The '40s: Interlude

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We interrupt our irregularly scheduled broadcast to bring you the following messages!

The following is a sort of catch up on where certain characters are at in this weird little escapade that's ongoing.

Big stuff is coming which is fun.

This humble radio announcer suggests you read the following issue if you haven't already:

Twilight at Dawn # 2

Thanks for reading.

From Tommy.

We now return to our irregularly scheduled broadcast.

March 1st 1944.

Icarus sat atop the Empire State Building his wings, like his mind, were all aflutter.

For the darkest of reasons New York was quiet. A good chunk of the population had gone to join the fighting overseas and the silence helped show this quiet yet terrible truth. It was 1944, and to Icarus' great shame the war still hadn't stopped. This was what filled his mind now, thoughts of shame that had turned this once bright champion into a source of battered, tired despair.

Standing up from his perch he gave his new metallic wing a practice flick and winced as it rubbed uncomfortably against his skin. He'd suffered two scars in his recent battle with Colonel Twilight. One was a notable mark in his stomach from where he'd been stabbed with an indestructible Nazi flag pole that had very nearly struck his spine. The other lay next to his shoulder blade where one of his wings had been ripped as easily as if it were made of paper.

Though it had been a few months now Icarus' bones still ached from the fight. He was restless and unable to sleep while what little sleep he did get he often found himself facing nightmarish versions of conflicts that he'd been through. One such dream had seemed more of a vision than anything else. In it Icarus had been standing on a scarlet battlefield covered in blood that was not his own. With him were the battered forms of his friends, the greatest heroes in all of reality and none were ready for what loomed above in the black sea covering all. A shadow had fallen over the field and what Icarus had initially thought to be a familiar foe in Colonel Twilight's flying Damagon warship had been something far worse.

The world had seemed to scream and Icarus's friends had done so along with it! Then the shadow had swallowed them up and Icarus would wake up on the floor of his apartment screaming and sweating like a startled five year old.

There was a lot at stake with this war he had come to realize, more than he had known initially. His thoughts again turned towards the hated Colonel and it dawned on the hero that their battle on the moon had really only been their first encounter. Teetering on the building he looked down upon his home, not New York but the Earth. Someday, he thought to himself, someday he'd finally learn his history. But until that day he would fight, fight, fight until his home planet was saved and his friends could relax and live the lives they were meant to.

A dark thought crossed Icarus' mind,

He would fight for a free Earth. Fight... and kill if necessary. That was a line he hadn't crossed and had never even considered, but if the situation demanded it... and it most certainly did, perhaps it would be best if he took matters into his own hands.

And when he next met Colonel Twilight? Next time Icarus would be ready.

"Okay." He grumbled to himself. Taking a step forward his wings began to flap, both igniting in bright flame as they did so.

It was the start of a dark future for the winged warrior.


The Ghoul lay atop his bed in Soho. A big fat cigar was sat in his mouth and he was quite content smoking the afternoon away.

He felt strangely calm listening to the tune of afternoon traffic and couldn't help but smile at the thought of what the future might bring. Things had been different since the New Year's Eve of 1942. The world had heard of the Ghoul's 'battle' with Colonel Twilight and while it had all been hyperbole Towie hadn't exactly proven them wrong.

It had been a good couple years, Towie thought to himself. The sun seemed to shine more often now and sometimes Towie could even feel it shining on his face and would sometimes even feel that perhaps there was a bit of hope for not only the world but for humanity. The cigar in Towie's mouth had been a gift from his landlady. Special thanks on her behalf for his efforts in keeping the streets safe and clean. It wasn't the first gift he'd received for his crime fighting duties. While out on patrol he often found local fruit vendors and bakers would give him free food and gifts as tokens of thanks. He'd had to buy a new shirt because of all the weight he was gaining, but in all honesty it seemed nowadays that the only people who didn't know Towie Walters and the Ghoul were the same person were the police.

With a grunt he sat up and brushed the cigar ash from his chest and bed sheets.

"Hi Towie."

The Ghoul whipped around towards the sudden voice and found himself looking out of his window into the face of someone he knew too well.

"Jeez, Suzie!" He snapped as his visitor slid open the window and stepped almost delicately into the room. "You scared the p!$$ outta me!"

"Then I did my job." Suzie Downs said with a smile as she popped off her black fedora and placed it on the coat rack next to Towie's own white hat. She gave him a grin and placed her black coat on a nearby chair.

"I thought you weren't coming for another hour." The Ghoul grumbled, trying his best to sound agitated though truly finding himself to be oddly calm. He took out his cigar and placed it neatly in a black ash tray on his work desk.

"And I thought you were gonna stop smoking." Suzie replied trying to sound angry but smiling the whole time. The two of them embraced, both holding the other tight.

"Y'know what they say about dangerous habits." Towie grumbled with a twinge of humor. They kissed each other then, and if Suzie had any issue with the cigar stench that Towie surely stank of she didn't mention it.

"I do." She said once they were done. "And you're one of them Mister Walters."

"Anyone could've told you that." He pointed out. "You're not planning on leaving are you?"

"Not on your life."

"Great. I've got something for you." He took her by the hand and began to pull her towards the apartment door.

"Hang on." She said forcing Towie to hit the brakes in his step. "Let's put our coats on. It'll be more fun in costumes."

Considering it was a warm evening Towie wasn't entirely sure about that. However he did what she wanted anyway and the mixture of black and white of their two outfits created a strange sight as they traveled up the building's stairs. Towie honestly felt a little silly, but whenever he did he'd notice the smile on his lover's face and knew it would work out.

"Voila." He said.

Upon the building rooftop sat a small table, two chairs, a bottle of wine and a wonderful view of the city.

"Oh Towie..." Suzie muttered as they sat down across from one another. Two superheroes just enjoying the quiet. "You didn't have to..."

"Of course I did. I want you to like me don't I? And we're in costume remember? So code names only." He smiled and pulled away his mask upon saying this. "Lady Noir."

"Aw Ghoul. I don't like you." She said making Towie's heart skip a few beats. "I love you."

"I love you too." The Ghoul said, and again they kissed.

That was all they did for the next few hours. It was a nice moment.

It was one of their last together.


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@tommythehitman: Two things I didn't like: the first line, and the "fight, fight, fight" bit in Icarus' scene. The hero's mind being "all aflutter" just didn't seem "right," although I acknowledge the wings pun. The "fight, fight, fight" thing just seemed like that should have been sung in the middle of the narration- kind of threw things off for me.

The rest of it was mint though. Has Lady Noir appeared before?

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@cbishop: In retrospect those two bits do seem a bit weird. Different mindset at the time I guess.

She hasn’t. I’ve had her planned for awhile but she’s getting a one shot and then we’re in the Endgame.