The Adventures of Alex Mercer: Fighting a Vampire Chapter 5

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This is part 5 of the Adventures Mercer. So I suggest you read part 1 and Wizarding Britain or you be lost here..

The Story.

After the events of Prototype 1, Alex Mercer travels the world and gets himself in situations of an unusual nature.

Mercer looked up into the rain and felt the raindrops dancing against his skin. He continued down the streets. Later in the night, Mercer heard a rumble and he looked up. He saw black zeppelins with red stripes on the sides just flying over London. He saw something going on the sides of the zeppelins. He noticed everyone around him gazing in awe at the zeppelins. In an instant, dozens of projectiles started flying out.

They're flying like missiles. Shit!

Seconds later, the buildings exploded around London. One of the missiles took out Big Ben. There was chaos and flames and people dying from a myriad of causes. More missiles started flying out from the zeppelins, crashing into the streets and buildings. Mercer saw a missile flying towards a family with a group of kids. He ran over and grabbed the missile.

Using the weight of his Hammerfist, he almost slowed the missile down so the family could get out of the way. He let go of the missile, which rammed into a store. Fire bellowed out of the store, scorching Mercer. By then, the hail of missiles stopped. Mercer looked up and saw dozens of heat signatures descending out of the zeppelins. He looked around and saw some people still standing.

"What are you waiting for, an invitation?! RUN!" Yelled Mercer and the people started running.

By now, the heat signatures hit the ground, revealing themselves to be people. They had on Nazi uniforms and carried WWII weapons. "What the hell?" The Nazis immediately opened fire, hitting Mercer and the people behind him. Mercer jumped up onto the side of a building and ran to the roof. The Nazis ignored him and started throwing sticks at the civilians.

Seconds later, explosions ripped apart the crowds. "What in God's name is going on? World War 3?" Mercer's wounds started to heal as he saw the Nazis descend on the wounded. He saw the Nazis reveal themselves as vampires. They fed upon the wounded, writhing in pain as their life was ripped from their bodies. Seconds later, they twitched, and were reanimated as ghouls. A valiant police officer was shooting at the living dead, with little success. Mercer ran towards them, morphing his arms into razor-sharp claws. He saw the ghouls descend upon the police officer and Mercer started hacking at the horde. Dozens of ghouls fell to his claws, some being consumed.

When he reached the dying police officer, he said, "H-help me." Mercer responded by consuming him, adding another soul to his body. He raced on ahead, killing the occasional ghoul and saw a group of police officers holed up in an intersection.

They had some success killing the living dead, but the vampires saw them and shot at them. Their submachine guns and assault rifles tore through the police officers, allowing the ghouls to descend on them. Mercer met up with the group of Nazi vampires and ghouls and tore through the ghouls, avoiding the bullets from the vampires.

Mercer heard some english from their mouths, "Another vampire? Hellsing has more?" He heard another one say, "I thought Alucard was the only one?"

Mercer grabbed one of the Nazis and held him up in the air. The vampire tried to shoot him, but only a click was heard. "My name is Alex Mercer." He threw the vampire to the ground, his biomass oozing towards the vampire. "I AM...THE VOICE...OF HUNGER," Mercer yelled over the screams of the vampire being slowly consumed alive. "OF DESTRUCTION," Mercer absorbing the biomass.

He looked at each one of the Nazi vampires in the eyes, noting their fear. "of death." He whispered to them. Faster than each of the vampires could react, Mercer tore through each of them. In a few seconds, only one vampire was left. He tried to run away, only to face a hail of bullets coming from a lavish vehicle. Mercer looked over and saw a woman in a suit with long, blonde hair and wielding an assault rifle.

"Are you alright?" the woman asked.

"I'm fine. Do you need assistance?" said Mercer.

"What are you?" The woman said pointing her gun at Mercer. Mercer looked down and saw he still had his claws out.

He morphed them back into normal and said, "Dr. Alex Mercer. Who are you?"

"Sir Integra Hellsing. Alucard talked about you. He said you almost killed him." said the woman.

"I tried, something stopped me. I don't know what it was. Where are you going?"

"Hellsing Manor. And before you ask, no I don't need an escort, I'll be fine." She turned to the driver and said, "Let's move, Walter." The car then took off. Mercer started moving towards the center of London.

When Mercer reached the end of the residential part, he saw something that would have been heart-wrenching in a human. A young girl was running from a ghoul with tears streaming from her eyes. She had blonde hair in pig-tails and had on pink clothes. She stumbled on some rubble, sending her to the ground. The ghoul descended on her, tearing into her guts. She screamed as Mercer ran to the ghoul. He threw the ghoul off the girl, sending the creature flying into the buildings. Mercer approached the girl.

"So cold. It Hurts...." whispered the girl. Mercer picked the girl up.

"It will be alright, child." said Mercer. The girl stopped breathing as she stared lifelessly at the sky. Mercer set the child down and shut her eyes. He looked forward, hearing screams. He ran forward.

Mercer rounded a city corner and saw civilians everywhere. Some were severely wounded and others were tending to the wounded. Mercer walked up the nearest family. The father was on the ground, unconscious from a bleeding head wound. His wife and daughter were up next to him. Mercer recognized all three of them.

The Grangers.

Mercer said, "What happened?" Emma walked up to him and slapped him across the face.

"MY HUSBAND IS DEAD, WORLD WAR 3 IS ON US, AND ALL YOU CAN SAY IS 'WHAT HAPPENED'!?" Emma Granger yelled. "JUST STAY AWAY, YOU DEMON!" After this, Emma broke down in tears.

"I never understood emotion," said Mercer, "Though I have a better grasp on it's effects. Demons are able to play on emotions, I wouldn't know what to do with them." Mercer would've said more, but a bright light took everyone's attention.

He heard someone say, "Angels?" A voice answered over a loudspeaker.

"That is correct. We are the surrogates of the Angels of Death! We will now pass judgement on this religious trial!" Mercer saw dozens of helicopters piloted by people wearing clothes akin to Spanish Catholic Priests. "Britain stands accused. The penalty is Death! Death! Death! DEATH!" Everyone started gasping.

Oh shit. More chaos.

"I almost feel pity for you." said the voice over the loudspeaker. "However, I can't forgive you. Now die, like barren wildflowers. Whirl about like butterflies and die like bees!" the voice continued to laugh hysterically.

"Mum, we need to go." said Hermione. "Mum?" Emma Granger wouldn't move away from her dead husband. "Mum?" Hermione pushed on her mother, rolling her over. Both Mercer and Hermione noticed the blood oozing on the ground near Emma. Mercer approached them and took off Emma Granger's jacket. He immediately noticed the bullet wound in Emma Granger's back.

The bullet punctured Emma Granger's lung. She drowned in her own blood. Yelling at me and crying probably sped up the process.

"Mum? Mum speak to me." Hermione said. "Mum, please wake up." Hermione was on the verge of tears. "MUM!" Hermione cried on her mother's corpse.

Mercer approached Hermione and held her, "They will always be with you, in your heart."

Hermione looked Mercer in his eyes and said, "How?"

How indeed. A six foot tall human cannot fit in a fist sized heart. I thought that was a comforting line.

"I don't know, they just are."

"I wish I could be like you, unfeeling." said Hermione while holding back her sobs.

"Unfeeling is a curse. I have never known love, respect, or fear. The only feelings I've felt are anger and vengeance." said Mercer.

The loudspeaker came on again. "Eradicate the enemy, target dead ahead, carry out the execution." Mercer grabbed Hermione.

"We have to go." She wouldn't budge. He noticed a chain necklace that Hermione was wearing. "Hermione, give me your necklace." She gave him her necklace. He reached over to her parent's hands and took gold rings off of them. He put them on the necklace and gave it back to her, saying, "Now you have something to remember them by."

"Thank you, Uncle Joe." Hermione said while putting on the necklace. Mercer picked her up and carried her towards the Thames. Later, they turned into an alley and saw Integra Hellsing being surrounded by people in black robes wielding guns and swords. They were lead by a giant of a man in grey robes.

"We are to take her in, Father." said one of the people in black.

The man in grey said, "I don't like this." The others pointed their guns at Integra Hellsing.

"If you all so much as turn the safety off those guns, I'll tear you all apart." said Mercer. They all turned to face him. "Yeah, you fuckers, I'm talking to all of you."

One of them said, "Who are you to command us? You protestant sow!" the man pointed his gun at Mercer and turned the safety off. Faster than they could react, Mercer grabbed him using Whipfist, slammed him against a wall, and consumed him. His screams caused the others to look at him in fear. He did this all while still holding Hermione with his left arm.

The man in grey robes said, "What are you? Vampire, or demon?"

"I am more genetically closer to a vampire than a demon, Father..." Mercer trailed off, not knowing the man's name.

"Anderson. and you are?"

"Dr. Alex Mercer." At this, one of the men gasped and dropped his firearm. "You know me."

"6 years ago, you caused the deaths of over 3 million people. You're a monster." The others started murmuring.

"I was young, confused, and all that guided me was vengeance. Now I am on a journey to find some purpose in my life." said Mercer. A red streak of darkness started darting from the sky, surrounding Integra. It slowed to reveal Seras Victoria. She looked the same as back in Rio, but her eyes were blood-red and reddish-black energy replaced her left arm.

"Are you alright, Sir Integra?" said Seras. She had a dual voice. Integra nodded.

"I would consume you just so I could talk like that." said Mercer. "That ethereal, dual-voice thing sounds awesome!"

"I still won't forgive you for what you did 6 years ago." said Seras. She charged Mercer, jumped up in the air, and whipped a streak of energy at Mercer, slicing him clean down the middle vertically. She landed next to Hermione and said, "Are you alright?"

Before Hermione could respond, Mercer said, "That's new. I've never been sliced like that before." Seras turned around to see Mercer standing there, perfectly fine. "I have no wish to fight you, though I could kick your ass if I need to." Mercer brought out his Claws and he, along with Seras, charged each other. She whipped her arm of energy at Mercer. He jumped over it and prepared a downward swipe with his right claw. Seras dodged it and kicked Mercer in the face. Mercer shrugged it off and swiped at Seras with his Claws. She parried each attack with her ethereal whip. "Fuck this." Mercer said. He reverted back to normal and stood near Hermione. "Hellsing, I need a favor."

"What would that be?" said Integra.

Mercer motioned to Hermione. "She just saw her parents die in front of her. Take care of her until you can find a family for her."

"Why can't you do it?" inquired Integra.

"I'm on a search for my soul, I can't do that with a child needing care." said Mercer. "She's the first person since Dana that I have feelings for. I see her like a little sister. But I still can't take her with me." He turned to Hermione. "I will return someday, I promise." Hermione walked towards Integra Hellsing. "I believe we have some Nazis to kill, Father?"

"We were sent to kill heathens in God's name. That includes the Nazi vampires." said Father Anderson. "The rest of you, I want you to return to the Vatican and protect the Pope. Maxwell's mistake will lead armies against him."

"We are the bayonets of God. We are his divine instruments for justice on Earth. We are Iscariot. Amen." The rest of them chanted. They left, leaving behind Father Anderson.

"We have heathens to kill, Dr. Mercer." said Anderson.

"Blood to spill, flesh to consume, this is gonna be fun." said Mercer as he left with Father Anderson., leaving Seras, Integra, and Hermione behind.

End of part 5

Writer's note: By far...The longest chapter..I've written yet...