeing as he was off guard. Batman quickly gets back on his feet; he smashes his knee into Mr. Freeze's stomach and knocks him out with one punch to the face. Batman then pulls out his bat communicator, and contacts commissioner Gordon and the police force.

"Come pick Freeze up in front of shinning gems." Batman says to Commissioner Gordon.

"So can you help Link?" Navi asks Batman.

"What are you? Some type of Machine?" Batman asks.

"I'm a fairy, haven't you seen one before?" Navi says.

"Ok whatever, so who is Link?" Batman asks.

"He's over there." Navi says.

Batman looks over looking at the many frozen people including Link. Batman dashes over and puts bat heaters on everyone. Within minutes the police show up. Eight police officers take Freeze to Arkham Asylum. The ice melts on most everyone. The police begin questioning the people who were attacked by Mr. Freeze. Batman takes Link to the side that is still in shock.

"I know you probably won't desire to speak much, you've been through a lot tonight."

Link looks up at Batman.

"What are you? Are you some type of bat? Wow this universe really is different." Link says aloud.

"Where are you from? I'd say you're not from around here dressed like that." Batman asks Link.

"I'm from Hyrule, I came from millions of years in the past." Link replies.

Batman looks up, thinking about maybe taking the matter to the justice League, but comes to a conclusion to take care of it himself.

"So let's say you are from millions of years ago, what and how did you get here?" Batman asks in his dark knight tone.

Link tells Batman everything from his childhood to becoming the hero of time.

"I see, I'm still finding it hard to believe that you traveled this many years into the future." Batman says.

"I know, I'm still having trouble adapting." Link says

"I want you to come back to the bat cave with me, I want to perform some tests on you to see if you truly are from another bloodline called Hylian." Batman suggests.

"Fine by me lets do it." Link says agreeing.

"If I find out your telling the truth, I will help you track down this Ganondorf." Batman says.

Batman and Link walk a little distance before reaching the bat mobile. Batman pulls out a remote pressing the button in the middle which pops the top open. Link and Batman get in. Batman drives off at a prompt speed. Link is mystified on how the vehicle is moving, but he doesn't pay too much attention to it. Navi floats above Link's shoulder. They arrive in the cave within 10 minuets. The two get out of the bat mobile.

"Wow there is heaps of bats in here." Link thinks to himself.

"Come over to this table, take your shirt off and lay down." Batman tells.

Link does as Batman advises him. Batman then puts Link to sleep putting a machine over his body to see his body functions and DNA. Batman observes the results that the machine is gives.

"My gosh he might actually be telling the truth." Batman says to himself.

Batman picks up the master sword and puts it through a separate machine to examine it.

Somewhere in New York

"Yes I must start the search for the Triforce that holds three parts, Triforce of Death, Destruction and Disaster will soon be mine." Ganondorf said with an malevolence laugh.

To be continue