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Ok guys, this is a starting point for my writing. Im rusty so please be nice :) lol.

Chapter 1.

The moon hung heavy in the sky and the stars sparkled like glitter in the crisp winter sky. Jack, a 10 year old boy had been awoken from his sleep by a loud noise. It sounded kind of like an explosion. He crawled out of bed and turned the light on, which shined off of his short, golden hair. He looked out of his bedroom window and saw it...

Down in Stratford, East LOndon, Loren was at a rave and had just dropped ecstasy, preparing to party the night away. The music boomed through the dance area as a load of teenagers partied and drunk themselves stupid. Their party was interupted however when the music began to jump and the lights flickered. Loren went outside to see if anything was going on and then she saw it...

In the seaside town of Walton in Essex, an elderly man sat by the window in his small flat. He looked alot older then he actually was, by about 20 years actually. He was 60 and had grey hair and a long grey beard, in fact, he slightly resembled Father Christmas. His flat was above a cafe, the Singing Kettle infact, and it had been reported that strange this had been happening in there lately. He picked up a book called 'Angels of Hell' and muttered to himself "here it comes."