The Adventures of Alex Mercer: Fighting a Vampire Chapter 4

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This is part 4 of the Adventures Mercer. So I suggest you read part 1 and Wizarding Britain or you be lost here..

The Story.

After the events of Prototype 1, Alex Mercer travels the world and gets himself in situations of an unusual nature.

"So what's been going on with you, Joe?" said the father, Dan Granger. Mercer delved further in the memories of Joe.

"Nothing much, just drifting around." said Mercer.

"How long have you been drifting around?" said Emma Granger

"Quite a while. In fact, I made a stop in Rio de Janeiro and looked around. Later that night, there was a massive fight and a lot of people died." Mercer said.

"My God, what happened?"

"There was a terrorist in one of the hotels that started killing the local police. Then another person started fighting the terrorist. He was killed too. Aside from the dying and the violence, could have made a great scene in an action film." said Mercer. They showed up at the house. A nice, two story building. An idyllic suburban house. He walked out of the car with the Grangers.

Their Uncle Joe is dead. I will have to break it to them sometime.

Mercer felt a small hand grab his. He looked down and saw Hermione pulling him towards the house "C'mon, Uncle Joe. You have the spare room like last year." Mercer entered the house.

It wasn't completely lavish, but it had a homey feeling to it. "Come see my room, I got more books." Hermione pulled Mercer to her room on the second floor. They entered her room and saw that it was organized like a little girl's room should be. It had flower wallpaper with pink flowers erratically on the walls. There were two shelves filled with books. Hermione went over to the shelves and pulled out a rustic looking book. It was titled Dracula. "It's a hard read, but mum says it's a classic."

Mercer got eye to eye with her and said, "And most of it is true."

"What do you mean? It would be with my real life books if it took place in reality."

Her mind can still comprehend.

"Dracula did come to London, he fought Abraham Van Helsing, and was bound to serve the Helsing family for eternity. He didn't die, like Stoker said." said Mercer.

"How do you know? Vampires don't exist." said Hermione, a little skeptical.

"The terrorist in Rio was a vampire."

"How do you know?"

"The terrorist used what looked like hellhounds. They were killing people left and right. It was a slaughterhouse. I barely escaped with my life, let alone my soul."

Hermione would've asked more but her mum walked in and said, "What would you guys like for dinner?"

"Spaghetti and meatballs." said Hermione walking out of the room.

"So what were you two talking about?" She saw Mercer pick up Dracula and said, "One of my favorites, along with Frankenstein." They walked out of Hermione's room and went downstairs. Sometime later, dinner was served. Having never worked a fork, knife, or his mouth for consumption, Mercer was in quite a situation. "What's wrong?" said Emma.

"I'm not that hungry, I had a late lunch." Mercer got up. "I'm going for a walk. Please, enjoy your dinner." Mercer left the house.

Back in the house, Dan got up and said, "That's not like him to turn down food, he's quite the glutton. I'm going to go see what's bothering him." Dan left the house, going after Mercer.

"Probably what happened in Rio de Janeiro." said Hermione. Her mother inquired on it. Hermione said, "He said he met a vampire in Rio. It almost killed him. Hellhounds, terror, and something about a soul."

In the streets, Dan caught up with Mercer. "What's wrong, Joe? You're never one to turn down food."

Oh shit.

Seeing a vagrant ahead, Mercer said, "For that, I must show you something. It will be horrific, devastating even, but you must still accept me at least until I can explain to the three of you." Dan nodded to Mercer. Mercer approached the vagrant. Dan saw Mercer's arm morph into a massive blade. Mercer sliced the vagrant in half and consumed it. Mercer turned around and noticed Dan fainting. Mercer grabbed him, picked him up, and carried him back to the house.

When he entered the house, Emma said, "What happened?"

"This should wait until he wakes." said Mercer. He set Dan down on a couch near the kitchen. Seconds later, Dan started stirring. Mercer backed up and the other two went to Dan's side.

"Huh...wha...What happened?" said Dan. He saw Emma and Hermione and breathed a sigh of relief. He saw Mercer and went ballistic. "BLOODY HELL!" Dan yelled and fell off the couch. He got up, ran into the kitchen, and got a long knife. "Stay the hell away from my family, whatever you are!"

"Joe, what happened to him?" said Emma. She turned to Mercer, to find herself looking at Joe being consumed by blackish-purple biomass. The biomass reformed and Mercer's base form was shown.

"This wasn't how I envisioned breaking Joseph's death to you. But the shit's hit the fan now." said Mercer. He walked to Hermione. "Hermione, what I said about Dracula is true. Watch out for vampires." With those words, Mercer left.

They'll block out this day forever, Mercer. Thanks alot!

Mercer looked around. "Who said that."

Remember what you absorbed from Alucard.

Mercer recalled that day and what he absorbed.

Memories...facial features...soul consumption?

Yes, this is Joe. Thanks for eating me, git.

What about the vagrant?

You killed him. His soul was gone before you devoured his corpse.

Mercer continued walking. He entered London proper when it started raining buckets. Mercer ducked into a store. Instantly, he was greeted with a scream. He looked around for the source. He noticed people dressed in black nodding their heads to the beat. He heard growls now.

I rule as master here, Where feral hordes impart my temper.

Mercer made his way into the back of the store.

Love sank, wounded, when I betrayed.

Mercer noticed the speakers were the source of the noise.

Saw death etch cruelly, upon my lineage.

Death is what I have become.

The next sounds were a projected whisper.

Usher the spite seething draconist, and commit this world to thy ancient sovereignty.

Mercer reached the back of the store, next to the computer. The screaming started back up again.

Eurenescent veil descends, psalmed sunset thus portends,

Mercer looked at the monitor to see what song was playing.

And laid to rest, I now am blessed, with this darkness, forever more!

Mercer looked at what was playing. "Funeral in Carpathia."

Supreme Vampiric Evil!

I've fought vampiric evil. These writers probably never seen a vampire, let alone a vampire like Alucard.

Mercer walked out of the store and into the falling rain.

Something massive will happen, I can feel it.