The Adventures of Alex Mercer: Wizarding Britain

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After the events of Prototype 1, Alex Mercer travels the world and gets himself in situations of an unusual nature.


Click, click. There, the bomb is secure. That was a thought that went through the mind of Zeus as it secured a nuclear device to the helicopter. Zeus got into the chopper and started it up. It took off into sea. With only a minute until the bomb went off, he couldn't go far. When the bomb went off, Zeus was barely back to the U.S.S. Reagan when the chopper seized up. He was reduced to barely a scrap of meat, which a passing crow promptly ate. The crow took off for Britain. By the time the crow got to Britain, Zeus was ready to consume it. The crow settled on a windowsill next to a nursery. A substance started leaking out of the bird from every orifice. Purplish-black meat was leaking out of its eyes and mouth, slowly consuming the raven.

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The meat was growing bigger and started taking on a human form, of a man with a hoodie and a stern expression on his face. There was only an infant in the room. Zeus approached the child and was about to kill it when the door burst open. A woman with red hair entered and ran for the child. She stopped when she saw Zeus. A person in a hood entered behind her, pointed a stick at her, and she was bound in ropes.

Lord Voldemort
Lord Voldemort

The hooded man said, "As to what he saw in you." He saw Zeus and said, "Who are you?"

Zeus said, "Dr. Alex Mercer, and you?"

"Lord Voldemort and you are standing in between me and destiny." Voldemort then walked towards the infant. Mercer then stopped him.

"I can't let you do that. You have something in your blood that calls me and I want it." Mercer then grabbed Voldemort by his clothes and lifted him up in the air. Mercer then threw Voldemort on the ground and tried to stomp on his head. Voldemort rolled out of the way, got up, and pointed a stick at him. "What are you going to do?"

Voldemort hissed, "Avada Kedavra!" and a green light shot to Mercer and struck him. Voldemort laughed until Mercer got up again. Mercer was groaning and holding his chest. "How are you still alive?!" yelled Voldemort. Mercer screamed and black tendrils of energy erupted from him. Mercer commanded the tendrils to miss the bound woman and the infant. Voldemort, however, was pierced with a couple of them, nearly destroying him. The tendrils started to retreat into Mercer and Voldemort fell to the ground.

Mercer walked over to Voldemort and said, "You didn't expect that, did you?" Voldemort then died and black tendrils started crawling from Mercer all over Voldemort's corpse, consuming it. When Mercer finished consuming Voldemort, he doubled over from the backlash of receiving Voldemort's powers, skills, and memories. Mercer then saw a specter rise from where Voldemort was, but it fled. He turned to the bound woman and the infant. Mercer went to the infant and put a drop of his blood in the infant's mouth. He willed his hands to become claws and they formed into monstrous claws with some aesthetic spikes on his arms. He swiped at her, slicing the ropes and her shirt, and said, "I'll be back someday, Lily, be prepared."

Lily ran to her child and said, "What did you do to him?" She turned around and Mercer was nowhere to be found. There was only wreckage from where Mercer's devastator hit. It destroyed the door to the room, pierced the walls on the sides of the room facing in the house, and destroyed the ceiling and the outer wall. All that physically represented Voldemort's presence was his wand. Lily cradled her child and carried her out of the house. She said to herself, "Who was he? No, what was he?"


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