The Adventures of Alex Mercer: Fighting a Vampire. Chapter 1

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The story.

After consuming the Dark Lord, Mercer ran off. He arrived in London at sunrise. He avoided various military personnel and left London. He kept walking south, avoiding towns and heavily traveled roads. Why am I confused? I was made to kill and I did. I slaughtered thousands of humans without batting an eye. Why am I regretting killing those faceless sacs of meat? What was in that last person I consumed? Mercer was thinking this and he stumbled into a road.

He was brought out of his thoughts by the sound of a horn blaring. Mercer looked to his left and saw blazing lights. The car ran right into him and sent him flying off the road. The car screeched to a stop a few seconds later. Mercer was laying in a ditch off the side of the road, just staring blankly at the evening sky, smelling the sea air. obstructing his view was a man and a woman. Mercer focused on them, sat up, and said, "Faceless." He lunged forward and tackled the man, driving one of his claws into the person's gut. he screamed for half a second and then he fell silent as Mercer consumed him. the woman started screaming as Mercer turned towards her.

He noticed her figure and blond hair and said, "Seras, you were faceless to me, not to him. Goodbye." Using the memories gained fro the man, Mercer found out about a seaside house they were heading to. The house came with a boat. Mercer fired up the boat and took off to sea.

Mercer drifted southwest in the boat and for the first time, Mercer felt fatigue. "I feel exhausted. Why?" He passed out on the deck, the boat drifting aimlessly.

Mercer woke up again when the boat he was on crashed into a dock. There were people on boats and the docks. In the distance, a statue of Jesus overlooked the city.

6 years later

Mercer was lurking in Rio de Janeiro and tried to find understanding. He started helping people, completely against his instincts as a weapon. For 6 years, he couldn't understand the small emotions running through him. He fought his instincts to kill, to consume, to hunt; not in that order. He was walking by a hotel and an individual walked in. The person had a black suit with white gloves. He had long, black hair covering what looked like red scarf. The man also had glasses that gave off the illusion of shining orange. Mercer took a look at the man and felt immense power radiating in waves off him. His biomass was yelling at him to consume the individual.

The man said, "I'm in the penthouse."

Another person wearing a white suit said, "He's in the penthouse." On cue, four guys walked in carrying a coffin. Mercer felt similar power coming from the coffin, but not of the same quantity or intensity as the man in black. I've never felt power quite like that in years. But there's no trace of the virus in him. What is he? Mercer walked away, determined to find more answers.

Later that night

Mercer was hanging around the hotel waiting for the man in black to walk out. He saw local police storming the building. Mercer looked up to the top floor when gunshots started sounding out. A couple minutes later, Mercer was in the crowd that formed and he saw the cops near the door get blown away. They were impaled on flagpoles and the man, now wearing red, walked out.


The moon turned from white to red as bats started flying out of the exaggerated shadow. Mercer saw a man wearing a brown trench-coat and fedora walk towards the man in red.


"You certainly live up to your reputation, Mr. Alucard. I am Tubalcain Alhambra, or the Dandyman." Said the man in brown to the other man, Alucard.

"Was it you who sent in these poor souls?" said Alucard

"Those unfortunate fools? I may or may not have fed a lie to the local policia that in return for your capture, I'd give them immortality." said Dandyman. Immortality? That doesn't exist, I'm just awesome at extending my life.

"There's no such thing as true immortality." said Alucard. Dandyman started holding up cards. "So what are we playing, 52 card pickup?"

"More like 52 card CUT UP!" said Dandyman as he threw a card at Alucard. They started fighting each other, Alucard shooting his handguns and Dandyman flinging his cards. Dandyman started dodging the bullets and made a mistake. He dodged a bullet and it hit Mercer square in the face. FUCK! They're going to die! That fuckin' hurt! Mercer was laying on the ground, regenerating. When he got back up, Dandyman said, "Are you ready to back to your home? TO HELL!?"

Alucard got up and turned around. He was going to say something but Mercer charged Dandyman and tackled him. Noting the inhuman speed, he said, "Who are you? Dandyman is mine to kill."

Mercer said, "So get on with it so I can consume you." Mercer crushed Dandyman's feet and threw him at Alucard's feet.

Alucard picked up Dandyman and said, "Wildcard. Royal flush. You lost." Alucard then exsanguinated Dandyman, extracting information from him. He turned to Mercer and said, "Who are you?"

"Dr. Alex Mercer. You are going to die for shooting me." said Mercer.

Mercer charged Alucard, shrugging off the bullets. Mercer pounced on Alucard. Alucard tried to shoot him in the air, coming up with a click. Alucard's eyes widened slightly and dodged Mercer's landing and tried to shoot him with his other gun, coming up with a click. Alucard noted that Mercer was a close range fighter. Mercer kept charging him and Alucard kept dodging him. Finally, Mercer activated his Whipfist and caught Alucard.

"What the Hell!?" Alucard said at seeing Mercer's Whipfist grabbing his arm. He was pulled towards Mercer, seeing Mercer's other arm morph into a monstrous sword. When Alucard was close enough, Mercer stabbed him in the chest.

Mercer whispered into Alucard's ear, "I was built to hunt, kill, consume, evolve, and repeat." Mercer then morphed his Whipfist to another, smaller blade and decapitated Alucard. Mercer then consumed Alucard's corpse, stumbling in the rush of Alucard's power and memories.

"MASTER!" Mercer heard as he was being hit with .338 Magnum rounds, one of them blowing off his arm. Mercer grabbed his arm and reattached it. He saw a familiar face.

Seras Victoria
Seras Victoria

He saw the 30mm round heading for him and dodged it, jumping high into the air and landing in front of Seras.

"You shot me. No one shoots me and lives. Alucard proved it." He morphed his hands into enormous claws and was about to kill Seras. A chest-wrenching pain stopped him. "What the hell?!" a burst of pain ripped through him again. Maybe he's still alive? "No!" yelled Mercer when the pain rippled through him and a hand burst out of his chest.

Seras recognized the hand of her master and pulled. Her inhuman strength allowed her to pull Alucard out of Mercer. Alucard fell to the ground, almost as naked as the day he was born. Mercer was just standing there with a gaping hole in his chest, which started to heal. Seras finally got a look at Mercer and recognized him. She pulled Alucard away in fear and Alucard opened his eyes and stood up. "What is your name again?"

"Dr. Alex Mercer." he said inquisitively.

"Releasing control system level 3, level 2, and level 1. Recognizing approval of Situation A according to Cromwell Invocation. Commencing limited lifting of ability using restrictions until enemy before me has been rendered silent." Alucard said holding his hand up like a picture frame. The sky darkened, blotting out the red moon, and red eyes littered the skies and Alucard.

"WHAT THE FUCK!" Mercer screamed. From Alucard's direction, shadows started forming into vicious hellhounds. In the distance, Mercer could hear people screaming. I got an idea! Mercer ran for the crowd, the hounds and Alucard in pursuit.

"WHAT'S THE MATTER, MERCER? CAN'T HANDLE A DOZEN DOGS?" yelled Alucard, who was decked out in medieval armor with a red eye for a chest plate.

Mercer reached the crowd and said, "Give yourself to me!" Mercer sent tendrils of Blacklight biomass to dozens of civilians, which started mutating in seconds. They started expanding and morphed into pink hunters. Some of them mutated into grey leader hunters. Others were drawn towards Mercer and consumed. Mercer said, "Hunters, attack the hounds. Leaders, help them." The hunters were almost overwhelmed by the hounds but the leader hunters evened it out. Mercer charged Alucard, claws out. Alucard poured more power into his arms to make them stronger. Mercer stopped in front of Alucard and started swiping at him. Alucard summoned more hellhounds from his shadow. Mercer delved into his hive mind and noted most of his hunters and all his leader hunters still living. They charged the hounds near Alucard. Mercer switched to Hammerfist and started pounding Alucard. Alucard took a lucky stab with his hands and pierced Mercer's weakened chest. Mercer's biomass started going out of control in an adrenaline surge. Mercer yelled and razor sharp tendrils exploded out of Mercer in every direction, piercing Alucard and everything else multiple times. Mercer noticed that all his hunters are dead and he consumed them, giving him the strength to run. "Alucard, you made me feel...alive." Mercer said to the fallen form of Alucard. Mercer left, running at cheetah speed.

A minute later, the man that was in the white suit showed up in a helicopter. "Get in." And the three of them left, Alucard's powers locked away.

Hellsing HQ

"How was your mission in Brazil?" asked Sir Integra Hellsing.

"The Major wants war, Brazilians are bad at card games, and a doctor almost killed me." said Alucard.

Integra looked up. "A doctor?"

"Dr. Alex Mercer." Integra looked concerned. "Don't worry, I was caught unprepared. It won't happen again."

"You're right. We should concentrate on Millennium.

END....Of Chapter 1