The Adventures of Alex Mercer: Fighting a Vampire Chapter 3

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This is part 3 of the Adventures Mercer. So I suggest you read part 1 and Wizarding Britain or you be lost here..

The Story.

After the events of Prototype 1, Alex Mercer travels the world and gets himself in situations of an unusual nature.

Colonel Rooks, Lieutenant Riley, and Schrödinger appeared in a room lit with orange light. There were soldiers dressed in black scattered around the room. There was a man wearing a trenchcoat, using it to keep himself kind of hidden. There was a man with shoulder length, blond hair and glasses. He was talking to a man sitting in a chair facing away from Colonel Rooks and Lieutenant Riley.

The man in the chair was facing a wall lined with TV screens that depicted wreckage, flames, and two figures standing. One of them had long, black hair that fell to her knees, and had glasses that cover her freckled face. She also had a flintlock rifle. The other was dressed head to toe in blood­red clothing. The other one rushed the girl and pinned her against a wall. He grabbed her flintlock and stabbed her with it. She cried in pain as blood sprayed everywhere. He approached her, like a lover, and bit down on her neck. Shadows started pouring out of the man, enveloping the girl.

When the shadows consumed the girl, the man walked away.

"That man is Alucard." said the man in the chair as it swiveled.

The man had dirty­blonde hair and was portly. "I can tell by the look on your faces that you have never seen a vampire at work." Riley and Rooks were still in shock from the brutal killing they saw.

"What does your corporation do?"

"We are a division of the U.S. military. We protect the assets of the company, Gentek. In return, they produce biological weapons for us. One of these weapons, Blacklight, was developed by a scientist, Dr. Mercer. When we were trying to shut down Blacklight in favor of other projects, Mercer fled. We tracked him down to Penn. Station and had him at gunpoint. His last act was to smash a vial on the ground at his feet. The soldiers shot him and his corpse fell, on the what we later found out was a sample of Blacklight. The viral weapon bonded with the corpse of Dr. Mercer and became Zeus."

Rooks ranted. "So your soldiers, not scientists?" said the portly man. "Yes." "I have enough soldiers. In exchange for everything on this Zeus, I'll let you leave alive." the man said. Colonel Rooks started on everything they know on Zeus. His weaknesses, abilities, and allies.

"He's just like Alucard. We can take care of both of them." the man looked at Schrödinger and said. "Take Rooks off the zeppelin. Be sure he's unharmed." "What about Lieutenant Riley?" said Colonel Rooks.

Schrödinger grabbed Rooks. "My soldiers need something to eat." the man said with a maniacal grin. Schrödinger disappeared with Colonel Rooks and left Lieutenant Riley standing. The other soldiers started charging towards Riley, baring their razor­sharp teeth. He pulled out his sidearm, a .44 Magnum handgun, and was about to shoot.

A loud growl reverberated throughout the room. The man in the trenchcoat handed Riley an old WWII sub­machine gun. The man in the trenchcoat glared at the other soldiers and they backed up. "Oh, now you all are toying with me." said Lieutenant Riley. The man in the trenchcoat locked eyes with Riley. Riley pointed the SMG at the other man. "What are you going to do?" The man charged him faster than Riley could react. T

he man collided with him, knocking the SMG out of his hands. Riley looked at him and saw both beastly fury and grief. The man helped Riley up and got the SMG for him. the man walked away from Riley and snapped his fingers. On cue, the other soldiers charged Riley. Riley opened fire with the SMG, burning through the clip in a few seconds. He killed a few soldiers with the clip, but they kept coming. He pulled out his sidearm again and burned through the six rounds, killing one soldier per bullet.

Riley pulled out a combat knife and by this time, the horde of soldiers was right next to Riley. He screamed as the horde of vampiric soldiers tore into him like savage beasts. Within the minute, Lieutenant Riley was torn apart, devoured, and all that was left was a dog tag in a pool of blood.

Back on Alex.....

Mercer walked off the boat and looked around London. "What a beautiful city." Mercer said. Now, what was this faceless being here for? Mercer delved into the memories of the person he was 'wearing'.

He caught a picture of a house in the suburbs of London. There was a couple with a girl, no older than 6, with bushy hair. "Come back next year, Uncle Joe."

"I guess I'm heading to the suburbs." Mercer said.

He started walking to the edge of the city. He walked a short ways when a horn blared behind him. He turned around and saw the family in the blood memory.

The car pulled up next to him and the back door opened up. Shit, what was their names? The girl said, "Hello Uncle Joe." Mercer said, "Hello Hermione.

End of Part 3