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(I'm typing this on my IPad so please forgive me!)




I am an angel in service of devils.

An angel of truth, one with a mighty weapon of justice guaranteed to be righteous and pure in its delivery. I see the way my colleagues look at me, awe and admiration a permanent fixture in their eyes as we hurtle through the dark labyrinth of the city together, cramped in a four wheel metal chariot flying towards total annihilation.

There's five of us, all sat in the back of the most expensive limousine that money can buy. Sat across from me is Gary, mob enforcer and all around nice guy, he'll break your legs with a smile and drop you off at the hospital with some roses, he gives me a knowing wink from across the car. Next to Gary is Tony, the new kid on the block but one with a lot of potential, which is why I gave him a job as part of my crew. He's staring at me, nervous, but I don't mind. This must be his first religious experience.

Next to me is God herself, otherwise known as Deborah, the one who speaks for me and a person that I definitely don't deserve to have in my life. She's been resting her head on my shoulder this whole trip, cradling Tammy in her arms like a newborn baby. Tammy, who I mentioned earlier, is my tool of justice and the thing that helped me be born again. Tammy is also a flamethrower.

That leaves me, seated by the limousine window, dressed in a smart tuxedo while also hiding my gaze under the heavy black mask that's become a sort of symbol to my enemies. All the people working for me tend to call me 'Boss', those few who want me dead call me 'Demon'. Honestly I'd prefer they call me by the name I took when I was reborn.

Flamethrower Man.

"We're almost at the meeting, Boss." Gary says, looking bored as he shifts about in his seat, handgun at the ready in case our competition or any superheroes decide to make an unexpected visit. Deborah, possibly picking up on the nerves suddenly deciding to fester in my thoughts, leans over to my ear and begins to whisper something, I'm distracted for a second by the divine breath resting on my shoulder.

"Speech time, honey bunny."

Sitting up straight, my giant frame almost filling the entirety of the car, I clear my throat for the speech, bracing for the pain sure to come.

"AK! AK! AK!" I say, throats coughing blood and flegm into the inside of my mask which is probably covered in the stuff by this point in my career. Tony is transfixed by my words, leaning forward in his seat like he's hooked by some sort of award winning play, and not listening to his boss cough and sputter up a lung.

"This is another easy job." Deborah says, translating my words for mortal ears. "It'll be easy because we've got the best damn goons in town, right here. So let's sell some guns and then go home!"

Gary and Tony let out a round of applause, I feel pride begin to swell up in my stomach just as the car pulls up, parallel from the metal coffin directly opposite from us, unworthy of being so close to Gods among Men. Deborah passes Tammy over and hooks the mistress up to my back before planting a kiss on the piece of charred flesh sticking out from my collar.

"I'll get the loot, Boss." Tony says just as the driver opens up the car door, and lets the night air flow into our vehicle. It's cold, and as the air brushes up against my skin, it starts to burn. Pain so horrible that it makes me want to share that pain with someone... it makes me wanna burn something.


Central Park is a perfect place for a gang meeting, this gang meeting anyway, there's so much foliage to burn, a chain of endless fire that will be inescapable for the guilty and a sight to behold for the innocent. Justice will be so easy to enact in this place, and Tammy seems to shake in my hands with anticipation.

Further down from where we parked, amid this jungle lies our prey, waiting nervously as my group of warriors approach, me at the helm, all of us sporting charcoal black business suits as we walk. Our quarry watch us walk, equal in size but not in height. Their leader, Frederick Sciscero, otherwise known as Underboss due to his length and width being that of an egg, is a vile man, one who I desperately hope will give me an excuse to burn him to cinders.

Underboss nods respectfully to me, his henchmen looking bored as they stand around him, I return the gesture but keep my hands on Tammy just in case. After a couple of seconds consisting of a painful silence, Tony steps forward with his suitcase full of guns and plants it directly between our two parties.

"Gentlemen." Sciscero says, smoking a cigar between words, his egg shaped head hidden behind the brown smoke cloud coming from his fingers. "Let's buy some bloody guns."

Unfortunately that's exactly what happens. The deal goes swimmingly, a case of metal is exchanged for a case of paper, and Tammy is left disappointed as she watches Underboss and his cronies take their leave.

"Shame." Gary sighs as we all sit back in the limo, all slightly disappointed by the event less evening. "Was hoping they'd try to pull something."

There's the sound of despair in Gary's voice, and as he leans back in his chair, feeling what I now know to not be bordem, but sadness, my heart feels for him, and I can't help but wonder what's wrong.

"Are you alright, Gary?" Deborah asks from her seat, echoing my own thoughts as we both shift slightly in our seats, feeling intrigued towards the otherwise mundane situation.

"My, ah... my girlfriend left me last night."

The words sink in, and soon Gary's despair is shared by all of us. Lost for something to say, I instead reach forward and place my hand on his shoulder to comfort him.

"Ak, ak, ak."'I tell him.

A faint smile appears on Gary's face, replacing the sadness as he realises who his true friends are.

"Thanks, Boss."

"We're all here if you need us, sir." Tony says, holding the case full of money, a reward for the evening.

"Thanks kid."

The rest of the ride is spent in silence, Tammy rests gently against my chest, purring softly, while Deborah passionately kisses the fabric of my mask. Eventually the limousine pulls up outside my apartment, a sanctuary that will never fall, and the three of us step out, leaving Gary and Tony with the cash.

"Take it easy, Boss." Gary tells me, holding the vehicle's door open as we stand on the pavement. "We'll see ya tomorrow."

"Ak, ak."

I turn towards the building entrance and see Deborah holding the door open, her eyes an invitation for the events of the rest of the evening. Excited, I walk over, pulling off my mask on the way and revealing the mashed pudding that is my face. For a second, getting close to Deborah, I hesitate, thinking that this is all too good to be true, and she's going to leave me.

She doesn't leave, instead she wraps around me and we kiss, a perfect ending to a different day.

What a beautiful world we live in.

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@cbishop @waezi2 @NightWarden17

@batkevin74: you might enjoy this. ;)

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Curious why the air makes his skin burn. Otherwise, nice creepy vullain you got there. :)

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@tommythehitman: This is probably the weirdest of the 40s titles so far.

And I like weird.

You plan on letting all your characters meet somehow?

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@cbishop: Thank you! Definitely a fun one to write.

@waezi2: It's nice having a couple of characters that are different in tone.

As for the characters meeting, I have written a story called Shadowmen which will bring a few of the characters together. I just need to introduce some of them first. ;)

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@tommythehitman: This is an absurdist but well-written entry, I'm eagerly anticipating what's to come of this character and The Shadowmen.

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@tommythehitman: My first thought was he was an alien from Mars Attacks speaking AK AK AK! 😀

A god mob boss, possibly Vulcan, is cool. His “voice” though has plenty of room to manipulate him though.

Great idea. Do more. Now. And stop apologising for the iPad type, you can fix it later or not at all, up to you.

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@batkevin74: Yeah I realised that after typing it, but now I wanna keep it just because I love that movie.

Good point. Perhaps I already have something in mind for this. 'X-Files music'

@NightWarden17: Thanks for the comment!