Survivor of the 66 Chapter#2

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Survivor of the 66

Chapter 2

The Gathering Part 1

The job had no set schedule. The next task could be at any minute, following the pass of any moment. This was the life of a detective, there was no telling when or where the next case would land them. He gazed out past the window as they drove; setting eye to the moon that looked on from far above. He lost himself, but for only a moment. The task required his focus, for this was of the highest of importance for any investigator.

They had been driving for over ten minutes, and by his estimation they would arrive within the minute. This became evident as they took a right at the next street light. There were many patrol cars parked on both sides of the road. There was not a single person who drove by and didn't realize something was going on. A parking space was found in little time.

"This is it." He was the first to step out, readying himself mentally for the task that hanged in the balance. He took a single step before feeling himself lifted off of the ground. His eyes came in direct contact with the one who had grabbed hold of him.

"Remember, I only decided to let you come along under the condition that you don't get in the way of the investigation," He glared as if to get the point across. "Are we clear?"

He nodded with an added smile. "I promise Kogoro-no-Ojisan."

With this statement of reassurance he placed him back to the ground before marching away. He watched as he did, rolling his eyes before trailing after. "No way you're going to solve this without me."

It took little time for him to catch up. Soon after the two found themselves in the company of a couple officers. Of them all there was one of them who immediately recognized the two of them."

"Mouri-san, I'm glad to see you were able to make it on such short notice."

"We came as soon as I got the call Takagi-kun," Kogoro replied.

"We," Wataru questioned. The officer then noticed the little detective standing down at his side. "Oh, Conan-kun came as well."

"Hi." Conan waved up with a smile.

He smiled in return before looking back to the one who stood directly across from him.

"So what's the current situation," asked Kogoro. "Since the note received by the police this morning has there been any update on the situation?"

"No, the shooter has yet to send any update on if he truly plans to follow through with the given threat."

"So," Kogoro said looking him directly in the eyes. "What did the note say? No one has yet to tell me what was written. There could be a significance to it, and if there is I will quickly determine that."

"Oh yes," Wataru reached into his jacket before handing over a small slip of paper for him to take. "There you go, I had a copy of the message sent to the office that we received this morning."

"Ok, let's see here." The slip of paper was held out in front. His eyes traced over each word as he began reading. "I see without seeing, tonight the curtain will fall with the shot of the shows beginning. All shall fall blind in wake of my selection, for the eye; darkness is clear as daylight."

He found his free hand rubbing the back of his head as he read over the note for a second time. He didn't feel any more enlightened from the first time he had looked over its content. "It's clearly a hidden message," Kogoro concluded. He then looked back to the one who had given him the note. "Takagi-kun there still something I must ask."

"What is it?" The officer inquired.

"Of all places, why has the police force chosen to meet here," Kogoro asked. "Surely there must be a reason for why there is a belief the shooter will strike somewhere around this location?"

"Yes, there is. Look no further than the back of the note."

Not speaking another word he flipped the note to the other side to find a written coordinance, one matching their current location. With the posed now answered the note was handed back over to the officer who tucked it away. "So Mouri-san, what do you make of it?"

He brought his right hand to his chin, contemplating on everything learned to this point. "From what I can see there are layers to the note. I believe our shooter has more than one agenda that they plan to fulfill tonight."

"Have you figured out what either of those may be?" Wataru asked.

He shook his head. "Not yet," the detective widely known as 'Sleeping Kogoro' answered.

He stood only a couple feet away, listening in on everything that had been said. "Yet another time the old man and I agree on something. There is more than a single goal the shooter is aiming for," Conan sorted in mind. "But still, I believe something is still missing.. a key element."

He was uncertain of what it was. But felt the case could not be solved until it was uncovered. He began to pace back and forth as he coursed through each detail in mind. 'I see without seeing, tonight the curtain will fall with the shot of the shows beginning. All shall fall blind in wake of my selection, for the eye; darkness is clear as daylight.'

Its content played back over and over in his mind. How much time passed, a minute? Several minutes?

"Edogawa Conan-kun."

It wasn't until he heard the call of his name that he refocused on everything that surrounded him. He turned around to see her looking down at him with just as much intent in her eyes as himself.

"Sera-san you're here as well," Conan spoke. He paused before continuing. "I shouldn't be surprised."

"Have you figured it out yet?"

He shook his head before looking off into the distance. "There is a crucial piece missing."

She had an idea for what it was he was hinting at but pressed for his words regardless. "And what piece is that exactly?"

He looked toward her again. Before he had the chance to speak a sound erupted. The two of them looked into the direction of its origin as its tune continued. Within moments it was clear what the sound was.

"It's a bunch of people," Sera noted. "And they're chanting something."

He listened as well, sharpening his ears as its vocal became clear to him. His eyes widened as his heart began to realization. "Kid!"

With nothing more Conan darted off into the direction of where the chants came from.

"Conan-kun, where are you going?!" Sera called in light of his untimely departure.

Not once did he look back. It was now all finally coming together. The chants were a reminder for what he had seen on television earlier today. The renowned thief known as Kaitou Kid was set to make yet another one of his many appearances.

A certain part of the riddled note played back in his head once again. 'Tonight the curtain will fall with the shot of the shows beginning.' There was no mistaking the significance "The shooter plans to make their move the moment Kid appears. That begs the question, is Kaitou Kid the target?"

This was a possibility that had to be accounted for. His focus then went to the very next part of the written note. "The shooter wrote that all will fall blind in wake of their selection. Is the implied literal, or perhaps symbolic? And what about the selection that they spoke of.. could it be that there is more than a single target?"

All of this ran through his mind as the 'Kid' chants got louder with each taken step. Within the minute he found himself at the heart of the crowd, gradually withering his way through. It was in the process of this that he bumped into a little boy who was wearing what appeared to be a bat costume of some kind.

"Hey, watch where you're going!" the boy snapped.

"I'm sorry," Conan quickly apologized before rolling his eyes as he departed. "A little bit early for Halloween isn't it?"

If there was one thing to suspect; it was that the shooter was standing with all in attendance or that they were in a spot where everything in sight could be clearly viewed. Knowing this he was looking to find an open spot where he could spectate over all who were in attendance.

After some difficulty he found himself on the outside of the crowd. The task now became, determining who the shooter was of all who stood in his line of sight. Just as he had eased in someone stepped up from behind, startling him in the process. "Looks like we've applied the same strategy, Kudo."

He recognized the voice the instant they had spoken. "Hattori," Conan said turning to look up at him. "What are you doing here?"

"Judging by what I've witnessed of you in this past minute I'd say we're here for the same thing," replied Heiji. "To find the shooter."

"So you traveled all the way from Osaka to come and."

"Actually I was informed of the matter late last night," the detective of the west interjected.

"Last night," Conan questioned. "But the police didn't receive the note until this morning."

"Oh." He paused. "Sorry, I meant this morning. What can I say, it has been a long day."

"Who informed you about the situation?"

"It was the Tokyo police department who got in contact with me. I spoke directly with Inspector Megure, he was the one who asked for me to come."

Conan found this to be rather odd, but didn't think too much of it. "So have you made any determinations?"

He nodded. "I have actually," Heiji replied pleased to inform. "For starters I believe the shooter has more than one target in mind."


"Secondly I think our shooters plans to make his move the moment Kid appears."

"I came to the same conclusion. And with that we also have to take into account that Kid could also be a target himself," Conan added.

"We're three for three," Heiji smilingly remarked. He slightly leaned forward before talking once again. "And what about the other part of the note, were you able to make any conclusions?"

"I just gained full details of the note only minutes ago," Conan reported. "I haven't fully dissected everything yet. But since you've had knowledge of the note since this morning I take it you have more to add?"

"The first part of the note read 'I see without seeing,' and the final portion read 'for the eye; darkness is clear as daylight'," Heiji reminded. "I'm certain that the 'eye' the shooter tagged in the note is referring to them directly."

"What about the other two remaining lines?" Conan asked

"If you speak their lines as one its meaning becomes clear," Heiji said before doing just that. "I see without seeing, darkness is clear as daylight. If we put those lines in reference to the point the shooter is trying to convey in his message then it is clear what they're trying to hint at."

Conan realized in that very moment. "A bat."

"Exactly," Heiji said directing his attention to back to the gathered crowd "The key words in the note are; see, my, blind, eye; and daylight. Do you know why that is?"

"They are the driving force behind each section of the note," Conan began. "Those five words alone could very well convey a message of their own."

"They do," Heiji said pleased to see he caught on. He didn't stop in his survey over the crowd. "This lineup of five words is a direct reference to the shooter. They've given us a hint on how to find them. See, my, blind, eye, 'in' daylight."

"In?" Conan questioned.

"Yes, in, as in the middle of the show," Heiji clarified pointing to the anxiously waiting spectators. "Daylight is a direct reference to all the spectators here now. See, my, and eye, are all in direct reference to the shooter. Which just leaves blind. Blind is the defining detail that tells us who they are."

"Which is.. oh, that's it," Conan realized in that very moment. "A bat!"

"Exactly," Heiji stated. "It's clearly not supposed to be taken as literal."

"I would not expect anything less from you," complimented Conan before feeling his phone vibrate in his pocket. He pulled it out to find his mother had sent him a message. He opened the message to read the content. 'We've been waiting at the meeting point for the last ten minutes. Where are you?' He raised brow raised as a questioning look registered on his face. "Meeting point.. since when was I supposed to meet with mother? Furthermore it sounds like she's with someone."

There was only one way to find out what was going on, and that was to call her. Just as he was about to make the call he froze within a moment of realization. His thoughts reverted back to the instant just before entering the crowd just minutes ago. "A bat.. that boy," He lowered his phone before marching back toward the crowd. "Could it be? Is he involved somehow?"

Without warning he took off, leaving his friend to call after him. "Hey Kudo, where are you going?!" Heiji yelled.

At that moment all who flooded the streets began to chant a count down. "Ten.. nine.. eight... seven!"

His throat became dry. "Is he about to appear already?"

"Six.. five… four!"

He was now vigorously forcing himself through the crowd in attempt to track the boy he had crossed just a short time ago. "Come on, come on, where is he?"

"Three… two."

His eyes sharpened as he looked in every direction. "Where are you?!"

A hand graced his left shoulder. He immediately turned around to lock eyes with the child dressed in the bat costume. "Not fast enough. You lose, baby detective." The boy tauntingly relayed.

He blinked an eye, and in that instant the boy was gone. His heart skipped a beat as he heard the final call.


He looked to the sky only to be blinded by a shining flash of light that over took all who gazed into its arrival. "… too late."

At long last, night had finally fallen to grace him with its presence. He took a deep breath of the frost night air as he looked down at the lively city below. The sight was one to see, and one that never grew tiresome. A subtle distort in the air currents path from behind was all it took for him to become aware of his visitor. "Did you follow me?"

A single step could be heard as he turned to face the one who revealed themselves from the shadows. A couple moves forward was all it took for the orange bandana wrapped around their eyes to come into view. "Yo dude, it took you that long to realize I was there?"

He narrowed his eyes over at him. "As if, we both know you just got here. If you say otherwise you'd be fooling only yourself Mikey." The mutant turtle in the red bandana fired in response.

He then turned back to gaze over the city, listening as his brother walked up to his right side before doing the same. "Hey Raph, mind if I ask you something?"

He grunted. While a little annoyed he nodded. "What is it?"

"You ever wonder what it would be like down there with everyone." Michelangelo looked over at him. When he didn't respond he continued. "What I mean is… being able to walk amongst them like any normal person without drawing out any fear. Have you ever thought about that?"

Those next moments brought nothing but silence. He huffed, looking up at the moon as he finally replied. "I do bro. Every night."

His nerves would then be irked by the raise in his voice. "Yo Raph, check it out brah!"

Annoyed once again his eyes dropped from the sky down to his brother. "What is it now Mikey?"

"There," Michelangelo directed.

He pointed down to the streets across the way. It took only seconds for him to sight what had been pointed out to him. There were six of them all. One thing in common about the selected was that they all wore black and purple, and above all sported dragon tattoos. "The Purple Dragons." Raphael hissed.

The two surveyed over their activity from their position. The group stood circled around one another, locked in obvious conversation. What they were discussing was anyone's guess. Neither made a move, both simply chose to spectate.

"What do you think they're talking about down there," Michelangelo questioned. "If I had to take a guess I'd say they're plotting something."

"Not a bad guess detective," Raphael replied with a hint of sarcasm.

Within the minute a black van pulled up to the side of the block where the six members of the Purple Dragons stood. The two watched closely, monitoring everything that was now underway. The door on the passenger side opened as a man in a three piece white suit stepped out. In his left hand resided a silver brief case. He took a single step forward, opening the brief case to reveal the contents inside.

From his angle he got a very decisive look at what it was. "That's one large sum of cash," Raphael noted.

The man in the suit exchanged a few words with the gang before closing the brief case and handing it over to them. In return he was given a black duffel bag. He lifted the bag before taking a peek inside. A smirk formed upon his face. He looked back to the opposition before shaking hands with the one standing directly across. With a deal seemingly closed the man in the white suit turned back for the van, entering back through the passenger side. And just as soon as it had come the van was now gone.

"Alright," Michelangelo declared standing tall and mighty. "It is time to go and kick some Purple Dragon."

Before he had the chance to finish Raphael held up a hand in rejection. "No Mikey," Raphael interjected. "We need to follow that van."

He looked over at his brother as an inquiring look came on his face. "Ummm, but the Purple Dragons are right down there," Michelangelo said quick to remind.

"While that may be true if we take them down all we'll be retrieving is a case of cash. On the flip side, in exchange for the cash that the Purple Dragons received they gave something to that guy in the white suit," reminded Raphael. "And if you ask me I think we'll get more answers to what just went down if we go after the guys in the van. Even if we take down the Purple Dragons there is no guarantee they'll be willing to talk."

His mind froze for those first moments. After coming to an understanding of his words Michelangelo nodded in agreement. "You're right," Michelangelo said. He looked toward the end of the block where the targeted vehicle had just reached a stop light. "After the van we go!"

Smilingly, Raphael followed after his brother who had already begun his pursuit. The van was chased for several blocks before finally coming to a stop after reaching what appeared to be a dumping site for motor vehicles. The van sat there for almost a minute before one of them finally chose to speak.

"What do you think they're waiting for?" Michelangelo questioned.

"And you expect me to know?" replied Raphael.

He shrugged his shoulders. "Nope, just thought I'd ask," Michelangelo said narrowing his eyes down at the scene far below. "It's too quiet… a little too quiet."

Just as this was said a group of about ten people wearing dark red cloaks appeared from the darkness of the junk site. When this happened the man from before in the white suit stepped out of the van to greet them. As expected he carried with him the duffel bag he had received just minutes ago.

Seeing this he looked to the one who stood by his side. "You ready?"

"Let's do this." The turtle in red said in response.

"Cowabunga!" Michelangelo chanted as the two soared down to those below.

Not a single person missed his call. This prompted everyone to look up as the two descended down toward.

"The Turtles, here.. now?!" The man in the white suit spat in disgust.

Thinking quickly he raced back to the van. Once in he slammed the door shut as the van took off with a heap of steam. "Damn," grunted Raphael. "He got away."

"And with whatever was in that bag," Added Michelangelo. A smile then came to his face as he turned to the other side and revealed his nunchucks. "But on the bright side, we still have these guys."

"Perhaps we can entertain one of them into handing over some answers." Raphael said managing a smile himself.

"Get them!" One of the men in dressed in a dark red cloak commanded.

Without a seconds thought all of them raced forward as each of them pulled out swords that had been hidden away within the thick sleeves of the worn cloaks.

"Cute," Raphael remarked. He then launched forward in counter pursuit, pulling out his ninja sais as he did.

The battle lasted for over just a minute. And while the men in cloaks were skilled in their own right they were no match for the ninjas. Victorious the two turtles looked over the several fallen who now laid before them.

"Phew, piece of cake," Michelangelo remarked as he slid his nuchucks back in place around his waist.

"Cake.. that wasn't even an appetizer," Raphael stated in response to this.

It was only at that moment that he noticed. "Ummmm… yea, they're all kind of knocked out. So how are we supposed to get answers now?" Michelangelo asked.

Just as he was about to respond Raphael took notice of something. "What's that?" There was something on the arm of each of the worn cloaks. He kneeled down to have a closer look. He had never seen this mark before. Because of that very fact he took out one of his sais before slicing the into the silk like fabric to remove the emblem. Once this was accomplished he stood back to his feet.

"What's that you've got there?" Michelangelo asked noticing immediately what was in hand.

"Something that all of these guys have on their clothes," Raphael replied as he examined the piece in hand. "I can't ever say I've seen this symbol before. We can take it to Donnie, if there is anyone who could make any sense of this it would be him."

His attention was sparked by a subtle sound. "What was that?" He looked in the direction of his blind side just in time to see them drop down to the ground.

"We came as soon as we got the call."

"Leo," Raphael said in surprise. He then looked to find two others at his sides. The one on the right was another mutant turtle who wore a purple ninja headband. The other amongst them was a man with a strong build who wore a hockey mask.

"Leo, Don, and Casey," Michelangelo said upon seeing the trio. "What are you guys doing here?"

The three who just arrived then looked to one another before looking back at him in inquiring fashion. "Michelangelo, weren't you the one who contacted us through your shell cell?" The one in purple asked.

"You told us to come here, did you not?" Leonardo added.

A hand found way to the top of his head as he rubbed it in confusion. "Ummmm, maybe I did. I definitely don't recall."

He wasn't the only one who was finding doubt in the claim. "How long ago did you receive the call?" Raphael asked.

Before any of them had the chance to respond the sound of someone clapping could be heard. There sitting atop a pile of trashed vehicles was a little boy, a boy who was dressed in what appeared to be some kind of bat costume. Once he was certain he had gotten their attention he spoke.

"While my timing might have been a little off, that was still one heck of a show to watch!" The boy yelped in excitement.

The five of them looked to one another before then looking back at the boy. "And just who in the shell are you?" Donatello calmly inquired.

"Me," the boy said pointing to himself. "Oh, I'm just a fan."

Without further ado he leaped down from the tops of the stacked vehicles to the ground. Walking casually he made his way over to the awaiting group. Once he came in range he stopped, looking up at them in awe.

"Oh yes, I finally get to see you all in person," The boy then looked to the first who stood within their group. "Donatello, undoubtedly the brain who has no equal of the bunch."

He continued as his eyes surveyed over the rest. "Raphael, the one who's attitude matches his intensity in a fight," He then came to the one in blue. "Leonardo, you're clearly the most disciplined."

A smile formed as he looked up at the turtle in orange. "Michelangelo, what's up my DUDE?!" He held out his fist.

"Nothing much brah!" Michelangelo said bumping his fist with his own in return.

Leonardo and Raphael looked to one another with a confusing looking residing on each of their faces before the two spoke the same line. "My dude?"

The both of them then looked over at their brother, feeling as if there was something he wasn't telling them. Seeing this Michelangelo simply shrugged. "What?"

The little boy then looked over at the man in the hockey mask. "Oh yea.. and then there's Casey Jones."

This brought light chuckles from all four of the turtles. "Hey, what's that supposed to mean?!" Casey stated with the swing of the hockey stick in hand.

"Wait, hold on a second," Donatello said looking down at the boy. "Just who are you, and how do you know who we are?"

Before he could respond a bolt of electricity in the form of some kind of door appeared in the air no more than ten feet up from where the six of them stood. "What the shell is going on?!" Leonardo beamed in light of this.

The grin upon the boy's face only widened as he looked upward. "Right on schedule."

Leonardo heard his remark but chose not to respond. Within a matter of moments someone came flying out from the door of energy before it disappeared altogether. The person to have come through landed just a few feet away. It was a woman. The turtles immediately recognized who it was, prompting the four of them to speak her name all at once. "Renet!"

She smilingly waved to the four of them. "Hi guys!"

"Renet, what are you doing here?" Leonardo asked stepping forward.

She nodded, wanting to discuss just that. "Well you see there has been a breach within the time.."

"Yea yea, there will be time for all the details later," The little boy in the bat suit rudely interrupted. "Right now we must begin."

"Hey," Raphael exclaimed. By this point he had lost all patience. "Just who are you?!"

The boy looked over at him. "You'll know everything soon enough, Raphael," He then winked. "Bombs away!"

With a single clap of his hands an immense light shined, blinding all of them.



The hand had made another complete spin, marking the passing of another minute. It felt as if it would never end. Her eyes fell from the clock as she slouched forward onto the solid surface of the desk in front of her. However this would be cut short. She quickly shot back up after hearing the approach of someone from behind.

"Alright class, I have finally finished grading all of your tests. Some of you will be pleased with your scores," The class instructor began as they passed back each test to the assigned student. "Some of you, probably not so much."

Following those words her test was placed atop her desk. She gulped upon laying eye on the circled 'F', directly under was a sad face. This prompted a frown from her. She rolled her eyes before sinking back into her seat in an obvious disappointment. "How am I going to explain this one?"

The remaining fifteen minutes were a blur. The only level of satisfaction came from the final bell of day. "Have a good day everyone," the instructor waved as everyone made way to the exit. "And don't forget we will be starting the next chapter next week. Make sure to prepare yourselves."

There was now a sense of relief as she trotted through the hallway. She was dosed off by this point. There were several things that circulated through her mind. However her thoughts would be cut short by the call of her name. "Usagi-chan." She looked back to see who it was.

"Minako-chan," Usagi said as she came to a complete stop.

"Are you coming as well?"

A questioning look came to be expressed in light of this. "Coming," asked Usagi. "Where are you going?"

"Ami-chan and the rest of us agreed to meet Rei-chan at the Game Center Crown," conveyed Minako. "Will you be coming as well?"

There was no way she was going to say no to that. "Of course. You can count me in," Usagi gladly accepted.

The two began walking once again before continuing conversation. "Usagi-chan did you download the new Sailor V game for mobile yet?" Minako excitedly asked.

"There's a new one?" Usagi asked.

She nodded. "It just became open for download this morning."

The two exited the school shortly after. They were immediately met by the shine of the sun. This prompted her to place a hand above her eyes. "Minako-chan, do you see the others?"

"There!" Minako pointed.

The others were standing under the shade of a tree nearby. The two wasted no time in heading over. "Ami-chan, Makoto-chan," Minako waved. "I hope we didn't keep you waiting."

"Not at all," Ami assured. "We've been here less than a minute."

"Now that we're all here," Makoto said turning for the path ahead. "What do you say we get going?"

Not a single person was in disagreement with this. As they walked Ami glanced over her shoulder to see a deep intent on her friends face. She was uncertain if she should be concerned or not. "Usagi-chan, is everything ok?"

She took a moment to look up from her phone to reply. "It's nothing really," assured Usagi smilingly. "I'm just downloading the new Sailor V game for mobile."

She nodded before looking back ahead. They walked for only a couple minutes more before the game center finally came into view. It was at that moment that each of their eyes shot wide at what they saw. "What's going on?!" Makoto exclaimed.

The entrance to the game center itself was backed up due to a large line. "There is only one way for us to find out what's going on," Minako declared before marching onward.

They inched in toward the Crown Game Center, only to come to a stop after spotting the last of their group. She stood leaned against the wall with her arms crossed over her chest. Her eyes peered open upon feeling their presence. "So," she began as she faced them. "You're all finally here."

"Rei-chan, what's going on," Makoto asked. "Why is the line to get in so backed up?"

She uncrossed her arms as she eased away from the wall before answering. "From what I've been able to make out there's some new guy in there," Rei relayed. "And by the sounds of it, he's really good. But that's not why I wanted to meet you all here."

"That would explain the line," Ami noted. "People must really want to see him play."

"If he's really that good, then I must see it for myself!" Usagi declared.

With nothing more she pressed on toward the backed up line. "Usagi wait!" called Rei.

She followed after her but was not able to reach her before she forced her way into the crowd. After moderate difficulty she found way into the center. The chants got louder with each taken step.

"Do you see the way his hands move?!" one shouted.

"He just beat that Mizuno girl's record!" another stated.

"He's so cute!" a third marveled from across the way.

Her excitement ascended with each move. Could this guy really be as good as it appeared? "Almost there." She diligently pushed past a group of spectators for a final time to catch glimpse of the person everyone was raving about. Who she came to find was not what she was expecting. "That.. that's him?"

There standing upon a step stool playing the Sailor V game was a little boy in what she made out to be a bat costume. There was a fire to be seen in his eyes. And to top it off he had a gamer face that could not be matched, tongue hanging out and all. As she tried to adjust in position she lost her footing. "Oh no!" Before she knew it she tumbled forward. In the process of this her left foot got caught in between the step stool, sending the gamer boy crashing to the ground along with her.

She landed on her back with a loud thump. With an obvious dizziness she slowly sat up before having a look around. "What happened to that boy?" The moment that was questioned she looked downward to find his face planted square into her breasts. Seeing this she immediately shook him. "Hey little man, are you ok?"

He slowly looked up at her with a dazed and genuine smile. "I'm fine, thanks to you," The boy stated. His smile only widened. "You're so soft Onēsan."

And without warning he burled his head back into her chest, waving his head back and forth as if she were a pillow. "He stop that," Usagi demandingly giggled. "That tickles."

Not a second later someone stepped out from the crowd of onlookers, causing both of them to look to find who it was. "Oh, hi Rei." Usagi smilingly waved.

Her hands fell to her waist as she glared down at her in return. "Usagi, must you always be so clumsy?"

The boy in the bat suit looked up at her as well. Hearts instantly formed in his eyes after locking sight with her chest. "Oh my, hers have a little extra punch to them," He licked his top lip as he turned in position. "It would be a crime of capital punishment not to try them!"

He lunged forward with intent. While in midair a man stepped out from the crowd resulting in his eyes firing wide. "Impossible!"

"Is everyone ok?" The man asked just as the boy in the bat suit collided with his rock hard chest. As he faded back toward the ground he was caught in the man's arms. "You ok there little guy?"

The boy in the bat suit held up a yellow flag before spinning it in place. "Pass interference on the field of play, five hundred yard penalty." He spoke drowsily.

"Motoki-kun," Usagi said as she stood back to her feet.

It was then that he noticed that it was her who had fallen to the ground. "Usagi-chan.. what are you doing here?"

Before she had the chance to explain her left wrist was grabbed. "You two can discuss that later, we have somewhere we need to be," Rei stated as she pulled her along.

After some difficulty the two found themselves back on the outside of the game center, rejoining their friends who awaited their return.

"Hey," Usagi said pulling her hand away. "No need to grip me so tightly."

She ignored her complaint, wanting only to get to the point. "As I said before, I didn't call you all here for entertainment. I received a message from Setsuna-san about an hour ago, she wants to meet," informed Rei. "It's urgent."

This changed things completely, one which could be seen on each of their faces. "Where is she now?" Ami asked.

"Waiting for us along with the rest of the Sailor Senshi at a nearby park," Rei informed.

"Then what are we waiting for?" Minako questioned.

Now that everyone was on board Rei lead the way. There was little said between the five as they walked for those next minutes that passed. They arrived at the public park in little time. As expected the other members of the Sailor Senshi along with Luna and Artemis were there waiting for them. They didn't stop until coming within feet of them.

"About time, I was beginning to wonder if you guys were even coming." Haruka remarked.

"We would have arrived sooner," Rei said glancing over at Usagi momentarily. "Someone had a little.. hold up."

Usagi crossed her arms over her chest in response. Taking note of this Michiru chuckled lightly.

"You said it was urgent," Rei said making a move forward. "So tell us the importance of this matter you speak of."

Setsuna's eyes surveyed the surrounding area, once she was certain there was no one in hearing distance besides them she commenced. "Yes you're right, there is something important that we need to discuss," Setsuna confirmed. "But it was not me who called for this meeting initially."

The five inner senshi looked to one another before looking back to her. "If not you, then who?" Usagi asked.

Not a second past before she stepped out from behind Setsuna, surprising all five of them. "Chibiusa, what are you doing here?" Usagi immediately asked.

"She has quite the story to tell." Said Luna.

"I was sent here to the past, to investigate." Chibiusa revealed.

"Investigate," Ami questioned. "What were you sent to investigate?"

"A disturbance in the time stream." someone revealed from above.

Everyone looked up just in time to see him glide through the air before dropping down to join them.

"Tuxedo Kamen!" Usagi said pleased to see him.

"What's this disturbance in the time stream you mentioned?" Rei asked.

Their conversation would however be interrupted by the voice of another. "Finally the pretty man in black decided to show. It looks like we're now all set."

Everyone's attention swung over to the swings. It was there that they came to find a little boy in a bat costume swaying back and forth on one of the swings. "No way… he wasn't just there a second ago, so how did." Setsuna's thoughts would be cut off.

"Hey, you're that guy from the arcade!" Usagi recognized instantly.

He shrugged. "So you noticed."

"Why are you here, are you stalking me?!" Usagi accused.

He hopped off of the swing with the next move forward, landing on his feet as he placed both hands behind his back. He looked directly into her eyes as his grin from before returned. "Well in a sense.. maybe? I'm actually here for the entire Sailor Senshi and company, so would that still be considered stalking you?"

Tension flared in that moment. Who was this boy? And how did he know who they were? "How do you know about the Sailor Senshi," Luna demanded staring him down. "Just who are you?!"

He stopped after another step. With a quick sway of his hand he pulled his cape over his mouth before talking in a darker tone. "I am the one who all fear, I am justice, I am the night, I am!" He swung his cape wide, and in turn a flash of light appeared; one which blinded all who dared to stare into its wake.

To Be Continued

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