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January 1st, 1944

A solitary figure sat alone in space completely unaffected by the vacuum. He'd gone to the black sea in search of peace, wanting simply to think.

In his search for peace the man would find nothing but violence.


The mighty Damagon hovered above Berlin, a spherical guard dog that kept constant watch over all of the city's residents whether they liked it or not. It had hovered there silently for the past week, omniscient and deadly like a shark, and the German citizens that stood below it, knowing it had enough power to crack a mountain in half were thankful that the world's greatest power was on their side.

At the Damagon's helm sat Colonel Hans Offsteader, dressed in his officer's uniform and hat, smoking a cigarette while he peacefully ignored the bustling command deck that flowed around him, technicians and ensigns performing their duties at a constantly frantic pace. In his mind Hans thought about the war which was one of the only things that kept his attention nowadays. At his fingertips he held more power than anyone had ever possessed in the history of all mankind and yet, for reasons that were becoming clearer everyday, the war still had yet to be won. With the Damagon Hans had won dozens of battles all across the world. Paris had fallen in a short time, but yet the French and their resistance groups still fought. He had crushed New Guinea under his heel yet Australia still stood as tall and obnoxious as ever! London, London had somehow managed to withstand his might entirely! And America...

Reading Hans' mind an electric terminal seated ahead of him displayed a map of New York City, prompting a smile on the Colonel's face.

America had yet to truly face Colonel Twilight's wrath, and whatever mercy the man might have shown in recent time had not dampened his flaming rage towards the cowards overseas. In time... when his superiors let him finally crush the Americans he would do just that. He'd pummel them to the dirt. Then turn his attention back to the British, then to the Chinese! And then he'd-

"Sir?" An ensign stood to the right of Twilight's command chair snapping the Colonel out of his day dream. "You're needed." Looking at the ensign who had his eyes locked respectfully (or perhaps fearfully) to the ground, Hans couldn't help but be surprised at how young the boy was, looking like he'd only graduated from the Hitler Youth a few short years ago.

"Needed? I..." The words seemed to stumble from Hans' mouth and he removed the cigarette from his mouth. Taking a pause he started again. "Explain yourself, Ensign." His voice turned much deeper and yet remained calm. "What's happening?"

The ensign, a boy named Weber seemed to almost shiver before speaking. Twilight waited patiently, used to inflicting such a response in people, yet Twilight knew Weber, the boy had been promoted following the battle of New Guinea and surely should have been used to the Colonel's presence by now.

"The boys downstairs have found something, sir." Weber said, almost whispering. He leaned in close and Hans listened intensely. "A machine in the engine room has... 'coughed something up' and they want you to take a look at it." Hans took one light smoke from his cigarette before placing it in the black, ceramic ash on his chair's arm rest a gift from his wife. Rising up from his seat the Colonel brushed his uniform down and nodded at the Ensign who he stood about a head above.

"Then I'll do just that." He answered, twisting his officer's hat firmly onto his head. "Take over for me, Ensign." Twilight said beginning to step past Weber, hands behind his back as he walked. Yet he stopped upon hearing the young boy speak again.

"Actually, Colonel." The Ensign said, still nervous. "They'd like you to wear the other suit." Understanding immediately Hans didn't bother to respond, instead hastening his step as he moved to the command center's exit, moving past armed guards and staff all of whom snapped smart salutes as he walked by, yet Hans paid them no heed, his mind instead pondering just what was waiting for him down in the Damagon's depths.

Stepping past his living quarters Hans simply extended his hand towards the door and kept walking, almost instantly several pieces of black armour flew through the door towards their master as if they had a mind to their own. Each piece of armour, chest, leggings and belt locked into their place on Hans' body as the Colonel stepped into the nearest elevator and simply said aloud: "Engine room." His voice deepening as his helmet wrapped around his skull, with the voice command resulting in the lift's doors shutting and beginning a quick descent through the Damagon's hundred floors. By the time the lift doors opened again Hans' military uniform had been replaced by the armour of Colonel Twilight, boots, gloves and helmet having unraveled from the corresponding armour pieces, all coming together to form a terrifying visage.

The warship's engine room was a loud, noisy thing. It was bathed in constant red light, a light that was also accompanied by the flashes of the vessel's alien weapons being tested. The engines shared the deck with the Damagon's defensive platform and as a result the section took up the majority of the ship, enough firepower to crack a mountain packed into a small, metal sphere. Small compared to a mountain anyway, in reality the Damagon was around the size of the Empire State Building with a width the size of several football fields. Finally the Damagon's engine was a large, cubic device that occasionally belched flame into the skies above Berlin with several other devices planted at different points of the vessel.

Stood beneath the engine were the people that Twilight had come to meet.

"Doctor Richter." The Colonel said, smiling as he approached an elderly man dressed in a smart, brown business suit. Richter, despite his age had long, brown hair and a warm smile that appeared once he saw Twilight approaching. Accompanying Richter was a member of the Feuersturm, a group of soldiers dressed in armour similar to Twilight's he stood silent like a statue and never said anything. "I hear you have something for me?"

"I do indeed!" Richter, still smiling, turned to a metal stick that had been leaning against the wall. The Doctor gripped it in his hand, a long and transparent silver stick that he passed over to Hans. "Try and snap it!" He said, excited.

Gingerly Twilight took the metal stick in his hand and crunched his fingers with the supreme strength his suit provided him and was used to, expecting the stick to snap he was understandably surprised to find the metal completely unaffected by the pressure he had applied. Glancing up the Colonel noted both Richter and the guard watching silently, but ever determined he gripped the stick with both of his hands and put all his effort into both of them, the stick simply refusing to shift.

"Go on." Richter said trying to encourage the man. "You can do it!"

Twilight grit his teeth and tried again, attempting to break the thing until his face turned bright red from the strain and he couldn't try it anymore.

"I... I can't!" He finally gasped in disbelief, letting one of his hands release the metal. Richter began to laugh and even the guard seemed amused under his rose red helmet. Grimly, Twilight raised the relevant question. "Where did this come from?"

Gesturing over to under the engine Richter took the Colonel to a strange, metal device sprouted from the wall that strongly resembled an elephant's trunk.

"That wasn't there yesterday." Hans commented.

"No, it wasn't!" Richter said in a joyful tone. "We found it here this morning and it spat that stick out!" He pointed to the item in Hans' hand but the Colonel didn't bother to look at it again. "Imagine it, Hans. A device that dispenses unbreakable metal!"

"Unbreakable..." Hans muttered, an idea coming to his mind. "Could we fashion armour and weapons from this?"

"Once we find the terminal for it I'm sure we can. This ship is like your armour, Colonel. It seems to change and adapt everyday!"

"Indeed." This time Twilight looked down at the metal stick in his hand. "What shall we do with this thing?"

Doctor Richter shrugged, mind distracted as he looked over the new machine.

"Do whatever you want with it."


At first Hans had considered turning the stick into a spear, a thought he'd quickly abandoned upon realizing not only would the unbreakable stick be difficult to fashion into such a weapon but he also already had a powerful weapon in the form of his lightning sword Zerstörer, a second weapon (and one less portable) would be a waste.

So instead he'd come up with a different idea, and as the German swastika now flapped atop the pole Twilight knew it had been a good one. What better way to exert German dominance than to plant a flag that could in no way be removed? There had been the question of where to plant it and Twilight had an answer. Now he stood just under Earth's atmosphere surrounded by grey skies. The red swastika flapped in the wind next to him and Hans smiled, content. His suit's helmet highlighted a radio transmission moving towards him which he waited impatiently for.

"Yes?" He said upon hearing a familiar crackle. "What do you want?"

An unfamiliar German accent filled his ear. "It's your wife, Colonel. She says she wants to speak to you." The smile on Twilight's face vanished as thoughts of normalcy filled him.

"Tell her I'll be back later." He grumbled before shutting the call down and activating his boots' jets blasting him up through the planet's atmosphere, flag in hand. The grey of the skies was replaced by the black sea by that hung above, it was not the man's first time in space yet he hadn't cared for it then either. He ignored the stars that shone vast distances away, his eyes fixed on a singular target. The moon was larger than even Hans would have believed, growing all the more giant as he approached. It was a fairly short journey compared to the trips to come, taking just over half an hour. The time however was the main reason Hans had elected to take the flag himself, a short moment of quiet away from the constant hustle of the Damagon's command center and the gunfire of Europe.

That was why upon arriving on the moon, Twilight was so surprised to find that he was not alone up there.

Sat upon a chunk of moon rock was a man with burning wings. His name was one that Twilight knew, at least the name that was known by the rest of the world. His name was Icarus, and the look of hate upon his face as Colonel Twilight landed just next to him was one of surprise and hate.

"Well." Twilight said, slamming the flag's pole into the ground where it stayed. "This is interesting." Icarus stepped down from the moon rock, wings flaring with flame as he reached even ground with the German. His mouth opened and he spoke, but Twilight heard nothing.

"Of course. We're in space." The Colonel slowly paced to his right, eyes fixed permanently on his winged foe. "Not how I imagined our first meeting." He admitted, Icarus' mouth moving as he spoke, again completely silent. "I have long dreamed about this moment. Is it going to end how I imagined?" Icarus' eyes burned bright with orange flame prompting Twilight to activate the blue light of Zerstörer in response. "Yes." He said coldly. "I think it will."

Despite his confident words Hans actually felt unsure. He'd heard tales of his foe, been told that the man was strong enough to crush tanks and Twilight was unsure of his chances. The two titans of war stood across from one another like an old wild west shootout and if there were sound in space they might have heard a violin string about to snap. They simply stared at each other for a moment, both having known that this meeting was inevitable and when the first move was made both would feel a weight come off their chests.

Colonel Twilight was the one who shot first, firing a red blast of hate and rage that struck Icarus entirely as intended, it impacted against the man's chest doing very little harm but making the hero blink. When his eyes opened again Icarus saw the Colonel flying straight towards him with his sword at the ready, but Icarus was similarly prepared. Honed by years of combat Icarus waited until Twilight came up close and swung his sword before making his move, taking a simple step back that forced the blade to miss before the man landed a single, powerful punch that sent his opponent tumbling upward from the ground. Flapping his wings Icarus shot after his foe like a bullet, moving so fast that he passed Twilight's body and slammed him back down the way he'd came.

Tumbling towards the ground Hans braced himself for the impact knowing that pain was coming. He slammed into the moon leaving behind a small crater, Twilight lay dazed only snapping back into action when he saw his foe flying down towards him with a powerful fist at the ready. Desperate, Twilight fired several quick shots from his wrist cannon upward, all of which missed. Left with no other option Hans activated his boot jets and shot across the ground a moment before Icarus crashed into where he'd been lying. Springing to his feet Twilight dashed to Icarus' side and smashed a fist into the man's cheek drawing blood from the mouth that drifted in the zero gravity. Wielding his sword with the other hand Twilight slashed the blade across Icarus' chest leaving a black mark where it had impacted.

"Just die!" Hans commanded only to be met by a quick slap to the face that knocked him aside. Crashing against the ground Twilight felt panic upon seeing his foe approaching. Again Icarus' mouth moved as he said something but again Twilight couldn't hear it, he saw the man's fist clench preparing to strike and the Colonel's hand grasped desperately for his sword. Instead it grasped the pole of the flag which he pulled from the rock and quickly thrust into Icarus' side piercing the top part of his right leg.

Icarus and the Colonel both looked at the wound in shock, which Twilight followed by pushing the flag pole even further into his foe. Icarus threw his head backward in what was definitely an unheard scream and taking advantage of the situation Hans slammed into his foe at terrific speed where he ripped the flag free from Icarus and knocked him to the ground before placing a hand on one of the man's wings.

"Metal... wings..." He panted, exhausted. A glint appeared in his eye as he realized the flames were purely cosmetic. Upon this realization he gripped the wing with his fist and ripped it free resulting in a look of pure agony upon Icarus' face, the man's skin turned deathly pale and his head lowered, not quite dead yet. Twilight examined the man's face, his eye lids trying desperately to stay awake. "Americans. As fake as your beliefs." The Colonel grumbled letting the torn wing drift off into space, he noticed Icarus' body about to do the same and placed a hand on his back to keep him still. "I have something to say, boy. And if you can't listen to me you can instead read my words." He crouched in front of his beaten foe and placed his helmet in a way that Icarus would be able to read his lips.

"I'm coming for your country. It's been far too long and I'm looking forward to it. Your cities will burn, as will your people and a new Germany shall sweep away the ashes." Twilight removed his hand and let Icarus drift slowly away towards the Earth, utterly defeated. "You may tell them with your words or with what's left of your body."

Gripping the flag pole Twilight slammed it into the moon rock once again, twisting the pole and ensuring it would never be removed.

Sitting down and resting, the Colonel felt the glimmers of sunlight rising past the Earth and he smiled, getting prepared for a new German dawn.

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