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The small town of St. Petersburg in 1875, where Tom Sawyer witnessed so many adventures. But after Tom grew, and was no more a child, more shildren still came. The Adventures continued, and we will keep them alive. And the following adventures didn't exactly happen in St. Petersburg.

It is 1882, and two military forces of boys have divided, a battle will unfold in a few moments, taking place in the Fountain Park. The Forces led by William Shent have united to represent the sea riders from the Fountain Park. Martin Ronto and his forces have united to represent the Central Park Warriors.

Martin Ronto, is the 10 year old leader of the Central Park Warriors. He stood at the front of his soldiers ready to take down the Fountain Park Warriors. Our hero, Danny Spahn stood proudly besides his leader William Shent, the leader of the Fountain Park Warriors.

"You boys are nothing against us, the Central Park Warriors!!!" One boy called out.

"Let's find out then!!!" Another boy called out, this time it was William Shent.

In a sudden movement, both forces were in battle. Boys throwing fists and kicks. Some of them cried and others ran. But Danny stood right beside William, both of them fighting side by side to take down the enemy. Danny noticed that the Central Park Warriors were being victorious, but this only made him try harder.

Danny turned his around to check how his leader and friend was doing, only to discovered a beaten William in the ground...

To Be Continued...

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do some more thats great ...welcome to the vine :D

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"Retreat!!!" Danny called out. Without William, there leader, the Fountain Park Warriors would fall. But at the same time, Danny thought about it, and then he realized that if he retreated, the Fountain Park would now be Central Park Warrior's territory.

Danny turned around and looked at a small boy who was fighting with all his might against a bigger boy. He must have been around 6, or 8 years old. And the older one must have been around 12 or 13. This inspired Danny: they might still have a chance.

Danny called back again, "Fight with all you got, mates!"

Fist after fist, Danny had to win, and avenge his leader.

Only four or five Founbain Park warriors still stood fighting, they were injured too. The Central Park Warriors were many, and they were strong and big. In one battle, Danny had transformed into the new leader of the Fountain Park Warriors. But the battle continued.