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They were the ones that fashioned together the universe.

Earth grew within a sort of petri dish. Along with it were the moon, the stars and the rest of the universe, all of it slowly forming and evolving from the bacteria growing within the controlled environment, and as the liquid and chemicals within the dish began to expand as did the universe, expanding almost without limit to the life forms that grew within. All of life was a strange, terrible science experiment and the ones performing it were even worse. They were indescribable in both form and nature, communicating only via a series of alien noises that all those within the dish could hear but couldn't truly comprehend, and if someone were to tear through the veil of the universe and gaze upon their creators they would be driven terrifyingly mad by the horrors that they witnessed.

The Earth formed in a matter of minutes, life forming seconds later. Time moved faster to the ones beyond, seconds acting as years to those poor, unaware souls within the universe, and as the first breath of life filled the dish the ones that had created it watched with false, unaffected interest, consulting a number of instruments that were on hand in order to gain a closer look, before activating a large, celestial machine that added another component to this strange little game of theirs.

Within the petri dish of the universe a man blinked, afraid beyond belief as he awoke in a space between spaces. He didn't know who he was, he didn't know where he was... and it slowly dawned on him as he sat upon the ground, that his future and his personality were entirely up to him. Yet there were things that this man did know. He knew his purpose in this cruel, unforgiving universe, and he knew his purpose. Auram, as he would come to be known, looked around his workstation with the fires of intrigue burning behind his eyes, and he started to get to work. It wasn't an easy task getting the place ready, yet whatever cruel thought crossed Auram's mind soon came into being. He thought of a machine designed for cutting flesh and it immediately appeared, fully functional and easy to use. Generations passed, mere seconds to those that lay beyond but a very long time for Auram, but in that time of peaceful, growing nothing, much happened. The servant of the creators, Servant-1 as he found himself being called in his head, quickly arranged his workplace to a desirable standard. He seemed to live within a long, dark hallway that stretched until infinity. and on either side of the hallway were twin panes of glass, both acting as viewing screens that displayed all of reality, though nothing much was being shown at this time.

Servant-1 soon had his station in working order, using the knowledge that seemed to have been implanted into his mind he conjured up all manner of machines, some being used to cure ailments, and others that didn't. Yet eventually Auram grew bored, sitting alone in his dank little office, and he found himself conjuring a number of brothers to spend his time with. They came in pairs and looked just like him, their skin as white as paper and burning, purple eyes that matched the colour of the jumpsuits that they wore. Auram conjured up a number of these creatures, each gaining a number regarding their creation and position in the hierarchy.

None of them held much personality, which was fair. Their creator was similarly bland in terms of outgoing appearance, yet he didn't mind, instead he simply continued with his work, content in the knowledge that his family would be assisting him along the way.

"Is everything to your satisfaction, Servant-1?" A female had asked Auram as he fiddled and tapped away at a control pad for one of the numerous machines he'd created.

"Yes, Servant-22." He had replied, not bothering to look away from his work as he finished putting the last few touches on a machine designed for corrupting and even erasing a being's memory. "I expect that the creators will be most pleased with our work once it begins." He said in his robotic voice that had never actually been used until just now. Normally Auram's brothers completely ignored him as they worked in the area, and again, Servant-1 had been content with their company and nothing more. He looked up from his work and to the woman he was speaking with, feeling a sudden, uncommon rush of emotion as he gazed upon the face of his first, true sister.

"I have a question for you, Servant-1." The female had said whilst all around the pair their brothers and sisters had began to go about their duties with an almost mechanical manner. "If you do not mind."

Auram didn't mind. So he replied with a simple: "Proceed."

"What is it that we are to do out here?" Servant-1 paused, before looking at the machines of horror he had naturally crafted all around them... and he found that he did not know the answer to his sister's question.

Years passed, years spent simply monitoring the stars for a suitable world for the servants' purpose. Auram had quickly decided what they were to do, he and his family would live in their creators' image. They would be scientists, experimenting upon whatever life they could find.

They would be Meddlers.

That was when they found Earth.

The Meddlers' first interaction with humanity was a strange one. They watched with subdued excitement as the first living thing crawled upon the Earth, Auram found himself stood next to Servant-22 and he also found he wouldn't want to spend this miraculous moment with anyone else, yet that was what happened. As the small creature behind the glass extended its small feet upon the rain drenched sands, a brilliant blue light flashed in the air, and from that light emerged a man.

He hovered in the air like a puppet dangling from strings, eyes fixed upon the small creature emerging from the waters. His name was Zane Krolo, the Traveler, a man from the end of time who'd gone back to fix it. Yet the Meddlers wouldn't know that for many, many years. Over the coming centuries Auram and his kind would see this man many times, at varying stages of his life as he emerged at different time periods. Yet he never noticed them, blissfully ignorant of the permanent audience monitoring his every step. Moments passed, moments of the Traveler doing nothing but watching in subdued awe at the tiny creature crawling by his feet, until finally the Traveler vanished as he'd appeared, disappearing to an undisclosed time period with a dramatic flash of blue light.

The whole group of servants stood completely still behind their viewing screen, and Auram found Servant-22 the otherwise emotionless creature, clutching his arm in suspense.

"Here." He finally said, breaking the silence of his brothers. "We shall perform our experiments here."

Time passed as it always did, decades seeming to pass like seconds as Auram and his meddlers began to fine tune the infinite machines within the center. They'd come in a never ending supply, each one capable of terrible, terrible wonders... and the servant simply couldn't wait to use them. Life evolved becoming man, and the Meddlers watched with ever growing interest and a drastically rising impatience.

One day while their brothers worked, Auram and Servant-22 engaged in another more private viewing of mankind.

"What is it that has taken your interest, Servant-1?" The female asked as the rain poured from behind the screen, passing through the glass as it shifted and soured through the black skies. Auram placed an arm around his sister, smiling to himself as he did so.

"I am certain that we will find something." He said just as the screen descended down towards a mountain, a mountain currently being used in some sort of ancient tribal ritual. Men in tatty robes stood upon the peak, yelling chants in long, dead languages and casting balls of energy upon the very tip of the mountain. They were Hasuumm, Glamoon, Krabopline and other mystic legends long forgotten, and as they spoke the heavens thundered a response and the Earth shook with terror. Finally they ceased their titanic chant, and from the mountain peak they'd blasted with untold energy came the form of an Orb, fluttering in the air through its own will as it changed colour and began to view the world around it, completely omniscient. It regarded its surroundings before finally staring right at Auram with curiosity, able to peer through whatever technology kept the Meddlers hidden. Auram looked deep into the Orb of Omniscience, and felt a weight within his chest begin to lift.

"It is beautiful." Servant-22 said in the same emotionless voice that seemed completely ingrained into her very being. "What do you suppose it is, Servant-1?" The Orb of Omniscience seemed to grow bored and drifted away, searching for new stories to bear witness to, and Servant-1 smiled, having beheld many wonders within the Orb that lay beyond.

"I think..." He said. "I think I would like to be called Auram."

Eventually time began to slow for the Meddlers, they found themselves more than ready for the desired experiments on the way and by the time of the 19th century hey began their work via a use of a dwarf star powered teleporter that pulled beings from across dimensions.

The first experiment was a kind one in comparison, Auram desired to see what would happen if a man's body were altered to the exact opposite of its original state. As a result a rather obese fellow by the name of Travis Bunkley was pulled from his home of London and prodded with needles until he was the strongest man in recorded memory. He was returned with no memory of the events that had transpired, only keeping the strength that had been gifted to him, where he became a local vigilante known as the Black Cross. The results were disappointingly predictable, yet they were recorded and stored for later use. Many more tests would follow, numbering in the thousands as a period of 140 years passed by.

A husband and wife woke up one morning to find their heads grafted to the body of a hippopotamus in the zoo, a helmet capable of foretelling the wearer's future was placed in Central Park and found by a young, aspiring detective, and Hirohito Takagi had his eyes bonded to an experimental energy gun and his emotions entirely removed. Auram watched all of these experiments taking place, listening to the screams of the subjects being operated upon by the Meddlers and he felt nothing but satisfaction as his work unfolded. Blood was splattered upon his body, red blots like a Rorschach test upon his purple suit. He sat down upon a makeshift throne crafted of the bones of those subjects that hadn't survived his experiments, and he watched his soulless brothers going about their duty and he wondered why he was any different. On the viewing screens he saw the Earth slowly dying, torn about by the wars that the humans found themselves constantly waging and he was fascinated, and in a matter of decades nothing was left.

The oceans turned to steam, the once grassy hills became wounded, cracked desert and the Earth died. Auram and his Meddlers watched everything die from their space between spaces, and Servant-22 stood by her creator's side, feeling nothing.

"What a waste." Auram muttered to himself as the universe died all around them.

Out in the beyond the creators muttered among themselves, gazing upon the data gathered by their minions and they shook their heads, dissatisfied with the results. They took the petri dish that the universe was growing within and discarded it, casting it aside where it was soon destroyed by technology beyond reasoning.

Then they moved onto something else.

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@tommythehitman: This...

Blood was splattered upon his body, red blots like a Rorschach test upon his purple suit.

...is out of place. There's an actual term for it, but forgive me for not looking it up. Basically, it's something out of place for the time the story takes place. Yes, a Rorschach test was invented in 1921, but for the Meddlers, it has no meaning. There's this entire cosmic story being told, and then this one earthly comparison sneaks into the narrative. If I was editing this, I'd suggest replacing it. Either with something more generic, or just... something in keeping with the cosmic scene you're presenting.

Beyond that, I was only kind of meh about this until you made it the origin of Black Cross. But I'm that way in general about all powerful cosmic characters. So take that as you may. ;)

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@cbishop: Fair. Thanks.

There’s a couple of other characters that these guys are related to as well. One of which will be the next one shot and the other will some day get an origin issue.

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@cbishop: Bish should I create a character list for all the weirdos I’ve come up with?

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@tommythehitman: I do miss the subtle eroticism you write into Daredevil and Punisher, but I guess there's nothing I can correct here, playfully or otherwise. Very solid writing, even if I don't know the characters whose origins were clearly being explained.

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@wildvine: Thanks! I do NOT miss the subtle eroticism I accidentally wrote into those things.

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@wildvine: You should really go back and read all The 40's stuff. Tommy's really outdone himself. A serious leap of improvement. I still think he's been holdin' out on us.