The Adventures of Alex Mercer: Fighting a Vampire Chapter 8 Final

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This is part 7 of the Adventures Mercer. So I suggest you read part 1 and Wizarding Britain or you be lost here..

The Story.

After the events of Prototype 1, Alex Mercer travels the world and gets himself in situations of an unusual nature.

The three of them continued to walk in the zeppelin. "What will you do after this, Mercer?" said Sir Integra.

"I'll go where the world takes me." said Mercer. "My only purpose is to kill, to consume, to evolve. Maybe my understanding of my existence will evolve with more lives I consume." They rounded a corner and came across a dozen vampires. "Oh goodie, more beings to eat." Mercer brought out his claws and charged. Seras followed closely behind. The vampires didn't stand a chance between the virus and the Draculina. Mercer pounced on the nearest vampire, tearing him in half. Seras lashed out with her ethereal whip and decapitated a couple vampires. The rest opened fire, Mercer taking the brunt of the rounds. Seras fell back to defend Sir Integra, blocking stray bullets with her whip. The vampires ran out of ammo and started cheering when they saw Mercer drop to his knees. "Don't move." said Mercer, his voice dripping with malice. He raised his Claws in the air and brought them down with force. Everyone heard a rumbling and another four vampires were impaled by groundspikes. Mercer lifted his arms, stood up, and the groundspikes receded. He rushed forward and sliced away at the three standing vampires. He looked back at Seras and Sir Integra when he heard laughter. Mercer looked to his left and saw a vampire on the ground with his right leg missing, laughing.

"Is this it? Are you our reaper?" said the vampire. He started laughing as Seras came up and decapitated the vampire.

"They all have smiles on their faces." said Seras. "Do they wish for death? THEN THEY SHOULD HAVE HUNG THEMSELVES 50 YEARS AGO!" yelled Seras.

A voice rang out over hidden speakers.

"You can't say that, Fraulein. We just don't care if we live or die. To achieve this, we must work hard. Every human in the world will not know of us, every human in the world will forget about us, so now we only need ourselves. Simply put, we don't want to die. No, we need to die for something more. For that, we came here. But what more is there? There has to be something else! There must be some place to fight! There must still be a place to fight your enemy! The world is full of great evils and wonders, with fighting and gunfire. Somewhere in the world, is our special battlefield. For us to die, we need something more. If not, we must continue eternally. This is why we believe you are precious. You are magnificent, Royal Order of Religious Knights. Hellsing. The reason your existence makes our deaths worthwhile is because your existence is worth killing."

They rounded another corner and saw a man in a brown trenchcoat with a Captain's hat. "Dr. Mercer, you are such an astounding being. Able to devour my troops without slowing, you truly are the voice of hunger. To slice through Vatican Crusaders without stopping, you truly are the voice of destruction. To kill enemies regardless of innocent lives, you truly are the voice of death. The Doc wishes to talk to you, colleague to colleague. He is in the research division near the bottom floors."

"If you people believe me to be death incarnate," Mercer growled. "Then let me take you all TO HELL!" Mercer yelled, charging at the man. Mercer lept into the air, ready to cleave the man down the middle. The man raised his arm and parried Mercer's attack. Mercer was sent crashing to the floor. Mercer got up, grunting, "What...the...FUCK!" Mercer looked at the man and saw the man still standing there. The only change was a cut on the man's coat.

Hardened skin? What is he?

Mercer charged the man again, ready to run him through. The man caught the blade with both hands and shook his head at Mercer. "C'mon Seras, let's bring this guy down." said Mercer. Seras motioned to Sir Integra to continue on. The Man didn't stop her. Seras picked up one of her drum-mag, semi-auto sniper rifles and tossed the other one over to Mercer. "Thanks" With a maniacal grin, he fired at the man, Seras started a second later.

The man pulled out an UZI submachine gun and a custom handgun with a long barrel. He fired the handgun at Seras and the UZI at Mercer. Mercer pulled up a shield made of hardened biomass and Seras started dodging. Mercer couldn't fire his weapon with his shield up and Seras tried, missing every shot. The man ran out of ammo, rushing Mercer. Mercer dropped his shield and fired away, only getting a couple shots in. Those shots barely managed to slow the man down. Mercer charged, Claws out, and was slowed by the man's trenchcoat. Mercer assimilated the coat and got a better look at the man.

He had short, silver hair and red eyes. The man also had a six-pack. Seras tried to use her ethereal whip to stab the man, but some energy prevented her attack from hitting. The man roared and Mercer saw a set of feral teeth. The energy stopping Seras' attack manifested in white mist surrounding the man. The man's mouth started protruding out as silver fur started sprouting up from his skin. "Is that a werewolf?" said Seras.

"I would think so, Seras." said Mercer. "But I've never heard of a werewolf with control over their transformations." In the man's place was a giant bear-like wolf. It stood over seven feet tall and looked like it could pitch a car like a ball. The werewolf's claws looked like they could tear through metal like paper.

It charged at Mercer and went for a swipe with its right arm. Mercer jumped over the werewolf and tried to slice the werewolf's head open using the Helm-Splitter technique Alucard used. Mercer's Blade was deflected by the werewolf's supernaturally hardened hide.

The werewolf backhanded Mercer and sent him flying. Seras came charging in, grabbing the werewolf using her ethereal whip. The werewolf grabbed the whip with his left hand and used it to bash Seras around the room.

Across the room, Mercer got up. "I...will...consume you, werewolf." Mercer's biomass started rippling across his skin, becoming extremely volatile. He charged forward and hopped on the werewolf's back. The tendrils of Blacklight tried burrowing into the werewolf's hide without success.

t tried dissolving its skin to be met with failure. "Why won't you just die!" yelled Mercer. The werewolf reached up, grabbed Mercer, and tore him off his back. Mercer landed on the ground with clumps of fur in his hands. Mercer consumed the fur and shuddered in the knowledge that came with it. Seras landed near Mercer. "He doesn't believe in his leader's cause." said Mercer. "He's looking for a worthy opponent to kill him. No matter, I won't devour your soul, werewolf, I'll consume your corpse." He shifted to Claws and said to Seras, "If folklore is true, silver will kill him. Find some." Mercer swiped at the werewolf to have his arm grabbed and torn off by the werewolf. Mercer's arm broke down to biomass sludge and oozed back to him. Mercer assimilated the biomass and he regrew his arm. Mercer morphed to Hammerfists and started beating at the werewolf. The werewolf caught Mercer's fists and held them there.

"Mercer!" yelled Seras. Mercer looked behind him and saw a glint of silver in Seras' hand. The werewolf took this opportunity to tear off Mercer's arms. The werewolf used his supernatural strength to throw the arms into flames far from Mercer. Mercer fell to his knees, unarmed. The werewolf grabbed Mercer's throat and started squeezing.

"That won't...stop me." Mercer choked out. Although Mercer doesn't require air to live, speaking is another process. Out of the stumps of arms, divine thorns started growing out and wrapped themselves around the werewolf's arms. The werewolf released Mercer. The thorns continued coming out of Mercer's arms, wrapping themselves around the werewolf's legs. Seras ran up to Mercer with a silver tooth. "Do it. Silence this being's suffering." said Mercer. Seras shoved the tooth into the werewolf's beating heart. The werewolf's eyes bulged out as he reverted back to human form. Mercer retracted the thorns into himself. The werewolf fell back onto the floor. He smiled in child-like glee as he burst into blue flames. Out of the burning body, they saw his soul arise. The soul nodded at them before taking a wolfen form and disappearing.

"What were those thorns?" said Seras as Mercer's arms grew back.

Mercer tore at where his heart would be, showing a nail. "The Nail of Helena. Father Anderson tried to kill Dracula with it. Your master dodged it and the nail was imbedded in myself." He noticed stairs going downward. "You should return to your boss. I'll be fine." Mercer started walking away from Seras.

"Mercer!" yelled Seras.

"Yes, Seras?" said Mercer.

"I'll never forgive you for killing him." said Seras. "But your actions tonight, and your devotion to that little girl, proves you have a heart. Your selfless actions saved countless lives, despite what the Major says. You are like master in many ways-"

"Stop!" said Mercer. "I am not like your master. I envy him and think him a fool. He was a bloodthirsty warmonger, but he was human at one point. He had humanity, not needing to steal the souls of others to feel. For that, I envy him. But he gave up his humanity to take vengeance on those that wronged him. That is why he is a fool. I was built by scientists as a weapon. I wish I could be human, like Dana."

"Dana?" said Seras. "Who is Dana?" Mercer was already gone. Seras turned around and ran off to find Sir Integra.

I am not a monster like Dracula.

Mercer continued to the lower levels, eventually reaching a lab. He entered, find a man frantically running around. The man had shoulder length, blonde hair and a white lab coat. "There's so much to do, I'm not done" The man muttered. Mercer knocked on the frame of the door. The man turned around to reveal a weathered face hidden by an unusual pair of spectacles. "Dr. Mercer, a pleasure to talk to you. I am Dr. Till Lindemann, head researcher of Millenium. I wish to talk to you, doctor to doctor."

"Nice to meet you, Dr. Lindemann." said Mercer.

"Call me Doc, please, Dr. Lindemann makes me feel older." said Doc.

"Then I insist you call me Alex, It's my name." Doc nodded. "Now, what do you want to know?" said Mercer.

"I have heard of you six years ago, when you caused the deaths of over 3 million people. I was intrigued as to how you did it. 3 million people divided by 21 days amounts to 142,857 people a day; divide that by 24 hours is 5,952 people an hour; divide that by 60 minutes is roughly 100 people a minute. To kill a hundred people a minute, everyday, for 21 days, the duration of the outbreak, you would have to be inhuman. I want to know what you are, what you can do, and if I can replicate it." said Doc.

"You mean no harm to me?" said Mercer.

"None, Alex. I wish to," Doc cleared his throat, "for lack of a better term, 'study' you."

"Fine, but a couple of things to take note. One, I am a patient, not a test subject. Two, don't betray me, I was betrayed once. I devoured her, and she was my girfriend in life." said Mercer.

"I understand." said Doc.

There was a rumbling that resounded throughout the zeppelin. "I guess Seras and Sir Integra are having fun, but we have to move." said Mercer.

"Where are we going, Alex?" said Doc.

"I just go places, let circumstance guide me. Maybe there are places you wanted to visit." said Mercer

"I had friends in Leipzieg in East Germany when I was younger." said Doc. There was more rumbling and a piece of the zeppelin fell near Mercer. "How do we get out of here?" Mercer picked up Doc and ran out the way they came. They managed to get outside before the zeppelin imploded. Mercer looked back and saw a red beam of energy burst out of the zeppelin.

"Godspeed, Seras. I hope we can meet again. Maybe someday, you will kill me." said Mercer.

Doc fell out of Mercer's arms and lamented, "My progress, my research, gone."

"Your studies into Blacklight will replace the knowledge on vampires." said Mercer, reassuring Doc. "when are we going to meet another vampire anyways?" Mercer picked up Doc and ran east, away from London. They came across an empty boat, which they stole. With that action, Dr. Alex Mercer and Dr. Till Lindemann left Britain, finding understanding on life and Blacklight.