The Adventures of Alex Mercer: Fighting a Vampire Chapter 7

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This is part 7 of the Adventures Mercer. So I suggest you read part 1 and Wizarding Britain or you be lost here..

The Story.

After the events of Prototype 1, Alex Mercer travels the world and gets himself in situations of an unusual nature.

Seeing Mercer's headless body fall to the ground, Alucard said, "And like any dog, you amused me for as long as you were here." He started to walk away when he heard clapping. He turned around and saw Mercer, perfectly fine, and clapping.

"I'm impressed to think that decapitation would kill me." He held up his left hand as his right arm morphed into a Claw. "First, I was shot with bullets." Mercer emphasized this by slicing off his thumb. "Then, they shot me with 30mm tank rounds." Again, he emphasized this by slicing off his index finger. "Then, and this is my favorite." Mercer flipped off Alucard. "They detonated a nuclear bomb near me." Alucard gaped at this. Mercer sliced off his middle finger. Slowly, his fingers grew back. "But I can never die." Alucard grabbed his sword.

"So what will happen? Will we fight 'til the end of time?" said Alucard.

"I guess so. After all, Heaven doesn't wait for me. Neither does Hell. Those places are for beings with souls. I don't have one to call my own, so all that waits for me is oblivion." Mercer said.

Alucard walked up to Mercer. "All that waits for me is eternal hellfire."

"And I will send you there, Nosferatu!" said a voice. Alucard turned around and saw Anderson charging him with a nail. "AMEN!" Anderson tried to run Alucard through, but he dodged the nail and Anderson imbedded the nail in Mercer. At this, Anderson collapsed. Mercer stumbled in the rush of divine power coming from the nail. His biomass enveloped the nail as his left arm turned into a whip of thorns.

"What is this? These thorns are overriding my Blacklight." Mercer said.

"The Nail of Helena. A scrap of miracle. Now, I think we can be true equals, Dr. Mercer." said Alucard. "It would've killed me, overriding my demonic power."

Mercer turned to Anderson. "Was that what you were trying to accomplish, Father?"

"Yes, only a man can kill a monster. Helena would have helped me, now it helps you." said Anderson. "I am dying, my only regret was being unable to see the destruction of the No-Life King."

Mercer put his right hand on Anderson, "You will see the world through my eyes, Father. When I find a way, you will get a body again."

"What are you doing?" said Anderson. Mercer's biomass was crawling across his body.

"I am consuming you, Father. Your skills will be added to mine, your knowledge will be mine, and your soul will reside within me. But be assured, you won't be there forever. You will return to life to kill heathens in God's name." said Mercer.

"I hear voices. The children are calling. Amen" Anderson was too weak to fight it and in a moment, Father Alexander Anderson was consumed. Mercer and Alucard chanted Anderson's last word in unison. By then, two other figures stopped by.

Seras Victoria, And Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing.

"Where's Hermione?" said Mercer.

"Safe, in an orphanage in Surrey." said Seras.

"If you could travel that fast, Seras." said Mercer. He turned to Alucard. "Why didn't you use speed against me?"

Alucard scoffed. "I did, back in Brazil. I used my speed to evade your attacks. You extended your reach, caught me, and nearly killed me." Mercer turned to Seras and found his movement restricted. He looked down and saw his body wrapped in a blue wire. in a swift movement, the wires eviscerated Mercer, chopping him to tiny pieces. "Walter, is that you?" said Alucard.

A man of 20 years walked forward. he had black hair and gloves. The wires were flowing around him like grass in a gentle breeze. His bespectacled face was trained on Alucard. "Yes, Alucard."

"What did they do to you, Walter?" said Seras.

"Isn't it obvious?" said Walter. "They captured me, vampirized me, and brainwashed me to fight my former allies. Or at least, that's what you want to hear. No, I am here of my own volition. I am serving only myself. And now I will make sure you don't see the coming dawn, Alucard."

"You wretched fool, Walter. You have become an Angel of Death in both body and mind. An abomination stands before me. You once refused to take the easy path to power, what happened?" said Alucard. He kneeled before Sir Integra. "What are my orders, my master?"

"Your orders haven't changed, Alucard. Search and Destroy. All that stand against us must be destroyed." said Sir Integra.

Alucard stood up, radiating supernatural energy. "It will be done, my master." A red and black zeppelin touched down.

"Fraulein, let the dogs fight. I wish to speak to you, along with you and Dr. Mercer too." a voice boomed out over speakers. A ramp was lowered and waiting for them was a boy. Schrödinger.

"What is he blathering on about? Who is Dr. Mercer?" said Walter.

"The one you reduced to mincemeat." said Alucard. "You didn't kill him."

Walter would've retorted when he saw the pieces of Mercer clump together, becoming a mass of flesh. The biomass rose up, taking the form of Alex Mercer, sans the thorns. "Eviscerated by wires." said Mercer. He mimicked taking out a writing utensil and a piece of paper. "That's a new way to be killed." He made a checking motion on his imaginary pad of paper.

"You're mocking me, aren't you?" said Walter.

"Oh no, no." said Mercer, walking to the zeppelin. He passed Walter and said, "Pssh, yeah." and kept walking.

"You were serious and stern not 2 minutes ago, and now you're acting like a kid." said Alucard. "Did Walter slice your brain?"

"Nah, the dozens of souls I've absorbed, and the personalities that came with them, is a little much." said Mercer. "From what I hear, it's like having beers. Down too many and shit happens." He caught up with Sir Integra and Seras, who was forced to go by Alucard.

"Welcome aboard, madam." said Schrödinger. Sir Integra absent-mindedly pulled out a pistol and shot Schrödinger in the head. The three of them passed Schrödinger's corpse without a second thought.

Meanwhile, in the United States, Colonel Rooks was looking over the report given to him by Dr. Harrison.

Vampires exist? I wonder how we can use that?

A knock on his door interrupted him from his thoughts. "Enter." A black man entered wearing an Army uniform, followed by a scientist. "The volunteer to see you, Colonel Rooks." said the scientist.

"Good, I asked for you, Sergeant , because you are the best the Marine Corps has to offer that they can spare. You also will have the necessary motive to complete the mission I have for you."

"What is the mission?" said the sergeant.

"There is a terrorist that attacked New York 6 years ago with a Bio-weapon. This attack resulted in the death of your family, am I correct?" said Colonel Rooks

"Yes sir."

"The terrorist's name is Dr. Alex Mercer, Codename: ZEUS. We need you to find ZEUS and execute him." said Colonel Rooks.

"Is there anything I should know about ZEUS?" said the sergeant.

"Yes, a couple things. First, he was an employee for Gentek Pharmaceuticals and stole a sample of the Blacklight virus, a bio-weapon."

"And you want me to retrieve the weapon?" asked the sergeant.

"Don't interrupt me again, save your questions for after the briefing." barked Rooks. "ZEUS bonded with the Blacklight virus, making himself inhuman. He is exceedingly lethal and should be executed at long range."said Rooks. "The report that Dr. Harrison has details a person able to go toe to toe with ZEUS, forcing ZEUS to retreat. The person goes by the name Alucard. We did research on Alucard and found out that he works for the Hellsing Organization in London. You are to head there and open negotiations for an alliance between us and them for special training. Any questions?"

"How was Alucard able to go toe to toe with ZEUS?" said the sergeant.

"You will find out, sergeant." said Rooks. "Dismissed." The sergeant left.

"You sent Heller into the lion's den, you know that?" said the scientist.

"He can handle himself." stated Rooks.