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The best day of my life was also the worst.

Most people when asked about their best day, would probably say something along the lines of marrying their girlfriend, or holding their newborn son for the first day. Those two are definitely in the top three for me, but at the top of that list is when I started wearing my underwear on the outside, rather than keeping it tucked underneath.

"Very nice, Dean. Very nice." Aileen says as I start posing in front of the living room mirror, admiring my new outfit in great detail. In her lap sits baby Joey, busy shaking his rattle like it's some kind of medieval weapon, letting out a yawn like a battlecry, and not paying attention to his dad. "It fits nicely."

It had been three weeks since my accident at the University, and ever since those chemicals had splashed over me, I'd been feeling different, Aileen had said that I was special, and she wasn't wrong. Steel bars crumpled like tissue paper in my hands, people whispering across the street sounded like they were right next to me, and jumping between rooftops had become as easy as walking down the stairs.

"Looks like I'm really doing this." Is all I can think to say, my body's shaking with excitement, no fear whatsoever, and the beautiful one piece costume I've made, not including the mask, I'm exactly what I have to be for the time we all live in. The black and white composition is perfect at the centre, the top half of my chest to the top of my head is white, while the rest is pitch black perfect.

Aileen gets up from her seat, still holding baby Joey in her arms, and gives me a tight hug before kissing my mask on the cheek. "I love you." She says before raising Joey up between us, who I give a quick hug. "And Joey loves you." I follow her gaze to the window where we look out at the skyline, orange like a sapphire, which Aileen points at lazily with her finger before looking back to me. "And I think they'll love you too." I wipe hair out of her face and smile, the outline obvious under my mask. "Have you thought of a name for yourself?" Aileen asks as I pull away and do a last check in the mirror, making sure everything is perfect.

The name was the first thing I came up with, it's what the whole outfit's based on, and hopefully people will think it's a good one.

"Domino." I say, adjusting my mask slightly so that my eyes are right where they're meant to be. Aileen nods with approval, and baby Joey vomits a little as I plant a kiss on his forehead. Moving to the window, I prop it open and step halfway out onto the balcony before turning back towards my family. "I'll be back by 9."

Standing on a rooftop, city unfurling before me, orange sky completely perfect for the evening's events, I finally feel free. The wind rushes past as I begin to move, running towards the edge, and once I'm leaping through the air, high above the streets I feel sorry for the people below who don't know what they're missing.

Having built up my run, and jumped across the street, I just about make it to the other side. A few inches further and I wouldn't have made the landing, so it's nice to figure out where my limits are. Gotta be careful when jumping.

The sounds of a scuffle in a nearby car park draw my attention, somehow the feeling of hearing a crime on top of a rooftop makes me feel incredibly powerful and heroic. Someone's holding a knife to another man's throat, and if anyone thinks they can commit murder on Domino's turf than they've got another thing coming. Dropping down behind the two, my landing makes a loud thud, giving away my position, and without even saying anything, the psycho with the knife turns around and takes a swing at me! He moves very slowly, even without my reaction speed he wouldn't be able to catch anyone off guard, so he's either drunk or high on something.

"Woah there, chum!" I tell the fella before twisting his arm and flipping him over my back with a surprisingly low amount of effort. "Don't hurt yourself." The guy lies on the floor, too shocked to move and clearly not getting up anytime soon, so I turn to the man's intended victim, who's busy just looking confused and not accomplishing anything.

"Are you okay, sir?" I ask him, offering a hand up from the car he's been leaning on. The man nods quickly, not sure what to make of me and hesitating before taking my hand. "Good." I click my fingers and point to the building closest to the park. "Smith's bowling alley should still be open if you want to call the police."

"Ye... yes. Yes! That's a good idea!"

Backing away, I give the guy a smile to let him know everything's alright. "It's your call. Have a good night, sir." That's when I leap into the air and probably leave the man feeling very confused.

My first night on patrol was a lot like that, stopping mugging and dealing with small problems. Not that I would complain, the right thing is the right thing at the end of the day, at one point I ended up giving a pair of tourists directions to Grand Central, they were in the wrong borough, and eventually I decided to keep an eye on them in case they got lost again. They ended up getting a taxi, but that was how I ended up in Midtown, and is also how I ended up getting in the paper.

The Mayor was giving a speech just outside his office, so I figured I'd go and check it out, by the time I got there most of the talk was over, but I'm glad I showed up when I did, because HE showed up around the same time.

They called him 'the Sniper', a professional hitman for hire, and he was setting up for a shot on the Mayor when I first caught sight of him. The Sniper was adjusting his scope when I landed on the same rooftop, and despite the guy's reputation amongst the criminal underworld, he was obviously new at this, since he didn't hear my arrival.

The assassin was African American, something I didn't expect, and made me sad. So I made sure that when I punched him in the face that there were no hard feelings involved.We weren't that high up, something obvious when the crowd below began to scream about the commotion. So when the Sniper tumbled over the edge, jaw broken and unconscious, I was able to catch him and land on the ground without much difficulty.

I remember how they all stared at me when I landed, the silence was the worst part, and it reminded me of how the atmosphere used to shift whenever I walked into a public bar during my younger years.

Then everyone cheered for me and it was the best feeling in the world. They all circled me, patted me on the back and called me a hero, I told them to call me 'Domino', so they did, and cheered again. One man grabbed me by the wrist and threw it up into the air like we'd just won the Olympics, and I saw it was the Mayor. It was the greatest moment of my life, and when the crowd did the same gesture I felt prouder than anyone else in my family ever had, and then I realised that they were only cheering for me because they didn't know I was black.

So that's why it was the worst day ever.

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@tommythehitman: Nice. Still looking forward to seeing where this all goes. :)

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@cbishop: Oh man is it meant to be going somewhere?!

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Aileen had said that I was able to accomplish wonders,

Bit awkward. Does she know what he can do before he does or did you mean "would be"? I assume a typo since you're on iPad and those love "correcting" a persons words.

I'm exactly what I have to be for this time period.

This is unnatural to say unless he is a time traveler of some sort. Otherwise everything looks tight.

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@wildvine: They do love correcting. I had to alter some unintended corrections yesterday in the other issue I did. :/

Fair enough I'll change the line.

Thanks Wildvine.

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@tommythehitman: Or explain it. Is there a style of hero wear? Or was there a past style of hero wear?

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@wildvine: I think I just flubbed the sentence while writing it.

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@wildvine: There have been other superheroes at this point, some operating since the 30s, and to be fair most 'street level' heroes like Domino have been dressed like Noir Detectives, which means Dan looks pretty unique in comparison, but yeah I think I just needed to alter the thing.