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In the cold world of Zodu, hosts a legendary warrior on unparalleled strength, speed and combat prowess. He is only known as Rotoryk. Standing at a enormous 8ft tall, with long silver hair down to his back wielding nothing but his bare fists he reigns supreme as the Champion of Zodu and the Alliance Federation. Strong, honest and compassionate he is widely recognized as the greatest warrior in the galaxy, Undefeated in combat, Rotoryk has saved Zodu and its allies in countless battles against the Carmine Empire. Thousands of warriors across The Alliance Federation have come to Zodu to participate in the annual "The Anthem" a legendary tournament where 30 warriors have a chance to defeat Rotoryk and become the new Champion of the Alliance Federation (a position which gains the user enormous prestige as well as power). But after 323 Anthem tournaments, no one has even come close to besting the legendary Rotoryk.

But now it is the 324th annual "The Anthem", and a new challenger arises, a prodigy in combat who many see as maybe being the one to best the mighty Rotoryk, his name is Seran a 19 year old pyromancer . Already defeating many of the great champions of Rotoryk, many see him as being the one to achieve the impossible, Can Seran be the one?

Time will tell, as The Anthem gets on a way, there is darkness leaking around the corner, a great and terrible evil

Chapter 1: Screw it

2 days before the Opening Ceremony of "The Anthem" Saren is out at the Training yard outside the Coliseum of Champions with his master/father Ogro, a formidable pyromancer and a former squad leader, who has came the closest to defeating Rotoryk in the last 150 years.

"This is stupid, i know how to throw a punch, dad"

"Do you? son your technique is that of a 3rd grade bully"

"wha...What the hell does that even mean"

"it means we have to fix your striking"

"my striking is fine, i was able to beat all the masters at the Dojo"

"that's because you started fighting like a Berzerker lunatic"

" I won didn't I, It worked"

"Son, this isn't some drunk moron at the pub, this is Rotoryk"

"Really" Saren starts to laugh

"You think this is a joke"

"Somewhat....... I mean, dad come on, it's not like I'm going to be fighting him straight up, I was planning on spamming with fire sh*t"

"You don't think Rotoryk will be expecting that, he knows me, he knows you"

"Look dad I don't care about Rorschach"

"Rotoryk" screamed Ogro

"Ok Ratorio"

"God dammit son, take this serious" Ogre starts to shake his head

"Look dad, i been training years now for this, I watched all the tapes on Radio's matches, I watched his fight with you. You almost won that fight dad, he caught you off guard. I know how to defeat, and besides my pyromancer ability is greater than yours, it's going to be like when i defeated the fat sumo guy at the Dojo what was his name, Summy


"yeah like i said Sushi... look I'm not going to lose this fight, if things get dirty, i'll get dirty with him. I'm not afraid of Rotoryk, I'm not afraid of anyone"

"at least you said his name right finally, son he's not just a regular guy, this is the best fighter in the galaxy if not the universe, your attitude right now is not going to be sufficient"

"Dad, don't worry about me, I got it....I'm going to go home now, it's late I'll see you there"

"Whatever, son"

"in 2 days dad I'll be champion, and Rubio won't be" Saren starts to jog away, jumping over the fence

"Moron" Ogro screams shaking his head in disappointment

"My son is going to get fu......

END of Chapter 1