Survivor of the 66 Chapter#4

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Survivor of the 66

Chapter 4

Your Ally is your Enemy?

How much time passed? Seconds? A minute? Batman was uncertain of this as he removed his hands from where they had been placed over his eyes. Now looking down his eyes began to gradually readjust. The first thing that came to clarity was his hands that were set in front of him. It was only after noticing the ground beneath him that he realized he was no longer in the sewer.

"Where am I?"

Batman then discovered Wonder Woman who stood at his side. But it wasn't just her, there were several other of his allies to be seen gathered around him. Unexpectedly there were even a few of his enemies standing among them. "What the hell is going on?"

In light of this Batman closed his eyes as he shook his head. None of this made any sense. Was this nothing more than an allusion? He reopened his eyes to find nothing had changed. It was also at this moment that he realized that they were not alone. Scattered throughout the large room was a total number of five other groups besides them. Batman wasted no time in analyzing each of them. Some looked to be human while others appeared to be from another race altogether. But above all there was one thing each person shared in common, a look of confusion and uncertainty on their faces.

Where were they? From what he could tell it appeared they were in a gymnasium of some kind. Far left a set of bleachers could be seen. Were the seats for them? The whispers began from near and far, all discussion pertained to the unknown circumstances. Batman's eyes narrowed, of all people there was one who was nowhere to be seen. "Where are you, Bat-Mite?"

Not a second after someone whistled loudly from above. Everyone looked upward to see him floating in place. It was none other than Bat-Mite himself. With all eyes now on him he couldn't hold back an urging grin. The moment he showed himself also brought several questioning shouts from many below. Bat-Mite simply raised a hand as if to silence everyone.

"OK, ok, not everyone at once," Bat-Mite clucked. "I'm aware that you all may have questions, but first I believe it would be sufficed if I introduced myself to those of you who don't know who I am. My name is Bat-Mite, and I am from a place known as the Fifth Dimension."

"Dude, you're totally flyin!" yelped Michelangelo.

No sooner after that an angered voice followed. "So does that mean you were lying about being Vegeta's son?!"

Bat-Mite looked down at the blue haired girl sheepishly. "Well I might have told a small tale." He chuckled lightly. "But it was done with good intent Mrs. Vegeta. I only wished to heighten your competitive juices for the competition that is set to begin."

Bulma's eyes sharpened in response to his words. "Mrs. Vegeta?!" chided Bulma venomously as her arms rose to her waists. "I have a name you know!"

In that instance Goku bumped shoulders with Bulma as he stepped past her. "Son-san!" glowered Bulma.

Goku ignored her complaint completely as he gazed up at Bat-Mite with a twinkle of hope to see within his eyes. "Competition," Goku said rubbing his hands together in growing excitement. "What kind of competition Bat-Mite-sama?"

"That is exactly the next topic I am going to cover," Bat-Mite conveyed. He then looked over all who stood before him for a second time. "Many of you are no doubt questioning the reality of what is happening right now, some of you more than others. I can assure you all that none of this is a dream. I brought you all here under my own power for one purpose, and one purpose only. You will all compete in a tournament that will test your fighting prowess, wits, spirit, intelligence, and adaptability to any circumstances that may come your way."

He paused, when no one spoke Bat-Mite continued. "This is a game of survivor ladies and gentlemen, Survivor of the 66!" There couldn't be any more excitement in his voice. "At the end of the road only one of you will be left standing!"

Michelangelo slowly raised a hand. "Ummm, and what happens to the losers?" He gulped. "Do they.. die?"

"There will be rules set in place that will hopefully prevent any such possibility," replied Bat-Mite. "Once any of you are eliminated from the competition I will simply send you home."

"And what if we choose not to compete in this game of yours?" Sailor Pluto called from her position below.

Smirking widely he responded. "That is not an option my lady."

"Survivor of the sixty six you say," called another. This time it was a young man, one whose voice carried a calming demeanor. Bat-Mite wasted no time in bringing attention to this individual. "By my count there are seventy others in this room, excluding you and myself."

"How observative of you," complimented Bat-Mite. "However sixty six doesn't stand for the number of participants Saguru Hakuba."

He blinked. "How do you know my name?" asked Saguru.

"My boy, I know all of your names. How you ask? Why that is quite simple," began Bat-Mite whose eyes began surveying over each and every one of them. "I have been watching you all for a time now, studying you. I had to make sure you were the ones fit to challenge my champion."

Goku jumped in place upon hearing this. "Your champion?! Who is your champion?!" The anticipation in his voice couldn't be denied. "Is he really strong?!"

"We'll get there," promised Bat-Mite. "But first I think it is time I named each group off."

With that Bat-Mite flew down to the ground, now standing in the center of all six groups he continued. "I have summoned all of you from six different universes," Bat-Mite revealed. He looked over each respected group as he named them off. "First we have Dimension Sea."

Luffy grinned in light of their group being acknowledged first.

"Next in linew we have Dimension Style and Dimension Awesome."

"Dimension Awesome!" exclaimed Michelangelo in acceptance.

"I can certainly back that name," added Donatello.

"Leaving us with the final three," Bat-Mite conveyed. "Dimensions; Moon, Z, and CAPED CRUSADER!"

Now with each group given a name to familiarize with Bat-Mite made his next announcement. "As you all are aware you're from different worlds. There was a process in which I used in selecting the best from each of your universes," Bat-Mite began. "And through my studies I ranked you within your own groups, stemming from arguably your weakest player to the one who has the most to potential in this game of survival. While ranks won't play a major factor in this game, having a higher rank can prove beneficial in certain situations. All of which I'll go over later, now without further ado it is time for me to introduce you all to one another."

His eyes trailed into the direction of the group he had announced as Dimension Sea. Now with his eyes locked on the squad of pirates he began. "Ranked as the number one contestant from Dimension Sea is Straw Hat, Monkey D. Luffy."

A large grin formed on the pirate captain's face as a bright spot light shined down on him from above. He couldn't be any more honored. Not only was he the first announced from his group, but also the first out of any combatant. "No way I'm going to lose!" declared Luffy confidently.

The spot light then switched to a man standing directly next to Luffy. "Falling to the number two spot of Dimension Sea we have Roronoa Zoro." The swordsman didn't budge in the least.

Continuing Bat-Mite named off the next two players of Dimension Sea. "Ranked at the number three spot is Sanji. Clocking in just below him at the fourth spot we have Franky."

After having his name called Franky gave a quick pose before bowing his head. "I look forward to the challenge. You won't get anything less than my best." Following this he looked over his shoulder to find that Sanji's attention was focused elsewhere. And given the hearts that could be seen in his eyes there was no doubt in Franky's mind that his comrade was now in the process of surveying over the competition that he found to his.. liking. Reaching over Franky gave him a light shake. "Hey, stay focused bro."

"Next in line we have the gorgeous Nico Robin," conveyed Bat-Mite as the spot light targeted her. She simply nodded as Bat-Mite moved onto the next. "Sitting at the sixth spot is Chopper, followed by Brook at the seventh spot."

The two grinned widely upon having their names called. "Ranked at the eighth spot we have a wildcard of sorts," relayed Bat-Mite. What happened next caught everyone by surprise. The spot light hanging from high above landed on its next target, but it wasn't a person.. but rather an object.

Luffy immediately recognized what it was. Placing a hand atop his hat he looked over at Bat-Mite in confusion. "Ummmm, hey," Luffy called now fixated on the item below. "Isn't this your bag? It looks exactly like the one you boarded our ship with."

"That certainly is the one," confirmed Bat-Mite. A sinister smirk crawled onto his face. "However the person inside is from Dimension Sea just as the rest of you."

"There's a person inside the bag!" exclaimed everyone from Dimension Sea all at once.

No sooner after all of them stared down at the bag. Chopper gulped. "So.. so who's going to open it?" Chopper stammered.

Reaching down to his side Zoro pulled out one of his swords before striking at the bag several times in under a second. Placing the sword back into its holder the bag ripped away to reveal who was inside. Their eyes fired wide. There wasn't a single person who wasn't surprised at who they came to find, each shouting his name at once. "It's BUUGY THE CLOWN!"

"Of all choices," irked Zorro.

"This was the best he could come up with?" stomped Sanji.

"Sorry, but I was running on a bit of a tight budget," wisecracked Bat-Mite.

Buggy laid there in deep sleep. Even with the uproar in their voices he did not wake. There was definitely an uncertainty to be felt by the majority. Luffy simply smiled. "Well since he is a part of our team, we'll have to make it work somehow."

"Yes, he is also Dimension Sea's eighth ranked player," Bat-Mite reminded. Without warning the spot lights shine focused on another. "Now for number nine! The Straw Hat Pirate's very own Usopp!"

The light then shifted over to the only one who remained. "Which just leaves the contestant ranked number ten of Dimension Sea, Na-"

"Why am I ranked dead last!" Nami angrily interjected.

"Nami, Nami," Bat-Mite attempted to reason waving his hands back and forth. "It is not my fault you ail in comparison to the others of-"

"What's that supposed to mean!" shouted Nami who cut him off for a second time.

"Well folks, I think it is time we moved on to the next group," Bat-Mite said sidestepping her complaints. "I now introduce to you, Dimension Style."

He looked over the group as a whole, noting the uncertainty on all of their faces. "You of all the people I have selected to take part in this momentous occasion are the only ones who have not experienced the elements of the super natural," Bat-Mite acknowledged. "At least not until today. Your doubts are warranted, but I can assure you this is all a reality."

Even with his words to convey the expressions on the majority of their faces remained. Regardless of this the host continued on with the second stage of introductions. "The contestant ranked number one of team Style is none other than the renown Sleeping Kogoro; Kogoro Mouri that is."

With the spot light now aimed at him Kogoro spoke. "This has to be the weirdest dream I've ever had."

"It is only a matter of time before you fall into acceptance detective." Bat-Mite then looked toward another as the light shifted. "Coming in the second slot is the famous Kaitou Kid!"

The young man in a suit of white smiled before not only bowing to in the direction of Bat-Mite, but to all other challengers outside of his group. "I look forward to the challenge," dispensed Kaitou Kid.

There was a confidence to be heard within his words. Bat-Mite wasted no time in bringing attention to the next contestant. "Now to introduce the young Heiji Hattori!"

Nodding Heiji couldn't help but smile after hearing his name called within the top three of his group. Bat-Mite didn't stop there, quickly announcing the next three in order of their given rank. "Saguru Hakuba, Akako Koizumi, and Yukiko Kudo." Of the three Akako was the only one who reacted to her name being called, waving her long black hair from left to right. Continuing Bat-Mite named off the next three participants. "Ranked seventh, eighth, and ninth are Yusaku Kudo, Masumi Sera, and Wataru Takagi."

"It is an honor to have been chosen," stated Wataru proudly after having his name called.

Bat-Mite then directed his attention to the two who remained, both whom looked to be adolescents. "Last we have Kogoro's child protégé and his girl sidekick," announced Bat-Mite. "Ai Haibara and the eleventh ranked contestant beside her; Conan Edogawa!"

Dead last. That was the reality of his placement. But of all people to select from his world why choose him? Conan looked over to see that the host was now staring him in the eyes. There was now a mysterious look to be seen upon Bat-Mite's face. Could it be that Bat-Mite was aware of his secret? "After all he did mention before he had been watching us all for a time now," Conan realized in mind. "But if that's the case, why rank me last.. unless." It all came to him in that moment. A smile now loomed. "Could it be?"

Now with the second group accounted for Bat-Mite moved on to the third. He now stood before the team with the smallest amount of participants. "Hello Dimension Awesome," greeted Bat-Mite. "As for your bunch, the person ranked as the top player is." Each of them braced themselves for the announcement to come. "Renet!"

"What?!" Raphael erupted.

"Huh?" Donatello huffed in surprise.

"Awesome!" bellowed Michelangelo.

There was now a bashfulness to be spotted on Renet's face. "Wow, what can I say.. this is an honor."

"And the next ranks go as followed." The spot light switched from one person to the next as he announced their names. "Donatello, Leonardo, Michelangelo, and Raphael."

"Wow, I can't believe I was given the second spot. I'll take it!" asserted Donatello excitedly.

Leonardo on the other hand just simply nodded.

"Whelp, at least I ranked higher than Raph," Michelangelo taunted looking over at his brother who looked to be infuriated.

"How in the flying shell am I ranked below Mikey?!" raged Raphael. "That don't make no sense!"

Stepping over to his side Michelangelo tapped Raphael on his shoulder. "Na worries brah, I'm just that good."

Hearing this Raphael swatted his hand away before taking a deep breath and crossing his arms over his chest.

"Now onto the next group." Bat-Mite took all but two steps before coming to a realization. He stopped as he spoke once again. "Oh yes, and then there is Casey Jones."

His words ended with the spot light falling upon the man wearing the hockey mask. "Oh come on!" shouted Casey.

This only brought giggles from his teammates that surrounded him.

"Bat-Mite, what is the meaning of this?" Leonardo confronted.

Looking over in confusion Bat-Mite responded. "I'm afraid I don't follow."

"Why is it the team you assembled for us is so small in comparison to the others?"

Bat-Mite's eyes narrowed to where they were completely fixated on him. "And what team is that?"

This only brought confusion to the turtle in blue. "What?"

Bat-Mite looked away from him as he pressed on. He trotted over to the fourth group, stopping after coming within feet of them. "Ladies and gentlemen there are only three groups left, which means we are halfway through." His eyes then surveyed over the people who he now stood before. "Now for the combatants of Dimension Moon."

Feeling she had a good idea for who would be called first Sailor Moon's arms dropped down to her waist as she pumped her chest out proudly. "And the highest ranked player of Dimension is Moon is, Sailor Neptune!"

Sailor Moon's jaw dropped as her eyes widened in disbelief. "Huuuhh!" Chibiusa who was near could be heard snickering from a close distance away.

Everyone else was just as surprised. "Oh my," spoke Sailor Neptune placing a finger over her lips. She was at a loss for words.

Not wanting to delay the process Bat-Mite announced the next person. "Spiraling in at the number two spot is Sailor Moon," conveyed Bat-Mite.

The look of doubt residing quickly turned into an accepting smile. "It will be nice competing against all of you. Good luck to everyone!" Sailor Moon said waving to all competition.

A sinister look came to Bat-Mite's face as he rubbed his hands together. "Yes, Usagi is certainly ranked second of them all. You can't go wrong with the pigtails." Just the thought of it caused his heart to skip a beat. Catching himself from dosing off any further he continued. "The next Sailor Senshi's in line are Sailor Mars and Venus."

Mars didn't move in the slightest. However when the spot light dropped down on Venus she delivered the finest pose she could think of. Bat-Mite clapped in excitement. "Excellent!" The question then came to mind, who was next? "Mercury has an undeniable innocence about her, textbook Liberian gal. But on the flip side Pluto is like a mystery book you want to know more about with each page, plus she has those daddy long legs… who to choose?"

Bat-Mite's mouth had begun to water up by this point. Unknown to him there were a few who had taken notice of his self-debate. "Hey Dony, what do you think is taking Bat-Mite so long to announce the next person?" asked Michelangelo.

"Well I'm not one to jump to baseless conclusion, but if I had to hypothesize I'd say our host here is ranking Dimension Moon based on visual appeal as opposed to natural ability," noted Donatello. "Of course this is only based from what I've observed. And settling with a conclusion based from observation can sometimes be obsolete or even completely wrong without the full context of things."

"Mind putting that in simpler terms bro?"

"Well to put it simply he is ranking them by their beauty, stemming from those he finds most attractive to the least."


Donatello sighed. "Just forget it Mikey."

After an inner quarrel Bat-Mite finally announced the next two names. "Ranked fifth and sixth are Sailor Pluto and Mercury."

Pluto stood perfectly still when the spot light hovered over her, Sailor Mercury on the other hand blushed mildly upon having the attention directed on her. Bat-Mite's eyes scoured over Dimension Moon once more, rolling his tongue over his top lip in delight. "Next up we have Sailor Jupiter, Uranus, Saturn, and Tuxedo Kamen."

Sailor Jupiter bowed after having her name called. Everyone else however stood in silence after having the spot light shine down on them. There was only three who remained that had yet to be called. "And to close off Dimension Moon we have Luna, Artemis, and Sailor Mini Moon."

Chibiusa couldn't believe it, of all of her comrades she was the last one to be called. In an obvious disgust she crossed her arms over her chest as if to pout. A mere moment was all it took for Chibiusa to catch ear of Sailor Moon snickering from a short distance away. She clutched her fists. As much as she wanted to say something she refrained from doing so.

"Now on to Dimension Z," said Bat-Mite as he headed over to the next group.

Not able to contain his growing excitement Goku bumped his fists together. "I'll definitely crack the top five." He was certain of this.

Now standing before Dimension Z Bat-Mite's arms fell to his back before speaking further. "Your worlds two top contestants I'm sure won't come to a surprise to any of you." Not wasting another moment Bat-Mite spoke the names of the two top combatants. "Given the number one and two spots are Whis and Beerus."

Whis politely bowed in acceptance of his placement. Beerus on the other hand grunted with his arms set across his chest. "Now for the person who ranks third right below Dimension Z's top two players," began Bat-Mite. Goku's hype was now at peaks edge. The next person to be called had to be him. "And that person is, Bulma."

"What?!" both Goku and Vegeta yipped in disbelief at the same time.

There was now an uncertainty to be seen on the Bulma's face. Pointing to herself she enquired the obvious. "Me?"

Confirming the announced Bat-Mite nodded. "Yes Mrs. Briefs, your placement at the third spot is accurate. I have no reason to doubt your position." Following this his arms dropped down to his side before proceeding. "The player at the fourth spot is none other than the creative genius himself, Dr. Gero."

"Dr. Gero?!" Goku exclaimed stepping forward.

"But isn't he dead?!" asked Vegeta who also made a move forward.

"Restored," Bat-Mite corrected.

No sooner after saying that Dr. Gero appeared from the back of the group, stepping to the front as the spot light traced his every move. "I was wondering what brought about my revival," spoke Dr. Gero who looked over into the eyes of the host. "And now it would appear I have gotten half of that answered. However, I am interested in knowing why you chose me specifically?"

"Isn't that obvious doctor," replied Bat-Mite. "For you will serve as a great competitor to challenge my champion."

"Oh come on," interrupted Goku impatiently. "Bat-Mite-sama, please tell me I'm the next highest ranked player from Dimension Z."

Rolling his eyes Bat-Mite pressed on to just that. "Ranked at the fifth and sixth spots from Dimension Z we have Goku and Vegeta."

"Yesssss!" celebrated Goku with the pump of his fist. He couldn't be any more satisfied. "I knew it!"

Vegeta on the other hand clutched his fists as he looked down at the ground in disgust. "Not even top five.. and ranked beneath Kakarot?"

"Hey Vegeta," Goku said smilingly placing a hand on his shoulder. "You ready to go out and win this thing?"

Feeling a rush of irritation Vegeta quickly knocked his hand away. "There is only one person who will be winning this thing," declared the prince of Saiyans.

"Moving right along," Bat-Mite said reeling the focus back to the matter at hand. "Majin Buu, Piccolo, Gohan, Trunks, and Goten are the seventh through eleventh ranked contestants of squad Z."

"Buu no lose for sure!" Majin Buu declared as the light rained down on him.

Piccolo remained silent. Gohan gave a genuine smile before waving to all competitors. The boy from the future named Trunks had other things on his mind outside of the presented competition, leaving him to not even bat an eye. Once the light reverted to Goten the half saiyan gave his brightest smile while giving a quick wave.

"Closing at the bottom of squad Z we have Mr. Roshi and Mr. Satan," Bat-Mite finished. The two of them stood proudly the moment the spot light graced over them. "But with that said there was an unexpected turn, an accident if you will."

Crossing his arms Gohan pressed for more. "An accident?"

"Yes. During the process of transporting you all here someone was brought along from you world who I did not anticipate," relayed Bat-Mite. "And that person is, Android 17."

No one within their group spotted him at first glance. It wasn't until they turned around to see him leaned up against the wall a short distance away. His eyes opened, pushing up from the wall in the process. "Good, then that means you'll have no problem with sending me back," Android 17 spoke in response to the given. "I have no interest in competing in a game you're using to settle your personal affair to satisfy your belief in this so called champion of yours."

"Regardless of my mistake you will compete #17," replied Bat-Mite who declined the requested. "You will merely be taking over Android 18's place, the person who I had initially wished to have compete. I am uncertain of how this mix up came about, but that doesn't really matter now."

Android 17 leaned back to the wall for the time being. This wasn't over by any stretch in his mind.

"Now that we've got that all figured out we have one final group that awaits its introduction," squealed Bat-Mite as he skipped along. "Dimension Caped Crusader!"

Now standing before the final team he began the final countdown. "Surely all of you have been wondering who my champion is. Well folks I'm going to reveal that to you right now," Bat-Mite announced. "Not only is he my sidekick, but also the number one ranked contestant from Dimension Caped Crusader."

Bat-Mite's eyes then fell in align with his. "Gentlemen and ladies alike I introduce to you the caped crusader, the Dark Knight, greatest detective to ever live, master of almost all fighting styles known to man, I introduce to you… THE BATMAN!"

Finishing his line Bat-Mite began to clap which prompted Michelangelo, Goku, and Luffy to do the same.

"Wow, he sounds incredibly strong," commented Goku.

"Yea, no kidding dude!" added Michelangelo.

Cracking his knuckles Luffy smiled widely. "I can't wait for the opportunity to take him on."

There was a glare to be found on the Dark Knight's face, one which was directed at the host. "Bat-Mite, I want you to send everyone home now," Batman conveyed tightening his fist. "And don't make me ask a second time."

Rolling his eye and crossing his arms over his chest Bat-Mite declined. "No can do partner."

"Bat-Mite, what is this all about?" asked Batman. "Why are you doing this?"

"Why you ask? That is quite simple," stomped Bat-Mite. "It is time to prove the doubters wrong once and for all!"

The tone in which he spoke was telling. But even more revealing was the anger that ignited throughout his entire body in that one second. Taking all of that into account Batman came to a realization. This wasn't just a spur of the moment action Bat-Mite had acted on, no. He had been provoked, but by who?

"Bat-Mite, it is clear none of this was your," Batman began only to be cut off.

"Clearly you have many questions you would like answered Batman. But just like everyone else you'll have to wait," stated Bat-Mite. "If you haven't realized there are still several left who still need to be introduced."

Now with his mind set back on the matter at hand Bat-Mite took a deep breath. Exhaling softly he continued. "At the number two spot of Dimension Caped Crusader I introduce to you all, Superman."

The Man of Steel stood proudly with his hands sitting on his waist. "I wish nothing but the best of luck to all who will be participating in this tournament."

The person who was announced next did not come as a surprise to any of the contestants from Dimension Caped Crusader. "Ranked at the third spot is Wonder Woman." The Amazon princess bowed in the image of the light. It was the next name that was called which caught a select few by surprise. "Coming in at the number four spot, John Constantine."

John gave a half grin before looking off to the side. Bat-Mite wasted no time in announcing the next four that fell just beneath him. "Next representing from Dimension CC we have the Flash, Lex Luther, Raven, and Aquaman."

"Luther," muttered Superman upon hearing his name. He looked over at him to find a sinister look on the side of his face.

Within seconds five more names followed. "The players ranked nine through thirteen are Deathstroke, Nightwing, Cyborg, Starfire, and Beast Boy."

"Bout time," noted Nightwing as he and Beast Boy high fived.

"Even if we are on the bottom half of the tier list, we're so going to tear it up," Beast Boy stated.

"No mistake there," agreed Nightwing who smiled.

Nearly finished Bat-Mite revealed another set of names. "Closing out the basement of Dimension Caped Crusader is Robin and Superboy."

"Well at least I'm not ranked dead last," Robin indirectly taunted.

This didn't faze Superboy in the least who was all smiles. He couldn't be any more honored to have been recognized for a competition such as this.

"As I am sure some of you from Dimension Caped Crusader are aware there are two others standing among you who I did not bother to mention," Bat-Mite pointed out. "And that is quite simple. Just like Android 17 of Dimension Z we have an additional two accidents."

His eyes then latched on to the two in question as he announced their names. "And those two are dismal clown Harley Quin and the most irrelevant robin known throughout this universe or the next, Red Robin."

The two who stood no more than three feet apart had the spot light drop down on them at the same time. There was no stop there, Bat-Mite only continued with his rant. "It was Green Lantern that I wanted! I don't know how you two ended up at the location set for GL to intersect. Now this game must endure a lame Joker 2.0 and Mr. Irrelevant Robin. Hell, I would have taken Red Hood and Solomon Grundy over you two."

In response to his complaints Harley began laughing hysterically. Red Robin on the other stood in silence, expressing a look which showed Bat-Mite's insults didn't bother him in the least. Gritting his teeth Bat-Mite took a deep breath. "Well there is no undoing what has been done. We shall commence with all players that are here, accident or not."

This was closed off by Bat-Mite returning back to the air. Now hovering above he gandered over every group as a whole. "While I won't go over all the rules now, I will however go over the basis for how this game will play out from a day to day basis. All teams branched together will compete against all others in a variety of challenges that will change from one day to the next," explained Bat-Mite.

Everyone appeared to be paying attention so he continued. "The team with the lowest score after each event will go to the Bye Bye Bat Base."

Waving his hand from below Michelangelo called up to him. "Aye! Where is the Bye Bye Bat Base?"

"We stand in the Bye Bye Bat Base at this very moment," Bat-Mite revealed. "As I said before, the team with the lowest score after each challenge will return here. And when that happens someone will be eliminated, and thus I will send the eliminated individual home."

For a second time Michelangelo raised his hand. "And how is it decided who gets sent home packing?"

Bat-Mite maliciously smirked. "It is simple Michelangelo of Dimension Awesome, you the players will decide that," conveyed Bat-Mite. "You will all put it to a vote, and the player with the most votes at elimination night will be sent home."

Michelangelo gulped after learning this.

"No way, we have to vote off our own friends and family if our team loses?" This was not something Goku was expecting to hear.

There was a shared sentiment by most on the subject. There was now a tension that resided. "Here is the deal," Bat-Mite began. "I'm going to let down the sound proof wall barriers that are floating above."

Everyone looked up to take note of the walls that had been referenced. "What is the point of such a move?" enquired Luna from Dimension Moon.

"AWESOME! A talking cat!" shrilled Luffy in excitement.

Luffy wasn't the only one who was surprised by this, but a majority of the other players from different worlds.

"So if this one is able to speak, then I imagine the other can as well," mused Whis in mind as he looked from Luna to Artemis.

After a couple passing moments Bat-Mite answered the asked. "The reason I am going to place sound proof walls in between each group is so that you all have the opportunity to discuss strategy amongst your group without anyone else being able to hear," Bat-Mite stated. "You have a total of five minutes to discuss. I'd recommend using that time wisely."

"Hold on," asked Nami whose hands were now on her waist. "Let's say your champion over there is beat out and one of us was to win. What does the person who earns first place receive?"

Bat-Mite winked. "Quite the imagination you've got there. You'll know soon enough," promised Bat-Mite. "I'll see you all in five minutes."

Within a fragment of a second all groups were cut off from one another by the walls that crashed down. Several seconds passed before anyone spoke.

"So… we're actually going to play Bat-Mite's silly game?" questioned Aquaman.

"Nightwing, Robin, and Red Robin," Batman said singling out the three. "Come with me."

The three followed him away from the larger group without question.

"Hey," Flash called in light of their departure. "This is supposed to be a groouup discussion remember?"

His words were ignored completely which left him to sigh. "Oh kay then."

As they walked it didn't take long before someone chased after them. "Hey, wait up," called Harley. Her eyes were set on one person in particular.

Upon catching up to him she shoulder bumped him. Red Robin stopped before turning to face her. "What do you want Quinn?"

"Aren't cha forgetting something?" Harley then turned her back to him to reveal the handcuffs around her wrists. "Would ya mind relieving me of these now? After all we're part of the same team now."

She smiled brightly as a means to convince him further.

"Yea, that's not goanna happen," objected Red Robin who turned to follow after his comrades once again.

"Hey!" protested Harley. "How am I supposed to be of any use if I'm bounded?"

Her complaints were ignored. Dropping down to the ground with the cross of her legs Harley proceeded to pout.

All other participants just watched as the four walked off. Reaching into his jacket John Constantine pulled out a cigar, lighting it he took a couple steps away from the others before inhaling its fumes.

"Nothing better than the taste of a good ole Silk Cut," stated Constantine who pressed his back against the wall.

"So, anyone got any bright ideas?" asked Cyborg looking to his comrades.

"There must be some way to convince Bat-Mite of his error pertaining to this game of his," spoke Wonder Woman. "Even with his heavy fixation on Batman he must stand to reason."

"That won't be an easy task," Superman stated.

"I'm inclined to agree," spoke Aquaman. "If the stories I have heard about Bat-Mite are true then we're going to have a hard time convincing Bat-Mite to give up on this proposed game of his."

"What we need is a plan, and I've got a great idea," said Beast Boy who stepped forward. "All you guys have to do is offer Bat-Mite a spot on the Justice League. Think about it.. there is no way he would turn that offer down. In return, he would send us all home."

Clearly not thrilled with the given idea Superman frowned down at him. "Even with a promising proposition as that I don't believe Bat-Mite would budge."

"No way dude! He would totally take that deal!" said Beast Boy assure of this.

"You don't know the lengths of Bat-Mite's obsession when it comes to Batman," Superman stated.

"Yah, don't remind me," huffed Flash. "I mean seriously.. Dimension Caped Crusader? Not to mention Batman's number one rank handed down to him."

"I do not plan on partaking in any of this," declared Deathstroke. "I have no interest in entertaining some side show imp or any of you for that matter."

"Whether any of us like it or not we might not have a choice," Superman conveyed.

"As much as I hate to admit it, Superman might just be right," agreed Starfire.

"And if there is anyone capable of getting out of this, it's him," concluded Flash whose eyes traveled over to Batman who now stood several feet away.

All conversation seized at that moment. There was one shared thought by all, what would happen next?


Dimension Z

The contestants of team Z stood on the other side of the wall.

Throwing his arms into the air Goku expressed his excitement. "So who is ready to go out and win this thing?!"

"I am!" shouted Goten who showed an equal thrill.

"Buu make sure we no lose!" chanted Majin Buu.

"He's right! No way will we be defeated with you on our side Goku-san," commented Mr. Satan.

Goku smiled brightly in response to the complimented.

"I still can't believe it," Bulma said. There was a hint of proudness that carried in her voice. "To be regarded in the top three from our world.. I don't know what to say."

"Yah, I would have never guessed you would be ranked in the top three," admitted Goku.

"Nor would I have," added Master Roshi.

Not everyone shared this opinion. "I don't believe it is that much of a stretch," spoke Gohan who looked over at her. "You're cunning just as much as you are adaptable to situations that may not always require physical strength. There is probably no one here that holds that over you."

She couldn't help but blush. "Well gee, thank you Gohan-kun."

Gohan's attention then fell upon the others. "So be real with me, what do you think about the guys we will be going against?"

Showing a bold of confidence Goku placed his hands on the back of his head. "Well giving what I was able to sense from each of their power levels I don't think we should have much difficulty winning," Goku replied. He then paused. "But then there is the possibility that they all know how to hide the true nature of their power just as we can."

"Agreed, that is certainly a possibility Goku. But at the end of the day power in the form of physical strength will not be what wins this game."

Goku turned at the sound of his voice. "Dr. Gero!" Goku instantly got into his fighting stance. "What are you doing here?!"

This reaction provoked several of his allies to face palm. It was only after a couple seconds that Goku remembered. "Oh that's right," Goku laughed stepping out of his battle stance. "Bat-Mite revived you so you could compete in this tournament."

"Your intelligence never seizes to amaze me Goku," replied Dr. Gero sarcastically.

"Hey, what's that supposed to mean?"

"No matter a situation of challenge Goku you only look for resolve through strength, a sign of a primitive mind," stated Dr. Gero. "And you wonder why you were dropped in rank in favor of Bulma-san. It is actually quite simple, as I said before ones physical strength alone will not win this game."

"Ha," Vegeta laughed. "And you believe you stand some kind of chance?"

"Knowledge is of the greatest power," replied Dr. Gero. "Wits, spirit, intelligence, and adaptability.. outside of physical tools those are the other grounds each of us will be tested on in this challenge. Of the five categories three of them require some level of familiarity with the opposition, which none of us hold at this moment."

A long moment of silence passed. When no one talked he continued. "So to answer your question Vegeta, whether I have a chance at winning or not is not something I can guarantee nor deny as it stands now."

"Huh," snorted Vegeta. "Just let it be known that once we have taken out the other teams, you're the first one I'll be looking to vote off."

Dr. Gero nodded. "Your honesty is dually noted."

Whis made his presence felt at that moment. "While it is clear you do not trust the doctor, you should know Vegeta his words do hold some volume of truth."

Vegeta glared. "You're not defending him are you?"

"You have very few weaknesses; don't let your pride get the better of you." Following this Whis then looked over at Beerus who stood with his back to everyone. "Beerus-sama, do you plan on competing?"

"I have no interest," Beerus announced.

Whis chuckled lightly. "Well this is certainly a predicament."

"I had the chance to look over everyone who is to oppose us, they present no challenge to me," Beerus spoke in disappointment. "Goku or Vegeta alone could possibly-"

"Were you not listening to what Dr. Gero explained just a short time ago?" interjected Whis. "This isn't a challenge of strictly strength. To win is to optimize ones true potential, this could prove to be a great exercise for you Beerus-sama."

He snorted. "I feel no need to prove myself to anyone," muttered Beerus.

Standing a short distance away from the group Trunks observed those who had been transported here along with himself. But this 'game' was the last thing on his mind. There was something of importance that brought him back from the future once again. At the same time it all seemed to be too convenient. He had traveled from the future only to be pulled into this competition within a short time of arriving. Was there a connection to make?

"Just what the hell is going on?"


Dimension Moon

Of the three groups to this point they were the most silent. The walls had enclosed them in on all sides. The first to speak was Artemis who looked up at everyone from below.

"So what's the ultimate decision," asked Artemis. "Will we be taking part in this tournament or not?"

"I vote that we kindly decline," spoke Sailor Neptune softly.

"And if that Bat-Mite character doesn't accept, I say that we forcefully make our exit," declared Sailor Uranus who pumped her left fist into her right palm.

"I don't know, it could be fun," smiled Sailor Venus in different.

"For being noticed for something like this I would hate to turn down the invitation," agreed Sailor Moon.

"Of course you two would favor something like this," stated Sailor Jupiter.

"And what about you?" inquired Uranus.

Uncertainty arose on her face. "I.. I don't know," stammered Jupiter.

"I don't have a good feeling about this," Sailor Mars stated.

Sailor Pluto nodded. "I too am weary of these circumstances."

"To clarify it is not just an internal belief that brings me worry," Sailor Mars told. "I felt something, the presence of darkness, a demon."

There was an immediate shift in tone by all. "Are you sure?" asked Chibiusa worriedly.

"There is no mistake about it," replied Sailor Mars self-assured.

This brought the obvious question. "Were you able to pin point the source of this evil?" asked Luna from below. "Is it perhaps one of the other participants from one of the other worlds that were transported here like us?"

"I… I don't know. In a way yes," Sailor Mars began. She struggled with finding words to explain what she felt. "It was almost as if they were there, but at the same time not."

"Kind of like we were being watched?" asked Mercury.

"Well, yes."

"If that is the case then should we really turn a blind eye to a potential threat such as this?" questioned Tuxedo Kamen.

"What do you mean?" Sailor Moon asked.

"It is simple," Tuxedo Kamen replied as he faced her. "If there is truly someone or something lurking around with an evil ambition then I don't believe we should leave."

"Which means?"

Tuxedo Kamen smiled. "We stay and compete. And in the process, find and dispel the demon."


Dimension Awesome

Once the walls had fallen into place there was only one question on everyone's mind. "Where is Michelangelo?!"

He was nowhere to be seen. Once a team of six was now down to five.

"Where could he have possibly gone," wondered Donatello. "He was right next to me the majority of the time during introductions."

"This makes no sense," Leonardo stomped as he continued to look around. "It's like he just disappeared."

"Do you think Bat-Mite might have something to do with this?" Casey suggested.

Raphael clutched his fists. "If he did it is going to be hell to pay."

"Hold on guys, I think we might be jumping the gun just a bit," Renet intervened. "It could just be that Michelangelo got separated from us when the walls dropped."

Donatello looked her way. "While a possibility, I find that to be unlikely."

"Why is that?"

"Well approximately there was ten yards between each group, that's at least according to my calculations," noted Donatello. "And given the estimated distance I can't fathom how Mikey could have accidently ended up on the other side. We'll just have to wait and see once the five minutes are up."

There was a long pause before anyone chose to speak again. "So what's the game plan?" asked Casey. "Or do we even have one?"

"It's simple, we hit em hard," replied Raphael with a satisfying look setting in on his face.

"Easier said than done, if you haven't noticed we don't exactly have numbers on our side," reminded Leonardo.

"Aint never stopped us from busting some serious shell before." At the conclusion of his words something Raphael had completely forgotten came back to mind. "Oh ya, I almost forgot about this."

Reaching down he pulled out a piece of cloth that had been tucked away on the side of his belt. Once in hand he held it out for his brother to take. "Aye Dony, you ever seen this symbol before?"

Accepting the soft fabric in hand Donatello shook his head the moment he traced eyes over it. "No, I can't say that I have." He then looked up to face him. "Where did you find this, and what significance does it hold?"

"Back home before we were transported here Mikey and I came across these guys wearing these thick cloaks shortly after spotting the Purple Dragons," Raphael informed. "Long story short, they came after us. After we took them down I removed that emblem from one of their cloaks."

"Any idea what their motive was?"

"Not a clue, all we know is that they were there to have a business meeting with some guy in a white suit who had met with the Purple Dragons just minutes prior."

"… Interesting," Donatello said. He then tucked the cloth away. "We'll have to look into that matter later, right now there's only one thing we should be thinking about."

"Winning this damn thing." Raphael couldn't agree anymore.

Dimension Style

Those words had yet to fade. It was the only thing left on his mind. "World's Greatest Detective." Conan couldn't shake the thought of it. With it came a warm feeling inside, one which only grew by the second. His dream has always been to become the greatest detective. Was what Bat-Mite said true, was the one introduced as 'Batman' truly the best. Conan's intrigue was now at its peak. There was no mistaking it, he accepted the challenge.

The young detective's thoughts however would be interrupted by an uproar of activity from nearby. Conan looked over to spot Kogoro, Wataru, and Masumi Sera were all in pursuit of Kaitou Kid who was running toward the far wall.

"We know you're behind this Kid, there will be no escape for you!" shouted Kogoro as they attempted to close the distance.

Once he came within range of the wall Kaitou Kid pulled out his hang glider, propelling himself upward with a leaping jump. Now positioned between the two walls a far distance above Kaitou Kid taunted those below with a salute. "Well, it looks like you won't be catching me after all."

"Where the hell are we?!" Kogoro demanded. "We all know this is some kind of illusion of yours."

"I have no reason to lie to you detective," Kaitou Kid called back down to him. "Wherever we are, this is not my doing. If you want your answer's you'll have to ask Bat-Mite."

"Yah, sure," Kogoro spoke sarcastically. "That bat boy kid is nothing more than another illusion of yours to throw us off."

Kogoro then looked to his right to find Wataru standing at his side. "Have you called in reinforcements yet?"

"Well.. there is just one problem," Wataru began as he looked up from the phone in hand. "There is no reception here to place a call."

"Dammit!" hissed Kogoro who then focused his sights back up at Kid who was now comfortably leaned back.

"It's no use, you have no way of apprehending me," Kaitou Kid pointed out. "And besides it would be a waste of time. As I have expressed to you numerous of times, I'm not the one responsible for bringing you all here."

Masumi Sera crossed her arms across her chest. "And you expect us to believe that?"

"Clearly I would be fooling myself to think otherwise," replied Kid.

Conan continued to watch on from across the room. His senses would be alerted by someone taking a step at him from behind.

"So Kudo, what do you think?"

Hearing his voice Conan turned to look up at the person he considered to be his intellectual equal. "What do I think?" A few seconds passed before he continued. "I believe we've come within circumstances that we have never faced before."

Heiji seemed to agree. "Please do explain."

"For starters there is no reception here."


Conan then opened his right hand to reveal something sitting in his palm.

"A compass," Heiji said upon seeing it

"Take a look," replied Conan who handed it over for him to examine.

Now in his possession Heiji saw the point in Conan showing this to him. The hand of the compass was moving erratically, almost as if it had no sense of direction. What could be the cause of this? Could it be true that they were on a different plane altogether?

"So, do you believe Kaitou Kid is behind this?" Heiji asked holding the compass aside.

"I do not," Conan firmly put.

Heiji nodded. "That makes the both of us. But even so, I can't even begin to explain where we are; let alone how we got here."

"We'll manage." Conan was sure of this.

"We'll have to," Heiji stated. "With all things considered, at least the two of us are on the same side. It is only a matter of time before we figure out how we got here."

"We may be on the same side now," Conan noted. "But that won't be the case shortly from now."

Heiji's eyes widened. "What are you talking about?!"

Conan took a deep breath. "You'll see for yourself soon enough."

He didn't get the chance to press for anything further, for the two would soon be joined by the majority of the rest of the group who were now making their way over. The thought of it lingered. "We won't be on the same side?" Heiji looked down at him in silence. "Just what the hell is that supposed to mean?"

Dimension Sea

The bright smile on Luffy's face since the beginning of these proceedings still remained. There was no denying his confidence. "We're definitely going to win it all." Luffy cracked his knuckles before turning around to face his crewmates.

"Luffy, are you sure about this?" Nami questioned. "Are you really ok with us competing in this tournament?"

"Too late to back down now." There was now a glitter of light to be seen within his eyes. "If anything this will be another adventure. I can't wait to see how strong some of the other guys are, especially the Batman!"

"Bat-Mite certainly did speak highly of him," recalled Nico Robin. "After all he is his proclaimed champion."

"We'll just have to see how Batman stacks up," said Luffy bumping his fists together.

"We'll definitely win," Chopper said in an assured matter.

"I do have something that I wish to enquire," Brook spoke raising his left hand. "So when it comes to the challenges Bat-Mite mentioned, will we be looking to target Dimension Caped Crusader?"

It was at that moment in time that an unfamiliar voice spoke. "Too swag dude, you can talk TOO!"

Except for Buggy the Clown who was still unconscious everyone else took a step away as they turned around to see they were not alone.

"Hey, you're one of those turtle creatures from DIMENSION AWESOME!" Usopp pointed.

"Totally awesome right? The names Michelangelo," the ninja turtle reminded.

"If you're from Dimension Awesome, then why the hell are you here?!" Franky exclaimed.

"Saw Mr. Skeleton over here, I wasn't sure if he was real," admitted Michelangelo. "I wanted to get a closer look, so when Bat-Mite wasn't looking I snuck over. My moves are too slick."

"You sure that's the only reason?" Nami asked as she placed her hands onto her hips.

"Why else would I be over here," Michelangelo laughed.

"I don't know," Nami said giving it a quick thought. "Maybe you're here to try and gain intel to take back to your friends."

She glared over at him suspiciously. Seeing this Michelangelo waved his hands back and forth in his own defense. "No, no, no! I totally didn't bounce over here just to drop the eavesdrop on you guys."

Chopper couldn't help but giggle.

"How can we be sure you're telling the truth?" asked Sanji who lit a cigarette.

"Well, ummmm…" Thinking quickly Michelangelo pulled out a chalkboard which he then went on to place onto a stand. Now with a piece of chalk in hand he proceeded to jot something on the board.

"Woh! Where did he get a chalkboard from!" Chopper, Usopp, and Luffy all yelled at once.

After a couple seconds Michelangelo smilingly stepped away from the board. In doing so he revealed a list of five names, each having a description next to them.

"What is this?" Franky asked.

"The names of all my teammates of course," Michelangelo informed. "First we have Leonardo, he's our leader and also a master of the swords."

This sparked an interest from Zorro.

"Next we have Donatello. Nobody matches him in the brains department; he is also quite shifty with the staff. Then there is easy to get in his head Raphael. Don't expect him to last long in this competition," Michelangelo ran down. "Next is Casey Jones. The dude can ball, packed with a baseball bat and all. Last is Renet, she can totally manipulate time itself.. yea, pretty awesome."

Michelangelo then reached down to his sides, pulling out his nunchucks before showcasing his skills. "Me and my bros, we're not just any ole turtles. We're Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!"

"AWESOME!" yipped Luffy in excitement.

Michelangelo bowed. "Yes, we're all kinds of awesome."

"Hey," Luffy said looking him directly in the eyes. "You wanna join my crew?"

Nami, Sanji, and Zorro all reacted in that instant. "LUFFY!"

He looked back at his crewmates in a clueless matter. "What?"


Dimension Caped Crusader

Now separated from the others the four of them finally stopped after coming within range of the far wall.

"What is this about?" Nightwing was the first to question his mentor about his decision to break away from the larger group.

"There is something I need to discuss with you three," replied Batman. "Given the complexity of the situation I felt it necessary to excuse ourselves from the others."

"Ok," said Nightwing giving him the benefit of the doubt. "What is it you want to talk about?"

Batman looked over each of them as he began. "Bat-Mite is intent on seeing this game of his through. I don't believe anything any of us do or say will change his mind on the matter."

"You don't say," remarked Robin.

"Not even you were able to get through to him," Red Robin referred back to. "If you couldn't, I doubt anyone else here can."

"What's the point you want to make?" asked Nightwing.

"This isn't just a game, there is much more to this than that," Batman stated.

The three immediately looked to one another before looking back at him.

"Mind elaborating?"

"Bat-Mite was coaxed indirectly into creating this tournament of his," Batman informed.

Robin didn't seem convinced. "How can you be sure of that?"

Staring him directly in the eyes Batman responded. "I'm sure." He scanned his eyes over each of them for a second time. "And I believe whoever that is has an agenda of their own at play. Who they may be or what they have planned, I am uncertain."

"Why don't you try asking Bat-Mite," suggested Red Robin. "I'm sure he'd tell us who has been giving him hell if you're the one to ask."

"After all he's your biggest fan," added Nightwing.

"The understatement of the day," Robin commented.

"This is why I pulled you all aside, I need eyes and ears where I will not be," Batman continued. "I don't have a good feeling about this, we need to be ready."

"Wooh, hold on," Nightwing said stopping him right there. "Where you won't be? We're all part of the same team."

"Grayson's right," Robin spoke in agreement. "Anywhere you are, we'll be right next to you father."

Red Robin challenged that very proclamation. "Probable, but unlikely."

Both Nightwing and Robin faced him. "What are you trying to say?" Nightwing enquired.

"So, you figured it out." Batman's eyes now fell squarely on Red Robin. He couldn't be any more pleased. "Go on Red Robin, I'll let you give word."

"Fighting prowess, wits, spirit, intelligence, and adaptability," Red Robin rehashed as he prepared to share his insight. "Those are the grounds for which everyone will be challenged. The category which will come as our first test is adaptability."

"Explain," Robin impatiently stated.

"Think back to Bat-Mite's words, he referred to Dimensions; Sea, Style, Awesome, Moon, Z, and Caped Crusader as groups. At no point when referring to any of the dimensions did he say team, he was always sure to say group," Red Robin dispensed. "My theory is only further backed by that awkward exchange between Bat-Mite and Leonardo from Dimension Awesome. Furthermore, what better way to prove his champions dominance by not only having him compete alongside those of familiarity, but also with those of new?"

"Gee, you really thought this through. I'm impressed," Nightwing complimented.

Batman on the other hand was not surprised in the least by the deduction given by one of his protégés.

"So what's the process," Robin asked. "How is it going to be determined who is paired with who?"

"That I don't know," Red Robin admitted to.

"No doubt we'll find out when the five minutes are up," Nightwing assumed.

"I don't understand why you pulled us aside, shouldn't everyone else have knowledge of this information?" Robin asked looking in the direction of Batman.

"I need to figure out who pushed Bat-Mite into creating this tournament first. As I alluded to before they could have an agenda of their own," Batman reminded. "That could also mean they planted someone within our ranks to keep a watch on us. This operative could be from one of the other worlds, or possibly even our own."

This brought an uneasy feeling to all three of them. "Why would someone want to do that?" Nightwing asked.

"Finding out their objective is the key to determining that. That is considering my hunch holds any truth." He then focused onto another point of emphasis. "Bat-Mite announced me as his champion. That not only puts a huge target on my chest but-"

"Ours as well," Nightwing figured. "After all we're most associated with you, and I bet it won't take long for Bat-Mite to reveal that to those who aren't aware."

"Given that very fact we all will be targeted early on at eliminations," Batman pointed. "The mission is simple soldiers, find out who tempted Bat-Mite into creating this tournament and what they're after. There are no other three people in this room I trust more than you boys to see this mission through."

"We have virtually nothing to go off of," Robin noted.

"Yep, this is not going to be an easy task," added Red Robin.

"Either way, we'll figure it out." Nightwing was certain of this. "We always do."

"Now that we've gotten that out of the way I think it's time we shared what we learned through our observations. I'll begin," Batman volunteered. "I kept a sharp eye on the contestants of Dimension Style. The three individuals who specifically caught my eye were; Heiji Hattori, Kaitou Kid, and Saguru Hakuba."

"What was it about those three that garnered your attention?" Nightwing asked out of curiosity.

"Hattori has an eye for detail. I watched him through the proceedings, he sharply studied everyone as closely with just as much intent as myself. My conclusion, he's a formidable detective."

"Like us."

"What about the other two?" Robin asked.

Batman continued. "It was strange, but when it came to Kaitou Kid I found that the majority of the people drafted into group style along with him were focused on him just as much as anyone outside of their group. There was definitely tension."

"Trust issues?" Nightwing figured.

"A conclusion I came to as well. But I believe there is more to it than that. While a moot point, it is something we could exploit to gain ourselves an advantage in this game," Batman noted. The three of them were unsure of what that meant, but listened on regardless. "Then there's Hakuba. When I first laid eyes on him he was fixated on a pocket watch held in his hand. By my count three minutes passed before Hakuba shed an eye away from it."

"Makes no sense," Robin stated. "Even if he had an appointment for something, it's not like he was going to make it given our forced circumstance."

"I had the same question, that was until I realized the real intent of his focus."

"Which was?" Red Robin asked.

"Us," replied Batman. "And every other combatant Bat-Mite summoned. Hakuba was never focused on the time, he was merely using the reflection of the watch's glass surface to study everyone throughout the room. All it took was the tilt of his wrist to shift his view for who he wanted to key in on next."

A smirk came to Red Robin's face upon learning this. "Clever, I like this Hakuba guy already."

"I don't get it, why waste the time with the watch," Robin spoke. "If he wanted to study us, why not look around like most everyone else did?"

"I imagine it was done as a means to keep himself at a low profile," Red Robin theorized. "If anything, had no one noticed him scouring over the competition people would see him as a lesser threat, thus giving him the tactical advantage he seeks."

"Other than those three we should be weary of the children, Haibara and Edogawa. They may have the look of adolescents, but Bat-Mite didn't label them as 'accidents'," Batman noted. "And if he truly wishes to put me to the challenge I would expect nothing less than formidable opponents. I believe there is more to those two than we know."

"I am inclined to agree," Nightwing sided. "If you have nothing further to add I would love to share with you all what I was able to gather through my sightings."

When Batman did not respond Nightwing began. "My main focus was on Dimension Awesome," Nightwing revealed. "Obviously the ones who received my initial attention was the four humanoid turtles; Donatello, Leonardo, Michelangelo, and Raphael. Given their visual features I'd wager that they will pose a physical challenge to a lot of people here. I'd even go on to say they're trained fighters in some degree, the build of their figure and subtle scars I noticed on their bodies would suggest this."

He added on to that very detail. "Each of them also carried a different weapon of choice," Nightwing informed. "Nunchucks, sai's, twin katana swords, and the staff. Their weapons of choice could very well tell us a little about them."

"One of them uses the staff?" Red Robin seemed pleased. "This should be good."

"While maybe not as imposing as the turtles you have Casey Jones. The build of his body coupled in with the multiple bruises I noticed, there is one thing to conclude," Nightwing stated. "Like his mutant comrades it is safe to assume he engages in combat on a frequent basis."

"Like us," said Robin making the comparison.

"Last, but also ranked as their best.. Renet." There was a pause. "There isn't much I can tell about her by simply looking. Though I'm willing to bet that staff of hers she is carrying has more uses to it than just as a melee weapon."

"And what lead you to conclude that?" Robin asked.

"Just a feeling Damian," replied Nightwing.

Now that Nightwing had gone through his findings Red Robin took the stage. "There was a lot I managed to deduce in the short time that we had, but there was no group I spent more time focusing in on than the combatants of Dimension Moon," Red Robin announced. "Of the thirteen of Dimension Moon there is one of them who warrants discussion. Sailor Venus."

His arms dropped behind his back before commencing. "While lean in figure and certainly not the most physically built, she is the most complete."

"Most complete?" questioned Nightwing.

"Her legs, the most exposed part of her body. Smooth and perfectly rounded, and yet so strong," Red Robin ran down. "The definition in her Gastrocnemius Muscles tells a story in itself. Gymnastics? Parkour is another possibility that came to mind. While her arms may have been covered by those gloves of her I used my masks scanning system to bypass the clothed layer."


"Just as her lower body a lot was revealed to me, particularly with her right wrist. I noticed a small swelling, the same was found with her left after investigating further. Conclusion; she engages in several physical activities, and based from my findings I'd wager either she commits her time to training in some form of boxing, or possibly even volleyball."

"And which is more likely?" Batman asked.

"The latter," replied Red Robin. "There isn't any physical evidence to back the probability of my initial belief. Not cuts, bruises, or anything of that nature. Even still, we can't completely disregard the possibility. As it stands now, she'll pose a physical challenge to all of us."

Red Robin grinned. "Hell, she might even be able to style harder than Nightwing over here."

Nightwing smiled in return. "I like a challenge."

"While her ceiling stacks the highest through appearance; Tuxedo Kamen, Sailors Jupiter and Uranus aren't too far behind. There is still a lot we don't know about them. Those two cats are certainly a pair to keep an eye on as well. I made sure to analyze all of them to the fullest of my ability."

"Yea.. I bet you did," Nightwing snickered.

"Hey, what are you trying to imply?"

With his rundown now complete Batman refocused the group. "Robin, what were you able to determine through your study?"

He shrugged. "I didn't realize that was an assignment."

"What?!" Nightwing was surprised to hear this. "But you gave me the look."

Robin glanced up at him. "What look?"

"You know, the 'I got dis' look," Nightwing replied. "I could have sworn you were surveying over Dimension Sea."

"Only for a necessary instant Grayson," replied Robin. "That Nico Robin woman was looking over at us. I set her straight in a moments matter. Not once did she look back after that."

Nightwing placed a hand over his face as he took a deep breath. "Why am I even surprised?"

"We have less than two minutes before Bat-Mite raises the walls," Batman alerted. "Is there anything further any of you have to add?"

"I was hoping you'd ask." Red Robin raised his right arm to activate a device on his forearm. "After finishing my inspection of the participants of group Moon I took the liberty of running a perimeter scan, and in doing so I was able to determine the technological advancements of the competition."

"Excellent work." Batman expected no less.

"And what did your scan reveal?" Nightwing asked.

"While I haven't had a chance to go over all the collected data as of yet, I can say that Dimension Sea won't pose much of a threat in this category. From my readings there was nothing that could be hacked from their group," Red Robin informed. "In regards to group Style they only carried common mobile devices. Very primitive compared to what's at our disposal. Dimensions Awesome and Z certainly should keep things entertaining."

"Is that right?"

"There is one person in particular from each of those groups we should keep an eye on. Donatello and Bulma," relayed Red Robin. The grin from before returned to his face. "Those two should keep things interesting."

"And Dimesion Moon?" enquired Batman.

"Well, about that," Red Robin began as his arm dropped back down to his side as a disappointing look registered to his face. "I… I was unsuccessful in hacking into any devices they may be carrying. The security walls of their system are strong. I wasn't even able to determine who the carrier of the device in question was. It is not often I come across sophisticated security such as this, it could take some time before I bypass-"

Nightwing nudged him in mid-sentence. "It appears the great Red Robin has encountered a security wall he can't break."

He responded immediately to the tease. "Huh, don't hold your breath. I'll bridge through within the next five minutes," declared Red Robin.

"Why do I get the feeling I should bet you on that?" Nightwing stated.

"Like it really even matters," Robin spoke. "It won't be long before Drake is eliminated anyway, I give his survival three days at best."

"Huh, I'll last longer than you," challenged Red Robin in response.

"Last I checked there is only one accident standing among us," countered Robin.

"Ouch," Nightwing murmured.

"Enough, both of you," Batman commanded stepping in between the two. "Stay focused, the mission requires that of us. There is one final message I want to give to all of you, so carry it with you no matter where we land. Underestimate no one."

The message couldn't be any clearer. Silence fell between the four. It was at that moment that Red Robin looked back to the other side of the room. "Well given the circumstances I guess I probably should remove those handcuffs from Quinzel."

"Speaking of which," Nightwing said stepping up to his side. "What lead you to handcuffing her anyway? Just curious?"

"That is a strange and very complex story," Red Robin simply put as he began walking.

"Well then, another time," Nightwing said following after him.

He stood on the other side of all walls, keeping note of the timer that clicked away internally. "Only a minute remains."

The approach of someone behind alerted him, he turned just as they came within feet of him. "Oh, it's only you."

"Is everything ready Bat-Mite?"

"Yes, we're set to begin," replied Bat-Mite who nodded. "I did not believe you would be revealing yourself to everyone so soon."

"I don't plan on it," replied the opposition. "I'm only here to question you about your dilemma."

Bat-Mite twitched an eye. "Which is?"

"There are those who will choose not to compete, I ask.. what will you do then?"

A sinister look formed on the imps face. "Oh they will, Bat-Mite knows all. There won't be a single person who will back down," Bat-Mite stated. "That is a certainty!"

To Be Continued