Survivor of the 66 Chapter#5

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Survivor of the 66

Chapter 5

Seven Captains

Five.. four.. three.. two… one. The five minute time limit was finally up. Just as the walls had fallen before, they traveled up with just as much velocity. Now with the walls removed everyone could see one another once more.

"Welcome back combatants!" Bat-Mite bellowed from where he hovered above. He descended in that instance.

Within a moment of touching down someone barged forward. "Aye Bat-Mite, where the shell is my brother!" Raphael roared.

"Oh, is it Michelangelo who you're referring to?" replied Bat-Mite calmly. He looked into the direction of Dimension Sea as he answered the posed. "Seconds before the walls could fall Michelangelo managed to make his way over to Dimension Sea. Why this move was made is an uncertainty to even me."

Most everyone looked into the direction of Dimension Sea after learning this. Michelangelo smilingly stepped out from where he hid behind Franky in a matter of moments. "Sup guys?" He waved as he gradually began walking back to group Awesome where his allies resided. "Whelp, looks like my business here is done."

About halfway across Bat-Mite stomped his left foot down, releasing a shockwave on impact. The vibration of its presence rigged through each of their spines. Michelangelo stopped the second this occurred. "Listen, and listen carefully," Bat-Mite began. "You are to stay where you are stationed until I say otherwise. Is that clear?"

Michelangelo nodded several times. "Yes Bat-Mite Sir!"

"Good. Because if you pull a stunt like that again you will be disqualified," Bat-Mite relayed.

The turtle in the orange bandana gulped. "Understood."

Following that Michelangelo rushed back over to the side of his peers. "Nice going Mikey," Casey greeted upon his return.

Bat-Mite sighed. "I'll have to keep an eye on that one… mischievous little guy."

Now with that situation cleared Bat-Mite refocused himself for what he was to deliver next. "I hope you all spent the time given to you wisely." He looked over each group as he continued. "Before we move onto the next stage I would like to give everyone the opportunity to ask any questions that you may have."

Bat-Mite started off by drawing focus on Dimension Sea. "So after having the time to collaborate among yourselves, have you all come to a final decision on whether you will to compete or not?"

"We have," Luffy responded. "You can count us in."

Nami approached her captains side in short time. "Luffy, are you sure about this?" Nami whispered.

Before Luffy had the chance to reply Bat-Mite spoke once again. "Good, because none of you have a say in the matter anyway!" His head flew back as he yelped out in laughter.

"Then why the hell did you ASK?!" Nami fired back.

Ignoring her Bat-Mite moved on to the next group. "Now I ask those of you from Dimension Style, do you have any questions before we proceed?"

There was a long pause. And just as Bat-Mite was to make his way to the next group someone spoke. "I have a question, two actually. Will food and water be provided for these challenges? And secondly, what will be the sleeping arrangements?"

The host clapped several times in reaction to the inquired. "A pair of great questions Yusako Kudo! To answer that, both will serve as initial tests each of you will face. I'll leave it at that."

What this meant exactly wasn't completely clear. No further questions were asked so Bat-Mite pressed on. As he fell in line with the next group Michelangelo's hand immediately rose.

"Ouuuuuueeww, pick me!" called the turtle in orange.

Reluctant at first Bat-Mite slowly nodded. "And what is it you would like to ask Michelangelo?"

"Is there any pizza places around… well, wherever it is we are?"

"Good question Mikey," Donatello backed.

"That question falls under the same category as the one Mr. Kudo asked just a short time ago," replied Bat-Mite. "Details regarding that situation will be covered soon enough. Is there anyone else from Dimension Awesome who has something to ask?"

When no one responded he moved brought Bat-Mite to Dimension Moon. Now standing before the group he spoke. "Well, is there anything any of you wish to ask of me?"

A couple seconds passed before someone stepped forward, and to every other groups surprise Luna the cat was the one who did. "After giving it some discussion, we have decided that we will compete in this Survival of the 66."

Of all of the combatants assembled it was Dimension Moon who Bat-Mite believed would be the most defiant when it came to accepting his terms, so this was a pleasant development to say the least. "Excellent. Is there anything more you would like to add?"

She shook her. "That is all."

This prompted Bat-Mite to move on. In short time he made his way to the front of group Z. Smiling, he looked each of them over. "Well now, do any of you have any questions for me?"

"I do," answered Gohan who stepped to the front. "Well more so than a question, I have a favor to ask."

This certainly was a surprise. "And what is it I may be able to grant for you, Gohan?"

The half saiyan took a particular eye to those of group Caped Crusader. "I'm not sure if this is something you can do, but if possible I would like my Saiyaman outfit."

"Your Saiyaman outfit?"

"Yah, it's a suit I've worn on my world while-"

"Yes, I know of the suit that you speak of," Bat-Mite interjected. "Your wish to have it is my command," replied Bat-Mite.

Gohan was surprised. "Really, you can grant that?!"

"Of course I can! I am the all mighty BAT-MITE!"

And in the split of a second the attire Gohan wished for replaced the three piece suit worn before. "Wow, that was quick!" Gohan exclaimed. He then proceeded to look over himself. Pleased with the result Gohan faced Bat-Mite with an encouraging grin. "It's perfect."

On the flip side there was an inquiring look expressed on Bat-Mite's face, almost as if he was uncertain about something. Concerned Gohan inched forward. "Is something the matter?"

Floating over next to him, Bat-Mite wasted no time in circling around the saiyan. It appeared as if he was studying him from head to toe. "Something seems off," conveyed Bat-Mite.

Feeling indifferent Gohan raised a brow. "Everything looks and feels ok to me." He took another look himself. "What appears to be the problem?"

Floating a few feet back Bat-Mite brought a hand to his chin as his eyes narrowed. And in that moment the problem through his view was discovered. "That's it!" shouted Bat-Mite snapping his finger in realization.

"What's it?" asked Gohan curiously.

"Hmmmmm… it needs more black, your suit," Bat-Mite finally decided. "Yes, a grey tunic and black cape. It will not only give you an added brand of intimidation but a much needed coolness as well!"

"Umm, well-"

"Oh! And for your helmet, what do you think about the added addition of bat ears?!"

"As promising as that sounds I'm going to have to turn down those features," Gohan kindly declined. "Everything is fine as is."

"Very well, however if you change your mind just say the magic word and I will see it done," promised Bat-Mite.

Following that Gohan stepped back, falling in line with his peers once again.

"Before I move on does anyone else have anything they would like to ask?" When no one from Dimension Z responded Bat-Mite pressed on. This brought him to the final group. He smiled wildly. "Inhabitants of Dimension Caped Crusader; do any of you have any final questions before we begin?"

"Dimension Caped Crusader got this!" chanted Beast Boy who pumped his fist in immediate response.

When it became clear no one else had anything else to add Bat-Mite soared back up to the air. His arms dropped onto his hips as he surveyed over everyone. Each face presented a different demeanor; a detail he was certain would shape this game over time.

"It appears that everyone is paying attention, good." Not a single eye throughout the entire room denied him. "There is one thing I feel needs to be addressed first and foremost. There are still a number of you who haven't dedicated yourselves fully to the fact that you will be taking part in this game for one reason or another."

He let a few seconds pass, allowing anyone who wished to speak out the opportunity. When no one did Bat-Mite continued. "I'm hoping this reveal will alter the thoughts on your perspective of this challenge."

"And what reveal is that?" asked Superman.

Looking directly at him Bat-Mite replied. "What awaits at the roads end for the final survivor. The ultimate prize if you will."

Rubbing his hands together Luffy looked up at him in hope. "The ultimate prize, is it some kind of MEAT?!"

"Perhaps, but certainly not the only possibility," replied Bat-Mite.

This brought an intrigue for many of those who were set to compete. "What do you mean by that?" Leonardo questioned.

"The winners gold is subject to one's desire," Bat-Mite explained. "The gained treasure could be a new pair of shoes, a stylish haircut, or even a taste of popular exotic foods that are out of the reach of ones respected world."

Beerus's ears perked upon hearing the last mention of opportunity. Noticing this Whis couldn't help but smile. "Could this be a deciding factor?"

There was no stop there. Bat-Mite continued with his collection of possibilities. "Or perhaps the winner wishes for a more textbook reward; a trophy, a medal, or perhaps a large sum of treasure?"

A reflection of money signs sparkled within Nami's eyes after hearing this. "Well you can definitely count me in!" Nami declared.

"Talk about a one eighty in interest," muttered Usopp from a short distance away.

Goku however standing over with group Z rubbed the back of his head in confusion. "I don't get it. So do we get all of those things if we win?"

"No," replied Piccolo from behind. "The winner will have only one thing granted to them. What that may be? Well, that choice is up to the winner of this whole thing."

"Ohhhh," Goku said in realization. "So basically Bat-Mite will grant one wish to whoever is victorious?!"

"That is correct Goku," confirmed Bat-Mite from above. "So as this game progresses that is something you all should keep in mind."

Ideas began to flow through everyone's minds.

"I know what I'll ask for if I win," Michelangelo stated as he turned to face his family and friends.

"Oh yea, and what might that be?" asked Casey.

"A supreme order of Pizza! No anchovies, and an extra layer of cheese!"

"Ok, that's nice Mikey," Leonardo admitted. "But with an opportunity like this wouldn't you want to, you know.. think a little further outside of the box?"

"How about you?" Michelangelo asked taking the focus off of himself. "What do you plan on asking for if you win?"

"I'd have to give that some thought," Leonardo responded. "The game has yet to even begin. So I think it is something we should all take the time to consider."

"Leonardo is right," Renet agreed. "There is plenty of time to make a decision."

"Our main objective as it stands now is formulating a plan to outdo the competition," Donatello reminded. "While we may be smaller in numbers, this isn't something we haven't faced before."

"Sure don't help notin," Raphael stated.

"We'll just have to figure out our opponents before they figure out us."

"While I agree, what's goanna be our first move?" Casey asked. "I say we target Dimension Caped Crusader. If Bat-Mite's words are to be believed they seem to be our greatest challenge."

"Targeting one group is a blind man's defeat," Leonardo noted. "If we focus on a singular threat we are sure to be slashed down by another. We'll treat every challenge here as equal."

A short distance away it was a completely different mindset for one of the participants who had been summoned to compete for Dimension Style.

"None of this makes any sense," Saguru mused. "Is something like that even possible? Can this Bat-Mite guy really grant the winner anything he or she wishes for?"

While those of Dimension Style were still in denial of the current situation presented before them, this was not the case for those of Dimension Moon.

"Wow, that's quite the prize for the winner," said Sailor Neptune. She was interested to say the least.

"Striving to get first seems more worth it now than just a couple minutes ago," added Sailor Jupiter.

"Maybe so, but let us not forget our main mission," Luna reminded. "No matter the cost, if something deeper is going on here we must find out what that is."

Sailor Moon raised a hand to her chin as she move forward. "Hmmmm," the leader of the Sailor Senshi contemplated. "What should I ask for if I get first?"

"I already know what I'll request if I win," declared Sailor Venus.

"Are you two even listening?!" scold Luna beaming her eyes up at the pair.

Shouting to everyone below Bat-Mite regained the attention of everyone. "Gentlewomen and men alike, I would like your attention for just a little longer. By now I am certain you have all taken the time to observe those who you will be competing against. But just how well do you know one another?"

There was a long pause. There was several looks of uncertainty that were expressed following his words, something Bat-Mite had hoped for. He continued in short time. "There are forty eight men as opposed to twenty three women amongst you. There are a total number of four people with cybernetic enhancements. Who will be the last man and woman standing respectively? Which of the robo competitors will stand longest?" Bat-Mite's eyes fell directly on Android 17 as those words escaped his lips.

Piccolo noticing this knew exactly what the host was aiming to do. "I see, he's attempting to coax 17's interest to the challenge." He then looked over at the android to see him standing in the same spot as before. "Question is, will it work?"

"Those are only three of several demographics, but enough with the small talk. It is time to take the next step!"

"Next step?" Masumi Sera questioned.

"While this next transition will come as a surprise to the majority of you, there are three among you who figured out this was to come." Bat-Mite's eyes scoured over the boy known as Detective Conan, Batman, and Red Robin respectively. "Yes, it is time to find out who you all will be teamed with!"

Several gasped upon hearing this. Heiji immediately looked over at Conan who only stood a few feet away. "This must be what Kudo was referring to."

"What do you mean it's time to find out who we will be teamed with?!" Nami exclaimed. "Aren't all the teams who will be competing together already?!"

"Yah! What is this all about?" Bulma stomped following her.

Snickering Bat-Mite responded. "Did you really think it was going to be that simple? This is a game of survivor folks. You must learn to adapt, not only to difficult circumstances, but to learn to work along others who you have little to no knowledge of. If you cannot accomplish that, well then… you will not survive."

Whis chuckled. Unlike most he was intrigued by this latest development. "Well this certainly makes things interesting."

"Bat-Mite," addressed Leonardo. "If my family and friends are not the ones who I will compete alongside, then who? How will it be decided who is paired with who?"

Bat-Mite replied. "Patience Leonardo, I shall get to that soon enough. But first I think it would be appropriate for everyone to understand the conditions that you will face on this planet."

This was certainly news that needed to be addressed.

"On this planet," Aquaman questioned. "Just where the hell have you brought us?"

"As I mentioned to you all before this is the survival of the 66," Bat-Mite reminded. "Where I have brought you all, it is simple. You all are currently on planet 66."

"Planet 66.. I have never heard of such a place," Vegeta coursed in mind.

"Yo dude," Michaelangelo waved. "Where is Planet 66 located exactly? Well, at least in comparison to Earth?"

"That there is a complex question Michelangelo. Especially since the answer I give wouldn't be the same for everyone. You will know more in time." Staying on the subject Bat-Mite pressed on. "If there is anything you should all know about Planet 66, it is that you should stay aware of your surroundings."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Usopp asked.

"Only that there will be several obstacles to overcome, not all coming at planned challenges," relayed Bat-Mite. "In the case any of you surcome to any of these obstacles, well.. you will be disqualified."

"Nice, I'm liking the sound of this game the more I hear!" admitted Beast Boy. This claim however generated few glares from some of his peers. He shrugged as he responded. "What?"

With no warning Bat-Mite dropped back down to ground level with a loud thump. "Finding out what those dangerous obstacles might be is part of the challenge," Bat-Mite noted. It was now clear he was not going to speak any further on the matter. "Now that we have gotten that little detail accounted for it is time to assemble team captains. These chosen combatants will be the starting nucleus for each team."

"Team captains, alright," Goku excitedly voiced. "Now we're talking."

"Hopefully I get chosen to be a captain," Michelangelo said hopeful.

"Not goanna happen Mikey," Raphael shot down.

"Yea, like you know that," huffed Michelangelo ignoring his words.

"There will be a total number of seven teams, each team will be branded by an assigned color," announced Bat-Mite. "The colors in question are; blue, red, green, silver, pink, black, and gold. Those who are selected as captains will be given colored bracelets in representation of their team, which of course will be provided by yours truly."

"Bat-Mite, what are the requirements for any of us who are chosen as team captain?" asked Nightwing.

"That I will get into when the first challenge nears," Bat-Mite replied. "Now if there aren't any further questions, we will now begin."

When no one spoke the host continued with the process. Reaching behind his back he pulled out a small fish tank. Scattered inside was several small shredded pieces of paper. Holding out the fish bowl Bat-Mite revealed the mystery behind its content. "Inside lays the names of each and every one of you. At random I will draw names to determine who the captains will be for each team," explained Bat-Mite. "Now without further ado, let the drafting begin!"

Burying his hand into the bowl Bat-Mite twirled his arm around in anticipation, for he too was unaware who would be selected. After a time of doing this he pulled out seven slips of paper, each which floated out in front of him face down. With no further use for the fish bowl Bat-Mite set it aside before looking back at the challengers.

There were a number of emotions to make out from those who waited; excitement, uncertainty, nervousness, and even confidence. It was completely silent as Bat-Mite made a move to flip over the first slip of paper. "The first name drafted, and also captain of Team Green is." Bat-Mite's eyes shot into the direction of the selected to find him with his arms crossed over his chest. "Vegeta, Vegeta of Dimension Z. Would you please come forward?"

"Heh," Vegeta inhaled before complying with the asked.

"Good luck Vegeta," Goku congratulated. "Who knows, maybe we'll end up on the same team."

At the same time Bulma could be heard cheering him on. The saiyan prince ignored all sounds on his way across. Now within feet of him Vegeta spoke. "Well?"

"Here," Bat-Mite said handing him a green bracelet. "This is for you."

Accepting it Vegeta placed it on before turning around to face everyone himself.

"Let's keep it going shall we. Next up, the captain of Team Blue goes to," Bat-Mite began as the slip of paper was flipped over. "Sailor Moon of Dimension Moon!"

Clearly surprised by this Sailor Moon pointed to herself before calling for confirmation. "Me?"

"Last I checked there is only one Sailor Moon present," replied Bat-Mite.

"Yes," Sailor Venus said patting her friend on the shoulder. "I knew you would get picked."

She gulped. "I don't know about this." Sailor Moon then began to twiddle her fingers together. "What if the people I'm paired with don't like me?"

"Don't worry, you'll do just fine," Tuxedo Kamen said stepping up to her side. "I'm sure of it."

This was comforting, especially coming from him. "Believe in yourself Sailor Moon. If you do, as will others," added Luna.

Nodding, Sailor Moon then made her way over to Bat-Mite who handed her a blue colored bracelet as expected.

"Next in line we have the Cap of Team Red, Dimension Caped Crusaders very own Wonder Woman!" Bat-Mite announced.

Not a single word was spoken by the amazon princess who marched confidently toward Bat-Mite.

"Wonder Woman as one of the Captain's, you can't go wrong with that," Cyborg commented.

"No doubt," agreed Flash.

Once in range Bat-Mite held out the red bracelet for her to take. He then attended to the next slip of paper. "And the captain who will represent team Black is, Yusaku Kudo of Dimension Style."

Hearing his name called Yusaku tipped his glasses before stepping forward. "Well, this is certainly unexpected."

He walked forward. With each step the reality of what was happening was finally beginning to sink in.

"Congratulations Mr. Kudo," greeted Bat-Mite who handed a black bracelet over to him. "Or rather, Captain Kudo."

Only three names remained to fill the final three captain positions.

"Now for Team Pink, a group which will be led by," began Bat-Mite who turned over the floating piece of paper. "Michelangelo of Dimension Awesome!"

"Wah hoooo!" Michelangelo yelped leaving his feet as he pumped his fist in the air. "Go Mikey, go Mikey, time to show them the cap'n who will put the green in mean!"

Stopping in mid dance Michelangelo took the time to give focus to his brother in red. "Hey Raph, what was it you said earlier about-"

"Can it Mikey," Raphael retorted. "Chances are you goanna lead yah squad straight to elimination anyway."


"Guys, be nice," Renet said stepping in between the two.

"Michelangelo!" Bat-Mite yelled. "Come, we do not have all day."

"Already there bro." Skipping along Michelangelo made his way over to where he was then handed a pink bracelet.

Only two sheets remained. Flipping over the next one Bat-Mite relayed the name of the next captain. "The one who will take charge for Team Silver is none other than Dimension Z's Beerus."

To everyone's surprise from Dimension Z Beerus walked toward Bat-Mite, half grinning as he did.

"Wow, so he decided to compete after all?" Goku said pleased to see.

"That appears to be the case," added Whis.

"Good luck to everyone who ends up working under him," Gohan remarked.

"You can say that again," Master Roshi agreed.

After handing over a silver colored bracelet to Beerus, Bat-Mite drew focus to the final slip of paper that floated in place. Flipping it over he revealed the final name. "And the captain of Team Gold goes to." Pausing he looked directly at him before announcing his name. "Straw Hat, Monkey D. Luffy of Dimension Sea!"

"Heh heh," Luffy laughed. Walking forward a large grin formed on his face.

"Super!" Franky congratulated.

"He doesn't seem at all surprised," Nico Robin noted

"Not at all," agreed Chopper.

Upon receiving the gold bracelet from Bat-Mite, Luffy proudly slid it on before turning around to face all other participants as the selected before him had.

"Yes, that's right. Take a good look captains, for any of the people you see standing before could very well be at your side," Bat-Mite stated. "Your friend could become your enemy, your enemy.. friend."

Bat-Mite allowed this thought to sink into everyone's minds, smirking evilly in satisfaction. "Buckle up ladies and gentlemen, because this game is about to begin!"

To Be Continued