Superman/Batman: Part One

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Part One:

It was part of Superman's daily routines. As he patrolled the city, he always found the occaisional bank robber...but this time, he had to be sure.

As he flew down, he noticed something disturblingly familiar about the three bank robbers. He tried to pay it no mind as he apprehended them.

"THERE HE IS!" One of them shouted, pressing a button on his belt, teleporting a high tech pistol into his hands. The others did the same.


Superman flew in, but to his surprise, the guns did not contain bullets, but ENERGY. He was hit by several blasts and fell back, shocked. Head spinning...he thought. Are those things charged with kryptonite?

One of the gunment towered over him. "You killed our savior....prepare to die."

"NO!" Superman shouted, blasting the man with heat vision. "I DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT.

A second man pressed a button on his boot, charging it with electricity, and kicked Superman in the back, sending a volt of electicity up his spine.

"Stay down, alien!" he said. The third aimed his gun, preparing to fire.

Just then, a batarang flew through the air, and impaled the third Bloodport's arm. He howled in pain. Batman then swooped down his bat plane, and kicked the man in the face. He flipped backwards and recovered, throwing a kick to Batman's face.

"How long have you been here, Batman?" Superman asked, struggling with a the second Bloodsport, who had amped up his strength with a mixture of venom and electrical gauntlets.

"Long enough." Batman said, landing a roundhouse kick on the felon. "I thought you had the situation under control, but from the look of things, it looks like Bloodsport has upgraded his tech.....and taken in a few henchmen. Batman landed a punch, taking the third Bloodsport out.

Superman, meanwhile, finally froze Bloodsport's system with his freeze breath, and flicked him unconscious.

The last Bloodsport, however, regained consciouness, and pressed a button on his belt, activating a boom tube. The other two were swept in by the force, and the three vanished.

Batman turned to Superman.

"Something's wrong"

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perhaps its just me with my presickness foggy head, but I swear I have read this very story in a dream...but I'll wait till I read more to be sure...

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Interested to learn more about Bloodsport, this is shaping up nicely