Tenjin Episode 1- Siege on Siberia part 1

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#1  Edited By Tenjin

(I just finished this and it took me nearly 4 hours to right including two red bull breaks lol..this is my first fan fic and i guess there is a rating system so i say it is FR 21 because it contains censored swearing, heavy fighting and blood so beware...Thumbs up Methos i read the rules^^ lets hope this is as good as i think it is and as for comments i accept heavy critism so you can speak freely without me being all pissed...^^)

After a long night of partying on the beach Tenjin was slumbering deep, covered in thick black faux fur. His sheets, pillow covers and his drapes where black as well. The bed was king sized but only filled a portion of the enormous room. The carpet was burgundy and swag, at the foot of his bed was an oriental style futon whose arms rolled inward with golden inlays. Priceless samurai armors decorated every corner of the room and two seeming guarded the sliding doors of his balcony. The sun was attempting to breach the abyssal drapes that covered the glass doors and windows only letting a dimmed shine illuminate the room. The room’s walls where burgundy, decorated with oriental swords and other weapons of the Japanese feudal war. A cast of a golden lion’s head hung over the bed and its fangs where bared and ruby eyes gleamed at the redwood door giving entrance to the living room area. The lion’s head was very similar to that of a Fu- Dog, a Japanese guardian. The golden locks curled forming a thick mane and hung above Tenjin’s head as he slept. A loud burst of sound exploded from the surround sound system connected to the alarm clock which read 8:00 am. The music was filled with heavy riffs of one of Tenjin’s favorite bands, Ill Nino and the song was called “Alibi of Tyrants.” He had only got a few hours of sleep and rolled over, smashing the digital alarm clock under a heavy fist. The music suddenly ceased with a screeching sound as Katsuro laid under his coffin of fur. He was awake now and scrambled to the bed side before slipping out of the covers and planting his feet on the soft carpet still sitting on the bed. He was still in his boxers and the dim light of the sun gaze his muscular body a contrast of bright but tanned tone of his skin and heavy shadow to his body. His long black mane draped on his back giving of a beautiful shine of slight blue in the shade. He pressed his hands firmly on his knees with his fingers inward gripping his skin before he pushed off and began to walk towards the door leading to the living room.

He turned the golden diamond shaped doorknob and pushed open the door instantly being blinded by the bright light of the sun for a second before gazing outside through the glass windows to see a serene view of palm trees, sand and a soft ocean. The sky was a baby blue and no cloud was in sight as the sun began to slowly rise to watch over the land at its post beyond the horizon.  A pair of dolphins began to leap from the calm waters with glee and letting off giggle like sounds as they played. Katsuro was at home here but deep inside missed his son, Masaru and his homeland of Japan which he tried to bring with him. He had a framed picture of him, his son and his now deceased mother under a cherry blossom tee, its pink petals slowly fell behind them. He stared at it for a minute, the human inside wanted to let out a single tear but his dominant battle harden self could not seem to be able. He truly missed her, Akemi was her name. She was so beautiful, her eyes were like sapphires not commonly found in Japanese ethnicity, and she was fair skinned with long black hair that draped to her lower back. She was exotic and naturally curved and of large bust but these were not the reasons he fell in love with her. She was a pure soul and was kind and loving beyond imagination. She treated him as a person, looking beyond his dark and bloody path to see the man inside of him. His son Masaru had his mother’s eyes and short black hair, he was slightly chubby but this was only baby fat being as he was only four years of age. He loved his mother as well but didn’t remember her much which shattered Tenjin’s heart because he must truly grieve alone while his only son was to be raised by a murderer, a psychopath and a true villain. Tenjin refused this to be the life of his last beloved and sent him to live with his aunt to live a real normal life. Tenjin’s broken heart was filling with despair and sorrow as he continued to stare at the picture before he finally broke through the warrior inside and buckled. His palms clutched his face hiding the river of tears now streaming from his eyes before finally rising but still crying. He let out a roar and sent a punch at the white wall; his fist tore through the wall deep and continued until his shoulder slammed into the hole. Spider web like cracks grew from the impact and shards of drywall were ripped from the gaping hole as he pulled his now bloody fist from the void. He couldn’t help but blame himself for what has happened to Akemi and Masaru, if he never lived this life they all would still be together living peacefully. Now to drown his sorrow he thought to himself as he walked over to the open kitchen.

He grabs a bottle of strong gin and rips open a cupboard sending it smacking hard against another on its right as he gripped several shot glasses and brung them down to the marble counter top. Lining them in a row of seven he poured a continuous stream of alcohol filling each to the rim. He purposely grabbed seven because of the Christian bible’s reference to the seven sins each representing one. He wiped the salty tears from his face and slammed one after the other without stopping, the alcohol burned his throat even down to the chest but he squinted as his face wrinkled like it was sour. He slowly released his face muscles and opened his deep brown eyes and looked outside at the ocean again. His breathing slowed down and walked over to his middle couch and grabbed last night’s pants. They where black leather but not tight but rather baggy and slipped them over his legs one at a time. Tenjin grabbed his cell phone and clipped it to his waistband while  stuffing a cigar cutter and a Zippo in his right pocket and grabbing a cigar out of a case which cost him around four hundred dollars. He placed the hand rolled Cuban on his lips and walked out the door. He felt the warm sand between his toes as it stuck to his soles, gulls screeched and light waves crashed on shore. He continued to walk as he sliced the end of his cigar with the cutter before sticking it back into his pocket while running his fingers between his black hair and sweeping it out of his vision as he came to a stop jest barely letting the waves crash over his feet. The low roar of the ocean deafened the sound of his lighter as it flamed upwards and igniting the thick cigar as he puffed out thick puffs of smoke to keep it burning. He saltwater was slightly warm and the sea air filled his lungs as a breeze came from the east casting his hair to the west, constantly dancing in the wind. It brightened the cherry of the cigar as he sucked in a cloud of smoke and let it bellow from his mouth before grasping it with his index finger bent and compressing it against the curled middle finger. He dropped his hand to his side letting the smoke flow in the still blowing wind as he spoke in a low voice “If only Akemi and Masaru could see this.” He raised his fist to his mouth and began to puff on the cigar again as a cruise ship passed in the distance letting off a loud horn. “One day Masaru, I will bring you to America with me and we will live like kings.” He tosses the still burning cigar into the waves of the ocean causing it to let out a small hiss at it was drenched.

He began to walk back to his penthouse but suddenly his cell phone rings. Tenjin flips it open and presses it to his right ear.

Caller- How is Miami?

Tenjin- he says in a sarcastic voice. Who the hell is this?

Caller- Don’t recognize an old friend, Katsuro? This is Borislav Kasun; we met during your wild years. (Wild Years is a code word meaning a once hired assassination mission)

Tenjin- Ahhh, Borislav. I remember you, you used be a friend of Darko Zivkovic, and god rest his soul. (Another code for a victim of a hired assassination)

Borislav- Ya, Darko was a good man it is so terrible that a man could die like that, some people are sick. But this is not why I called I need you to come to Siberia for an important Business discussion regarding my company.

Tenjin- My services aren’t free Borislav, Depending on the service I could cost you a fortune. He begins to laugh hardily.

Borislav- I am willing to pay you seven hundred and fifty million. He says in a cold and harsh voice.

Tenjin- He stops laughing immediately before saying Well, when do I leave?

Borislav- chuckles I already sent you tickets and a driver who already knows what to do, just get on the plane and that’s all you have to worry about.

Tenjin- See you soon..Borislav hangs up and closes phone and begins to continue to walk to the door to prepare himself for the trip.

Around ten hours later Tenjin has already boarded Borislav’s private aircraft and was sipping on champagne with a beautiful Russian woman on his lap. She was drunk and laughing, talking to him in Russian which he spoke almost fluently but wasn’t really making conversation.  He was dressed in an expensive Italian suit which was of course jet black. He wore a blood red undershirt with a black silk tie, his footwear were custom made gloss black dress shoes with blood red spider web designs on the base of the shoe. His cufflinks were his trademark golden skulls with onyx eyes and his hair was pulled back in a ponytail. A golden black faced Rolex rested on his left wrist but his Warlock gauntlet covered his left hand and forearm but concealed by a black leather glove and suit sleeve. He was growing tired of the woman’s laughter and was ready to snap but luckily the plane landed and she stood up. He rose to his feet and carried his champagne bottle with him and constantly began chugging it down like water as he watched the flight attendant get dressed while he passed her. She gave him her number but he was actually planning to pay her a visit later before he left Russia most likely never calling her again thereafter. He walked down the planes stairs and followed Borislav’s goons to the black limousine each one holding one of his bags but as he entered the door the large Russian clad in a black suit that held the door for him spoke out loud in Russian seemingly not knowing Katsuro understood everything he said

“I want to ring this damn America playboy’s neck…if he ever touches my sister again I’ll tear out his eyes.” Another henchman replied “Forget it, your sister has been with half the city! Why worry about some pretty boy b@$tard anyway. The large man grunted and roared “Don’t talk about Cecilia like that…but you are right. I can’t believe we have to babysit this guy; everything he wants has to be black! Even the damn limousine had to be black as well as the plane. If I get the chance Ivan, I’m going to strangle this guy. The other man laughed and spoke “So violent Kirill, come on let’s get him to the bosses house.”

Tenjin couldn’t help but laugh as he sipped on the champagne until it was empty because now the hold ride there Kirill is going to get hell from him.

After a half hour drive Tenjin finally reached the destination and the extremely temperamental Kirill opened the door for him with a guise of hate and loathing in his eyes because Tenjin kept talking about the Kirill’s sister the whole way there. As Tenjin rose from the dark interior he gazed deep into kirill’s eyes, having to look up at him. The Russian was barrel chested and around 6’9 weighing at least four hundred pounds of muscle. His face was large a well defined with a strong jaw line and thick chin. Tenjin smiled at him as he said in a very sarcastic tone in Russian language

“I’ll be sure to talk to Cecilia tonight regarding your feelings, afterwards of course….” He turned his head as he began to walk towards the door not even bothering to look at Kirill’s demonic face as it wrinkled with anger. The Russian’s fingers where tightened so hard it shattered the door window. Katsuro tilted his back and let out a laugh that echoed in the overhang of the gigantic home.

Borislav was waiting in a burgundy reading chair smoking on a cigarette as Katsuro entered the dwelling. It was a kill zone full of animal heads from every corner of the world, Tenjin hated it; needlessly killing earth’s creatures was low even coming from an assassin of Tenjin’s stature. He tried to disregard it and sat down on a leather sofa next to the fireplace and for a minute watched the flames dance sending cinders and smoke rising up the chimney. The room was dark and only lit by the fire as it radiated heat from its bowels. Borislav was only about 5’4 and was very plump, he had a pointy black mustache and goatee with black slicked back hair nothing was intimidating about him but yet he commanded one of the largest criminal organizations in the world; the Russian Mob. Tenjin sat with his elbow planted on his leg with his fist under his chin as he listen to Borislav speak

“So I hear that they call you Kenpachi as well? What does that mean now? I was just getting used to the nickname the “Lightning Tyrant.” He said in a deep Russian accent as he inhaled a lung full of cigarette smoke.

Tenjin said with a slight smile “Kenpachi means no matter how many times I am killed, I will never go down. The Lightning Tyrant died a long time ago along with any other nicknames he carried with him. Now only Tenjin remains as a reminder of which, that was. I am not here to bu!!sh!t about my history so why don’t you tell me what the f#^k am I’m doing here.” He finished his small speech with sudden anger and annoyance because he hated to think about what he used to be.

Borislav raised his hands in submission and chuckled “My apologies Tenjin, I didn’t mean to get off on the wrong foot. You are here because my business is having run-ins with a special….unit. These things must be dealt with in order for me to expand my business elsewhere so I need someone of your skill to handle these things for me? Can this be handled…Kenpachi?

Tenjin gazed at the flames and looked back to stare into Borislav’s eyes with precision and spoke “Unit? Whatever it doesn’t matter for seven hundred and fifty million I’ll take on an army! Something he will regret saying in the future “It can be handled my Russian friend just give me the coordinates and I will handle it, you have my word.” He lifted himself from the sofa and began to walk forward to shake his new employer’s hand to confirm everything was in agreement.

Borislav lifted himself from the chair and met Katsuro halfway and planted his feet on the rug as they shook each other’s hand. Borislav replied one more time “Don’t worry about fighting tonight sleep well in my hotel in the city, tomorrow we will give you your target information so until then I bid you a due. A sinister smile emerged from his face as Tenjin smiled back and unlocked the Russian’s hand as he walked away letting the fire illuminate his silk like hair. Tenjin was escorted to the Limousine as one of the henchmen stayed behind to talk to Borislav.

“O.K boss, when do you want me to take care of him? The lanky thug said with a shadowed guise as Borislav replied back “Wait until he is sleeping, get him really drunk and tired first so he won’t put up much of a fight.” The stout mobster said with a chaotic look in his eyes. “Anything special you want done to him boss?” Borislav said with an expressionless face “Bring me his head; I want to mount it on my wall with the rest of my kills!” Borislav flicked his wrist as a sign to his underling to wander off and finish his business. He waddled over to the chair again and began to smoke another cigarette and blew an “o” as he cut it with his finger. He said in a loud and demonic tone “You son of a b!tch, kill my cousin and I think I won’t have revenge!!! Your empire in America is mine…..Kenpachi.” he grunts and takes in a deep breath before speaking again “Let’s see who many times you can die and before actually falling.”

Several hours later approximately around 4:30 am Tenjin is finally trying to sleep after partying with several dancers from Borislav’s Moscow club. All of them just left only moments ago leaving several empty Vodka bottles and a very happy man. He thought to himself with his eyes closed, his long hair covering his head as it rested on two soft pillows. His tan body was plated with muscle upon muscle; some would say perfect others would say godly. Every muscle was defined and cut, he put his hands behind his head making his upper body flex, causing his biceps to become like boulders and his side muscles flexed and rose upwards making him seem abnormally large. His abdomen was like steel and each muscle was a knot of stone and flowed in unison with each other past his pelvis. His chest flared and crunched together as his neck muscle did as well. He smiled a thought of all the women he just had in his bed at one time, a feat he had never done before. The thin white sheets covered his lower half which were only in boxers, he couldn’t be happier until he fell asleep. But suddenly his door was kicked in and his warlock was in a suitcase along with his sword rendering him unarmed. As the door barreled over it landed with a hard smack as two men entered with AK-47 machine guns and began to fire on full auto. They were wearing ski masks and leather jackets, screaming curse words at Katsuro as they squeezed the trigger until the clicking sound from the gun’s hammer signaled the clip was empty in both of they’re guns. They dropped the machine guns on the carpet as several ore men entered with knives and bats. Katsuro was lying under the bed frame which he twisted over just before they started to fire. Feathers from the bed still fell to the ground after being torn open from the barrage of bullets which some had made their way past the bed and imbedded their selves in Kenpachi’s back.

As the gun men approached him Katsuro flipped the bed over again a pushed himself with his hands forward with his legs still in the air. As he flew forward the one man on the right stepped forward allowing Tenjin to grasp the man’s neck with his ankles, locking his feet together he planted his hands on the carpet and twisted his legs fast causing the gunman’s neck to snap. As Katsuro was still in an inverted position and still locking his feet together firmly on his attempted murderer’s neck he performed a side handspring. The Assassin’s corpse was flung as he released before regaining his footing in a ninja like crouching position sending the body through the large front window causing glass to shatter. As the body was free falling wrapped in the drapes that concealed the window it fell atop a blue hatchback causing the roof to cave in and the alarm to set off. The moon was visible through the broken window and caused several beams of light to shine everywhere from the reflection of the moon. Not only that but it also caused Tenjin’s body which was still crouching to glow making him seem demonic in appearance. His black hair flowed in front of his face concealing the furious look of his face before he arched his back up and stood there still illuminated by the moonlight. He flung his mane back revealing a smile not of happiness…but of bloodlust. He was still naked and the henchmen stopped at the inhuman spectacle of fighting skill before rushing forward as one. “What….I can’t put any pants on first?” He screamed as he awaited the oncoming attacks.

His body had already begun to push bullets out from his body causing them to cause several clinging sounds as they bounced off the floor around him. The whistle of the wind echoed through the silent room until it was muffled by the running footsteps of the oncoming force. The second gunman was still blinded with fright but swung a right cross at Tenjin which Kenpachi easily countered by wrapping his left arm around the arm and locked it in like a pivot joint before snapping it by twisting his upper body and flexing his biceps. The gunman cried out in pain before Tenjin struck the man in the solar plexus with a swift uppercut like maneuver, blood sprayed from the man’s moth and he was breathless before Tenjin released him before sending a powerful spin kick with the left leg straight at his spine. A bone chilling snap occurred at impact from the gunman’s spine breaking from the blow and sent the motionless body hurdling into the mob.  It was silent but the sound of thumping broke the silence as Kenpachi was performing a series of back flips and landed next to a chair that held his black leather pants in its arms. A black belt with a large golden skull buckle rested in its loops. He slide them on instantly and zipped and buckled for a snug fit, he flicked his head to the side causing his hair to move behind him as he grabbed a rubber band and placed it on his wrist. He tied the band in his hair to form a quick pony tail but his once bloody back still layered in the crimson life contaminated the hairs. He slowly walked forward before bursting at full speed of 60 mph and launched himself forward into the crowd dodge every swing of chains and bats that came at him before he landed square in the middle of several combatants.

One brave man stepped forward and swung his wooden bat clear at Kenpachi’s face but Katsuro lifted his arm to block it causing the batter to shatter into two pieces and hundreds of small splinters flew in every direction. The poor attempt of an attack left the man vulnerable and was quickly dealt with by an iron palm to the chin severing his atlas joint on the spine. The opponent fell to the floor as Tenjin smiled as he landed a roundhouse kick to a guy behind him, his heel landed perfectly at the victim’s temple killing him instantly. Two warriors came forth one from the east and the other west but both met their ends quickly the eastern foe was kicked in the knee causing it to shatter before a swift crane style kick to the throat smashed his jugular. The western bound foe aimed a side kick for Kenpachi’s kidney but was caught in mid-air before Tenjin brung down a strong knee atop of the leg tearing the shin bone in half before he struck the foe with a butterfly palm to the mid section sending him flying into a fall. Three more were left and decided to attack at the same time but Tenjin killed them instantly by forming a sword made of spirit energy and sliced them all with a spinning horizontal slash, dropping the bodies but launching sprays of blood all over him. Blood drenched the carpet and bodies littered the ground as he disengaged the sword and walked over to his belongs and began to pack them before a thudding sound occurred behind him.

“Did you say hello to Cecilia!” echoed Kirill as he stomped forward cracking his knuckles with his shirt off. “You don’t scare me, Tenjin these men were weak and could be easily disposed of…..I’ll kill you!!” He rushed forward like a mad bull but Tenjin was not in the mood to fight so he merely lifted his palm forward to face Kirill and shot an energy blast from his palm. Its crimson color soared through the shadows and tore Kirill in half instantly, blood sprayed all over the white walls and ceiling and formed a puddle below the fresh corpse. “So much for the dramatic fight scene...” he rumbled as he gathered his things after he took the keys from Kirill’s pocket. He descended down the stairs and saw the body of the man lying on the car but first he popped the trunk of Kirill’s car and tossed his stuff in before slamming it shut hard. He walked over and investigated the incident and checked inside and saw a lanky man impaled by shrapnel. “Isn’t that the guy Borislav had stick around with him…”

“Looks like old Boris is going to have a visitor tonight.” Tenjin walked away from the scene and jumped in Kirill’s carousel orange 1970 Hemi ‘Cuda and speed off heading towards Borislav’s mansion.